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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R6 of 2019

Yelse: whos traded in Ross and Baker for tonights game?
Yelse: Who has everyone VC
OhSoRozee: scrambling i did initially but changed my mind
Yelse: why is that? was worried having too many tigers balta stack ross and baker
OhSoRozee: i missed on stack so was considering him vs baker for high price rook
Sixty656: Not sure to Bench Butters or Baker…
OhSoRozee: butters seems to have a lower bottomout sixty
OhSoRozee: and with so long between 1st to last game was considering holding my trade if rotham played
Yelse: who has better JC from baker and ross
OhSoRozee: am worried about baker aswell with cotch to come back eventually
OhSoRozee: considering rockliff VC against NM
Redraptor: Wagner omitted for Lockhart
OhSoRozee: miller/bowes to get neale and maybe hutchings will get danger or kelly
Redraptor: 40 Wagner ha been omitted for 0 Lockhart
thiccgucci: Do the GCS tag often? Contemplating gawn VC or neale
OhSoRozee: more often then not but yeh which 1 gets zorko and which 1 gets neale
OhSoRozee: id go gawn if it were me no preuss should bump him 20 more pts to make vc worth
Redraptor: Tim Smith, Jeff Garlett, Jay Lockhart, Billy Stretch, Alex Neal-Bullen Out Corey Wagner (Omitted), Neville J
Yelse: preus hardly rucked
Lynch_MOB: who we using the VC on this week???
OhSoRozee: @yelse yeh took the fwd 50 rucks
Yelse: going neale into cripps
OhSoRozee: and hes scored 160 and 151 against richmond last 3 yrs he skipped 1 game through injury
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Redraptor: tell m0nty that Wagner is not playing. Lockhart is.
frenzy: tigers easy here
Sixty656: Baker to the bench , Butters on feild, possible loophole if needed…
wadaramus: Gawn VC, go big Maxy!
Breezey: I reckon Dusty is back. Gunna go big here.
OhSoRozee: held onto rozee even with a bigger BE more consistency + Nm opponent so went parker into baker instead
OhSoRozee: plus rozee holds DP
phelps: Stack or gibbons on field?
Apachecats: Desperate here ,do I bring in Baker ,Stack or Ross.
OhSoRozee: stack as cunningham might come into mid
frenzy: syd
OhSoRozee: @apache who would u swap out for each?
frenzy: baker, apache
Apachecats: saving one trade to bring in Rotham ,(they gotta play him this week)
Lynch_MOB: baker is one bad game form being dropped
OhSoRozee: baker 58 proj for price rise of 64k and scores of 87 91
Lynch_MOB: Ross > Stackers
Redraptor: Thanks m0nty or whoever is in charge tonight.
OhSoRozee: was considering lockhart DP and bottom end rookie price showed promise b4 injury
Apachecats: it would be Burgess to Baker or Scott to Stack or Ross
OhSoRozee: its @monty if u look to footy feed
Redraptor: To All, Have a wonderful night and week in supercoach
frenzy: burg to baker still
OhSoRozee: id go ross to save some cash
OhSoRozee: and less likely to b dropped from 1 bad game over baker
Apachecats: Thanks all ,apologies to any one with Baker ,I went Burgess to Baker.
Apachecats: At this atage I’m VC Neale and C on Whitfield.
frenzy: plenty mids to come next week Rozee
OhSoRozee: ya i missed on stack so went ross and baker
Gotigres: Oliver at FF
BestCoast: @Redraptor cheers all the best to you to
OhSoRozee: dees def is dismal
Sixty656: I have a band feeling that HORE is going to FUCK me tonight.
Apachecats: Hopefully a good night from Gus Brayshaw ,its due.
th3rio: lockhart good start lad
OhSoRozee: @sixty i think 90% owners of hore will field him anyway
thiccgucci: need brayshaw quiet tonight ahah
th3rio: again lock good boy
clay007: who is lockhart?
Haydo: Dammit made oliver vc cus we concede big mid scores but ofc he starts forward and brayshaw smashes it
Apachecats: Annoying delay on the TV,like about 5 seconds.
OhSoRozee: hes a rookie picked up from the preseason pick up thing like 2 weeks b4 season started
OhSoRozee: from tassy
Yelse: i went stack over ross for emergency whyyyy
BestCoast: Come on Lazy Hore
clay007: Thanks OhSo. Good start by the lad
OhSoRozee: yeh i brought him in then reversed spewen now 102,400 and def/mid
th3rio: didnt field lockhart but hopefully this good start helps his JS 🙂
OhSoRozee: just glad he has low avg so far so wont price rise much from 102k will just b like a med price rookie next week
Natopotato: Lockhart confirmed for next week already 😉
Chelskiman: Can see Melbourne having their best game of the year tonight.
Apachecats: BestCoast keep stirring hore up every now and then.
BigChief: What are you on about BestCoast? Hore has 3 disp and 17 sc points already.
Carnboys15: sick of oliver getting less than brayshaw
OhSoRozee: think he started the same in rd1 tho then went cold the rest of game
th3rio: hehe
DrSeuss: Hore and Stack on field this week hmmm
StuL: Balta killing it as always
italz: yo stack and baker feel free to join the party when you’re ready..
BestCoast: He was on zero before my call out BigChief
th3rio: come on stack
OhSoRozee: hore is doin good
Grumpman: Martin you really are a flog…!
Pusti: Need Baker to play well to make some bread for upgrades.
OhSoRozee: wow hibberd in middle on dusty wtf
colin wood: VC on Gawn tonight. Have a feeling him and the Dees will do well tonight
OhSoRozee: love tim smith in melbournes side very competitive
DrSeuss: Where is Stack playing this week?
MercAm: Right now feeling good putting Ross on field instead of stack right now, keep it up Ross, and also Baker
th3rio: didnt VC gawn so hope he doesnt go too huge. Nice start oliver
noobcoach: brayshaw in defence why
hinsch: Is this going to be another tipping week, think I might take my first them change it
Stu7: I did goooooo Gawnyyyy
PlungeMe: ill never understand sc scores if brayshaw and oliver have the same score right now
Carnboys15: anyone else tip melbourne tonight
noobcoach: plunge exactly waht i was thinkning
MercAm: @carn yeah I did
OhSoRozee: brayshaw is just coniglio in disguise Low DE
hinsch: Lockhart now on my SC watch list DPP $102K good price
pcaman2003: Nothing better than a performing Hore.
BestCoast: Carnboys that’s a no from me on Dees
PlungeMe: 83 DE aint bad
OhSoRozee: yeh will only b like 140-150k next week
Kram: Hinsch Lockhart will rise in price after this round
OhSoRozee: @plunge i just meant as a whole not just 1 qtr
Dondeal: Hore so good at getting loose down back.
OhSoRozee: runs 2 much to be really efficient
OhSoRozee: needs another 1-2 yrs to b consistant 120+ scorerr
BestCoast: Was Lockhart late in ??? If so JS a question maybe not after tonight
OhSoRozee: @kram yeh his low avg will still make him cheap med priced like pick 24 rookie
Gelly: nothing better than a loose hore
hinsch: Lockhart wiil be a good down grade get $$ from Clark (Cats)
PlungeMe: i get that but using DE as a point as to why brayshaw and oliver had same score doesnt work when he has 83 vs 50
Yelse: need gone to lift opp hasn’t got him
OhSoRozee: nah lockhart was named yday but pre much after last weeks performance he was a lock
OhSoRozee: only went out last round he played due to injury
Stu7: I don’t think I’ll tip Melbourne at all this year Carnboys 15
Gelly: js was good for lockhart, only missed last week through back spasm
circle52: Lockhart was one of 5 changes named by dees yesterday,
gingjok: Wtf is up with Brayshaw .. 62% TOG ?! , hardly on the ball !?
OhSoRozee: theres been no talk of balta this week every1 jumped off aye
jwill55aus: I think Dees have gone with Spargo or Lockhart. I think he has a good chance of sticking for a while.
OhSoRozee: @ging unfortunately hes a gut runner so TOG always low but usually gets 2-3 involvements per chain
JockMcPie: Balta consistent as always
lwillo: Evening lads, I’m a Bradshaw owner. Any one considering trading Bradshaw to another premos?
gingjok: Ta Rozee’ .. let’s hope for some of those chains this qtr
Sixty656: Bradshaw huh?
lwillo: Sorry brayshaw lol**
OhSoRozee: low De to be a premo
Schillaci: traded Brayshaw to Macrae in SC this week
OhSoRozee: lots of harlem tap ons 2day
beerent11: Gee Oliver seems to just be throwing it on the boot a lot lately mainwaring style
OhSoRozee: @schill gamble doesnt have a big score against freo over history
DrSeuss: Brayshaw running with Ellis on a wing, not on the ball though
m0nty: hands off that Hore, Liam
OhSoRozee: @m0nty yeh hes mine
Dondeal: Had Hore by the hips
Schillaci: educated punt Brayshaw and macrae both likely to lose coin but long term think it’s best
Apachecats: Baker you wee ripper.
Redraptor: Oliver complaining that fwds not locking it in so they told him to go fwd and do it himself…3MMM theory
MercAm: Baker only gets +3 for goal???
MercAm: Nvm just updated, keep it up Baker hehe
Sixty656: Fuck you stack you heap of shit
OhSoRozee: @merc nah he went from 15-30 in that play
Apachecats: theres always a delay mercam
pcaman2003: That young Hore has good moves.
th3rio: stack is raping me
dezlav: Whats happened to Gawn. Feels like no score change since the qtr began?
OhSoRozee: 2 handballs 1 was bad then went on to mark and goal
Schillaci: time stack got a stack of it sixty
blonde0na: young hore looking very wet and slippery out there
BigChief: Too many got sucked in by Stack’s debut.
DCmate: High class hore
m0nty: dirty Riewoldt just hit Hore hard from behind
Gelly: stack got 80 last week
Migz: hore loves a hard contest from behind
th3rio: has potential BC. Not too worried but did field him this week.
Umpirespet: Hope gets lots of balls
OhSoRozee: @blond only 4 games in but seems like a rookie yo-yo
OhSoRozee: sorry @chief
pcaman2003: Hore is very tight with those hard balls.
Ash777: dees are so messy with the ball
OhSoRozee: hore knows how to work the ball
th3rio: bloody hell Hore is good though. Wish I started him over Collins
Redraptor: You guys are very funny tonight
Umpirespet: Monty is Hores Pimp
pcaman2003: Love a Hore that makes its owners good money
Redraptor: Thanks for the laughs…I needed it
Gandhi: Hore is proving to be very comfortable in tight
DrSeuss: Stack is decent – always around the ball – just hasn’t got hands on it yet.
BigChief: Astbury could be done. That might hurt Rich
OhSoRozee: hore gonna b another set and forget rookie
Redraptor: Lovely Hore
Hadouken: Hore. Stretch. Hunt. All going well tonight. keep it up lads
TheMessiah: Hore comfortable with ball in hand
BOMBRBLITZ: Love my Hore
LMartos: I must have missed a lot of Oliver’s clangers because I don’t remember 4
Dondeal: Hore squirts it wide
dezlav: At this rate should have had the VC on Hore, not Gawn
dipstick: i bought the Hore and got change to boot
th3rio: Stack 🙂
OhSoRozee: stack just put that up on the stack
wadaramus: Hore is showing that he’s already a real pro.
Gelly: lone soldier grimes
OhSoRozee: @martos hes just rushing it on the boot
Carnboys15: oliver lift pls
Redraptor: @wadaramus LOL
OhSoRozee: 1 good thing about stack is he barely ever wastes it
th3rio: WTF. How is Balta playing AFL?
pcaman2003: Hore is keeping me satisfied tonight
DCmate: Mcspud took a grab
pcaman2003: Time for a rest now,I’m all Hore’d out.
BestCoast: Captain Houli
blonde0na: brayshaw giving up there against riewoldt sums up melbourne this season
Moona: Brayshaw not interested in the game. Would be better off in the crowd – just watched Riewoldt walk away from him then
Ash777: wtf was that brayshaw. no chase once reidwolt got the ball
Sixty656: Spent big $$$$ this week in SC to upgrade Stef to Gawn and I get this SHIT in return???
OhSoRozee: @th3rio yeh and they have better 2nd ruck options
DrSeuss: Get Brayshaw in the middle Goodwin you flog
th3rio: very bad Rozee
heppelitis: hore a juicy pickup if you dont have
Apachecats: Baker 2 big tackles in two seconds
Carnboys15: flowering do something oliver
th3rio: somebody called Lockhart to stop, nice call. Ffs
clay007: Has Mega got Houli as Captain. I heard he was on track for 2800
Ash777: brayshaw must be very unfit
OhSoRozee: yeh im huge fan of callum moore
lwillo: Who is mega?
th3rio: LOL clay
LuvIt74: wtf is wrong with Oliver
the worm: who’dve thought Hore , Stretch would be so good tonight
Gotigres: Balta is Richmond’s most consistent player
MercAm: Ok so who do we trade Oliver for?
runt: I think Brayshaw is managed to protect his noggin
SwaggyP: Ugh picking Oliver has been the worst move for my team this season..
Apachecats: resident troll lwillo
clay007: Mega Supercoach Legend. The FIGJAM of Supercoach
OhSoRozee: houli might b a good pick up only 400k
th3rio: Neale obv
clay007: Megas traded Dangerfield for Stretch and Vlasutin
pcaman2003: @Gotigres Probably not for long. He’ll be dropped soon at this rate.
the worm: im waiting for the genius mantra of never trade premos
DrSeuss: Why did I put Stack on field this week 🙁
lwillo: Thanks boys.
Carnboys15: brayshaw never gets hard ball
OhSoRozee: id go for Jkelly @mercam
TheMessiah: Baker looking like a nice pick up
MercAm: Yeah that was what I was thinking @ Rozee
BigChief: Melb should put Lewis forward. He could provide the experience needed up there.
Grumpman: come on Dusty go big
Carnboys15: rage trading oliver cant stand watching him
Gotigres: @pcaman Yes, Hardwick might decide that Rance on one leg will be better
BigChief: @Merc no Dusty.
wadaramus: Missed a gimme!
pcaman2003: @carnboys15. Needs to get lessons from Hore
lwillo: I think Angus heard us complaining about him.
StuL: Leon Baker back despite being an old man?
NugzNiggle: Stack has spent most of this quarter off the field. Particularly the second half of it.
TheMessiah: Dusty looks like he could be ripe to pick up soon
PlungeMe: regardless of stats and sc score, brayshaws been dog this game
CamT: Leon Baker quote “Don’t watch me train … watch me play”
runt: 4 Jacks, 2 Christians and a Hore… A Wednesday night AA meeting
LuvIt74: I’ll be putting McKay on the ground and taking Hore’s points at this rate…. That’s a good hore
LuvIt74: score
kangawalla: @runt. Lol
Kahunas: Very good service from the Hore
DCmate: Best hore in melbourne
OhSoRozee: id hold on with martin if cotch comes back he might play a bit more fwd rather than mid last 2 rounds with a few rookies
OhSoRozee: holding their own in the mids
kangawalla: Hora was a bit swanky in his first game v Power but has risen to the occasion since then.
HateCrows: I love balta, thanks heaps
Gandhi: Has Astbury gone back on since his ankle got crushed?
OhSoRozee: @kanga just confidence
kangawalla: *Auto correct! Hore was a bit skanky
LuvIt74: Jacks?
thiccgucci: I feel a big quarter from maxy gawn incoming
OhSoRozee: im actually happy no over top umpiring in a half of footy
DCmate: Very impressive rookies this year
pcaman2003: Heard on the Viney that Hore has Gawn to Lockhart Gorge but out of Harmes w
kangawalla: @OhSo. No Razor Ray mid-game lectures
OhSoRozee: doubt mid yr pick ups wont have any impact this yr unless picked up from the system of their reserves
pcaman2003: way
OhSoRozee: would take 2 long to teach most of them outside the system and cohesion between players
OhSoRozee: lots of rookies to start the season so wont b as much relience on a few trades ending the season
TheMessiah: I got Henderson in this week, hope he can keep the form up!
kangawalla: @PCman. Bit of a Stretch that gag. Very Frosty reception.
pcaman2003: @Kanga. Touche’
thiccgucci: I hope it works out for you @Messiah i contemplated, but lacked the balls to pull off that trade
DCmate: Hope hore doesn’t harmes his hunt
OhSoRozee: hopefully my hore doesnt do a balta to sydney
TheMessiah: @thiccgucci I love watching him play this year so itll be worth it. Gotta have some fun with SC too i reckon
th3rio: stack 😀
pcaman2003: Hendo surprising everyone. Should be okay I think
Redraptor: Hore on top of Oliver
thiccgucci: i agree, definitely an exciting player. so happy seeing him doing well
th3rio: good start stack. Keep it up
the worm: at least we arent laboring the joke
Breezey: You know when Richmond play Sydney, I want to see Stacks on Mills.
clay007: Hore has had a big night. Must be tired.
Gotigres: Why did Balta lose 7 points?
runt: Sign says, Stretch Hore, pay double
Kahunas: Moist conditions suits Hore
the worm: for showing up
Apachecats: I want to see Hore on Hooker.
Dondeal: Nice one runt @crouching
Haydo: Has hore kicked a goal yet? If not i think his first shot will be all across the face
th3rio: gawn just boomed.
TheMessiah: Vlastuin going huge!
dezlav: Go Gawn, Got the VC on him
beerent11: Oliver’s disposal is killing his score
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. 3 clangers and zero DE
clay007: I thought hore and hooker were the same player
Sixty656: Muppets all over
TheMessiah: @haydo hahaha excellent
beerent11: Gee that was hard work
dezlav: And go Balta. Doing an excellent job of warming that bench
beerent11: Same here dezlav
the worm: was petracca going to be a gun last year or this year?
dezlav: @beerent11. Was a last minute call, could pay off.
clay007: good qtr so far by gawn. Need salem to lift
dezlav: @the worm. Next year ha ha ha
Apachecats: yeah worm his days of being promising are over ,he’s just a handy player thats all.
heppelitis: Hore mopping up down back after failed Richmond entry
beerent11: Me too mate a minute before the start
pcaman2003: Great ball handling by Hore then.
OhSoRozee: might make a balta to hunt for a hore just hope they aren’t gawn
TheMessiah: Is baker on the pine still?
clay007: Hope Cantstandya gets his head back
Sixty656: Dusty relevant again?
Natopotato: Gawn in with a massive quarter
MercAm: Great 1/4 by Gawn and Oliver so far
Breezey: Make sure you stay out of Harmes way @Rozee
the worm: dont tell anyone my super secret genius plan of taking petracca and mills and mcgrath next year, it cant fail
Stu7: Gawn go
OhSoRozee: cmon baker/ross get going more than just 2 qtrs to a game
the worm: dusty is only relevant in that he ruins everyone who takes him
dunny73: Balta injured?
dezlav: @the worm. Damn it, you found my sheet for the finals
beerent11: What was max at ht about 50?
OhSoRozee: a week for riewoldt
dunny73: i dont have him btw
dezlav: Cmon Gawn, 11 minutes left to crack 120 before last qtr. YOU CAN DO IT
TheMessiah: Exactly 50 @beerant
clay007: What do we need from Gawn as VC?
Natopotato: Balta just playing his normal game. Every game bar 1 has been only 55% game time or less
Pokerface: @worm make Rich your captain
thiccgucci: I called the big half from gawny
Apachecats: yeah 50 beerent
pcaman2003: @dunny73. Yeah! His pride took a hit.
OhSoRozee: id take 120 from gawn
DrSeuss: Ok Brayshaw time to get back involved
dunny73: ahh there he is
dezlav: @clay007, I’ll take 150 please.
PlungeMe: balta coming up on his BE, good on the ad
PlungeMe: lad
clay007: He is currently on 94. I think Gawn can go 130+
the worm: mind you i already have dusty pencilled into next years team, for 500k i will take that gamble
OhSoRozee: some strong matchups for premos this week
Stu7: Gawn massive blow out
the worm: massive 3rd quarter from Balta, he seems to be developing an engine
noobcoach: why is brayshaw TOG so low
wadaramus: Carn Rossy, need ya to get to 75.
beerent11: I usually take 130
StuL: Happier ignoring all the Richmond rooks now
OhSoRozee: wat a kick from baker on the left
beerent11: Great kick baker
Pokerface: @worm hopefully jack martin keeps his forward status
clay007: Baker has turned the oven back on. Well done
th3rio: christ baker 12 pts for that
the worm: forgot all about jack martin, i dunno how i will squeeze all the guns in
DrSeuss: Brayshaw get involved
OhSoRozee: @th3rio yeh ball get efficient kick which led to a goal
Lynch_MOB: give vlastuin the rock already
Apachecats: Baker SC forecast of 58 ,its all upside from here,pulled the right rein for once.
Gotigres: Richmond deciding where Balta plays best. Judging by his TOG i think it is on the bench
Carnboys15: oliver ton up
Ash777: rock? more like mountain
beerent11: That’ll be 50 this qtr for Gawn already
StuL: Ok Baker. But need to get Hately next week and not getting both
clay007: Hore has called it a night
the worm: Balta is crucial for structure, the mids know to kick far left or right of him
OhSoRozee: yeh honna pick up houli soon 400k is cheap
Pokerface: true, will be hard to fit into the forwards after spending on charlie curnow and joe.
Crowls: i am going nuts watching melb. tmac looks like he just came from manangatang. Melb execution and decisions piss poor
Stu7: Gawn nnnnnnnyyyyyy 100
thiccgucci: Does megawatts have the C on houli tonight?
Carnboys15: how does brayshaw always end up more than oliver
StuL: Why do ruck points count so much this week? Dsmn
MercAm: Come on Hore get back in it please!
OhSoRozee: balta just blew hard for 1 tackle after all that time on the pine isnt match fit playing 80% on the bench
Gloryhound: Frost is soooo not AFL standard…. lazy af
the worm: I dont think manangatang accepts calls from melbourne
Natopotato: hmmm tough captain choice this week. Do i go Bines or Settefield hmmm
All Reds: keep kicking capt. gawn
pcaman2003: Nice qtr Gawny
th3rio: just an easy 70 for gawn this qtr what a pig
dezlav: Anyone got Vlaustin, and glad to see Gawn ton up
StuL: Had VC on Gawn then thought mids were safer
Sixty656: If Baker scores 100 I’m trading butters to take his score.
Gotigres: Come on Hore
TheMessiah: Welcome to my team Captian Bines
OhSoRozee: setters not playing 100% banned
Pokerface: lol rozee
Stu7: Gawn was always going to kill Nanny
Carnboys15: flower offoliver so bad
Pokerface: rozee what did you decide on danger just out of interest?
OhSoRozee: i got schultz and freo shouldnt do much change even tho he got 27 possies last week for peel
Donzoes: Seems like I might just keep gawn at vc
DrSeuss: Stack started this quarter strong then nothing at all…
OhSoRozee: he will b my loop for baker
Gloryhound: did anyone jus see Frost’s handball go to a player. His De just jumped from 33 to 38%
Crowls: Groshes paddock: Ok boys the plan is to handball to blokes standing still or with an opponent on top of them OK!!
OhSoRozee: @poker i was only stringing the game was boring last week
beerent11: Oliver’s still getting it he’ll come good eventually
kangawalla: Carry Oliver went missing that qtr
Burnsy03: Would you guys field M Parker of J Clark
th3rio: clark
OhSoRozee: clark probz b dropped for tuohy this week
beerent11: Clark if he plays
kangawalla: *Clarry
Crowls: maybe goodwin needs to train the boys at 6pm when the dew is on the ground. Melb just crap skills
StuL: Clark will be rested I bet so your choice is limited
Lynch_MOB: neither burnsly, i think dont think clark plays anyway
Pokerface: haha – well done, honestly thought you were serious
Hadouken: will baker stick around ?
OhSoRozee: happy with 68 from hore but after 51 pts to ht didnt do much
Crowls: olly, week off go to bali and get drunk and laid, chill for a while son
the worm: 17 points in a quarter from a rookie….disasterous
OhSoRozee: @hado i think he deserves more of a go casta is only good for pressure/tackles
OhSoRozee: very inaccurate
StuL: Llllloyd!! BTl
Pezza28: Lovin gawns marks in defence
OhSoRozee: viney just got vinyed by a small stack
heppelitis: what a bump
Breezey: How ya like that one Viney. Stacks on
th3rio: stack cooked him lol
Gotigres: Viney got Stacked!
OhSoRozee: surely this is top score ever for vlastuin
StuL: Rehashed old msg from.refresh
OhSoRozee: nvm hes got 141 vs demons b4
beerent11: Looked like Byron pickett
Donzoes: can oliver manage 100, would be nice
StuL: Spewing changed gawn from mb vc, realised oppo doesnt have him.
Raspel31: A late good evening ladies. Perhaps I should have put the VC on Gawn after all.
the worm: easy dusty, junk time doesnt start for 10 minutes
OhSoRozee: did any1 actually go gawn vc after i said 2?
MONEY TALK: dam i have gawn as vc, too bad sweet has the c
th3rio: gawn 1 HO and a handball for 10. Lad.
the worm: what made you do that stul?
Sixty656: Retract my earlier statment re trading Stef to Gawn this week…
the worm: i dont see how gawn wasnt the biggest lock for vc this week
beerent11: Yep but not because of you rozzee
Raspel31: Balta to a premo next week- should earn enough?
Dondeal: Melbourne look they are out of it, playing like they are out of it, but not out of it
th3rio: what the hell man did lockhart stay downstairs at qtr time
Chelskiman: You would need 800k in the bank to upgrade Balta to a premo.
PlungeMe: high scoring 6-6-6 game this one
Pokerface: i traded danger because you said 2
clay007: big fist by hore. Loves a good fisting
dipstick: Even my mate in Bali’s nutless monkey locked gawn for VC
MercAm: Only gonna take 145+ from Gawn
Carnboys15: ross better not get better than baker
OhSoRozee: yeh melbourne seem to have an easier fixture on paper 2nd half of season but wont win with these peformances
wadaramus: Golden fisting!
beerent11: You’ll get it mercam
mattmac24: I’m going Macrae into Cripps for VC-C
OhSoRozee: i think gawns 130 will b best of the premo scores this week
th3rio: no HTB on gawn?
OhSoRozee: happy 2 eat my words tho
poolboybob: Vlaustin blue moon
clay007: Is 55 stack okay for the stack lovers?
OhSoRozee: @matt just a tip macrae best score ever is 108 vs freo
happytimes: Is patracca still on the ground
PlungeMe: went stack over ross, was looking a big mistake for a while there, may still be yet
th3rio: good stacky boy 🙂
Umpirespet: Neale will go big against a no name GC midfield
MercAm: Baker has gone down by 4 this quarter. Come on man LIFT
clay007: 62 I mean for stack lovers?
dezlav: Cmon gone, 150 would be crackin
Raspel31: Me Neale to Cripps- though perhaps Macrae- Gawn gorn.
th3rio: stack is kind of like cyril, not much of the ball but does little things. Ross wont hold when Cotch is back ID say
wadaramus: Need Hore to climax, Baker to rise and Ross to lift!
StuL: God has the C on Vlastuin. Lol
OhSoRozee: @plunge yeh i went all richmond rookies chop and changed like 10 times which ones
PowerBug: Max looked tired the last 5 minutes
OhSoRozee: @wada ross too boss
LuvIt74: Gawn looked to get a corked thigh…
StuL: Horse dont climax
Pokerface: cotch is at least 3 weeks away now rio
mattmac24: His history against a team doesn’t matter to me, different season this year and I think he’ll go big on Saturday
Carnboys15: baker are you on
StuL: 160 for Gawn still
OhSoRozee: @th3rio i reckon ross will hold and martin to fwd with cotch back
PlungeMe: gus brayshaw seems scared to tackle in this game from what ive seen
OhSoRozee: martin will always go fwd with a tag
Gotigres: Come on Hore!
Ash777: do dees have butter on their hands all the time?
DrSeuss: Hore needs to finish hard
mattmac24: Also he has only ever played Freo 4 times. Not a good indication on how he’ll go
Monfries96: Hore’s score is fine for his price. Don’t get too greedy
clay007: Someone dig Melbourne a big hole.
Breezey: That’s a Bad loss Simon. Not a Good Win
OhSoRozee: @matt i reckon bont and libba will go big idk why macrae was played fwd last week
th3rio: hope so Rozee. I ddnt get him but like the way he plays
PlungeMe: christ what happened to melbourne
MercAm: Yay Gawn back on, let’s go mate at least 15 more points
Raspel31: Ithink they were making overplayed jokes about Hore’s name Monfries.
StuL: Hore is high class
Gotigres: My words had double meaning Monfries
feralmong: That stack bump will be back page tomorrow
Umpirespet: Ski season is coming plungeme
Monfries96: raspel boy oh boy now I’m feeling a bit horish
clay007: Melbourne chuck Salem in for a centre bounce, get clearance and out of centre. weird!
Pokerface: raspel please. next youll say cox jokes are overplayed.
mattmac24: Fair enough Rozee, that’s why he’s my VC
beerent11: Gee viney’s cats head hard
Apachecats: How about moratorium on the Hore jokes ,some of them have been around 4 or 5 times.
Umpirespet: Hore likes cox
th3rio: does lockhart get dropped next week?
Raspel31: Moi- Poker- jamais.
OhSoRozee: might bench constable and take ross’s score
beerent11: Oliver scratching to a ton
dipstick: Not that cox and more jokes should me made in the same breath
beerent11: Awesome score for hore again
DrSeuss: Brayshaw, Stack and Hore – just a couple more – Rhymes
oc16: salem saved himself from a dirty score
Gotigres: Ton up Brawshaw
clay007: Yes, good score from Ross. Cheap rookie scores 85, lock it in. Will constanble play?
feralmong: Gawn looped, thx Z Clarke.
dezlav: I think that’ll do Gawn, I’ll take your VC’d 270
PlungeMe: brayshaws had the laziest game for 29 disposals ive ever seen
OhSoRozee: ross is a bull
Pokerface: hore could get triple digits here
mattmac24: Hore has himself in his team, he’s gotta do well every week!
dezlav: And big had to Balta for breakin BE
OhSoRozee: ya constable should play 21 days between rds with a rest aswell
Breezey: Seriously the Tigers are toying with them
vamos77: Melbourne are as useful as a Stretch-ed Hore
runt: Demons are rudderless
Apachecats: Melbourne players are knackered.
Raspel31: And who honestly has Vlastuin?
pcaman2003: Hibberd gone from great at disposal at Bombers to rubbish at Dees.
the worm: line of the night poker
beerent11: Cheers clarry
mattmac24: 1,263 people Raspel
the worm: i know one guy that took vlaustuin captain, didnt even make him vc, just took him straight out. that mega is a genius
OhSoRozee: baker and ross loops tyvm
Natopotato: GOD does
Apachecats: Baker ,just in time.
Breezey: The Faboulous Baker Boy
clay007: I’m taking Gawn’s score as VC. I hope Macrae and Cripps score less
DrSeuss: Gotta love it – I have Stack and Hore – Opponent has Ross and Lambert lol
Ash777: I’m just watching for brayshaw to ton up but doubt it
Pokerface: lol worm
OhSoRozee: 1263 people with vlastuin
GOD: GOD has the C on N. Vlastuin tonight!
MONEY TALK: i have the E on stack and ross plz dont play constable lmao
Lynch_MOB: rossy with 47 pt 1/4 lol
Raspel31: Why would you worm? Full marks but simply why would you?
original: Good boy baker, would have expected more than +5 for a gather and goal but anyway
OhSoRozee: @original yeh he went up +4 with pick up and +5 goal b4 scaling
Stu7: Legend Baker and Ross and Hore good work boys
twinpeaks: Take Gawn’s score for AF C or not?
beerent11: Cotch might not be able to get a game
happytimes: Dees are cooked
zoomba23: I’m finding it really hard to understand why the Tiges are better without Cotch, Jack and the Olympic diver in the team
megawatts: happy with bachar houli as c this week
OhSoRozee: seems justified port beat demons tigers beat port and tigs beat melbourne

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