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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, R6 of 2019

Pokerface: parish in for fantasia
JackRipper: Fantasia = out / Parish = in
J.Worrall: Go The Same Olds!
OhSoRozee: guelfi has bleached his hair, look out for casper
Ash777: has the pre-entertainment been good?
Yelse: should i take stack 72 or risk constable
wadaramus: I would take the 72.
wadaramus: Taking Gawn VC in SC, but punting on Grundy in DT/AF.
Apachecats: same as wada yelse.Don’t even know if hes playing yet.
th3rio: stack for sure yelse
Apachecats: definitely take 145 any day.wada
th3rio: i stuffed my VC loop. Capt Grundy or Cripps lads?
th3rio: I feel like grundy will go huge on the big stage?
wadaramus: I’m hoping Grundy goes bunta today.
Apachecats: coin toss there th3rio
th3rio: really is Apach. Killed my day lol
BigChief: Gday all. I have VC on Grundy and C on Neale.
tabs: Muppet on Guelfi for that bleach job
th3rio: Hi BC what a day
Gelly: guessing that not the only thing he bleaches…
BigChief: Greatest day in Australia’s history th3rio
Breezey: Spot on Big Chief
th3rio: hopefully the day Grundy goes huge too
noobcoach: what a crowd
BestCoast: VC Grundy C Cripps
noobcoach: why treloar starting off
BigChief: Pies jumper looks different. More black than normal?
m0nty: excellent, Hooker sitting on big Cox
Umpirespet: Just need Hore to make a cameo appearance
th3rio: think theyve used thicker stripes BC
Raspel31: Really wanted to be there today but my mum grounded me. Oh well. Carn Dons!
BestCoast: mOnty best call ever
circle52: @bigchief think the white strip centre a lot wider
OhSoRozee: more white than normal away jumper
Natopotato: Surprisingly it seems no tag on Zerrett just of yet
th3rio: How old are you Rasp? Lol
runt: absolute shambles so far
Natopotato: then realised Greenwood hasn’t been on the field yet
Raspel31: 72 th3rio
smashedavo: Crisp got killed on sc for that turnover kick lol wtf
th3rio: go Grundfos
All Reds: those pies haircuts tho hmm
OhSoRozee: moore for goal cmon easy pts
BigChief: That’s soft 50
Burnsy03: can crisp not fuck his sc score please
runt: More making sure he doesn’t get played forward
OhSoRozee: yeh was all in the 1 motion @bigchief
wadaramus: Very soft.
jbjimmyjb: Who has worse hair? Guelfi or Moore?
OhSoRozee: guelfi coz he died it for anzac week
original: That’s guelfi? Shockin head
OhSoRozee: dyed*
Apachecats: Maynards haircut is on the podium at least.
Ash777: Moore. Looks like a mop
BigChief: Guelfi’s is by far the worst.
Raspel31: Hadn’t realised you had to be a hairdresser on this site?
Ash777: oh he got rid of that ponytail so guelfi
OhSoRozee: when it shows guelfi on screen the brightness of my screen lights up
DrSeuss: Get involved Treloar and keep going VC Grundy
jbjimmyjb: Raspel well the skill level is almost as bad as last night so gotta talk about other things
Ash777: what the girls headband tho
BigChief: Surely Guelfi lost a bet.
BestCoast: The parcel
Apachecats: Stringer looks aot fitter this year.
Apachecats: *a lot.
original: Good goal assist from shiel
OhSoRozee: wow look at heppell
noobcoach: treloar missed freekick for??
vamos77: Guelfi fronts a Bros tribute band
Umpirespet: Those hairdoos make Victoria the new Tasmania
Migz: whos a muppet for that handball
theuncle: Pendles getting ripped of for SC?
Gelly: who’s greenwood on?
jbjimmyjb: crisp got a clanger for fumbling the ball… what
Natopotato: Not seeing a tag
jbjimmyjb: greenwood is playing in defence at the moment, not tagging
BigChief: Of course he did Jimmy. Skill errors like that are clangers. Same as dropped sitter marks.
OhSoRozee: pendles has been rushed 2day so 2 clangers
runt: That was a really good team goal from Collingwood
runt: Leigh Matthews said the same
Migz: ridley afraid of the ball or what
vamos77: As I suspected Guelfi is Julian Assange’s illegitimate child
Gelly: could of sworn i just saw clive waterhouse out there
Raspel31: Whoops.
BestCoast: Shiel 12 possies already on his way to a dose of leather poisoning
beerent11: My opp has the c on Grundy and the vc on sidebum
BigChief: If Ess could hit a target this would be closer.
Raspel31: Where you be gone Zerrett?
aces-high: Shiel absolutely relevant now. Looks a 110+ player in both super and dream team
BestCoast: Gelly Clive Waterhouse is playing on Simon Prestigiacomo two SC gods
th3rio: shiel is a freak
smashedavo: Why is crisps so poor? Surely one turn over kick isnt -9 points?
OhSoRozee: shiel looks like a dif player now being 1 burst mid at essendon vs like 4 at gws
BestCoast: Dependlebury turning back the clock, pies all over them
beerent11: Nothing wrong with 28 at qtr time smash
Raspel31: Let’s go back to hairstyles rather than the game, sigh.
BigChief: did you miss his clanger fumble @davo?
jbjimmyjb: smashed CD missed the handball after the treloar FK adv and a tackle on stringer
DrSeuss: Haha of course my league opponent has Ridley.
bones351: Shiel might be getting plenty of the ball but he’s not doing much with it. Like most of the team atm
OhSoRozee: looks like grundy gonna go 150 today
OhSoRozee: didnt wanna be outscored by gawn
Oddsy5: carn bombers lift
SwaggyP: So this is the result when we play a good team…..
Breezey: Shiel 14 possies. 10 damaging HB
aces-high: Smashed avo crispy normally has a better dt score then sc as an owner of him in sc he’s a bit of a butcher
aces-high: Take that back he’s better in sc 😂 crisp will go 110+ today though
OhSoRozee: nah hes better in fantasy gets bugger all CP and inefficient at times
the worm: i think its the result when you play most teams
Yelse: that was bull.. umpires goal
StuL: You might as well get rid of talking. Wtf was that?
Breezey: Umps Felt sorry for them there.
OhSoRozee: soft free 110kg vs 70kg momentum push but no in the back
Ash777: it’s like rucks cant tackle anymore.
DrSeuss: That’s such a BS free. He landed on his knees
Stuart88: Umps feeling sorry for Essendon already with that free
Apachecats: McGraths had 2 of everything.
Raspel31: Now now the worm, behave.
MercAm: Grundy landed on his knees how was that in the back
Gandhi: Geewizz lads
StuL: A push in the back is push right? Not just any contact
jbjimmyjb: the umpires obviously like guelfi’s new hair
m0nty: Hooker just gave big Cox a touch up
blonde0na: hooker doing a real good job on big cox
Apachecats: Don’t start mOnty
Umpirespet: Back on the game please Monty
Stuart88: I’ve gotta a feeling hooker will love playing with and on cox
Raspel31: Cox is up for it m0nty.
Gelly: i think hooker is doing well with big cox
wadaramus: Hooker doing a hand-y job on Cox.
MercAm: Ah Cox marked it can he convert?
the worm: after hooker’s rough handling cox was stiff not to get a free
MercAm: Yes he can, come on Coxxy
StuL: Cox too big for Hooker there
OhSoRozee: never thought cox would get the better of hooker
blonde0na: big cox rises up and leaves hooker lying on the floor
Breezey: Is Hooker Hores illegitimate dad
Gelly: floating mung of a goal
m0nty: Hooker just couldn’t handle big Cox from behind there
the worm: cox stands up when it counts
StuL: Richo “opened up a big corridor for Cox” lolol
the worm: breezey, crap hore jokes were yesterday, its crap hooker and cox jokes today
Gandhi: Classic, m0nty
m0nty: now now worm, these are the finest Hore and Cox jokes that you will find.
Gelly: what about bellchambers, surely we can make a pun out of that
Breezey: I’ve taken note
Stu7: Come on Moore do some more!!!!
Apachecats: you’re terrible Muriel
the worm: already looking forward to the q-clash, Neale and Swallow
StuL: Pies find an opening for Cox
Umpirespet: Reckon Maynard has been hanging around cox
OhSoRozee: moore should b mopping it up with daniher up the ground on grundy
OhSoRozee: merrett is very poor at pressure now doesnt attack the footy just looks for the cheap ball
Zbrowny: Grundy needs to stop tapping to Essendon!!
meziare: Grundy a bit proppy when he went off then
jbjimmyjb: shiel gone backwards since quarter time
Apachecats: noticed that too ,meziare
beerent11: Bellchambers is scoring with Grundy pretty well
frenzy: Moore Pls
the worm: Shiel hold cox while hooker takes a break
Umpirespet: Game over ladies
Yelse: pies should be at least 10 goals up
Raspel31: Cox has got it on a string.
OhSoRozee: @beerent yeh but it seems daniher vs grundy and cox vs bellchambers
beerent11: Hooker done by big cox
OhSoRozee: nice run from cox there from the back 50 to fwd 50 goal
Ash777: another smashing coming up for a blockbuster game
beerent11: Yep grundys score jumps when joe goes on the ball
ConVoid: traded moore to kelly this week hopefully kelly does well
wadaramus: Cox is just too big for an inexperienced Hooker.
jbjimmyjb: con kelly most likely will be tagged so don’t expect too much
Raspel31: Bit early for that move I’d have that ConVoid
BigChief: Has Coll gone in for 1/2 time already?
Oddsy5: maybe holding tbe ball before
frenzy: teabag
OhSoRozee: @convoid might get hutchings tag
th3rio: peroxide screamer
OhSoRozee: happy with moore’s qtr
ConVoid: hopefully he can break the tag and score well
Raspel31: His mum says it’s natural the3rio.
beerent11: Game on
circle52: Waht a kick and goal
Pusti: Joey’s back!
Apachecats: Ash and Umpires pet ,still calling it?
Ash777: I spoke too soon
dipstick: Insane goal that
OhSoRozee: all essendons goals have been lucky tho all hard shots
OhSoRozee: honestly greenwood needs to go to shiel
Raspel31: Hadn’t heard of this Grundy before- might have to explore ways to bring him in.
megawatts: who is greenwood on right now?
OhSoRozee: playing in defence
beerent11: He goes ok raspel
Raspel31: Thanks beer- will do some research.
OhSoRozee: doesnt look like parish will get a new contract being dropped alot for performancers like this needs lift to push $ up
the worm: you have greenwood as captain?
megawatts: @worm nah mate. Tried to switch from Houli to Bont for C, but didn’t save. Happy with Houli’s 142 tho
beerent11: Zerrit looks a good upgrade target
Apachecats: don’t start him worm
Raspel31: Bit quiet today but brought him in this week beer.
DCmate: Ysm
megawatts: @apache thought its obv im taking the pss on this one
BigChief: Did I feel the breeze from a liar waft through?
Pusti: Umpire obviously don’t think Tipper has a head.
the worm: you know the boy who cried wolf right?
Apachecats: exactly worm
beerent11: Gee pendels loves Anzac jimmy hird of the day
Raspel31: What a mark!
jfitty: Crisp being ripped off
beerent11: Haha settle Bruce Daniher v Moore not exactly a clash for the ages
StuL: Does Cox ever get a free against!? Gee the umps love him
Apachecats: What a gift that was ,deserved to miss.
Raspel31: Cox shooting blanks now.
m0nty: Hooker a bit too handsy on big Cox there
beerent11: Gone soft raspel
smashedavo: Agree jfitty, crisp been good all game in good moments too
OhSoRozee: m0nty stuck on auto
Breezey: Love the bum. Side bum
DrSeuss: Let’s go Grundy and Treloar – game is in the balance
Raspel31: Yep- let’s find a new joke- very tired.
casey22: m0nty banned me a couple of years ago for Dean COX jokes!!!!
OhSoRozee: just a quick 1 m0nty who is ur team?
wadaramus: Guelfi looks like Aker!
BigChief: m0nty is a 1 eyed Hawk @rozee
the worm: ugh dean cox jokes, thats just distasteful
noobcoach: where is the prior for treloar
Raspel31: New boy- everyone knows m0nty is a completely unbiased Hawks man.
Umpirespet: If you see hawkman at the footy that’s MOnty
Ash777: can cox’s simbol be a hotdog
OhSoRozee: well had every chance stupid 8 hawks games in a row on free to air tv here
beerent11: Tipparioli
Chelskiman: As much as I hate the Pies I’ve always admired Pendles.
shang0: Stay low Grundy 😀
Tig-Train: I hate collingwood more than usual because of how the fans chant USA for Cox…
dipstick: Bruce milkin cox every time he says it
Raspel31: This is exciting now!
OhSoRozee: my pure hatred growth for cats/hawks over last 13 yrs makes collingwood bearable for me now
Tig-Train: Collingwood/Trump supporters… no difference
Yelse: geez what happened to the pies they just stopped
TheLegend6: Need Mihocek to kick anther goal!
beerent11: Tippas just about to break this open
lwillo: has darcy moore touched the footy this half? he always drops off in 3rd quarters
noobcoach: treloar such low TOG
OhSoRozee: when didak retired and malthouse sacked made me more zen towards collingwood
Stuart88: Grundy gone missing this Q 😡
DrSeuss: Treloar do something ffs
shang0: Get a move on Moore
OhSoRozee: need clark to not play to loop in ridley
m0nty: Hooker punched that right down Travis’s throat then
mattmac24: What do Collingwood have printed on their black stripes?
Raspel31: We seem to have shaken mega-liar
noobcoach: where us trekiar playing? half forward?
BigChief: Stay low Moore.
beerent11: Beer o’clock
OhSoRozee: war veterans
amigaman: Had enough of this umpiring. Must be on a bonus scheme.
Apachecats: can only hope rasp
BigChief: Baguley in trouble.
mattmac24: Cheers Rozee
circle52: Gee Bombers not getting rub of the green in 50/50
shang0: Give us more, Moore
Chelskiman: Treloar threw it then it should have been htb and somehow Pies get it.
zadolinnyj: moore never plays 3rd quarter
Raspel31: That is just a criminal decision against Zerrit.
shang0: Moore just got a point!
Dredd: myers is playing soft
circle52: The nimber of incorrect disposals being missed by umpires this year is getting out of hand.
lwillo: close game will hopefully boost grundy to 130+ in the last qtr
Apachecats: glad a few of you neutrals can see the poor umpiring.
OhSoRozee: baguley needs to b dropped for mosquito
smashedavo: Crisp only 3 clangers, 20 less sc points? Definitely not the flavour for CD
fonzie: #umps on the take
Pusti: Hopefully the poor umpiring will spur the Bombers on to a memable win.
Gelly: crisp barely any contested ball
Yelse: who looking like the anzac medal?
Raspel31: Has anyone noticed m0nty is getting more risque? Anyway, back to haircuts.
OhSoRozee: @smashed disposals give pts even if bad on fantasy where as sc scores are 4 if he hits a target 0 if he doesnt and
OhSoRozee: negative if he turns it over directal to opp
amigaman: Don’t blame the umps. They’ve been given their orders from above.
OhSoRozee: @raspel mustn’t b gettin it at home
TheLegend6: Pendles been BOG
beerent11: Crisp doesn’t get contested possessions smashedavo thats behind the discrepancy
NugzNiggle: Colliwobbles.
Roksta: how does langdon have 100% de with a clanger
Apachecats: I reckon its a different mOnty rasp.
Jackwatt$: @amigaman Are you suggesting God has given the umpire’s orders to go favour Pies?
Ash777: I say Adams should be the medal winner.
shang0: Jake Llyod is the king of uncontested ball
wadaramus: Come on Moore, you did nothing that quarter!
OhSoRozee: if he got Cp he would have tonned up with half his disposals
Chelskiman: Agree, Legend. Pendles has the medal so far, just needs to run the game out and it’s his.
megawatts: How is merrett on 90? Barely noticed him… not complaining tho brought him in this wk
OhSoRozee: lot of cheapball 10 metre passes
LuvIt74: Trelor and Oliver in my mid is not doing what i had hoped…
Umpirespet: A spud for Mega haha
noobcoach: treloar 110 cmon
Sixty656: Classic pies choke coming up
megawatts: ill cop the spud as long as i go 2400+ on sc haha
shang0: More Moore!
Apachecats: luv the spud mOnty.
Manowar: Grundy ya Donkey!
BigChief: That bad smell is back.
Umpirespet: Well done mOnty
Raspel31: Bring the Zerrit on.
BigChief: Less Moore LOL
th3rio: why the hell is grundy going backwards
jayshi: why is grundy’s SC score going backwards
blonde0na: just me or is there a lot more dropping the ball moments going unnoticed by umpires?
OhSoRozee: cmon moore 80 would b nice
m0nty: nice spoil Walla
shang0: Grundy is my opponents VC, mine was Gawn 😀
BigChief: Bellchambers is beating Grundy in the 2nd half.
shang0: Moore was looking at 100 at half time
BigChief: Hahaha m0nty.
OhSoRozee: grundy 5 kermies =(
Gelly: limping cox
Chelskiman: I don’t care for either team but Dons definitely getting the raw end of the decisions.
shang0: Grundy tired. No back up
BigChief: If that’s not play on for Crisp then it has to be 50
StuL: Cox has gone down
BigChief: @shang Cox has rucked.
shang0: Cox is hobbling
Chelskiman: Cox down the tunnel.
OhSoRozee: they got 1 call their way then was a free in ruck to grundy push out
mattmac24: Moore is always looking at 100 by half time
shang0: Very pooly Cox is a passenger
biggs2dujj: Smith close to red cross. Utterly cooked
Apachecats: Cox IS rucked
noobcoach: grundy slowed a lot
smashedavo: I know im a broken record. But cp handball, intercept mark & kick but only 3 sc pts?
StuL: Where are Grundys points for hitouts to team mates? Oh well. Fd up the vc
shang0: Might need to downgrade that shitter Moore
biggs2dujj: Smith gone. Red cross
noobcoach: grundy lucky
Raspel31: High tackle- I never complain about umps but this game- shhesh.
OhSoRozee: that was handball play on
Chelskiman: This umpiring, lmao.
Apachecats: Umpires have both sides really confused.
blonde0na: don’t they teach you in u12s to play the whistle?
Pusti: The umps might as well just blow time and give Collingwood the win.
Ash777: correct call move on lol
Kahunas: Cox needs to lift
Gelly: let the players decide the rules
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off umpires dead set cheating
beerent11: Yeah pies def had the better of the whistle
original: Howe gone for two weeks for that tackle
Migz: nah fuck that rozee. He got tackled twice and hit the ground. handball after tackled to ground is holding everyday
Sixty656: Pies will choke themselves out of it
Apachecats: they can’t hear the whistle blonde and get penalised for playing on if there is a whistle.
OhSoRozee: now that was a free against stringer
Ash777: tackle didn’t stick
Breezey: Umps are deteriorating
original: Zaha having some qtr
shang0: fuck off moore
Chelskiman: One of my opponents is a genius. Forgot to put Smith back on ground.
poolboybob: Apparently HTB doesn’t exist any more
OhSoRozee: @migz where in the htb free does it say hit the ground in tackle free?
Gotigres: Moore please
BigChief: Should be @original if MRO is consistant.
Migz: because he had 2 prior chances its just common sense brah
dipstick: Umpires really bending dons over a barrell
shang0: Hopfully Grundy doesn’t tonne up 😀
Gotigres: pies unlucky
the worm: and if you fall to ground with the ball and the ball makes contact with the ground, that is a bounce in a tackle
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Treloar
original: Still waiting for all grundys points to show up
Umpirespet: Haha Chief MRO consistent
beerent11: Fair dinkum is Grundy nearly the best player in the comp?
NugzNiggle: Woweee that’s a poor decision.
PowerBug: And for all the apparent anti-Bombers umpiring, that call against Langdon is the damaging one
duckky: They dont pay more blatent ones and yet pa that…
Pusti: Another crap decision, but at least it went our way this time.
noobcoach: not a free…
original: Boom. There they are thanks monty
aces-high: 400 points to share the last 8 mins come on Grundy and crisp
MercAm: Can’t bloody stand these commentators right now. They are so biased to Essendon!!!
Migz: yeh agreed worm. Cant bounce while being tackled. even if they have a pink grip on your shorts.
StuL: Grundys posies worth nothing?
benzammit: Umpires!!!lol
Raspel31: Might hit 2600 this week with M.Brown as my cap- go Dons!
coldog: Horrible call!!
beerent11: Don’t need lots of goals for a good game
crazzzed: worst umpiring effort all year
SwaggyP: Umpires manage to find some outlandish free kicks
NugzNiggle: In the back???
OhSoRozee: his arms actually hit the ground not the ball otherwise the ball would pop out
original: That wasn’t a free against Grundy plz
StuL: Slow slow slow update
Umpirespet: Monty Raspel needs a spud
nick2397: Grundy gone up 20SC in 3 minutes!
NugzNiggle: Bit of justice there with the goal. On that in the back one against Grundy, What was he supposed to do?
shang0: Grudy 😀
DrSeuss: Why is that not going at his knees?
Raspel31: Oh pooh.
jayshi: umpiring has just been atrocious
greshprinc: cmon grundy get 130+
NugzNiggle: Agree Seuss.
Ash777: huge pts jump by grundy
Breezey: Throw. Goal
LeFtBehinD: So Grundy jumps from 94 to 116… absolute suss
OhSoRozee: grundy went 93 to 112 quick
Raspel31: Irony umpirespet- get real.
Pusti: If Joe kicks another goal, he wins the medal.
DrSeuss: Treloar playing lazy at today – make a tackle
marls: lol everyone without grundy getting raged up
BigChief: No way @Pusti.
runt: Pies 33 points up and then went to sleep
shang0: Moore quietly creeping up to 80 😀
jayshi: why can’t any collingwood players get a clean possession
Fatbar5tad: Standard bullshit Pendlebury free
megawatts: cmon merrett make 120
Dredd: pendles easily could have picked the ball up but just crouches waiting for the contact… soft free kick
Gelly: quack quack pendles
Victorious: Whose getting the medal? Pendles, Grundy?
NugzNiggle: Umpires ordinary. Cracking game though.
beerent11: Why’ve you got the spud mega?
jayshi: treloar issuch a poor finish
Raspel31: Cracking game- bad decisions made.
runt: Zaharakis to kick the winning goal
OhSoRozee: ridley back on so howe probz get a week or fined
VodkaHawk: If Pies win then surely one of them 2. Probs Pendles
lwillo: come on grundy, try and match gawn 🙂
BigChief: Not Grundy @Victorious. Pendles or Shiel.
original: Grundy putting on a clinic last 15 mins
the worm: hooker and cox to share the medal
OhSoRozee: shiel just cost them the game went right shoulda gone left
Fatbar5tad: Shiel lol. Turnover merchant
Ash777: pendles has got it
VodkaHawk: Definitely not Shiel
runt: Mihocek and brown battling it out for W.O.G
OhSoRozee: bs free shoulda been free to essendon 1st
original: Essendon screwed over by umpires wow
smashedavo: These umps lol
Raspel31: Another terrible decision- game decider!
Apachecats: Umpires have decided this.
Fatbar5tad: And the umpires ice the game with two more incorrect calls. Fucking shithouse.
amigaman: Nice win umpires
Dredd: the umpires are doing what they do best again… deciding games
blonde0na: umpires didn’t cause essendon to have poor DE though?
jayshi: grundy would have passed gawn if it wasnt for the free kicks against
Costanza: 3 votes – white maggots
Pusti: Great wim umps!
DrSeuss: Terrible finish by the umps
runt: Umpires just cannot help themselves
Breezey: You beauty. Hot Pies. Pendles 3rd Anzac Medal
original: Great last qtr for my draft team zaha. Last M spot battling
jfitty: Pathetic Crisp
noobcoach: gg
poolboybob: Shiel cleaver
Apachecats: Shame to see a great match get stuffed like that.
Tig-Train: Saad missing handball…
Fatbar5tad: No but Essendon dedcseat robbed regardless.
amigaman: That’s it for me. This crap sucks.
vartic: will take the tip but blatantly rigged game
Chelskiman: No, blonde, but there was at least 5 poor frees against paid against them which makes a difference in a close one.
beerent11: For 4 qtrs
Victorious: I’m cooked
Gelly: umps in hot water
Dredd: ghee, how much are collingwood paying the umps? first half last week against us and again in the last few minutes
StuL: Great finish trundles. Every hit out worth 4 suddenly
beerent11: Cracking game
Ash777: dons wouldn’t of won it even if they did get the free.
Gelly: police might need to escort umps to there cars tonight
OhSoRozee: not a 80 but 79 is fine by moore
megawatts: Merrett went back 3 in the last qtr…
Natopotato: Zerrett hurt me that quarter after going down in points
beerent11: Cancels out Gawns score pretty much
benzammit: Always tough when ya give a good team a 5 goal start, good match Umps were terrible both ways
the worm: as an unbiased observer, that is the worst umpring i have ever seen
Chelskiman: Deserved medal to Pendles.
Victorious: bombers fans booing pendles. putrid
StuL: Bombers feeling robbed
smashedavo: Disgusting from bomber fans
shang0: Moore will be a good downgrade for me
Breezey: Typical scum Bombers fans. Booing an Anzac Medal winner
Pusti: I’m surprised one of the umps didn’t win the medal.
Jolles: As someone living outside Victoria typical Victorian crap umpiring!!!
Xephyrise: geez those butthurt bomber fans need to get over it, or, u know, leave the ground
Yelse: bucks gave it to the bombers crowd
MercAm: Well done Bucks, best quote of shame on who booed a champion. Pathetic by Essendon
Dredd: they were booing cause he played for a free kick and not the ball at a crucial moment and area of the field… i think
Oh8ball: Those umpires were fucked Eddie 100% whipped the chequebook out
mickelo: Bloody well said Nathan Buckley
jocka: Pendles will be remembered for that flop in the last quarter.
Ash777: dons are their own worse enemy.
dipstick: AFL umpiring the most emarassing in world sport
the worm: jolles , you’re just used to a 3:1 free kicks for ratio at home
9inch: Not a day for bad sportmanship warrented or not
9inch: Not a day for bad sportmanship warranted or not bad look ess fans
Apachecats: no one was booing Pendles
Oddsy5: didnt boo myself but i thought it was ironic that pendles thanked the crowd and then got booed

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