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Chat log from R5 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Carlton, R5 of 2019

Apachecats: 15 minutes to decide between Cripps , Macrae and Danger for captain.
pharace: You need a three headed coin….
pharace: Doubt Danger would be tagged? Curnow or Fisher to Macrae? Can’t see any Doggies containing Cripps
Stu7: Cripps
bushranger: Same drama Apache, I’m going Danger
Apachecats: Damn it ,gone Danger.
OhSoRozee: the tag on danger last week could b disguising an injury
wadaramus: First time VC fail for this year means this week I NEED Cripps to go big!
the worm: i’m tipping Carlton by 5 points, or the bulldogs by 130
OhSoRozee: so went with cripps less likely to break compared to macrae’s hammy past
blonde0na: curnow fwd tag on daniel?
Raspel31: Game breaker for me- got 5 including Cripps and McCrae.
megawatts: i went houli and could still crack 2400 lets go libba, walshy, bont
OhSoRozee: at this rate walsh will b a season keeper
JockMcPie: Libba and Bont to have shockers, I traded out Gibbons so he’ll score 90+
lwillo: Good to see kreuz back .
jbjimmyjb: look what happens when gibbons gets some mid time, he’s everywhere
original: monty can you please fix the glitch on daniels sc score… lol
duckky: Gibbons stealing points from Walsh
Natopotato: Would love for Gibbons to go huge and make some great cash for me keeping faith in him and not trading to stack
duckky: I think they forgot to give Libba points for the behind
duckky: I take it back… just slow
OhSoRozee: gibbons should get dpp in fantasy this week so could b handy if starting mid
jbjimmyjb: cripps’ first kick of the day… OOTF
DrSeuss: Libba, Newman and Walshbin this one. Nice slow start from everyone
Natopotato: Big spell on the bench for Gibbons
Natopotato: Dunkley playing ruck for boundary throw ins lol
LMartos: Dunkley got a hitout against Kreuzer lol
OhSoRozee: macrae 3 tackles libba 0 wats going on?
lwillo: I’m so over bevo. Play dunks at cbs
Apachecats: Libber just the 2 effective disposals.
PowerBug: only 16 total tackles for the match wow. Vrey open game so far
Natopotato: Playing Gowers over Dunkley at centre bounce #FULB
dipstick: whale oil beef hooked
jbjimmyjb: gibbons has been at like 80% of centre bounces with Cripps and P-Seton
dipstick: well I’ll be fucked
DrSeuss: Ummm Libba you there??
jbjimmyjb: libba is being played in the forward pocket
TigerKid_A: i think because polson and silvagni are playing small forward then it allows gibbons to move into midfield
OhSoRozee: why doesnt a player kick on the fall not get a free against?
dipstick: So m0nty doesn’t censor the irish
duckky: Geez Beveridge drives me nuts
OhSoRozee: overkill position changes
circle52: Walsh looking like a keeper at this rate
frenzy: He’s got a WHayes to go, but the kid looks ok
jbjimmyjb: mclean, dunkley, libba, hunte, gowers and wallis all get rotated forward, its not surprising
TigerKid_A: haha frenzy
beerent11: Might be a good m8 at the end of the season Walsh ..saves a trade
PowerBug: Because OOTF doesn’t get recorded as a FK. They get the clanger though
OhSoRozee: maximum of 3 players should b rotaters
dipstick: I forgot to risk gibbons for constable being out. Stuck with scott
DrSeuss: Cheers JB – major ball winner, put him in the pocket. Luke Beveridge logic
lwillo: I don’t have libba but he will bounce back. Doggies got smashed in clearances
Natopotato: Getting killed at stoppages, maybe play Dunkley at them. Might help
beerent11: I’m always surprised at how big crippa is. He’s a frikken beast.
lwillo: Libba playing more fwd too. I’m Happy my opponent has him in cash league
OhSoRozee: cripps should b 1st ever player on $2m every year
lwillo: Cripps is dominating but handball friendly 🙁
the worm: if we gave cripps our entire cap and played him with 17 strangers of the street, nobody would know the difference
StuL: Cripps will need 50 touches to get 120 at this rate
OhSoRozee: handball is fine if hes gettin CP to CL to effectiveness
beerent11: Gibbons going well needs to make $$
PowerBug: Starting to think that taking Gawns 125 might not work out for me
original: StuL macraes ‘damaging’ touches will outscore cripps…lol
lwillo: Nah disagree worm. Don’t forget walsh
the worm: oops, i forgot the new guy
original: lol worm
Apachecats: Jeez I hope Danger has a good one or I’m up ship creek.
OhSoRozee: my opp had c on danger so i went with cripps being less likely injury vs macrae
Gelly: i get excited every time i see someone with orange boots getting the ball
Raspel31: So far Cripps over McCrae- so good.
DrSeuss: Newman and Libba – anytime now gentlemen?
beerent11: How many of us captained crippa?
megawatts: cmon cam polson i need u to score 60
Oh8ball: Full credit to the blues so far look a lot sharper than dogs
frenzy: Watts his name went Hoult
jbjimmyjb: God put the C on S. Coniglio, probably has it on Cripps tho too.
Rage_Trade: If you have two emergencies in one position, who gets priority?
DarkHorseR: Blatant in the back…!
Oh8ball: @rage lower scoring one
OhSoRozee: always suspected we would get dominated by low teams and go head to head against top
duckky: Lowest scorer Rage
PowerBug: lowest scoring one
DarkHorseR: @Rage – lowest score
OhSoRozee: @rage lowest score
StuL: Need more from all dogs
frenzy: flowering tablet is as annoying as Monty’s ads
DarkHorseR: Blues might finally have found a key forward? First time I’ve seen McKay play.
Rage_Trade: The lower score? seriously? Flower.
megawatts: who else las lachie young in their sc team?
spudaroos: Caleb Daniel could be a solid fwd option
original: macrae free there is a JOKE!
aces-high: Dunkley beating libba will make my day! Cmon joshy
megawatts: cripps looking good for 60 touches. shame he hballs all of them
Migz: why would anybody have a rookie 5 rounds in who hadnt played a game except for a loop
Oh8ball: @rage that’s why you never put two emergs in same pos it’s pointless
OhSoRozee: @rage to prevent score kreep post locking
jbjimmyjb: usual macrae treatment, FF + effective kick = 9 points
Stu7: Wallis what a dud
Natopotato: You need to kick those Dunkley
original: freekickdogs
OhSoRozee: some relief libba
Rage_Trade: @Oh8Ball I thought there was a chance of getting two late withdrawals
Rage_Trade: Gotta learn the hard way i guess
Apachecats: Hello Newman!
OhSoRozee: should b on 3 goals tho
Oh8ball: Very soft free to Libba but I’ll take it
OhSoRozee: carltons pet might b a good pod next yr
Migz: gibbbbbo
Stu7: Do something Wallis
Oddsy5: damn gibbons finally coming good!
Raspel31: Yep Stu7- Wallis not setting my woeld on fire.
duckky: Gibbons playing an astronaut
StuL: Too bad if you sold gibbons
lwillo: Gibbo will stay in my team for another couple of weeks. Time to cull scott
Stu7: You got hi.
beerent11: I’ve 5 in this all on track to ton up. Happy days so far.
Rage_Trade: Traded Gibbons out this week, so you can all thank me
Natopotato: Shows what a role change can do to players
Stu7: You got him too Raspel31?
TheLegend6: Gibbons and Stack on bench but replaced Constable with Scott’s 41 🙂
Fatbar5tad: Living up to your name Rage
dipstick: Gibbons is the last you’d trade
OhSoRozee: 4 way battle for the spoon carlton/north/sydney and sadly the dogs
original: @thelegend, ouch lol
Raspel31: This week I do Stu- was thinking of losing him and will next week.
Rage_Trade: Yeah lol, probably should have kept him for the future dpp
original: macrae gets the cheapest ball ive ever seen
megawatts: id like to see melbourne win another wooden spoon with “the best list in the comp”
lwillo: Is constable not playing? I should of looped gibbons damnit
aces-high: He’s no seagull llloooooyd original come on
original: harry cmon
Stu7: Same here Raspel31
OhSoRozee: @original hes actually tackling now tho
DarkHorseR: @Mega – yeah, that would be funny
TheLegend6: I didn’t realise Constable was out until 5 minutes into this game so I couldn’t get Gibbons out there
Fatbar5tad: Let’s hold up the game for a point review FFS
Stu7: Who’s shut down Cripps?
Apachecats: Constables been out since Friday lwillo
Gelly: the bench shut him down
frenzy: Fatigue
OhSoRozee: cripps shutdown cripps pistons stopped for HT
lwillo: Thanks. I saw a tweet to say they may rest him but totally forgot
Fatbar5tad: Dunkley on track for a solid 70
Oddsy5: cripps recovering from leather poisoning. needs a quick break
Raspel31: Constable was never playing- rested.
duckky: Hate 5 day footy fixture. And next week.
Breezey: Fancy playing 4 consecutive games and being rested as a young fella. Unless he’s not right of course.
PowerBug: Libba, Bont, Dunkley, Cripps and Walsh. Like that half 🙂
FlyinRyan2: Is cripps efficiency shit or something how is he only on 67 with 26 disposals
original: wish they told us constable wasn’t playing earlier.
Apachecats: Duckky ,I can’t get enough of it.
jbjimmyjb: how does cripps have a lower SC than AF with that many CP and clearances
Apachecats: Original it was all over the place on friday.
PowerBug: Uncontested handballs are worth 1 point FR2. There’s been a good 10 of those from him
beerent11: E on Scott. Fiddle!
original: @flyinRyan agree. hes at 75%. think he’d be higher. lots of HBs tho
OhSoRozee: new friday constable was out
the worm: dear flyin, sc scores arent based on volume of possession
original: yeh apache i heard it then but i mean on Thursday..when teams came out. they never should name him
Apachecats: Hope Carlton win this even though I tipped Doggies (apol to OSRozee)
FlyinRyan2: yeh but usually the more possessions a player has the higher their score is
OhSoRozee: @original was still an emergency
Pokerface: is adblock broken?
the worm: thats completely untrue
DarkHorseR: Like the Bombers saying Jo was going to come back through the twos, then surprise surprise… late change…
OhSoRozee: @apache nah its all good wasnt expecting much this season no backs no fwds
All Reds: privacy badger is good
DarkHorseR: Who’s this Hayes kid? Worth looking at?
Pokerface: might reinstall. forgot how unusable certain sites.. can be
OhSoRozee: if there is a late out tho constable will play coz they cant play zac smith unless its a ruck
OhSoRozee: constable that is
beerent11: Flying Ryan Afl fantasy is like that SuperCoach puts value on contested poss and efficiency
FlyinRyan2: Neale got 40 disposals for three games in a row and had scores of 140 and 177
NewFreoFan: What even is tipping this season, thank god for fantasy
Pokerface: constable won’t play, they said that thursday
beerent11: Don’t think you’re gotta get it Ryan.
OhSoRozee: @poker he will tho if a mid etc comes out coz all but zac smith played in the 2s
OhSoRozee: then probz get his rest next week if he does
Pokerface: cyril used to get tons from 8 disposals. whats your point
the worm: dear flyin, supercoach scores are not based on volume of possession
Pokerface: rozee didnt worry essendon
original: they said constable out on friday. its ok butters to cover
Pokerface: worm flyin is right, we are all wrong and the scores have mucked up
the worm: but i like circular arguments that go nowhere
OhSoRozee: @poker yeh but all their team played vfl on saturday so doubt they would bring in some1 playing 2 games in 3 days
FlyinRyan2: If a player gets 10 disposals and another player gets 30 disposals which player is more likely to get a higher score
Pokerface: where do they get the possessions flyin
dipstick: Agreed. Cripps should basically be a ton in SC already
Pokerface: and how many marks, tackles, spoils, 1%ers did they have?
OhSoRozee: doubt zac smith would b inclusion of its a small with rat/hawkins/stanley
Pokerface: and what are the scores of everyone else as scoring is relative to the game with only 3300 to go round
the worm: oh god
beerent11: Think you’re being trolled guys.
FlyinRyan2: There are other things that contribute towards the score but possessions help the score a lot
Breezey: Absolutely @Flyin
Pokerface: perhaps you should contact CD then flyin. they’ve obviously made an error
Pokerface: i would but i don’t understand how its an error, can you do it?
Raspel31: Breaking news- Constable not playing.
OhSoRozee: @flyin possession only counts if its effective otherwise its a 0 or a negative for clanger kicks
Breezey: If Constable plays tomorrow is he likely to score more in DT or SC.
OhSoRozee: or hballs
RGriffen: English <3 am I the only one that still has him?
Pusti: In other news: My tipping and fantasy both stink this year.
VodkaHawk: Bont, Libba and Dunk, stay under 80, K thanks
Breezey: Asking for a friend
FlyinRyan2: I’m not saying its an error just saying i was surprised he wasn’t on more
Migz: oh young.
OhSoRozee: @breezy id suggest SC big body on a cold overcast mcg day
PowerBug: Dogs in trouble now
Stu7: Has anyone heard if constable is playing?
Migz: is that a muppet for young
Breezey: So weather plays a part. So I better check the 6.00pm news for the report
Pokerface: he will not play breezey…
dipstick: My C Cvipps is being pillaged. Should easily tonned by now
original: Stu7 is definitely playing
Breezey: No kiddin
Raspel31: That’s the wise move Breezey.
RGriffen: anyone else still got English?
Apachecats: Cripps needs another spell on the bench.
OhSoRozee: find it fishy both scott brothers rest players but still name them emergencies
Breezey: That’s why I benched Constable and played Smith in this game
Pokerface: kick properly
VodkaHawk: Wallis, kick a goal, K thanks
Pokerface: i have 1 tip right this round.
Oh8ball: Dogs in trouble
OhSoRozee: wowzer english leading hit outs
LMartos: Lucky week to field Gibbons lmao
Pokerface: blues thought they were home last week 8ball..
All Reds: how fun is tipping
Pokerface: kick properly!
Sillybugga: dogs stop missing pls
Stu7: Poker face bad round I have only 2
the worm: ive heard if constable is playing stu7
OhSoRozee: i shall rename round 5 to THE ROOKIE round
Stu7: Awesome the worm , I’ll put my C on him 😊
Apachecats: clock stuck on 11.13
the worm: and he isnt
Pokerface: Does McGovern still have wood?
Jackwatt$: Gibboonnnssss! He’s actually a real person? I thought m0nty just made him up like Miles Sewell?!
PowerBug: Reward the tackle cmonnnn ump
Raspel31: Just checked Jack- Gibbons are widespread from Bangladesh to Indonesia.
original: Power he tried to kick on the very step he got it.
Schillaci: Cripps must be getting bruised hands. Kick it son.
OhSoRozee: can the dogs do wat they did against the hawks
TheLegend6: Need a bit more from Macrae, hopefully can push 120
original: macrae loves a dive
Raspel31: Macrae’s coming for you Cripps- keep the gap please.
Apachecats: Can Carlton do what thet did against GCS?
italz: yeah i need cripps to score more than macrae
Stu7: Where’s Wally-is”
lwillo: Lol carlton
the worm: how come cripps is only on 88, he has lots of possessions
boofjb57: I would have to say Walsh is the first number 1 pick in a while that has lived up to the hype the media have put on him
AlbySmedtz: i need carlton to score more than footscray
jbjimmyjb: the carlton midfielders need to step up and give cripps a hand
VodkaHawk: Dogs can do whatever, as long as Wallis kicks a goal
Apachecats: Its complicated worm lol
Stu7: Ha ha sh1t stirrer the worm
Pokerface: whitfield goes alright boof
OhSoRozee: cripps gonna set handball record 2day
OhSoRozee: 3 away
OhSoRozee: never mind read the 2nd column its 35 from mcrouch
boofjb57: He does poker but not as prolific in first year like Walsh has been
jbjimmyjb: by who Rozee?
Pokerface: yeah in the first year itself they havent done much
boofjb57: Hopefully he doesn’t have the second year lull like a lot of them have had
Apachecats: Cripps slowing 20SC for the 1/4.
Pokerface: though no.1s aren’t picked as 1 year players 🙂
Stu7: Funny if Cripps didn’t Tom up 😊
Apachecats: SPS beating him to it.
Pokerface: daniel you twit
Stu7: Ton
BestCoast: Big week for the away teams so far my tips are shower
Dank: Is SC handicapping Cripps for points today?
OhSoRozee: need 50 SC last qtr from cripps
the worm: yes dank they are
Raspel31: Great handball Cripps.
PowerBug: No Dank they are not
frenzy: Cos it’s football, not handball
Breezey: No 1 pick generally go the bottom team so it is difficult to dominate from an average team. Agree with Walsh though.
Apachecats: yes Dank conservatively should be over 100 by now.33 at 81%
lwillo: Cripps 28 handball come on guys. There is a reason why he hasn’t tonned yet
mattmac24: Loving the handballs and 6 clangers.. not great for sc
original: 15 contested and 11 clearances tho. but its 3 FA that hurts
OhSoRozee: handballs with 6 clangers big sign of fatigue after big month so far from cripps
Apachecats: yeah ,didn’t see the 6 clangers.thats whats held him down mattmac
Fatbar5tad: Dunkley sucks dogs balls. Stuck with his 75s
aces-high: Cripps will go scaled up when the blues win. Will go from 125 to 130+ he’s dominated the hard stuff and clearances
PowerBug: clearances do nothing towards SC scoring, they are merely a team statistic
mattmac24: He’d be 115+ without the clangers so he is still doing very well
aces-high: Dunkley will score 95+ today he’ll finish strong
megawatts: why isn’t gibbons played more in midfield?
Breezey: Gibbons showing Cripps how to score in SC
Sillybugga: would love a finish like last week
Jukes82: lol
Breezey: Without that many possessions
Pokerface: getting the win doesnt scale you up…
megawatts: my boy lachie young has more kicks than cripps
BestCoast: Cripps score might not show but he is kicking ass and getting leather poisoned again absolute beast
aces-high: Points spread to the winners generally poker. Your impact is weighed up. He’ll get +5
Lynch_MOB: lol why would anyone still have Dunks
italz: cmon cripps get to 130
jbjimmyjb: its been 1051 days since Carlton kicked 100+ points in an AFL game, can they do it?
OhSoRozee: dunks should have a big month
Pokerface: no. it is not aces. winning is worth zero to your sc score.
StuL: Cripps get a lot of dinky handballs worth nothing in SC
PowerBug: Winning the match is worth 0 to your score
Raspel31: You’ve noticed StuL?
PowerBug: @StuL, spot on. Anyone watching the game would also notice this. Cripps SC is certainly fair for what he’s done
clay007: Do you get SC points if your kick gets smothered? It is not a clanger.
original: powerbug unless you kick the winner..
PowerBug: That’s not winning the match though, that’s an in match stat at a key time
original: Cripps has no impact on games – heard it on Fanfooty first boys
OhSoRozee: ud get 0 clay instead of a negative
the worm: if it gets smothered arent you kicking it to an opponent?
Raspel31: Constable not playing original.
OhSoRozee: caleb daniel 4 clangers but 80% running at
aces-high: Impact throughout the game is always weighted into the scores at the end of the game. Normally impact in winning helps
Pokerface: what about if it is accidently smothered by the umpire? is that still negative?
PowerBug: Toby McLean wowee cmon man that’s a terrible shot on goal
clay007: Crapola I think boys.
mattmac24: A kick has got to go a certain length to he considered for points in sc
Apachecats: Don’t tell me Constables out?
Sillybugga: wow
the worm: depends if it results in a turnover i guess
Natopotato: Constable has been out all weekend
original: lol Poker asking the real important Qs
OhSoRozee: have a feeling constable will get late call up and have his rest next week
Apachecats: minus 4 on umpires score.PF
original: lol apache
Stu7: I think constable is a late inclusion
BigChief: The police need Constable for crowd control.
duckky: Comeon Libba and Walsh
Pokerface: ok thanks Apache. trading Razor out.
jbjimmyjb: i wish champion data was more transparent with their scoring, it’d stop original complaining so much 😉
the worm: you can get banned for fake teams information stu7
Pokerface: CHelsea stays though
JockMcPie: Imagine being a late in after being ‘rested’ xd
VodkaHawk: Only those umps from the Hawks game can save the doggies now
Breezey: Would it be funny if Constable was a late IN then broke down in the warmup and was a late OUT. Just wondering
Natopotato: he is named as an emergency and was only rested
Apachecats: I asked you not to tell me that potato.
frenzy: Ump contact and a fine
original: Stu7 aint tehnically wrong, teams havet bee finalised
Pokerface: haha Vodka
PowerBug: Blues might be home here
jbjimmyjb: the fat lady is singing
blonde0na: surely carlton can’t lose from here
OhSoRozee: looked like 10 ton game to start
aces-high: Blues were home at 3/4 time bug dogs are pox
Apachecats: Surely from here Blues.
Oh8ball: Rip dogs
the worm: if he cant sourse where he got that information he shouldnt say sstuff like that
frenzy: Where’s Cripps
BestCoast: How do you pull a fat chick ?? Piece of cake
the worm: and ‘ i heard it from a guy’ doesnt count as sourcing
OhSoRozee: 14 behinds wont ever help
Apachecats: Someones in the rooms writing the words of the song on butcher paper.
clay007: Need McRae to get less than 1 hungy
Raspel31: Where you at Mr Cripps- given up on you Wallis.
original: throw ball away no free against sheesh
original: oh it was daisy lol fake news sorry
Natopotato: This win was all due to Gibbons in the mid. Keep him there 😉
Pusti: C’mon< Doggies, you just need to kick another 35 behinds.
Pusti: Make that 37 behibds.
DrSeuss: I think I have tipped 1 game so far this round
OhSoRozee: 3 hr delayed telecast for crows vs suns for me so ill b skipping the next
duckky: Dunkley tagging Cripps @Raspel
VodkaHawk: If the Blues hold onto this lead they should win. It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off
DrSeuss: Junk it up Newman
mattmac24: Looks like I’ll be sticking with Danger as captain
Raspel31: Lol Ousti
Apachecats: Glad I put the C on Danger.
original: no HTB lol go home umpire
the worm: i hope this shuts up that idiot saying carlton were a one man team
Raspel31: Stuck with Cripps after Neale- but worse sins on heaven and earth.
bushranger: Cripps gone to sleep
RGriffen: English i love you
BigChief: Can Carlton break the 100 point barrier?
mattmac24: Carlton aren’t near as bad as they were the last few years, they’d win more games if they could play four quarters
Migz: cripps robbed of a tackle on daniel on the wing
OhSoRozee: 21 shots to 22 and 7 goal margin…
VodkaHawk: Can Wallis win me my multi :/
Stu7: Wallis is going in the bin next week
OhSoRozee: happy with libba after slow start
BigChief: Cripps only 1 HB this 1/4
original: walsh 1 point for mark and effective kick
Natopotato: Dunkley back in the ruck lol
gdshifty: Cripps with 30 handpasses!!!! :0
OhSoRozee: 3 rookies tonned up with hore stuck on 96
runt: After a 9 month very difficult pregnancy the Blues have finally delivered a victory.
JockMcPie: Trading Gibbons to Stack turned out to be a shit idea :/
dipstick: From Cripps to crapps. Not happy here
Nuffman: @bigchief we’re about to find out lol
Lynch_MOB: lol Crippa you were on 75 at half time mate
Fatbar5tad: Lol@dipstick. Bluebaggers flying and he’s whinging about SC
TheLegend6: Walsh deserves a ton
dipstick: & on Easter Sunday, Carlton’s season has been resurrected
BigChief: LOL Fatbar. Blues fans never happy.
runt: 9 months without a win. How crap is that.
Rush: What kind of dumbo traded gibbons to stack Jock? Oh wait, i definitely did that…
Migz: gibbo ton ?!?!
original: love it dipstick
Natopotato: Can he kick this for the tonne???
duckky: Lid off eh dipstick?
Natopotato: nooooo
OhSoRozee: forgot walsh rookie so almost 5 tons from rookies
Fatbar5tad: Carlton ton orwill they Slater up
original: dow still cant kick. shock horror
OhSoRozee: gonna b a couple 2.6k scores this round
BigChief: 54 secs to get the 100.
italz: the gibbo ton on the bench ;-;
DarkHorseR: What the hell happened tyo Libba after half time?
Stu7: Cripps fans must be shattered
StuL: Appropriate they made a meal of it too
BigChief: They did it, just lol.
TheLegend6: Haha how goods that!
original: walsh!
OhSoRozee: @dark he was only on 12 pts at qtr time
runt: good win
Apachecats: Libber 47 ist half ,47 second 1/2 Dark horse
Raspel31: Wallis- you are officially sacked.
original: Stu7..not as much as Macrae fans
Raspel31: One ton for Bulldogs?
frenzy: Bevo to go go
italz: or the people with both of them…. ffs
mattmac24: Cripps only my VC, happy with him being the captain of all my opponents
dipstick: @duckyy first step chief
frenzy: Grand finalists
BigChief: Walsh rising star by a mile. The kid is a jet.

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