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Chat log from R5 of 2019: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2019

BigChief: I think the Crows team is wrong m0nty. Poholke was dropped.
Apachecats: Looks like BCrouch will play with his broken hooter.thought he might have been a late out.
OhSoRozee: @bigchief easy for them to just copy paste last weeks then do additions-subtractions
OhSoRozee: i bet carlton had to put the players in their team who had won games b4 in the middle with the new winners forming the
OhSoRozee: circle otherwise a skewed team song
Sillybugga: i guess gc win this judging by the week
megawatts: anyone else watching live coverage of SpaceX Falcon Heavy?
Apachecats: No mega ,why do you ask?
OhSoRozee: no idea wat it even is so no @mega
megawatts: ah well, guess im the only one interested in rocket launches while im waiting for this game to begin
DarkHorseR: @Apachecats I hope he plays, my Mid reserve already in action for Consty
OhSoRozee: ya mega i find stuff like that inhumane
frenzy: Is that one off to the space station mega
OhSoRozee: ight have fun fellas dont wanna know the score 3hr delayed telecast enjoy
JButcher: love the username @OhSoRozee
lukefield9: Eddie will kick 6+ today, watch this space
megawatts: gibbs could become the new whitfield
Raspel31: I rather think not lukefield.
Pokerface: needs to be best 22 first..
Pokerface: don’t understand why crows keep trading for reserves players
the worm: more likely whitfield will become the new gibbs
Stu7: Go Sloane
frenzy: 12 mins no goals, the new game
clay007: Who hates it when your opponent has a usually low scoring player and they are having a good game. Hanley?
the worm: i actually love that clay
m0nty: and at Adelaide Oval it’s QPR nil, Notts County nil
RobinBancs: Muppet icon for Lynch?
runt: Im watching the space and Eddie 0.1. Am I watching the right space?
clay007: My opponent has had gibbons, stack and hanley. I was licking my chops
the worm: i just stuck me head out and there it was in the back of the net Brian
BigChief: Is this AFL or soccer?
J.Worrall: Classic @worm!
Raspel31: Wouldn’t have him in SC but good old Touk quite handy in the draft.
BigChief: Not sure there will be 6 goals total in the game.
the worm: low scoring, slow action, and ties.. you betcha!!
m0nty: This is starting like the GWS v Freo game, except that game had some good forwards in it.
the worm: i wont have you besmirch Chris Burgess like that
clay007: Awesome kick Smith. Wormburner.
runt: Can still put money on who will score the 1st goal
Jackwatt$: Why is O’Brien only 65%? Who else is rucking?
RGriffen: M0nty this game has the best forward in the comp Alex Sexton
Gelly: himmelberg
Raspel31: The game is the winner M0nty.
BigChief: Wow 4 clangers for Lynch already.
BigChief: @Griff Himmelberg
clay007: If you love turnovers, this is the game for you.
BigChief: I meant @Jack.
NugzNiggle: And at quarter time it’s Adelaide United who lead Gold Coast United 9-2.
runt: This game is echoing the great round 6 1908 clash between University and melbourne. qtr time was 0.3 to 0.1
Gotigres: 6 years ago Hanley was a gun
the worm: this might go to penalties
Jackwatt$: Lukousis will be the best forward in the game in 6 years time. You heard it here first on m0ntys website
clay007: Based on current scoring, this lead might be enough.
frenzy: I swear Walker was offside then
Raspel31: Lol worm.
DrSeuss: Guess who traded out Brodie Smith this week – watch him go huge!!
megawatts: i’m happy as long as the crouch brothers and brodie smith kick it between themselves
BigChief: Nice 1 Runt. Classic.
smashedavo: Do something sloane you spud
m0nty: Adelaide has had trouble recently with parking the bus
Raspel31: Why would you do that so early DrSeuss?
the worm: gold coast just seem to be lacking a bit of poise and quality in the box
NugzNiggle: Agree @Frenzy and @Monty. I think they’ll have a bit more luck with the wing backs pressing forward.
Jackwatt$: Gold Coast are playing a 4-4-2 as opposed to a 6-6-6
DrSeuss: In AF was needing more than 70 each week. Scrimshaw will get me that
Pokerface: this game is messi
Jackwatt$: Tex Walker was trapped lbw. Whoops! Wrong sport!
Stu7: Brodie Smith averages 87.5
clay007: anyone got Bowes? Scoring well for his dollars
Burnsy03: of course it was this week i traded b crouch and ballard
runt: Goal umpires having a good laugh. triple rates for working Easter Sunday and nowt to do
LMartos: They usually adjust mistakes at end of qtr but my boy Brodie Smith has had 2 hbs
Apachecats: Just got him in draft clayoo7
NugzNiggle: I’m loving watching the Goal Keepers cover the ground and battle each other.
the worm: ooh, hits the crossbar
Gelly: lynch mare
clay007: Apache, he let himself down with that kick, lol
frenzy: 666 working well here
BigChief: 2 of the better kicker are need cleavers (Lynch and Harbrow)
NugzNiggle: Fiorini the Italian Stallion with a cracking goal from 30 yards.
the worm: beautiful through ball there to fiorini
Pokerface: VAR not needed on that one, clean as a whistle
Apachecats: I’m beside myself with excitement.
Yelse: can’t believe i started collins over hore
m0nty: Fiorini attracting interest from Fiorentina
clay007: Awesome Smitty!!!
the worm: thats ok yelse, you can start hore next week and watch collins get a 90 vs hore’s 50
clay007: I feel your pain @Yelse
Pokerface: miller goes for the header
Apachecats: started him over JClark yelse.Might come good ,he’s been a slow starter previously.
Yelse: my bench hore petrucelle stack and gibbons gotta love this game
runt: That joke passed safely through to the keeper
BigChief: ouch worm. Turn that knife a little more 🙂
StuL: Burgess could be the slowest burner since Presti
Pokerface: ouch yelse!
Apachecats: Very nice bench yelse
the worm: its always the way, parker almost guaranteed to beat petrucelle next week
Raspel31: Similar Yelse but got Petrol on the field by moving Danger and putting Setterfield on.
runt: How about they try getting numbers in front of the ball instead always behind it…
noobcoach: missed a B.Rouch handball…
the worm: goaaaaaal! goalgoalgoalgoal goooooalrrrrrrr
Migz: b crouch is getting hammered. he was part of that big chain before
Yelse: setter for me covered drew so couldn’t get petrucelle on
clay007: B Crouch, effective handball to Laird, donuts.
BigChief: Really guys?? They review all stats at the breaks.
Pokerface: don’t be that guy clay.
Raspel31: Ah, tough titties indeed Yelse.
clay007: What guy is that Poker?
m0nty: nice sidefooted tap-in by Murphy there
Raspel31: Who was the assist m0nty?
noobcoach: where was the free against smith?
Apachecats: ffs Collins ,takes a screaming intercept mark and kicks it straight to Crows.Gets zip.
TigerKid_A: typical crows. Cant play against the big teams but beat up on the lesser teams
Raspel31: Might win my tipping comp- looking good for 2 so far.
Apachecats: They are just bullies TigerK
megawatts: im on 6/7 so far, crows looking good too
clay007: Who is sweating every point? I am, need a win.
BigChief: Raspel CEY for the assist.
TigerKid_A: how many times to crows players get tackled and drop the ball yet no whistle?
DarkHorseR: @TigerK – Like North?
BigChief: @mega time to put some $$$ in the lie jar.
Raspel31: mega- did you ever meet GOD?
the worm: my biggest hate in afl is how often players dropthe ball in a tackle and dont get pinged…
clay007: Who is this GOD?
Pokerface: why didnt i field reilly over grundy
BigChief: Happens way too often worm.
the worm: me too mega, i think we all thought west coast and gws would lose at home and that the blues were due
StuL: Haven’t sweated yet. 3 wins. Best start in years
DarkHorseR: Should have skipped tipping and got the away teams.
Haydo: Haha yeah raspel you would have expected GOD to come on the carlton dogs chat and say he had McKay as captain especially
Haydo: On easter sunday
Raspel31: Oh clay- sadly GOD will be back and you’ll meet him- the worst troll.
megawatts: i only got the freo-gws game wrong, carlton was my upset pick, every other game was as expected
megawatts: port are a better team than eagles right now, dont understand how that was an upset
Pokerface: i think GOD seems like a very good sc-er
the worm: you impress nobody with your lies
Tigerbyz: fucking Smith
Haydo: Very good indeed poker
megawatts: is there a way i could upload an image here?
StuL: Not convinced GOD is real. Claims to support Carlton
clay007: When you are winning the tips like Mega, you know you have know idea about the game. Kiss of Death is winning it.
BigChief: Maybe GOD having FF holiday/
Breezey: Wouldn’t it be funny if GOD’s real name was Selby
Pokerface: is it an ascii image?
Pokerface: that fits in 10 characters?
BestCoast: So are you still on for 2400 even with Houli C megawatts fantasy land
Lynch_MOB: no, just upload it to imgur then post the link is the easist way
Pokerface: i think his kid rocked up at the door unannounced
Apachecats: No mega but if you put your SC team name up we could search and find it .bet you wont though.
Pokerface: why would you feel the need to upload your tips
BigChief: I have you all covered in the tipping. 0 from 7.
megawatts: @poker bc the hate i get for being actually decent at tipping is ridiculous
clay007: What sort of stuff do trolls upload on this?
Pokerface: why do you care what we think?
BigChief: Don’t blame me for your lies megawatts.
Lawls: Mega still talking shit???
LuvIt74: My first rookie this week thats done nothing Burgess
megawatts: fair point, anyway my sc is going rlly badly. Bont and cripps scored 30 less than prediction, proj. 2268 now. Houli as c
the worm: port choke at home against richmond, while west coast beat gws collingwood and freo, and ur saying port were favorites
the worm: in perth…
Pokerface: noone uploads anything clay, apart from people wanting a brag
Umpirespet: Mega did u know that BigChief is Jason Dunstall?
Apachecats: knew you wouldn’t name you’re team.mega
Pokerface: lol UP
clay007: So keep bragging to a minimum? So GOD bragged heaps?
VodkaHawk: Lol
the worm: yes thats right, quick upload a picture of bigchiefs gut as proof!
the worm: clay, there is a massive difference between bragging and outright lying
megawatts: @worm port have a far superior midfield and ruck pairing, came off a bad loss to Richmond, so expected them to rebound
Apachecats: you’re a funny worm.
VodkaHawk: No one that knows anything about tipping picked port (after losing to half a tigers side) to beat WC at Optus
Pokerface: do you often tip teams coming off a bad loss?
the worm: regardless, i think the consensus from most of your posts is you lie alot, so i dont really care
clay007: I’m starting to believe Mage though. He probably has bragged, but he has been consistent and he wants to prove himself.
LuvIt74: @megawatt if you score 2268 thats a great score this week
clay007: Let’s move on guys.
VodkaHawk: Not many would have picked Freo to beat GWS
megawatts: @luv my opponent is projected for 2241 tho, i was expecting to win it by a lot
LuvIt74: My rooks done well – Drew 105, Petruccelle 100, Butters 74, Duursma 64, Parker 51, Stack 80 Wish I had Gibbons & Hore
the worm: yes, he has been consistent across the whole weekend
LuvIt74: on field and not on my bench
megawatts: @vodka as i said before, that was the game i missed
clay007: Worm-crack a joke to lighten the mood. Fantasy Footy is tough, we are all experts, then we are not.
VodkaHawk: Could’ve tipped Pies, Dons, Stk, Tigers and Blues though
ConVoid: gday
the worm: good idea clay, big 2nd half for Slaone please
the worm: a joke, ok, i traded English for grundy last week..
Blahsta: 2268 would be good i think. lots of the top scoring players were down this week. boak, whitfield, grundy, neale, cripps
megawatts: @poker yes… teams coming off a bad loss have a lot to prove, they always bounce back. to win or not is a def story
PowerBug: Milera done for the day
Apachecats: Hi Convoid are you new in here.
clay007: Nice free for Sloane Worm, good start
megawatts: i need brodie smith and the crouch brothers to reach 350 between them
clay007: You think that is funny, traded Brayshaw for taranto
LuvIt74: I’m on 1697 with Burgess, Laird, Dahlhaus, Danger & Clark to play predicted 2184
megawatts: very happy with obrien as R2 alongside mumford
duckky: I’d like Burgess to hit his BE
the worm: yeah but your trade didnt cost you 400k 😀
VodkaHawk: Damn Milera, there go my multi’s
the worm: who’d you dump for o’brien mega?
lukefield9: what happened to milera?
clay007: True Worm, I made 80k, but lost 24 points
Umpirespet: At the game what happened to Milera Powerbug?
VodkaHawk: Arm hurt in a big bump
clay007: Shoulder/rotator cuff injury to Milera. Bump from Hanley
noobcoach: Brouch gettingstichedup in SC
Umpirespet: Thanks guys
smashedavo: jesus sloane, stop butchering it
Manowar: B. Crouch time to trade you!
Haydo: Teams have kicked so inaccurately this week
clay007: Not one close game this weekend. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Love the Easter Monday game
Haydo: Apart from sydney every losing team has kicked at least 13 points
LuvIt74: Glad i made my 2nd trade to bring O’brien in this week. While Jacobs is out he will do well it seems
VodkaHawk: Will dalhaus or menegola get 20+ disposals tomorrow?
clay007: Not sure Gibbs is the new Whitfield, could be back to the magoos
the worm: do you guys just make guesses on things and throw money on it?
megawatts: menegola always scores well against hawthorn, but im hoping dalhhaus tons up
LuvIt74: Same Mega
Pokerface: so many disposals for brad crouch, shouldn’t he have more sc?
clay007: Explain worm?
LuvIt74: Lift Laird ffs
the worm: heehee poker 🙂
italz: why is laird so average this season..
the worm: clay, i thought people bet on things they were pretty sure on, not just taking guesses at stuff and hoping
clay007: Don’t be that guy poker!
noobcoach: Poker i think so too
clay007: The game is less predictable worm. I would not bet a cent on it
Pokerface: lol clay
circle52: Disposal efficiencies down for a lot of players quite a few discrepancies between DT/SC ratios
Pokerface: throwback to last game clay
clay007: B Crouch great player, but handballs too much. Contested bulls struggled this weekend
VodkaHawk: Yes worm, going Sicily, Hendo, Worp, Duncan, Stewart for 20+
clay007: I thought you would like that one Poker. All in fun. Well received by you champ!
StuL: Smith seems to have broken Lairds scoring.
the worm: good luck vodka, i just have my sc/dt teams for that. i need worpel to go berzerk too
Pokerface: what sort of odds is that vodka. don’t mind the players you picked, but it has to be value
Pokerface: @stu smith and milera. plus he’s been sat on this year
the worm: last thing i bet on was carlton to beat richmond i nthe finals when the bombers got banned 🙂
beerent11: Smith out scoring laird again
megawatts: thought crouch wouldve gotten more for the assist
StuL: Not complaining because I had smitj
the worm: oh, and i box 8 donkeys in the melbourne cup and try to win a million dollars
Pokerface: Keath with another half century.
clay007: Do you guys know each other? I am the guy that invites himself to the party? You guys seem to know one another.
megawatts: does pearce hanley have a new role or is he just scoring well today?
VodkaHawk: Multi with just those 5 is $2.30, but I throw in some anytime goal scorers and got it up to $17
beerent11: Bloody burgess not even
Jackwatt$: I don’t know anyone here except for m0nty who I’ve been mates with for ages
Pokerface: ew bit short for my liking
beerent11: Bloody burgess not even making enough to be able to trade him out
VodkaHawk: Did a $5 17 leg multi with a return of $11k, lol
Pokerface: not from a bar of soap clay :p
9inch: My hopes rest on Scrimshaw 100ish and Clark 75ish
Pokerface: oh i see.. that’s your game.. fair enough 🙂
StuL: Burgess will be 80 grand soon
the worm: throw atkins in for some more value
clay007: Thanks @jackwatt. Lucky man to know to Monty
PowerBug: Ayyy Sloaney catch MCrouch please. Stop burning the ball
Apachecats: Jack are you any relation to Mega?
the worm: i actually hope burgess gets dropped so i have an extra floating loophole
Raspel31: Agreed Jack- lot of new faces- and been here longer than you but it’s not a comp. Welcoma all.
The39Steps: How in the hell did the Suns win 3 games? No talent, skill or desperation.
Apachecats: Collins the axe is about to fall.
LMartos: Smith trying to piss off his owners giving away 2 frees in 5 seconds
beerent11: Probably the best result worm
the worm: i havent been here that long, but long enough to know that when carlton lose its always the umpires fault
Pokerface: lol worm
Gelly: the best thing that can happen to burgess is that he is dropped so can use him as a loophole option
clay007: Info needed. My opponent has Constable and he is not playing but has Mosquito and Atkins as emergency. Whose points?
Pokerface: lowest scoring of those who played – so, atkins
Raspel31: The question is rather confusing clay.
clay007: @Poker, even if mosquito does not play?
clay007: It’s cool raspel, poker to the rescue
FlyinRyan2: Mosquito did not play so atkins’ points will count
clay007: Shame poker, was hoping he got no points. I think shower is the word I need
the worm: unless mosquito is a late inclusion tomorrow
Pokerface: yes correct worm, i did not consider that possibility.
Raspel31: Which he won’t be worm.
FlyinRyan2: mosquito plays for essendon
Apachecats: He would need a quick transfer to Cats or Hawks.
the worm: surprised he hasnt played yet, over summer there was alot of buzz around mosquito
Pokerface: essendon have been known to circumvent the emergencies rule raspel.
the worm: that was beneath me, i am sorry
clay007: Mosquito better in warmer humid conditions
Raspel31: Only got Swallow in the draft but can’t stomache him any more.
megawatts: Eddie betts to break his pb goals?
clay007: lol raspel
clay007: Eddie Betts, but what else does he do?
Gotigres: one handball for the game. That’s great Burgers
Yelse: need laird to get 25 possies to win one multi and adelaide to win by 60+ to win other multi can i do it
Pokerface: brodiee
9inch: Can O’brien kick a goal or something and Laird seagulup
Sixty656: Fuck you Brodie Smith, get stuffed you fucking rat cunt
the worm: you mean can laird do it
jesseboy: Eddies Pb is 8… So i don’t think so
the worm: cripes sixty, i thought everyone took brodie smith
Raspel31: Is Constable playing?
TheLegend6: Tex is a flog
Oddsy5: tex walker big tough guy..what a flog
Apachecats: Don’t you like him sixty656?
Monfries96: Smith making the upgrade to Laird next week much easier
lwillo: What did Brodie do?
Pokerface: is a flowering rat cow like a manbearpig?
Raspel31: I think he scored well Iwillo.
duckky: Burgess got a touch!
Burnsy03: whats everyones scores looking like?
pharace: Has anyone watched Burgess play? What a dead-set gumby the way he moves. Is living in no mans land
mattmac24: Why would you trade Smith to Laird after this game…?
Apachecats: Ton up BCrouch ,only 18 to get.
lukefield9: betts on track to get 6+ goals, who said that again?? 😉
frenzy: Shower
Oddsy5: @burnsy03 dont wanna talk about it
megawatts: chris burgess or noah balta?
the worm: gumby is actually quite flexible
PowerBug: who was the guy that said Betts would kcik 6 today?
runt: I watched the space and Eddie did indeed deliver
VodkaHawk: You’d be very unlucky not to get both Yelse
pharace: and gets as much of the footy i’ll bet Worm
Monfries96: Balta actually gonna go above 200k this week
clay007: Somebody said that Betts to get six. You saw it here first. They might be bloody right
StuL: Burgess dropped a mark and they called it a touch.
beerent11: Smith will top out at about 500k on his current average.
Raspel31: Milera slowed down since half time?
Searly34: Crouch for gun
Monfries96: Smith well above his BE of 63, will be over 500k this week
beerent11: Shoulder raspel
lukefield9: @clay I shoulda put some cash on it, just had the instinct..
Apachecats: You would too Raspel if you had what he has.LOL
aces-high: Burgess be 27 :/ fml
Yelse: eddies backkkkk
VodkaHawk: Lol, Sloane star?
Gotigres: Eddie!
thedees09: i fielded collins over ballard
lukefield9: annnnnd there we go, 6!
LuvIt74: O’brien is bloody consistent with an 85, 84 and around the same this week
Sillybugga: bang! Eddie
megawatts: @monfries more like 410
duckky: Star butcher!
the worm: i stopped caring about carlton after betts left
clay007: Lukefield-you bloody beauty!!!! Cmon guys, this guy called it. Seemed funny at first, but he is laughing now
StuL: Goal of the year Betts if you didn’t see it. Outside left foot checkside
Burnsy03: i traded ballard
runt: Eddie gets his 6th. Nostradamus lives again
Yelse: thank you lairddddd thanks 500 bucks
Raspel31: Wow- whoever said Eddie 6 and I laughed- I apologise.
beerent11: Burgess didn’t even contribute in the melee
VodkaHawk: I’d give votes to BSmith, Atkins and MCrouch before Sloane
the worm: well done yelse
lukefield9: @Clay there goes my life’s supply of psychic ability, don’t think i’ve got any left
megawatts: just give eddie the star
clay007: Someone was gonna trade out B Crouch. Is 90 ok for his price?
VodkaHawk: Nice Yelse 🙂
runt: He who laugh last, laughs loudest and then usually sharts
megawatts: brad crouch 33 touches 6 tackles still no ton…
Monfries96: @megawatts I was talking about fantasy
Oddsy5: collins on field n hore on bench…
clay007: Let Raspel know what you think Lukefield. Well done!
frenzy: Nice cash ROB
megawatts: cmon matt crouch crack 150
pharace: Burgess must mow Dewey’s lawns!
beerent11: Milera being out will help smith lift his price even more in the next few weeks, I’m holding off on the upgrade I think
Apachecats: well done on the bet yelse ,what were the other legs.
DarkHorseR: @Oddsy – after last week? Really?
circle52: Collins on field only rookie disappointing so far,
DarkHorseR: I can’t talk, I traded him out for a 1 game wonder Swan…
Oddsy5: @DHR thought clark was gunna not play, also collins has been consistent post rd1
Raspel31: Early to call but going Crows on this one.
megawatts: nah suns can easily catch up raspel
DarkHorseR: @Oddsy – crappy game, innit?
Oddsy5: hard to pick rookies to field this year i reckon. who wouldve had gibbons on field
Dank: M.crouch 36 POS for 69% what a unit!
frenzy: Who would pick gibbons
Struda: @oddsy had the e on him, burgess is genuinely a tree on the field
Oddsy5: also i picked rotham and didnt realise he wasnt playing…wouldve got obrien in otherwise 😓
smashedavo: sloane, you frustrate me endlessly
DarkHorseR: Yup. Hore awful for the first couple, awesome for the last couple. Rozee too.
DarkHorseR: I’ve made a heap of terrible calls on rooks.
Oddsy5: either way when ya think about it im just happy gibbons is making me money now
DarkHorseR: Would have liked just a few more from BSmith, but can’t knock the game he played.
Migz: what do you mean hore awful for the first couple. He had a 58, then dropped till he got an 86.
Oddsy5: happy i risked it for stack too. think a few got scared off from his 40
beerent11: Why upgrade smith to laird when he consistently is out scoring him?

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