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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R6 of 2019

J.Worrall: Prawn
OhSoRozee: risking a 0 if a late own in the fwds benched rozee to take bakers 84
OhSoRozee: late out*
Sixty656: Time to shine Rocky
OhSoRozee: went drew over rozee on field just coz i thought itd b a bit more dewey for big bodied mid
Yelse: duursma collins or scrimshaw to be on field?
noobcoach: i went both rozee and drew – :3
frenzy: if anyone can get Hoff back in form, it’ll be Norf
BigChief: Port by 63 points.
JockMcPie: dursma
OhSoRozee: id go scrim vs carlton
noobcoach: ohsorozee you are the only one that i have seen each and every game
upweydons: Took a punt on Rotham playing – backfired , had to get burgess out and Treloar in , Hall out.
OhSoRozee: ya i love and breathe footy took me a few years to get activated acc on here so making up lost time
Ash777: I went scrimshaw
pharace: Duursma at home I reckon Yelse, though Scrim playing on oval most points scored
Ash777: also 1 former bulldog in for another former bulldog
th3rio: evening lads how are we
OhSoRozee: as u can c by my name dogs supporter but rozee fav player outside of my team
JockMcPie: i’m looping duursma with Clark, if he goes 70+ i’ll field clark and take the score, otherwise scrim is on
th3rio: id go duursma yelse
wadaramus: Carn Norf!
noobcoach: i can see both of those things 🙂 he looks like a solid player
OhSoRozee: @weydon is s till emergency so could be late in if wet at geelong so many talls in wce
OhSoRozee: and u see wat the talls did last week vs port
th3rio: do you know him personally Rozee? Odd to favourite a first year player lol
OhSoRozee: evening th3rio
BigChief: Meant to be wet down here in Tas on Sunday.
Ash777: rozee was the most popular player outside of smith for dogs supporters
StuL: You are not Liverpool and that is not YNWA port.
OhSoRozee: i live in sa watched him for north in the sanfl
Ash777: for draft selections
noobcoach: rip liverpool’s title chances 🙁
Jackwatt$: Judging how this seasons gone so far, North should win this, right?
th3rio: ah that’ll do it. Nice. Im in SA too
OhSoRozee: yeh looks like hoff will b unleashed 2day
noobcoach: unlucky pittard
NoneyaB: Geez Pitiful is pathetic
Apachecats: trying to soften Rozee up backfired.
pharace: kick the goals Rocky!
noobcoach: not sure where millan is all that port attack
OhSoRozee: pittard shitten his dacks against old team mates
th3rio: pittard have a cracker of a start lol
StuL: Hopefully city choke.
Ash777: pittard getting a big reception from his old team mates
PlungeMe: already pittards best ever game for port
DrSeuss: Rocky looking active early. Should have kept the C on him.
beerent11: Rocky could easy go 150
OhSoRozee: 2pharace doubt he has 45 covered in his legs nowdays pahrace
OhSoRozee: ya i went to vc last second rocky
noobcoach: city wont choke with there draw and now no champiosn league to worry about
original: Thomas looks a player
BRAZZERS: good to see rocky up and about early, hopefully a big one
Breezey: Rocky just teasing. Getting people excited since he left the Lions
th3rio: ah crap i had ryder first goal 🙁
gotigers04: keep going rocky vc :))
pharace: It was line ball OSRozee, but yeah, team thing
BigChief: This is an AFL site. No soccer talk thanks.
OhSoRozee: he scored 177 fantasy and like 140ish sc vs nm in jlt2
StuL: How many north supporters there? 30? 50?
pharace: Stop exaggerating Stul….
noobcoach: rip rozee
original: StuL so about the same as a regular Home game..
Breezey: City will stumble against Leicester.
LewBron: Port fans should be ashamed booing Pittard… shame on you for booing a champion
th3rio: xavier where u at
wadaramus: Hope so Breezey!
LewBron: Anyone who boos Pittard, shame on you for booing a champion
beerent11: Gee jaspers a wierd looking cat
OhSoRozee: barely at xaviers end
the worm: i love sports where if you dive and cheat well enough you can become a national hero
noobcoach: doubt it brreezey, liverpool will divert concentration to CL now and draw or lose a game int he PL
wadaramus: Port rooks smelly early.
Umpirespet: Liverpool will crap it with Salah wanting out
Manowar: That Port sing along before the game has become bit lame..time to lose it!
DrSeuss: Drew and Butters get involved please lads
OhSoRozee: pittard reminds me of Watkin Tudor Jones from die antwoord
noobcoach: umpires its shit news – had no idea
the worm: i hit my boss (bombers fan0 with the shame on you line about 5 times today, it never got old
StuL: It was always lame and cringey
the worm: @manowar, it was always lame
Apachecats: Higgins ate the rabbit.
BestCoast: Hope so Breezey YNWA
OhSoRozee: it wasnt as big today felt bad after the anzac pregame
Carlo: Cmon Drew lift
th3rio: oppt has rockliff and hes only projected like 79. Kill me now
Yelse: cmonnn drew and duursma lift please
StuL: Tom Jonas out. It’s not unusual
Manowar: Can the AFL put a stop to it? Please!!!!
OhSoRozee: cmon drew fielded u over rozee to loop baker
the worm: mind you a lame bogan singalong suits port down to the ground
noobcoach: ffs millan
Ash777: did they get the rabbit from the battlefield or something? 😛
BestCoast: Rookies last 2 rounds some going large some spudding
beerent11: Yeah can’t believe that rocky projection he might have that at half time
StuL: At least pick a band from Adelaide. What’s wrong with Chisel or The Angel’s?
Breezey: I punted Duursma this week and kept Drew. Not sure who’s worse at the moment.
J.Worrall: Nice one Stul
G.Soreness: Rocky easing into his work nicely
Gotigres: lol Stul
Apachecats: Road kill Ash ,team bus hit it on the way over.
wadaramus: Looks to me like the Hoff is just happy to be a passenger.
beerent11: Anyone traded out any of their port rookies yet?
Umpirespet: Swapped Roze for boak this week working out well so far
OhSoRozee: i woulda looped duursma but my other benched def was an out
the worm: oh you want an even boganier singalong,…
beerent11: Who’d you bring in breezey?
Manowar: Stop the BOOING Port fans!!! Nathan said so
Apachecats: sold Butters 2 weeks ago beerent
OhSoRozee: put the c on boak in fantasy and vc on rocky in sc
StuL: A bogan sing along that makes sense at least.
beerent11: I’ve got bloody 3 def rooks out this week. Gonna have to take a donut
shang0: The Port rookies have been better than a lot of the other rookies, can’t trade em out just yet.
Jackwatt$: OMG Port fans are booing two players. Lock them up Eddie
the worm: Im an individual by mark jacko jackson gets my vote… or shaddupayou face
OhSoRozee: thomo dirty player just drove wines into ground even after over the line
Yelse: rocky slow down damn
The39Steps: Why, when you hold over the player’s name, they don’t show price, BE etc anymore please?
Breezey: Downgrade Duursma to Hore and grabbed M Walters
OhSoRozee: thommo* weird my chats buggering up
dipstick: i have 28 trades left. that takes me to rnd 20. I NEED to start sideways trading i think
elroy67: Best thing I heard today. Nick Larkey’s nickname is ‘souva’
DrSeuss: Drew around the ball the whole time just not getting it.
Gotigres: Why did i put the E on Butters instead of Constable:(
OhSoRozee: go rocky u good thang
casey22: Rocky covers an amazing amount of ground
beerent11: Brave move breeze good luck
Breezey: Booing former players has gone into
dipstick: i heard rocky was going for 180 this week so i C’ed him in AF
beerent11: Had rocky as my c but took gawns score
Apachecats: Drew hardly a factor ,every top side has him (9 0f 10 of my opponents in SC)
Ash777: shameful booing a former old club player port fans :p
OhSoRozee: yeh alot of rookies stood up and made some good $$$ early in the yr than usual so late season trades probz mostly cover
Breezey: Booing former players is OK by me. Polec and Pittard for example. Gone on forever
OhSoRozee: injuries
happytimes: Polec reminds me of rocky out of the move mask
teddyt: lol elroy thats gold! Nick Souva Larkey
PlungeMe: sam gray is weird
Raspel31: Evening ladies- burp.
dipstick: LOL buckley got many negative comments about his booing line. Noone booed Pendles
ConVoid: would it be any good idea to trade bard crouch to rocky next week if rockys BE is low or is it a waste trade
Breezey: A slight difference in Ryder’s DT and SC scores
DrSeuss: Keep going Rocky – need you to make up for Drew and Butters
gotigers04: keep going rockkkyyyy
dipstick: North players have strange nicknames… Swallows was Spitter
th3rio: durrsy!
NoneyaB: pittard lmfao
wadaramus: XD good stuff.
blonde0na: “no one boo’d pendles” yet they boo’d real loud and obvious during his medal acceptance speech?
OhSoRozee: yeh lots of shepherds from ryder for his sc
cobrakai00: why is spitter strange? its a good one
Ash777: give pittard the mare
the worm: how is that strange?
BigChief: Pittard deserves the muppet icon.
th3rio: good come back durs
Apachecats: yeah dipstich and longmire was Horse for some reason.
noobcoach: macmillan is so off and on
shang0: Here comes Duursma
NoneyaB: wasnt pittard going to be delisted by poort anyway??? i mean had north asked for him he would have been delisted
Stu7: Is gray injured?
shang0: Robbie Gray looked injured yes
OhSoRozee: didnt think id see duursma up fwd so much must be on the wing now
the worm: most bomber fans have grudging respect for pendles, but that umpiring was so so so appalling, not surprised they boooed
megawatts: need macmillan to ton up
OhSoRozee: cunnington gut punched r.gray on the ground
Gotigres: Robbie was down in the rooms
PlungeMe: duursmas probably been our most consistent rookie but rozee and butters have got all the hype from the media
man0005: need macmillan to ton up
Tig-Train: Need Rockliff to get knocked out again…
th3rio: id say hell come back on.
OhSoRozee: thompson seems to b scoring well due to norths fwd entry differential this year
megawatts: why am i still stuck with the spud
wadaramus: mega still rocking the spud icon!
th3rio: bloody hell polec and pittard have the same head almost
Breezey: I’d be part of that Tig Train
VodkaHawk: Lol
Hadouken: carn drew. he knows this is his last week with me….
th3rio: HAHAHHA coz you C houli and get 2500 every week
the worm: you earned it mega
9inch: No Tig-Train.. Capt Rocky doing quite well thanks
OhSoRozee: @hado trading him with -16 be still?
Ash777: my trades so far are going to be brayshaw n elliot
OhSoRozee: marshall is good below his knees for 200cm
Manowar: Cunnington one or two weeks?
BestCoast: Mega spud icon that’s epic
Apachecats: life time spud award
Raspel31: Hmm- so scared of Rocky- but damn he’s looking good.
Carlo: Port rookies doing crap
Breezey: Drew getting involved this qtr. good to see
OhSoRozee: probz 1 he got off and his off the ball hit early game
Oddsy5: robbie gray gunna make me lose for the 2nd week in a row…bye bye
BestCoast: Mega should rock the spud all season m0nty
OhSoRozee: @carlo no they are ahead of their normal score at this time usually go 50 pt 2nd halves
shang0: One of my opponents has Robbie Gray, its good news here.
Lawls: Mega did you put the C on Houli again?
Apachecats: Cunnington has a pretty long rap sheet ,could get more.
the worm: massive contingent of north fans made the trip today, i heard they needed 2 cars
the worm: lawls, its pointless asking liars anything
th3rio: carlo basing his words on butters.
dipstick: @the worm did they take their change rooms AKA caravan with them?
The39Steps: @worm…which they stole.
OhSoRozee: that effort is norths season
BigChief: Don’t encourage the spud Lawls.
BestCoast: Norfs
Oddsy5: gray just doubled his score cmon
PlungeMe: 4 FA for Ryder, rough
OhSoRozee: tarryn thomas is wells 2.0
original: goldy’s points reliant on frees, wouldnt have the possies without the frees
the worm: which name should they go with , North Kilda or St.Kangas
Raspel31: And the perennial question- who will own up to owning a Norff player?
gdshifty: Duursma copped one in the back :/
Umpirespet: Carltaroos worm
beerent11: Bailey Scott by a thread raspel
th3rio: i have scott and hes shagged me
the worm: I own one, I have kyron hayden
Breezey: Rozee looks like Wingard 2.0
PlungeMe: having cunners or higgins wouldnt be awful
wadaramus: Not me Raspel 🙂
original: tasmanian roos will do
the worm: i have faith the blues will always be able to buy or cheat their way out of ever having to merge
JockMcPie: BScott is helping me get 89 off my bench, finally a useful norf player
Raspel31: Me Scott too- can’t trade- aarrgh.
OhSoRozee: whoever said north will get hoff to form might b spot on might b worth a look for 390k
beerent11: Scott hasn’t made enough money to trade yet and he may never
PlungeMe: dougal howard is the future AA CHB
th3rio: durrsma short changed? has had a HB mark and kick and on less than what he was on at HT
Jackwatt$: I like St.Kangas better. But I would prefer the Reverse Kangas!
OhSoRozee: i rate rozee more than wingard has more to his game at the same stage
shang0: Boak finally off 37 points
beerent11: At least we’re on track for a good draft pick for a change
BigChief: @Raspel I have LDU on my bench.
circle52: I am another Scott owner
original: rocky doing anything???
beerent11: Nice jackwatts
Stu7: Sorry I missed that what happened to Gray?
Breezey: Wingard All Aust early on. Can Rozee do the same
wadaramus: LOL Jackwatt$!
gotigers04: come on rocky man
twinpeaks: Yes Drew, get that BE so I can get you for Billings next week
shang0: Here comes Drew
Apachecats: Rozee and drew starting to rack up.
th3rio: on a site note, who is everyones tip on the saints v crows game? Ive changed it 400 times
JockMcPie: I reckon Rozee can be AA within 3 years, especially if port start making finals
th3rio: copped a knee from cunnington Stu
OhSoRozee: scott probz good keeper if u can work around him will b gifted games if north keeps this up by mid season
vamos77: CD missing plenty for Rocky
beerent11: I traded butters for Ross this week. Then I hit the reverse button.
Umpirespet: Draw th3rio
shang0: Crows
heppelitis: North Carltourne?
beerent11: To wait for hately
Lawls: Crows as well I think
Breezey: Saints for me. Little more convinced about them at the moment than the Crows
Stu7: Thanks th3rio
DrSeuss: Rocky you there??
Jackwatt$: Marshall has changed Hoff’s role slightly. Hoff only scored 70 odd last week but considering WCE 4 key talks scored 70
Umpirespet: NorthDemonBlues
Breezey: Wingard was there in like his 2nd season wasn’t he
Apachecats: I went Saints 3rio
OhSoRozee: turner is mini thompson dirty dog
BigChief: I took Adel but no confidence at all.
Jackwatt$: Combined last week in the wet
Raspel31: Where would we be without Port Rookies?
Apachecats: Has Rocky lost a leg or something?
th3rio: Sam gray average score for 9 possies 3 goals
OhSoRozee: @jackwatts westhoff will go alot more on the wing when dixon eventually comes back
th3rio: literally a 50 50 lads
shang0: Boak is my fav 400 player
Hadouken: good boy drew
Burnsy03: top 2% rasp
JockMcPie: @Raspel *shudders* i dont even wanna think about it
BigChief: Crows without Jenkins a much better side.
PlungeMe: dixon might not be back at all this year ive heard
OhSoRozee: wat port games has bt been watching??
chemical-m: Butters to Fyfe next week I think
original: boak wont end up a top 6 forward. i have to tell myself this
Umpirespet: Dixon has had another setback
shang0: Josh Jenkins is a faggot
DrSeuss: Come on Butters
Ash777: bt called butters rozee at 1 time.
Burnsy03: bt has to be one of the worst commentators
OhSoRozee: rozee will b price same as westhoff soon sideways trade?
Apachecats: Is this the same Westhoff?
BigChief: A couple of times I think Ash
Breezey: The Hoff has rewarded my faith, what little I had in him.
VodkaHawk: Piss off rocky, boak and pepper, stop getting disposals
heppelitis: bt slipped up on butters name then
G.Soreness: Yeah Butters to Fyfe next week if possible
original: happy for you breezey. hopefully not one who traded grundy to him after round 1
DrSeuss: Traded Westhoff weeks ago – was always going to do well against the Norf rabble
Tig-Train: Traded that spastic westhoff out this week… standard lol
OhSoRozee: i traded him out coz his be was 190odd
Breezey: Definitely not. Started with Grundy and Hoff
Ash777: is the hoff finally back or is this just what he does against norf
OhSoRozee: blood on the face so bt had to go into detail a knick on the forehead shower off bt
Yelse: trust opponent to have westhoff boak rocky lycett
beerent11: Gee we’re average this year
Raspel31: Next week you start trading failed premo.s- too early- save your trades lds
supastarr: Big Dougal one of the premier young defenders in the league
Tig-Train: You been average for awhile…
Ash777: I have rocky vc while my opp has treloar. Both macrase C
PlungeMe: dougs is what harris andrews wishes he was
beerent11: Worse than average then
wadaramus: Butters BE of 51 means he’s gonna lose cash this week! Time to offload!
original: butters yuck. rocky i would have liked +20 that qtr
OhSoRozee: dumped butters b4 westcoast game
frenzy: Ryder needs a tele m0nty
OhSoRozee: richmonds last 2 games will help them back end of season with cotchin delayed and riewoldt to miss 6-8
wadaramus: Looped him for 74 last week, tried the same again this week 🙁
PlungeMe: spp might need one too frenzy threw a knee into someone i think
Raspel31: Only traded 1 rookie so far this year wada- learned to key trades. And don’t miss you butters
Stu7: Gray is booted out next round!
wadaramus: Wobbie Gway not up to standard.
wadaramus: I have made a few corrections, but overall have been much more frugal than usual 🙂
OhSoRozee: sadly game gone past rgray as a fwd
Oddsy5: same here stu7 gray is gone
OhSoRozee: gray would play like mitchell did in his last few yrs good footed in under
TheMessiah: Is Cunnington in trouble?
hinsch: there are not many good rookie fwds/mids available to trade in at the moment
frenzy: he’ll get life, messiah
th3rio: lingy is now winny
OhSoRozee: surprised hately got the chop but probz come in for davis if hes ankle isnt right
OhSoRozee: hope he doesnt tho so gives me a downgrade option in a few weeks
hinsch: Butters playing 6 possessions playing an outside game not wrong there
gotigers04: big quarter rockyyy
megawatts: cmon rocky boak 40 touches each
happylab: If davis doesn’t get up buntine is more likely to come in.
Lawls: hatley getting dropped was ridiculous
OhSoRozee: @happy but they dropped hately for a defender already tho
Breezey: Not way to stop Rocky is for Norf to do better and get the ball
Breezey: Only way
ConVoid: it’s good for my supercoach that hately got dropped because i had my trades ready next round and couldn’t fit him in
OhSoRozee: aidan corr is a defender
Breezey: Leon Cameron clearly didn’t look at Hately’s Fantasy score in his first game.
dipstick: Barely supposed to replace ward so getting dropped not good
Ash777: go goldy
Raspel31: Just changed my opinion- Norff now to win the premiersship. Cough, stutter.
happylab: yeh and so is buntine so it was a straight swap. Hately went out for greene
OhSoRozee: cmon port should b winning by 50 already
xjumpman23: is Burton still off?
PlungeMe: my comment from last week PlungeMe: if we win from here, dont be surprised if we lose next week to NM at AO
DrSeuss: Drew and Butters pick it up ffs
BigChief: Can’t see you losing Plunge
dipstick: *hately
original: butters miles away from BE
PlungeMe: i can
OhSoRozee: finally dumped goldy from fantasy …..zzz
Ash777: butter got a kick!
Breezey: Imagine if Butters Mums Name was Marg
OhSoRozee: i reckon port should play clurey/howard/burton/lienert/jonas every week 3-4/5 can play tall to small
The39Steps: Kangas a better team with Ziebell on-ball.
BigChief: Rozee is class.
OhSoRozee: thats just
DrSeuss: Rocky been on this quarter?
Apachecats: Rozee all class ,he’s a keeper.
original: rocky this is getting awkward
Tig-Train: Since I said rocky needs to get knocked out, he hasn’t done anything lol
OhSoRozee: yeh lucky rocky can do 40 pt burst
Donzoes: Boak gonna be too hard to get into my team, dang
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Boak
Raspel31: Loving Rozee- lost Butters early and yes, he’s a keeper.
Apachecats: Rozeeeeee!
OhSoRozee: and i fielded drew over rozee – shame oh shame
original: love watching rozee.
PlungeMe: im in love with a man named connor
Manowar: Commentators getting a bit carried away,
original: lol cinnington x2 tvs
OhSoRozee: cunnington 2 weeks for both actions 1 week a piece
BestCoast: Rocky 48 at quarter time
th3rio: rozee goes boom from 46 to 77 in 5 mins
Manowar: and some people on fanfooty chat
Snarfy: Since quarter time Rocky has been tagged by Ziebell
Breezey: Connor rear
OhSoRozee: i think manowar has lost wat the excitement feeling is barracking for carlton
original: sad seeing players throw themselves forward in hopes of in the back bs free
BestCoast: Snarfy not watching game at work no TV no radio
upweydons: Have not noticed the umpires today , well done
Apachecats: OhSoRozee you must have known something when you picked that tag ,its much better than OhSoBalta.
G.Soreness: As soon as the thought crossed my mind that Rocky was on track for 200 he slowed up
Ash777: 20 more pts pls butters
Manowar: Yeh, we smashed the Dogs!!!
OhSoRozee: yeh saw rozee coming through the ranks living in sa
OhSoRozee: yeh ill cop that 1 game
Raspel31: Difficult game for me to watch- Norff my 18th favourite team so I care deeply. Carn Norff.
original: @raspel lol
Apachecats: Pittard still dusting Rozee up at every opportunity.
Breezey: Once upon a time a lot of people had A.Hall
Apachecats: Hall looks like Hanibal Lector.
BestCoast: Carn Norffs shinboner spirit
OhSoRozee: balta should get his regular bench warmer role with riewoldt out
heppelitis: hall strapped head to toe
BestCoast: Do it for Rooboystu
OhSoRozee: north should have knew with rocket eade and dew dropping hall to reserves week in week out
Manowar: R. Gray it’s SANFL time for you
OhSoRozee: ebert playing as a fwd working wonders wats that 12 goals already
Breezey: Hall is just plain lazy is what they reckoned at the Gold Coast
MONEY TALK: did roxky die
th3rio: what Manowar? he just goal assisted.
DrSeuss: Looks like Rocky has been moved to half forward as well. Cheers Hinkley
Kahunas: A fair few turds have dropped out of A.Hall
casey22: Banked all on Rocky. Not looking good!!!!!!
Apachecats: Rocky 48-17-15 so far ,he’ll finish up mid 90’s.
BestCoast: Brad Scott’s ass has to be on chopping block 10 years now worst list
OhSoRozee: time to watch larkey
megawatts: cmon macmillan lift make 80
PlungeMe: hinkley should be retrospectively sacked for moving boak out of the midfield
OhSoRozee: @plunge i think being captain he was 2 busy worrying about others than himself
OhSoRozee: had the extra time to work on his own game
The39Steps: Imagine Port playing Pies in Adelaide – Feds could clean-up the nation’s top 20 wanted in three hours.
OhSoRozee: like lingy said he was using an underwater coach for controlling breathing especially good for gut runs
OhSoRozee: wouldnt have had the time with captainsy commitments
PlungeMe: he was 2x AA while captain and hasnt been awful previous couple of years despite being moved to hff/fp
OhSoRozee: and his underwear line..
Jackwatt$: I don’t have Boak or Rockliff. When Port play I always find myself hoping Wines will kill it, cos I know if he doesn’t
th3rio: why has boak gone bonkers this year? whats changed?
dipstick: Do something rocky you fucken hack
Breezey: Hall should volunteer for a game in the VFL after that effort
PlungeMe: main reason would be the move back into midfield, getting rid of captaincy probably helps as well
Jackwatt$: Imagine Patty Cripps wasn’t captain. He might average 160! Good call/bad call m0nty?
beerent11: Rocky ton?
wadaramus: Rocky was a legend in Q1…
Gotigres: ton up please Rozee
original: butters free against spud lol
Raspel31: I’m investing heavily in Norff players next week as they’ll all be around $100,000.
OhSoRozee: @jackwatts cripps is different tho he thrives on being a bull leading captain
wadaramus: Buy low sell high Raspel, not sure you’ll get to sell 🙂
heppelitis: i recon if you put the C on a player and he is actually the capt of a team you should get double the double lol
Breezey: Some teams have half a dozen captains though @
Breezey: Like the thinking though
PlungeMe: we need to find some more grays
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Boak
stemy1243: Go Boaky junk time baby
pharace: 22 Shades of Grey eh Plunge?
Breezey: @ Plungeme. The Lions used to have a Brown, Black,White and a Green
Kahunas: How long Scott got left on his coaching contract?
PlungeMe: @Breezey but no grays so im not interested
OhSoRozee: 10 rounds kahunas
The39Steps: @Kahunas….weeks.
original: kahunas i give it to next monday. if they beat carlton hes ok if not bye bye
Breezey: Turner Loving a little niggle
Stu7: Go Rozee
OhSoRozee: @breezy just a mini thompson only thing he is good for people been delisted from north for doin more and he still gets
OhSoRozee: list spot
PlungeMe: wish we had the ability to turn games into percentage boosters, never seems to happen though
beerent11: Game on!
DrSeuss: Rocky really has slowed. Drew and Butters making this a slum night for my AF side
Tig-Train: Rocky 50 at 1/4 time… hardly touched it since
Haydo: Lets go junk time clurey
vamos77: The red thing Rockliff ffs
beerent11: Does that regularly tig
OhSoRozee: duursma jnr seagull
casey22: Bloddy coaches; Ziebel takes Rocky out of game while Boak runs riot!!!!
th3rio: junking it durrsma
vamos77: *yellow
original: get that BE butters
Breezey: Rozee gone straight past Rocky
OhSoRozee: 2vamos its yellow
mattmac24: Did rocky get tagged?
wadaramus: Duursma good, Drew bad, Butters stinky but on bench with the E.
BigChief: Yes matt in the 2nd half by Zeibell
DrSeuss: Ziebell has gone to Rocky since 1/4 time. Yet Boak runs free – good coaching Scott
OhSoRozee: yeh drew on field and rozee on bench with no e so i could take bakers score
DrSeuss: Duursma on my bench, Drew and Butters on field ffs
heppelitis: move wee willem wankey
beerent11: Game on!
Ash777: looks like port are saving themselves for next week
Raspel31: Where Drew gone Wada?
original: matt anderson also tagging him
OhSoRozee: atleast 39 pts isnt 2 bad
megawatts: are jmac’s scores up to date?
Jackwatt$: Durrsma is so consistent. 60+ every week
PlungeMe: why do i support port of all teams
Tig-Train: Someone’s asshole just started pulsating a bit
Jackwatt$: To be fair Ziebell is better suited to Rocky than Boak
th3rio: damn i wouldve went off if duursma kicked that lol
Breezey: Port have pooed their pants
Apachecats: Port are only going to fall in here.
Ash777: game on the line. in comes rocky
Gotigres: If Rotham was named to play i would have traded Rozee out 🙂
mattmac24: Boak would break the tag easier I reckon. Better to take one player out for sure.
OhSoRozee: was a hard slog in the wet last week but should still have won by 50
beerent11: game off
Jackwatt$: Ying Yang for Larkey? Which half was the Ying?
jwv92: man I am glad I traded out Butters.
runners47: Ton for Rozee – happy
jwv92: Question is do I take Duursma’s score tonight or see what crap Scrimshaw/hore give me over the weekend.
Breezey: Terrible free there
circle52: Butters to go this week for me
OhSoRozee: hore is scored
Ash777: way to sour the end of a game umps
mattmac24: Don’t think Rotham will string too many games together. He’ll just be their emergency most of the time
th3rio: wtf jwv, hore has played and scored well. Yes take duursma
Stu7: Take Duursma I did the same and sacrificed Crimshaw
wadaramus: Take Duursma or play Constable??
BigChief: @jwv Hore has played already.
beerent11: Most would have butters on the pine anyway
OhSoRozee: take duursma games down in tassy vs carlton
mattmac24: Hore has already played jwv
runners47: Take Duursma – then trade him next week
Jackwatt$: Take Duursma for sure. You must have a good backline if they aren’t both starters
BRAZZERS: make a deciison yourself mate, muppet
jwv92: ooops! thats right. the round started 2 days ago! my bad.
th3rio: dang wouldve been sweet if duursma kicked that. Need to chase the overs of rozee and rocky
Yelse: duursma went backwards with free kick and miss
jwv92: Pretty solid backline: Whitfield, Hurn, Witherden, Moore, Hore, Scrimshaw & Duursma.
OhSoRozee: 66 scored from drew aint 2 bad even tho 101 on my bench no E =(
PlungeMe: despite that last call, umps were definitely not on our side that game
Stu7: Take Duursma, I did and won’t play Crimshaw
original: duursma go backwards despite free kick for?
jwv92: Plus I have butts chalking up my weekly 0 to allow me to loophole the early player of the week if I need to.
Stu7: R Gray gone like last weeks pay useless
original: butters loses $4k
OhSoRozee: 4935 traded out rozee tho so guess thats $ ill have they wont
JackRipper: Exactly Yelse. If I live to 100 I will never understand SC Scoring 🙁
noobcoach: macmillandissapointing

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