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Chat log from R5 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R5 of 2019

BigChief: Constable not playing and Stratton late out. Replaced by Mirra.
jocka: As long as Duncan doesn’t go beserk, I should remain undefeated in my Draft.
PIE WAZZA: ME 405pts & Parfit vs OPP Ablett,Hawkins,Gunston & Scully who wins
Monfries96: Don’t be shit please Clark
Breezey: I’ll say it. Constable is out hey.
pcaman2003: So many good players missing,going to be a tough day.
nbartos: Rohan roughie for 1st goal
Pokerface: but he could be a late late in though?
OhSoRozee: @pie it will all come down to scully
m0nty: looking forward to getting completely jobbed by the umps again today
Mort69: Miers first goal
OhSoRozee: i reckon u will win by 40
OhSoRozee: well 1 factor looks like gunstan is on ablett in defence 😮
BestCoast: What time does the megawatts flower show start
VodkaHawk: Come on Hawks! With all their injuries, this will be the upset of the year
Umpirespet: Minty having a sleep in?
pcaman2003: nbartos..Good call!
shang0: LOLOLOL where the scores at?
Monfries96: Scores not loading??
NoneyaB: scores monty???
Raspel31: Damn- had Consable on the field.
clay007: any scores today monty?
frenzy: plug us in m0nty
Apachecats: think you’re safe Wazza
OhSoRozee: aye finally good work back on
m0nty: oops sorry about that, should be right now
Pokerface: why does rompingwins keep calling him lewis mitchell?
Apachecats: not repoding to megawatts rubbish any more
NoneyaB: all good monty 🙂
Apachecats: *responding
StuL: Go boy Dahl
DrSeuss: Scrimshaw, Worpel, TKelly, Stewart and Capt Danger – need 600+ please gents
Umpirespet: Think we all will need to look at Dahl after the byes
pcaman2003: Need 182 from Kelly,Scrimma and Worps
lukat: Need a nice game from kelly and cousins today
OhSoRozee: coz the muppet doesnt know lewis is a 2nd name also not just a 1st
Apachecats: very possible Seuss ,Danger needs to pull his finger out though.
Pokerface: i see. thanks
Apachecats: that should bolt in pcaman
OhSoRozee: scrimshaw me vs clark
Pokerface: are we sure danger wasn’t the late out?
duckky: Yep – lets play Abblett onball and Danger up forward.
DrSeuss: Where is Danger playing?
OhSoRozee: ump called that play in the pocket play on ducked when he was bent down picking up the footy gotta b sacked
Ash777: keep danger forward thanks
Pokerface: @ducky he has been known to bag a haul of 6 on us :/
Umpirespet: No Poker c7 would have a 1/2 he news bulletin about it
pornhub: great goal by cousins
OhSoRozee: there we go footy GODs cleared that 1 up
pcaman2003: @Apache. Hope so,but not too confident yet.
Pokerface: hodgey was doing a live call of it for ch7 at the time.
Breezey: It is all about Tom Stewart in this game for me
duckky: Is it too late to jump onto Henderson?
Pokerface: lol UP
duckky: Not with the delivery he is getting today Poker
Ash777: I have worpel n scrim +200 or so pts vs siciliy danger clark cousins
Umpirespet: I don’t need points already on 2700
PIE WAZZA: l rekon so too Apache!
Breezey: That might be close by the end @Ash777
StuL: Not convinced Ratogolea can play football
Natopotato: More of this Danger so coaches stupidly trade you out
OhSoRozee: dont think danger is 100% fit the tag masking this last week and playing fwd from the start
Yelse: got danger over 35 possies and he playing FF ridiculous
PIE WAZZA: ash 777 love watching the Dogs lose…… Blues & GC bahah
BigChief: Is it too soon to complain about CD? LOL
PlungeMe: the worpedo is off to a great start, hope he keeps it up
pornhub: lol StuL
BestCoast: Umpirespet did you have three captains playing
Pokerface: hehe Chief
OhSoRozee: henderson killing 2019
Umpirespet: Lol Best Coast I wish my rank is 45k atm
BigChief: Hey BT you missed Henry Jack ya moron.
OhSoRozee: his 1121 owners would b loving it
noobcoach: omeara Free for and kick and gets 0 sc
clay007: I wonder how many teams hendo is in
Pokerface: aerial kick to a contest poppy v blic… sigh
Pokerface: apparently not Chief
OhSoRozee: @clay only 1121
clay007: Thanks OhsoRozee, I was too late
OhSoRozee: right on cue
pcaman2003: Nice play Hawks
Monfries96: Henderson 60 point quarter, as everyone anticipated
PIE WAZZA: Henderson on FIRE!!!
lwillo: Why does hendo look about 40 years old
Monfries96: Clark didn’t get a stat for a tackle earlier not happy
clay007: I hope worpel can maintain this start
DrSeuss: Get Danger on the ball ffs
Pokerface: put your cape on ricky.
duckky: Henderson in only 1,121 teams
OhSoRozee: finally another fwd rookie starting well
StuL: What were you worried for pacman? Rarely a blow out in 30 years
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly.
duckky: Gaz has been running in the midfield and has 3 touches and 2 clangers.
OhSoRozee: rohan kicked a 2nd even b4 stats put on his 1st
Breezey: It felt like Geelong was on topfor most of that qtr but Geelong lead
DrSeuss: Danger on the ball – 2 clearances to Geelong, 2 goals. Take note Scott
PIE WAZZA: Ablett & Hawkins on combined 7pts stay low please
cobrakai00: No hi fives on the bench Clarko? What’s wrong mate?
BestCoast: GOD has Hendo as Captain today
OhSoRozee: 2 cats rookies might get the kick with tuohy back soon and nice start from guthrie
Breezey: @Cobrakai00. Yeah the commentators think it just amazing don’t they. A coach supporting his players on the bench
thiccgucci: Hawks are lacking the manpower. hoping we dont get run over the top, but wouldnt be surprised
Carnboys15: put the lock on kelly, howe tagging
BestCoast: Breezey ???
Umpirespet: GOD may have a different C by 1/2 time
StuL: Wish I had Miers and not spud Burgess. Didn’t expect a 2nd year player to be this good.
BigChief: @Breezey cats on top? Hawks dominated that 1/4 play wise
Breezey: What’s tha5
DrSeuss: Missed a kick in from Stewart too – he walked out of the box for a kick in
OhSoRozee: @stul yeh miers on track to 5th rookie to ton up this round
Breezey: What the ?? About
OhSoRozee: although he usually turns off at ht
megawatts: anyone know what GOD is ranked on sc?
Carnboys15: worpel 56 tog and on 33
Breezey: Yeah that what I meant. Hawks on top and Geelong lead
pcaman2003: Love Poopas pressure acts.
bones351: Worp with the Torp out of the middle
StuL: 1. God is ranked 1. Every week
Breezey: @ Mega. 1st of course.
Hazy21: Might get hendo in SC only 1% have him
the worm: ranked 666
BestCoast: Breezy is right GOD is 1st two ahead of mega
the worm: mega might be only top 3, but has 2 million unspent on the bench
VodkaHawk: Why is Gaz getting booed?
Umpirespet: Cmon Atkins u spud
Pokerface: his social media activity vodka
The39Steps: Tweets last week Vodka.
BestCoast: Mega already at 100% premo
OhSoRozee: thought hawkins would b killing the hawks with no real opponent
zoomba23: Telly copping the Howe tag
Monfries96: @Vodka he liked a homophobic post on instagram
DrSeuss: Danger at Full Forward again. Brad Scott you freaking toolbag
OhSoRozee: wats megas team name?
thiccgucci: Cousins and scrimshaw need to get involved
Umpirespet: It’s a secret Rozee
VodkaHawk: Wow really…. booed for liking a post? People are dumb
frenzy: Haha Drseuss, ya right about Brad, but he’s Norf’s coach
BestCoast: OhSoRozee he can’t remember
BigChief: OMG Ablett got 2 feet off the ground.
OhSoRozee: didnt think ablett had that in him
Apachecats: he won’t say rozee
Monfries96: @Vodka his apology didnt exactly make things better for him
BigChief: Who Rozee? Don’t think I know that name.
Breezey: It was Israel Folau’s post that why. He did explain it though later
Apachecats: he’s all bulldust ,not respoding to him any more.
FlyinRyan2: Kelly already got more than he had last week
noobcoach: wtf omeara is having a clanger fest
beerent11: Kelly
BestCoast: The million dollar question is mega Rooboystu in disguise
gotigers04: abletttttttt
StuL: Here he comes!
BigChief: Same here Apache.
VodkaHawk: He didn’t need to apologise… oh well, lol anyways
Pokerface: ‘in the top 30 grabs inside the square at the g from a father/son combination’..
Pokerface: seriously would rompingwins have a job if his bro wasn’t CEO
Hazy21: Another 3 years in you Gaz
OhSoRozee: looks like clark will b in the 2nds for the rest of the year
Umpirespet: I wouldn’t be sitting on that bench next to Clarko soon
Monfries96: I disagree in the current climate vodka
clay007: probably less high fives from clarko now
dipstick: I said a few weeks ago GAJ will be the next player to kick 100
OhSoRozee: @bigchief megawatts i think
Umpirespet: Lol Best Coast Rooboystu now there’s a name we haven’t seen for a while
PlungeMe: accidentally threw the c on clark, oh well still tracking for 2651
lwillo: Do something atkins
BigChief: Oh megaliar @Rozee LOL
SteamHam1: Harry Taylor is a strange looking fella
OhSoRozee: defib on scrimshaw plz and let clark decay away
Jackwatt$: I just spotted Clark fellas. Hes trying to work out how to make a right hand turn into Punt Rd from Swan St. Should be
Monfries96: Clark’s inability to find the MCG gonna cost me a league
BigChief: Hey pcaman Lewis looking a likely prospect for you guys.
clay007: Omeara is going backwards
pcaman2003: @Chief. Time will tell. Hopefully good,we need more good big bodied players.
OhSoRozee: clark to rotham if he gets a job next week
SteamHam1: Cousins please do something
rooboypete: Why is GAJ getting booed?
Breezey: Tim Watson “There booing GAJ because he kicked two great goals this qtr.”. don’t think so Tim
thiccgucci: Cousins is physically paining me. always near it never touching it
VodkaHawk: Need Smithy, Scully and Miers to kick a goal and a few to get 20+ disposals for $12k
wadaramus: FFS m0nty, these giant pop-ups are ruining my FF experience.
PlungeMe: liked a homophobic post by israel folau
Apachecats: apart from the goal he accidently kicked Cousins has done zip.
DrSeuss: Danger as Capt going to cost me all of my leagues
Jackwatt$: They’re booing Ablett because his dad kicked 9 against them
VodkaHawk: Rooboy, they are being snowflakes and don’t like freedom of speech
Apachecats: same Seuss
Migz: pete. Because he liked a homophobic post by falou which caused him to lose his rugby contract.
pcaman2003: Some more scoring please Worpedo and Scrimma.Go Kelly!
Carnboys15: lift scrimhsaw
italz: im looking at a crap score this week :/
StuL: Glad my opponent had Danger C and not me
Migz: well id say the opposite hawk. They are using their freespeech to boo someone who agreed with something wrong.
rooboypete: Surely they aren’t booing GAJ just coz he liked a post?.
Pokerface: turn it up vodka
Apachecats: waited the whole very long weekend for this Danger.not happy Jan.
OhSoRozee: with the rookies this round will b less now with danger low will destroy half the 2.5k scores this round
BestCoast: They are booing GAJ because the woman that died of drugs in his dads room was a hawk supporter
Monfries96: @rooboy the post did say that all gay people will go to hell, tbf
Pokerface: free speech only exists when vodka agrees with it
Pokerface: get back on the game
pcaman2003: @Apache. You have the C on him? Ouch!
VodkaHawk: Yup roo, literally because he liked a post
duckky: Danger Danger where are you?
wadaramus: Cracking game 🙂
Apachecats: yes PCA big ouch!
bushranger: Danger must be injured. Not his normal bull self
Monfries96: Why doesn’t Clark get a tackle there? Bloody hell
rooboypete: Amazing if true.
PlungeMe: i know its early but can we throw the butcher on JOM
clay007: Back on the game boys. It is a ripper. Compare this to Adelaide/Gold Coast. Footy is back
Pokerface: you are complaining literally because people are exercising their free speech. get off your wonky pedestal
rooboypete: There are far more serious things in the world than liking a post…
OhSoRozee: proj 117 on danger with 180 Be he gonna drop 50k
Stu7: Danger – stranger or Stranger Danger???
pcaman2003: Hawks surprising me so far Giving good account
blonde0na: worpel low TOG cause he’s a 2nd year player? Needs a bit of management?
Monfries96: They gave Clark’s tackle to Henry and I’m not having it
pornhub: Great game of footy!
Carnboys15: worpel lowest tog
Pokerface: sexual vilification is not a trivial issue rooboy
OhSoRozee: @stu flowering danger
VodkaHawk: Ease up Poker, here’s a hug. Anyways, sorry lads, game on.
beerent11: Yes telly good to have you back
thiccgucci: If cousins and scrimshaw dont get in the 60s im losing all my league matches
BigChief: Not sure why but I tipped Hawks. Cats will win.
StuL: Danger is on the decline. Still better than this but hes over the hump
pcaman2003: Scrimma 1 HB and a non paying tackle for qtr. Poor return.
PlungeMe: @blonde probs doesnt have the tank yet and doesnt look to be someone you can throw forward for a rest just yet
pornhub: Tim Kelly a brownlow chance this year?
Umpirespet: Most excited I have. Seen Poker in 3years
gotigers04: why is worpel never on
rooboypete: I’m not saying it isn’t poker, but booing someone just for liking a post is ott
beerent11: Nah stul blokes just have quiet weeks
VodkaHawk: Big call to tips Hawks Chief, considering all the injuries, but have faith 🙂
Pokerface: @pornhub zero.
All Reds: i have a crush on danger but since hes not my skipper – i hope he doesnt tear the game apart second half
frenzy: TKelly 500k, nice
Gotigres: Good Telly. Nice first half. Making up for last week.
pcaman2003: Nash no possies. Useless as!
clay007: Dahlhaus is back to his best. Got to keep a watch on him. Back last week, but strong today
Migz: if ablett had liked a post sayin all black ppl should be hung would it be ok to boo him then or would that still be OTT
Pokerface: apparently its free speech migz
BigChief: Keely played sore last week remember.
the worm: if ablet said he didnt like the color orange would be ok to boo him?
Apachecats: Reckon they bandage McEvoys head as a matter of course now.
Breezey: Yes and No
rooboypete: Fair call migz.
VodkaHawk: Fuck Hawks, that’s 4 goals in the last 2 minutes of each quarter
lisapizza7: ablett gets booed every week by oppositions teams
Wizz: ablett did nothing wrong
Umpirespet: Nothing wrong with Rangas Worm
clay007: Can we get off the political stuff fellas? Who cares what views we have about it. We are all strangers. Footy talk pleas
VodkaHawk: *3, fat boy Hawkins missed
Breezey: What if GAJ said that Constable is playing and he was not. Boo him??
dipstick: People can like whatever they want. New York court says there’s no such thing as hate speech
Pokerface: free speech is not freedom to say what you want without being challenged or repurcussions
mrpotato: Imagine how well Worpel would score if he actually got some game time
Blahsta: im faiely sure he’s getting booed from staging for frees v hawks last year. started getting booed halfway thru that game
DrSeuss: TOG for Worpel is ridiculous
Apachecats: Good sort doing the 1/2 time interview on ch 7.
beerent11: Do we have to interview players on the way off at ht?
noobcoach: clearances get points or not? omeara seems to be getting slapped with supposed ‘clangers’ that are tactical its bs
m0nty: agreed clay, back on the game please
Monfries96: Crowd exercising their free speech by booing I’d have thought
rooboypete: But GAJ didn’t do that. So comparing those two types of post is not the point
Pokerface: @apache yeah harry aging well
pcaman2003: Feeling relief. Only need 39 now from Kelly Worps and Scrimma.
megawatts: doesn’t dalhhaus get extra points for his 4 goal assists this qtr?
Breezey: Abbey Holmes @Poker
Umpirespet: Dipstick the Yanks are a weird bunch
Pokerface: @noob no, clearances don’t get points
Wizz: yea crowd should be allowed to boo, and gaz should be allowed to like any religious post he wants
Breezey: Was an AFLW player but has retired.
frenzy: lol Breezey
Wizz: im pretty sure a long kick i50 which is marked by opponent is effective and a clanger
Apachecats: talking about the interviewer not interviewee.
Breezey: Sorry @ Apache
Pokerface: Thank you Breezy, I was sure he meant Harry.
Breezey: Apparently you can boo anyone you want for whatever reason except A.Goodes
VodkaHawk: Need a goal from Miers and Scully, 20+ disposals from menegola for $12k
dipstick: The point is 1 mans trash is another mans treasure. People can likesay what they feel
the worm: shave your head all you want Gaz, you’ll never be a geelong legend like Chappy
Pokerface: no, you can’t dipstick. its called vilification
PIE WAZZA: Stay Low Hawkins Cmon Parfitt
beerent11: Bad vibe in the chat today
Wizz: why are kickouts counting as kicks
jocka: Hate speech is illegal
megawatts: @worm he was a geelong legend even before he shaved his head, when he lead us to ’07
cobrakai00: LoL booing is not vilification
VodkaHawk: Mil Hanna was the king of the chrome dome, correct?
frenzy: and we wonder why M0nty kicks the plug out
the worm: what are you talking about, he used to play for gold coast
piro: lol no one said booing is vilification
nbartos: freo were to told not to boo Gaff
Pokerface: not talking about the booing cobra
megawatts: @vodka why would you back menegola to have 20 touches in his current role?
Fatbar5tad: Too much VodkaHawk
dipstick: Correct
VodkaHawk: Lol worm, Gaz jnr – the GC Legend
megawatts: @worm who did he play for from 2002-10?
the worm: i f you wanna win 12k you cant really back he favorites now can you?
VodkaHawk: Mega, that was my megabet, with 17 legs, never expected it to get up
clay007: Can the Hawks come back fellas?
Breezey: Worm might be just taking the Power @ Mega
Wizz: why did people frame izzys post as only attacking gays, when he attacks basically every human
the worm: are you talking about his dad, i know his dad used to play for them, probably why he gets a game
thiccgucci: Sicily is coming into my side very soon
the worm: im really really hoping it comes off for you vodka
BestCoast: Need Cats by 30+ today
VodkaHawk: Clay, definitely… hopefully
megawatts: @wizz exactly mate, I’m an atheist and I dont see ppl like me (50 percent of the country) making such a big fuss about i
beerent11: Couple of quick goals after ht will help clay
Umpirespet: If Vodka wins I expect a fan footy party
the worm: and seriously someone liked someones post..and this is news. are we 12?
VodkaHawk: Cheers worm, lol me too. My best has been $3 into $3500
dipstick: hehehe atheists are hilarious. Did you know over 80% plead for something greater on their deathbed or desperation
StuL: Any hawks fans know hawks fans at the game? Booing for being Gaz or a Christian bigot?
beerent11: Sic looking good thic behaving himself too
nbartos: post the wager again Vodka? missed it
beerent11: World gone mad worm
piro: @megawatts lol 50% of the country wouldnt even know who izzy is. be closer to 0.5%, you just hear the loud minority
megawatts: @worm nah wasnt his dad a cocaine addict?
dipstick: That’s a great win vodka. My best has been a 198/1 multi
Pokerface: which study are you citing that from dipshtick
VodkaHawk: Lol ump, possibly
the worm: now mega thats no wway to speak about a geelong legend
StuL: I love you still Gaz, but you’re views are nuttier than a fruitcake
thiccgucci: game chats been toxic ever since mega arrived. ive been lurking for a while, never seen it like this
OhSoRozee: howe needs a tagging manual kelly been class
VodkaHawk: Bartos, 6 legs ticked off from 17. Need goal from Miers and Scully. 20+ disposals from Smith, Sic, worp, Hendo, Scully..
StuL: I’m sure he was doing more than just coke. Who cares? Half his luck to never have to do a real job.
VodkaHawk: Stewart, Duncan, Menegola and Dahl
Pokerface: @gucci no vodka instigated this today
the worm: actually today i dont think its mega’s fault
the worm: and i dont think anyone meant to instigate, just gave the likely reason for the booing and then it all went to schizen
nbartos: was that bet inspired by too many Vodkas 🙂
VodkaHawk: *Correction – Poker kept on with it… I apologised and said game is on
OhSoRozee: @hawk i think menegola will b the only 1 to let u down
dipstick: And to think 100 years ago teenage boys volunteered to die in trenches
Pokerface: @worm the reason given for booing without comment. then vodka preached about free speech
pcaman2003: Hopefully Worpel will be on for more than 2 mins at a time. Geez!
VodkaHawk: Lol, nah no Vodka’s today, had to work :/
the worm: i need kelly and worpel and to a lesser extent danger to have a good game in fantasy
VodkaHawk: @Poker… game on… let it go
thiccgucci: parfitt gone
OhSoRozee: parfitt done
Breezey: Parfitt done
noobcoach: parfitt done for the day gg
piro: imagine having menegola
circle52: Parfitt done for the day
dipstick: @vodkahawk agreed. Poker is a weekly winger and instigated of conflict
the worm: coupled with sicily and cousins being horrible would be nice
pcaman2003: Big boy got glue on his hands?
shang0: Need Kelly to outscore Cousins and Miers
beerent11: Big boys a gun
thiccgucci: if cousins and scrimshaw go sub-60 idk what ill do with myself
Wizz: do hawks have any extractors
the worm: this coming from dipstick who just finished trying to incite atheists
VodkaHawk: Rozee, I think Miers, Scully and Menegola will let me down.. i’ll Be sure to send them a $12k invoice, lol
beerent11: Think we made all our money on Clark in the next couple of weeks
PieCannon: why did kelly lose a touch? had a handball to start the quarter
pcaman2003: Yeah Worps!
the worm: Worpedo!!!
beerent11: Yes worpedo!
OhSoRozee: miers will goal
DrSeuss: Danger (c) and Scrimshaw killing me
OhSoRozee: ya clark 15 Be b luck to double that at this rate if he doesnt lose pts
BigChief: Whoever had Parfitt in SC you day is like his, DONE.
OhSoRozee: that was a free to danger flower ump
pcaman2003: Scrimshaw out of sorts badly. Fumbling like mad.
Pokerface: sicily count himself lucky not to be called deliberate there
mattmac24: Great goal from Rohan!
OhSoRozee: @bigchief it was pie but his opp had couple duds
frenzy: dust off some brick walls mInty
DrSeuss: Cats don’t even kick to Danger when he is forward. Such a waste.
OhSoRozee: hate the ball dropping in tackle no calls its stupid it just wastes seconds till an eventual ball up
beerent11: i read this week that a good guide to when a rookie has maxed price, 3rnd ave x 5500 – 50k
BigChief: I might just swap Hore from bench for Clark.
the worm: i’d love to know who writes these guides
OhSoRozee: kelly goin large eek
gotigers04: yes telllyyyy
Apachecats: nah its E=MCsquared.
Migz: cant wait for kelly at the eagles next year
dipstick: @beerent sounds like you haven’t bought enough bitcoin
beerent11: That was SuperCoach coach podcast worm
OhSoRozee: @migz cant afford him
pcaman2003: Rohan killing our defence.
OhSoRozee: u paid overs for mcgovern/nic nat/gaff
beerent11: But most people on here already know everything anyway
the worm: @beerent, never listened to it, are they ex-winners?
The39Steps: Youve got no defence if Rohan gets 4.
Migz: he will come home for less than he could get if thats the case
Gelly: good to see a high scoring game for once
italz: yo scrim wake up bro
OhSoRozee: clark going backwards
DrSeuss: Seems like Guthrie has taken some of Stewart’s running role. Just after I traded him in YAY
duckky: Its a requirement for being let onto the chat @Beerant
Raspel31: At least Breust is on fire pcaman.
OhSoRozee: need 191 from danger/scrim not working out
the worm: i only really care about sportsdeck and fantasy. im in an sc money league but hate that comp so much
beerent11: Nah just a couple of blokes with more time than me worm
PIE WAZZA: na l’m home opp has to score 280 odd pts from now with Scully Gunston, Ablett & Hawkins
beerent11: 🙂 dukky
VodkaHawk: 39steps, lol well we actually do have no defence… they’re in the sidelines watching the game
BigChief: So happy I picked up Scully in draft. NOT
DrSeuss: Where the F is Tom Stewart?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Few of the boys well down today.
Pokerface: @worm fantasy over sc? i’ve lost so much respect for you..
OhSoRozee: atleast the calls they have done 2day umps are right but not the ones they have missed
mattmac24: In danger at all?
VodkaHawk: That was the perfect example of what kicking in danger is
the worm: dt is the original comp, thats where its at
Raspel31: Got many of your lads in the draft pcaman.
pcaman2003: Scrimshaw same score half way into 2nd qtr. Total failure today. Very disappointing
StuL: Smith couldn’t be worse than Ratu. Scott just likes the kids.
Apachecats: How do you get Blixars out of Blivacs
PIE WAZZA: Scully still hasn.t gone passed Parfitt
Apachecats: *Blicavs
pcaman2003: FFS Nash! Are you even playing this game? Drop him Clarko.
BigChief: Constable will be back next week.
Pokerface: naa, the age comp where you had to ring up and punch in an id to get your score is the real deal
OhSoRozee: @stul i like kreuger he played for my sanfl team last yr
the worm: how do you get blivacs out of blicavs?
aces-high: Nash is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen. How does he get a game?
frenzy: beats me Apache, McKee outta McKay
thiccgucci: wow cousins got a touch? cant believe it
SteamHam1: Cousins score FINALLY moving up
OhSoRozee: @hawk miers give u a heart murmur?
Breezey: Have not seen Stewart
mattmac24: No idea how that was in the back?
smashedavo: Umps trying to get hawks back in the game
Pokerface: fair call breezy, who jumped on the stewart spruik?
the worm: yes poker, and it was the same scoring system as dt
VodkaHawk: Lol Rozee, it felt weird hoping he’d kick the goal :/
Apachecats: Hawks player ran round carry Ablett on his back for 5 metres before he git rid of it.
frenzy: Scrim lives
the worm: oops, no it wasnt, i just remembered 🙂
beerent11: very quit weekend for the ultra premium captain types
OhSoRozee: gotta seriously consider offloading danger gonna drop 100k over this + next few
beerent11: *quiet
jbjimmyjb: how are you guys’ weeks looking total score wise?
Natopotato: Scrimshaw with a kick out :O just 10 more of them and i’ll be happy with the score
pcaman2003: @Aces-high. He must be paying Hawks cos I’m sure the Hawks wouldn’t pay him
OhSoRozee: his break even will b well above 200
smashedavo: Lol you dont get rid of danger because hes dropping in price. Hes a set and forget, not a cash cow
OhSoRozee: there u go @hawk
Apachecats: Exactly beerent ,Maxy the only one who stood up.
beerent11: go for it rozee
Pokerface: @worm in those days i thought ‘wow, campo just passed to the opposition – he gets points?’
jbjimmyjb: Rozee 1. using 2 trades, 2. might do a heeney, 3. not many good fwd options
VodkaHawk: Well there’s that…. need a Scully goal and a few 20+
Migz: danger will be a top 10 fwd. You brought him in as a keeper. his price has no meaning.
FlyinRyan2: no good only gunna get 2150
Migz: yeh davo. Crazy to think otherwise
the worm: unless you dump him and bring him back for a 200k profit and get better points in the meantime
OhSoRozee: @smashed but leaking that much is ruining rookie prices when u can get similar scores from kelly/boak/heeney etc
Breezey: I think you will find that Danger will ton up by games end
thiccgucci: hawkins has so much of sicily’s blood on him oh my
Apachecats: I would kill for 2150.
beerent11: 2250ish here. happy.
Gelly: danger could still get 110 today
Struda: Clark genuinely asleep
Pokerface: even for 200k its not worth 2 trades
Migz: yeh but gotta remember trades are worth ~100k if you trade him out then in thats ~200 so its even. Focus on other player
mattmac24: Rozee, did you not learn anything from those that traded Heeney?
jbjimmyjb: im on track for 2170 in SC
the worm: i dont think that scenario applies to danger this year though, macrae and grundy however…
FlyinRyan2: I’m talking about supercoach btw not fantasy
Pokerface: @migz a trade is worth more than 100k.
jbjimmyjb: Rozee what if you already have those other 3 fwds though
OhSoRozee: didnt start with heeney so no @matt
VodkaHawk: Dirty dog fat fuck Hawkins
thiccgucci: cousins is getting blatantly ignored
Raspel31: Was thinking I’d hit 2300- now lucky 2100
the worm: poker, your not discounting what the replacement player may score in the meantime
smashedavo: Yeah rozee, itd be incredibly stupid and short sighted to trade danger. Not injured, only had one poor game.
the worm: *discounting
pcaman2003: We’re well and truly cooked now.
Monfries96: Clark’s score is an absolute joke
Pokerface: replacement player score more than danger? you could also play bingo and see how you go
Apachecats: and rat cow vodka
OhSoRozee: @smashed i think he is injured tho
pornhub: will hawkins go for that?
Pokerface: lol again with the rat cow
thiccgucci: wouldnt be surprised if danger hits his projected as the game opens up
mattmac24: Doesn’t look injured, copped the De Boar tag last week and was never going to play well
Stu7: Danger back on the gas!
smashedavo: What gives you the impresssion he is injured? Hes tackling as ferocious as ever and breaking away easy enough
StuL: Hawkins bumped someone in the side. So? This nanny stuff is getting absurd
Pokerface: he’s on 82 at 3/4 time? if you can find a 100 avging forward he’s a keeper
VodkaHawk: Scully goal and Scully, Menegola 20+ :/
aces-high: 2136 with whatever Kelly danger and scrim score this qtr. Would love 2200
the worm: was only talking about the concept, not specifically dangerfield
Apachecats: yep PF , it gets the medal for abuse of the week I reckon.
Stu7: Lucky to break 2000
OhSoRozee: just a gut feeling @smashedavo tag was hiding it well last week
DrSeuss: Stewart you need to junk it up this quarter. No need for your lowest score just because I traded you in
beerent11: if you wanna do it rozee, do it . its your yeam
Drak: He didnt bump him in the side. He elbowed him in the back and he wasnt ready for it. Maybe not a suspension. But a fine.
Struda: Hoping for a large last quarter from kelly, danger and clark
Pokerface: ok. i was only talking danger.
VodkaHawk: Lol stul, He elbowed him in the back.. but it will only be a fine
the worm: i ruined myself this week, was going to get laird on friday, but darcy moore was locked and couldnt move him 🙁
beerent11: agree pokerface prem fwds are golden
OhSoRozee: worried danger will go like dunkley with all the mids scott throws in and danger to fwd
StuL: Elbow, bump. Still nanny state.
Stu7: Raspel31 are you there?
VodkaHawk: Menegola gets to 20, Hawks down by 5, Scully on 19, marks on the siren and kicks a goal…. Delicious
smashedavo: Why are they playing uo this hawkins elbow. It only happens in every match up contest
Raspel31: Stu7 I am indeed- just a but quiet today.
BigChief: Hawkins hit Sicily’s shoulder. Sicily holds lower back. Sicily is a fucking sook.
StuL: Lucky it was Sicily. Little sympathy, will only be a fine
OhSoRozee: and if the cats get up by so much i think danger will always get protection from the middle
mattmac24: Danger to get pushed out of the midfield? You’re kidding yourself
the worm: ur aware danger is listed in the fwds this year arent you?
OhSoRozee: @matt cats will lead alot of games by big margins and they will protect danger in 2nd halves in my opinion
OhSoRozee: like he didnt even start in the mids at 3 qtr time why wouldnt u start him to push margin out early?
pcaman2003: Henderson becoming SC relevant
Pokerface: who will score more than him rozee?
smashedavo: Dont know why youre thinking like that rozee. We have a functional forward line finally, and hes our best mid
wadaramus: Selwoodto the wing, Danger forward, Cats trying to promote youth in the mids.
mattmac24: Even if they do that for whatever reason, he’ll still average 110+ as a forward in sc, you take it
smashedavo: Rozee mate, every team rotates their mids through the game. Hes also been in the mid a lot.
mattmac24: Danger is a lock in the forward in sc at any price
OhSoRozee: @poker some1 like boak/kelly/marshall/heeney and use the xtra cash to upgrade up the field to those premos with low be
thiccgucci: scrimshaw picking up so far this qtr
OhSoRozee: with those rising price and danger losing cash
the worm: nobody disputes that, but i thought we were talking about him being pushed out of the midfield, like he already has been
wadaramus: Cats getting a good run with the umpires, surely Kelly HTB prior to a slight arm over the shoulder.
Pokerface: rozee but you will want him in your team for finals anyway, so youll effectively use 2 trades
OhSoRozee: played predominetly fwd with a tag last week for example
StuL: Keep going us
smashedavo: Rozee, its your team but to trade danger because he lost some cash might be the dumbest move ever
Rage_Trade: Looks like Clark is the rage trade target this week.
mattmac24: And who will you use to trade Danger back in? Wont go lower than minimum $550k
beerent11: hes rubbish rozee trade him
Apachecats: Danger could end up with 130 at this rate.
Oh8ball: Anyone who trades danger doesnt know what theyre doing
italz: yeah rozee get rid of danger, smart move
Hadouken: yep, i think clarks BE was around 42?
the worm: danger has already been pushed out of the midfield
jbjimmyjb: clark > ross, parker > kelly looking like my trades for the week
chemical-m: Danger is a set and forget has been as soon as he was named fwd
StuL: Ratugoloea needs a couple of seasons in the 2s
OhSoRozee: yeh it all depends if u use the xtra cash wisely could end up being 250k price differential i think alot of rookies…
Pokerface: if you meant fantasy i could sort of understand it. but sc trades are limited
aces-high: Danger is the best forward but 10 lengths in sc and dt top 3 sc player in the game
chemical-m: LDU to Kelly locked in for next week
OhSoRozee: wont come in after the bye with alot playing early
thiccgucci: i cant stand ch7, prefer fox footy by far. anyone else?
DrSeuss: Ok time for some junk Tom Stewart
Apachecats: I got a few in front of Clark for rage trades.@rage
StuL: You smell alright bt
pcaman2003: BT is smelling his own butt
smashedavo: Hows that holding on atkins. The hawks player was holding when they fell down? And it spilled out
FlyinRyan2: no clark’s BE is 15 so he is fine
VodkaHawk: Big boy, top 3 ruckman in the comp, correct?
Hadouken: ahh ok, no worries flyinryan 🙂 wasnt too sure.
beerent11: when worpel builds up his tank he’ll be a supermid
Migz: anybody talking about trading somebody averaging 110 in the foward line is fucking retarded. fullstop. stop talking abou
Pokerface: we get it BT. something up there smells.
Hadouken: im talking AF flying, you talking SC ?
Drak: Incorrect
beerent11: i reckon so vodka
the worm: i fthe ball falls out in a tackle its a free
pcaman2003: Nash got his 1st touch. Plonker!
FlyinRyan2: Yeh im talking about SC
OhSoRozee: gotta make brave calls to be POD ill do it and see
Pokerface: danger is actually getting more midtime this year than last year with gaz pushed forward, yet still prem scores
Apachecats: No fanfooty tomorrow ,flattened 2 mouse batteries over easter.
pcaman2003: What’s with BT smelling and sniffing? Is he fully deranged?
beerent11: danger ton prob finish 115
mattmac24: Hope nothing bad for Rohan
beerent11: do it rozee
frenzy: lol apache
VodkaHawk: BT smelling the turps
smashedavo: Umps reallt want hawks to win
wadaramus: How good is good footy!
OhSoRozee: was 2 busy look at chat and the game to see danger pushing up the board
pornhub: Am i the only one who highly rates BTs commentary??
beerent11: can you smell what the bt is cookin?
StuL: Joke umpire
thommoae: “Goodness gracious me! Boy oh Boy! Wowee!” the trifecta BT . Sheesh.
Monfries96: Does Hendo get extra points for having grey hairs in his 20s
Drak: or Kolodjaznij shouldnt have pushed him in the back dangerously in to the fence
OhSoRozee: danger to some1 and upgrade a rookie to hender could pay dividends
smashedavo: Rozee theres brave and theres stupid. Yours is looking the latter
beerent11: yes pornhub
VodkaHawk: I don’t mind BT either
the worm: yes pornhub you are
pcaman2003: @thommoae. And that’s about his whole repertoire of speech.
Lawls: Been sniffing that good stuff Rozee?
Migz: hes averaging over 110. wtf is wrong with you
wadaramus: BT’s a flog.
BestCoast: Trading Danger is just 100% retarded
Pokerface: ok rozee you should do it then.
beerent11: worpedo ton!
Migz: why even have any premos. just bring in a team of rookies to make money. and trade them for more rookies.
thommoae: Unfair, pca .. don’t forget “Lllllloyd.”
Raspel31: BT should be taken outside and shot.
OhSoRozee: ya all on theory danger is running at 75%
VodkaHawk: Menegola, 6 disposals in 7 minutes and Good Hawks
blonde0na: pack it in rozee you’ve had them on the line for the last 45 minutes
aces-high: He’s trolling lads chill
lwillo: Come on atkins u need to beat scrimshaw by more 9 points
Apachecats: Danger stuck at interchange gates ,can’t get on.
clay007: Let Rozee manage his own team. You don’t have to do the same as others.
elroy67: Rozee, as an idea it has merit. I traded Gawn to O’Brien this week
jwv92: Geez I have Danger but I really need him to stop scoring and let Kelly and Atkins score for him…
OhSoRozee: ya this string is starting to look fray
elroy67: The problem with trading out danger is , who do you go to?
pcaman2003: @Thommo. Yep! Forgot that!
frenzy: was your Capt Houli this week Rozee?
italz: can’t believe im actually gonna hit 2200 this week, had a lot of average performances this week
OhSoRozee: nah im not mega
Apachecats: No mega today ,his Mum’s making him do his homework.
frenzy: sorry, lol
OhSoRozee: ya those who had the vc on treloar/gawn will push 2.5k
cobrakai00: Pathetic effort by the umps trying to keep Hawks in it
Roksta: Glad I captained danger was worried early
thiccgucci: Thanks to cousins i might not crack 2200. was looking at 2350 early this week
Pokerface: you also lose one of your captaincy options rozee. hendo is not a potential captain
Struda: Still trading out danger @rozee?
Raspel31: Lol Apache.
pcaman2003: We’ll lose,but boys worked hard and didn’t give up
original: Miers is awesome. Wish I picked him over some others
beerent11: danger been ok and still gets 120
VodkaHawk: Damn you Menegola, lol
beerent11: ok by danger standards that is
the worm: 2 guys cracking 2300 in my league this week, seems like a low scoring round?
OhSoRozee: @beerent yeh his DE gave him an xtra 30
TigerKid_A: stewart robbed? kept nash to donuts until 4th quarter and got 20 odd himself
jwv92: If I could get all my premos to have a decent round together I might nudge 2500 one day. Should crack 2200 this week at
duckky: Come on Dahl … a quick Junk goal
BestCoast: Had VC on Trelour only getting around 2250
VodkaHawk: And damn injuries, Hawks win comfortably if they have all those outs… in
jwv92: If I could get all my premos to have a decent round together I might nudge 2500 one day. Should crack 2200 this week
OhSoRozee: most premos underwhelming but rookies made up for those
mattmac24: With scores from this game, I’m at 2340
pcaman2003: Scrimshaw huge last 1/4 and a bit
Pokerface: tigerkid you don’t get points for shutting down others. and nash did a good enough job on his own to get those donuts
Apachecats: Go captain Danger , never doubted you (liar,liar)
jwv92: Worm it seems like the last couple of weeks the premos just can’t out in good scores. Seems to be 2 or 3 low scores
Stu7: Did you hear that Constable was a late withdrawal Taspel31?
thiccgucci: wow very nice @mattmac
beerent11: 2200 a pretty good score this round not much from captains
Stu7: Raspel31
OhSoRozee: top 40 then matt
aces-high: 2228 pretty happy pre scaling sc
the worm: trouble is people seem to think last years premos are this years premos…as usual
Manowar: T. Scully = Hawthorn going backwards
Pokerface: your description on danger is a bit early m0nty. cant you smell what BT smells?
jwv92: I am top 7% nationally and so far I have had 1 round above 2300. Everything else around 2150-2200
beerent11: kelly can look forward to hutchings next week?
Oddsy5: might get over 2050 just…dreadful
mattmac24: No way top 40, there will still be 2400+ scores easily
Struda: 2300 pre scaling not bad
jwv92: Not sure about that worn. I took some different premos this year and just struggled for consistent scores
jbjimmyjb: im 700th overall and my 2220 will see me drop quite a bit
thiccgucci: Funny enough im top 500 in SC this year, but havent had amazing scores just fairly consistent
jwv92: Exactly thicc, that’s all I have managed is consistent reasonable scores. Just hard to pick who is consistent.
Manowar: name your teams if you are going to brag about rankings
OhSoRozee: quick turnaround to r6
FlyinRyan2: Wow what a suprise, the player with the most disposals had the highest score, would not expect that
jwv92: Walsh is certainly saving a lot of people this season including me which makes a difference.

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