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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Richmond, R7 of 2019

th3rio: other game froze 🙁
PlungeMe: stack and ross keep making me money please 🙂
th3rio: bloody hell mcintosh had lynch first goal lol
Gandhi: Dunkley starting in midfield
OhSoRozee: ross,baker
Gelly: nearly forgot to get hayes, games nearly overlapped
VodkaHawk: Same
OhSoRozee: didnt grab hayes 2 much positional changes at dogs and 2 many mids
thiccgucci: got macrae, libba, ross, baker. lot in this one !
original: Do less liba, srsly
VodkaHawk: Is Setterfield definitely not playing?
Buddy: Yes
OhSoRozee: emergency and no vfl games 2day to see whos in and out
original: What does baker get to in the next 30mins for me to take him over petrecelle
DrSeuss: Might be finally time to get rid of Libba – just hanging out at contests now
th3rio: 40+ orig
Ash777: game has barely started. dont write libba off yet
beerent11: Anyone else vc McRae?
th3rio: although id field him any day over pet
LuvIt74: I traded libba out this week for Boak
cmperrfect: Has CD ever published their scoring system?
original: Gee th3rio it will be barely into 2nd qtr. fair chance baker and perrecelle get that for whole game lol
OhSoRozee: bont on fire
Chelskiman: The Bont is doing what he wants early. We need to stop him.
PlungeMe: bont tempting me
Ash777: bailey better get the RS this rnd
LuvIt74: The Bont is a must have this season and i gotta fit him in real soon
OhSoRozee: nice chase daniel
beerent11: Pettruccelle will prob go 30 to 60 so take 25+ I reckon original
th3rio: In 30 mins? It’ll be nearly the end of 2nd man lol
OhSoRozee: was disappointed we picked smith in draft but looks a gun
th3rio: Pet against suns might snag a few
amigaman: Traded Liber this week. Will be closely followed by Rockliff. Made their money.
beerent11: Jackson looks on tonight
Tig-Train: How long will it take balta to get his first possession this week?
LuvIt74: dogs need to forget about training and just practice on kicking straight, coz theygot no issue getting the ball there
Burnsy03: am i taking duursma 68 or j clark tomoz
cmperrfect: I did same @amiga
Tig-Train: As I spoke lol
th3rio: Duursma for sure
OhSoRozee: they need to do goal kicking after a game so they know how to kick when they are knackered
cmperrfect: Rockliff and Heeney gone next week
OhSoRozee: duursma all the way
Chelskiman: Thanks god the Dogs aren’t kicking straight. We’re getting outplayed here.
Ash777: Smith’s vision and smarts is so good.
PlungeMe: clarks best is 69
thiccgucci: Balta on fire here early
OhSoRozee: ill hold rockliff for a few more seems a good run for the next month
Sillybugga: balta could be a keeper
Gandhi: Could get an upset tonight
PlungeMe: man stack is good
OhSoRozee: the teams arent 2 quick for rocky to come soon
th3rio: Should be enough to decide on baker
PlungeMe: forgot who was asking but take baker already
OhSoRozee: yeh suns over wce @gandhi?
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week Stack is on my bench – while Libba is on field ffs
original: Haha th3rio my man I was about to say the same
dipstick: Balta is 100% a keeper. Not worth a trade
Gelly: i dont think the suns will roll over that easy, got a feeling
OhSoRozee: defs gettin in bont idk who ill trade tho maybe lib to him
feralmong: baker taking his chance like Butler/Castagna did.
cmperrfect: get the Cape ready @m0nty
VodkaHawk: If dogs win, it won’t really be an upset
blonde0na: libba playing HF?
DrSeuss: Bevo playing Libba Forward again – should end well.
Burnsy03: also should i go gibbons or atkins?
OhSoRozee: bont and libba role switch by looks
original: Cmon caleb
frenzy: Balta will come good @ dipstik. He’s this years Naughton
Ash777: man dogs suck with set shots.
PlungeMe: id go gibbons
beerent11: Early in the game to be writing blokes off
J_Herer: hahaha Balta, ball!
pornhub: balta LOL
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, why not diff colour capes for SC or DT 50 pt qtr?
AuroraBore: lol Balta
Gandhi: Lol Balta is a spud
Chelskiman: So this week I field Ross over Stack when I did the opposite last week.
Stu7: Come on Daniel
V@lks: fug sake plebratore
Chelskiman: We should not be leading. Dogs dominated that quarter which is pretty worrying.
th3rio: Holy crap balta from 14 to 3 lol
jbjimmyjb: balta deserves the muppet
OhSoRozee: the more behinds kicked the less ross will score and stack will score
J_Herer: Balta high, lol, potato!
PlungeMe: ross and stack on field, young and hayes on bench, libba common, mostly good so far
J_Herer: lol @Volks, pleb ref good
dipstick: Balta will never play good. Surprised if he plays again this year
thiccgucci: all good things come to an end
Haydo: Libba and rockliffe out this week
frenzy: said that rnd 1 dipstik, he’s still out there
beerent11: Haven’t seen too many 60 point quarters
Kahunas: Daniel is very fast midget
wadaramus: FFS Dunkley, do something above average and repay my faith in you!
Ash777: tigers dropping like flies every week
OhSoRozee: naughton to miss this
Chelskiman: This is fucked. It’s far too easy for the Dogs at the moment.
OhSoRozee: whinging about a 24 pt qtr from dunkley im impressed with it
cmperrfect: Cmon Tyrion
original: Haydo it’s killing me
Ash777: Chel be lucky dogs are bad at kicking goals.
amigaman: Hey @dipstick, how’s that Heeney fellow going?
StuL: Libba seems to be beoken
DrSeuss: Good tackle Nank
Ash777: glad to see gowers going well again
wadaramus: i’m asking for him to do something above average Rozee I am happy that you are content with his 24.
jbjimmyjb: hardwick’s decision to go with no key defenders is going well…
Ash777: I think it’s official that rucks cant tackle anymore
thiccgucci: Libba turning into bont next week for me
DrSeuss: Libba started the 2nd on the bench – he needs a massive qtr – he has been rubbish
original: Doing great liba. Just what I needed ffs esp when my oppo traded u to fyfe while I held
Chelskiman: Fuck off Naughton. Jesus Christ. Dogs are gonna smash us at this rate.
Umpirespet: At this rate we won’t see tig train or pornhub for a month
Stu7: Come on Daniel b1tch a55
BigChief: Do you promise Ump?
VodkaHawk: Not having Rance, Short, and Astbury will do that..
Ash777: where is the bandage for vlastuin
Umpirespet: Can only hope Chief
th3rio: hahahha naughton again
OhSoRozee: should b 5 goals already naughto
heppelitis: i wonder if will hayes parents were fans of flick midnight express?
Ash777: great mark
snake_p: naughton you beauty!
Gandhi: Richmond defence is too weak rn to handle this
th3rio: wtf balta has gone to naughton they are asking for trouble hahah
Chelskiman: We’ve conceded 4 goals in 5 minutes.
PlungeMe: time to bring in naughton, literally the reincarnation of ablett snr
Stu7: Why do the keep playing balta?
Ash777: another 1 for the wood highlight reel lol
frenzy: English breakout…..,… in pimples
th3rio: probably his height Stu
Ash777: is vlastuin back on the ground yet?
DrSeuss: Are the Dogs purposely ignoring Libba, has been alongside for 5-6 open handballs, just being ignored
OhSoRozee: 22 disposals at 100% for 4 goals 2 start was nice
Umpirespet: Think Hardwick has an opinion of Balta
wadaramus: Get to work Ross!
Gelly: seems our pressure game has gone missing again
beerent11: What do I need Hayes to get to to take his score over gibbons tomorrow’?
th3rio: hell yeah stack
Breezey: Gibbons will not get anymore than 60 I reckon.
DrSeuss: Daniel ignores Libba open for the kick in WTF
OhSoRozee: balta is lost just followed naughton back to line up for goal
VodkaHawk: V8’s night race 12 on soon. Hopefully SM shuts the red bull sooks up…. again
Breezey: If Libbers not going to get the ball then he has to make 20 tackles.
th3rio: i think he was smack talking Rozee
Burnsy03: atkins or gibbons tomorrow?
cmperrfect: I’ve taken Hately over Gibbo
jayshi: libba looks sluggish
wadaramus: Libba gonna put a dent in this weeks score 🙁
Breezey: Gibbons over Atkins mate.
cmperrfect: Mare or mag glass for Libba, take your pick m0nty
StuL: Costing may game libba. Come on
StuL: Costing may game libba. Come on
OhSoRozee: yeh its weird tho he went over the mark even if it was on the boundary
th3rio: yeah stack son
Stu7: Did someone do Daniels helmet up too tight!!!
OhSoRozee: stack is a gun in tight
original: StuL me too ouch
jayshi: OMG libba got a handball
cmperrfect: He’s still stuffed from fighting the Night King @Stu7
Pokerface: anything above 35 beats gibbo surely.
PlungeMe: remember someone saying people were dumb to buy into stack
OhSoRozee: was dumb buyin him after 1 game thats wat it was plunge
th3rio: have fielded stack since i got him. He’s a lad
Stu7: Ha ha cmperrfect 😂
OhSoRozee: coz he had a 40 against ur mob but was like a 30 pt last qtr
Catatafish: See ya Libba, it’s been fun.
PlungeMe: nah it was halfway through his third game when he was on like 20 at HT Rozee
DrSeuss: I have Stack….on my freaking bench FFS
OhSoRozee: 7665 people brought in houli
Gelly: lol stiff free there
nick2397: Stack on track to be my highest scoring emergency ever!
Manowar: S. Stack a CD loveboy
th3rio: was tossing up between keeping libba toward end of year. But he be Neale soon
PlungeMe: i wouldve had stack on bench if not fot constable getting dropped
Catatafish: Sydney on my bench, what a Stack of shit.
th3rio: stacky boyyyy
Gelly: might just fling scott on the field now
PlungeMe: stack 2 away from projected at half time
Ladbrokes_: Not sure what game you’re watching Manowar
Yeehaw: Geez hope Constable doesn’t get a game now
Pokerface: people look at the so-called projected score?
Umpirespet: Nope Poker only B/E
VodkaHawk: Is there a good place to check stats on who has taken kick ins this year?
original: Proj pfft
Pokerface: lol original
LuvIt74: Stack as my emergency with Constable on field, was gonna swap Constable with Gibbons if stack scored crap
PlungeMe: just use it to track how im going against my oppo
OhSoRozee: i look at proj for be only
Yelse: omg just logged on where is lib playing and why is stack on my bench for ross 🙁
Umpirespet: Haven’t seen u much this year Luvit
LuvIt74: I would have taken his half time score at full time, great choice
Pokerface: rozee proj isnt BE.. its a made up stat sc gold thinks the player will get
Pokerface: plunge – reckon you can look at each player to come, make a best guess yourself and you’d be closer
Searly34: Stacks been huge manorwar, deserves every bit of that score
OhSoRozee: yeh i know that i just look at proj for a guideline on form against those sides
wadaramus: Still happy with Dunks at 47 Rozee?
OhSoRozee: yeh anywhere betwen 20-25 pts a qtr im happy with
Umpirespet: Rozee footywire gives you previous years scores and breakdowns etc
PlungeMe: dont care about accuracy, just use it to see how the matchup is tracking
LuvIt74: All my rookies done ok bar one Parker, Drew, Duursma, Hore & Stack. Butters was bad but he’ll go next week for Answerth
wadaramus: Easy to please it seems…
LuvIt74: @Umpirespet hi mate, no been way to busy
Yelse: what score by stack do i bench walsh or b crouch ?
Umpirespet: 100 yelse
LuvIt74: @Yelse your kidding right, his half time score is good enough
OhSoRozee: like dunkleys 69 proj is just laughable but its his avg score from his 2 games vs richmond
OhSoRozee: he got a 116 and an injury for 23
OhSoRozee: @umpires surely u cant complain to b on track for 80-100 1 big qtr away from 120
OhSoRozee: sorry at wada not umpires
pornhub: balta LOL
Chelskiman: Goal of the year by Balta! 😛
Gotigres: great goal by Balta
Umpirespet: Phew lol was trying to figure out what you were on about
Gelly: balta lol
Gandhi: Balta has reached his quota of 1 good thing for the game
wadaramus: 80 is bland, I want a good score FFS.
th3rio: gonna make us some money
Yelse: balta slowly making us money lol
PlungeMe: of course my oppo has balta playing
Chelskiman: Every time we get one they instantly reply.
Yeehaw: Bont must know I wanted him next week lol
OhSoRozee: like my thnking hopefully 2 x 25 qtrs from libba for me to b content with him
Umpirespet: Cmon Hayes Balta has passed you
DrSeuss: Balta, Stack and Hayes all on my bench outscoring Libba the spud
Chelskiman: Our set shots have to be the worst in the league.
OhSoRozee: my opp only has baker matching me but yeh he will probz beat me
OhSoRozee: coz i had libba
Burnsy03: thought that might bounce through with casual old billy
Yeehaw: Gowers a week for that surely
Chelskiman: We’re done. We just can’t match them.
OhSoRozee: @yeehaw nah he was just teasing u
Chelskiman: That’s another 3 goals in about 3 minutes we’ve conceded at the start of the quarter.
clay007: The Bont!!!! What a champ
Stu7: Ha ha cmperrfect 😂
feralmong: We can’t counter the possession/mark game against us.
OhSoRozee: defs libba to the bont dont want 2 many dogs in team
Gelly: balta take one for the team and smack gowers up for us
th3rio: in b4 GOD says he captained naughton
OhSoRozee: i hate the no calls on dropping balls
Burnsy03: thrio did you not set nuaghton as capt?
Ash777: Libba getting into the game finally
Gandhi: Dogs should be another 3 goals up
th3rio: no burns VC naughton into gibbons tomorrow
Burnsy03: surely c is on zac dawson tomorrow, should towel up Jenkins and Tex?
OhSoRozee: lol caddy vs english in the centre
Umpirespet: Pity Jenkins isn’t playing Burnsey
J.Worrall: Jenkins will be towelled up anyway!
Gelly: get the yin yang ready for stack
OhSoRozee: jenkins cant even dominate the sanfl 3 cheap goals last week and 0.1 in others
Burnsy03: dawson a late in for the sanfl side then?
PlungeMe: young and hayes getting involved but doing shit all with the ball
Lawls: I have never seen Balta’s name that high up before!!
DrSeuss: Libba getting into the game comment was a little premature.
BigChief: Go Doggies.
runt: Apart from Lions, Cats Pies and maybe Eagles. No-one can win the flag.
beerent11: Tiger rooks have stopped
Haydo: Only 14 frees is a good chamge
lwillo: Y u got the spud big chief
J.Worrall: Spud, Chief?
nick2397: Petrol gauge for Stack.
PlungeMe: not sure id give brisbane a chance yet runt
th3rio: stacks on! no ying yang
Yeehaw: Stack hehhee
OhSoRozee: flowering baker passes it off and stack goals that was ur pts
runt: bloody spellcheck. I meant only Lions can win the flag
Burnsy03: just on queue nick
Umpirespet: Rozee think Jenkins will be trade bait at seasons end
BigChief: Ask m0nty why I have spud JW
SwaggyP: Dunkley sticking tackles makes all the difference
VodkaHawk: Lol
Breezey: The only consolation is my opponent has Libba as well.
pornhub: ross and stack.. big goals!!
Umpirespet: Lol Chief
Pokerface: wash your mouth nick
th3rio: because he drank all of m0ntys booze
Breezey: Would it be about that address you posted
OhSoRozee: @umpires yeh to collingwood for grundy
feralmong: slight sniff in the last if we get it going.
StuL: Dunk at a lot of centre bounces. Might be time to jump back on?
OhSoRozee: with carltons 1st rounder
feralmong: nup we fluffed it.
DrSeuss: I have Libba, opponent has Dunkley, Stack, Macrae and Ross – FMAF
nick2397: Thanks Stack for making me look like a DH
BigChief: wasn’t just me @th3rio. Poker, Ump, Raspel and Breezey helped me.
Pokerface: what happened to prestia? he was right up there as one of the best young guns around at GC
OhSoRozee: im content with a 80 from libba
Pokerface: lol nick
lwillo: Glad I kept dunkley… go son
Burnsy03: chief didnt save any for me? just started the 4 hour journey
DrSeuss: Yep Dunkley seems to have switched roles with Libba recently – in the middle a lot more often
J.Worrall: I wanted to help too!
Umpirespet: Lol Pi$$ off Chief
hinsch: Libba scores have beaten me twice this seaon good to see him down for this game
Stu7: Lib a will be lucky to get 60
Ash777: dunks holders repaying the faith
Breezey: This young Smith is seriously impressing me.
Pokerface: no Chief. that wasn’t vodka in my glass, it was water. It was you.
OhSoRozee: got 0 in the other game ill just check it later 2night
wadaramus: Contentment occurs when scores materialise,Libba is 49 from 3 quarters, strong chance not to get to 80.
nick2397: Big finish needed from Dunkley, Baker and Ross!
OhSoRozee: ill back 31 from libba junk qtr
cmperrfect: You think Naughton could afford a haircut?
OhSoRozee: bont probz get rest up fwd so libba in centre likely
jayshi: libba looks slow, hunched back, slow in changing direction
Gandhi: Dunks scores so well when he gets a chance in the midfield. If only Bevo let him every week!
th3rio: oh crap so many got houli in this week heehehe
Breezey: What’s the diagnosis then Dr. Jayshi.
feralmong: fat lady launches. well done doggies.
Breezey: A case of crapitis maybe
Burnsy03: would u lot field gibbons over atkins even with setterfield back?
th3rio: a case of softcoq-itis
th3rio: setterfield is playing now?
feralmong: hehe th3rio i contemplated but went lloyd. Not that i’m miles ahead with that.
Pokerface: burnsy no way. and setterfield isnt back
OhSoRozee: setters isnt playing
colin wood: Dunkley a contested beast score should be higher played a great game
Burnsy03: nevermind then
runt: hunched back indicates severe constipation
Burnsy03: poker you saying i field gibbons?
feralmong: 50 more marks and 100 more disp. dimma better have a plan for these.
th3rio: he finished well, worried me for a moment there.
OhSoRozee: cunningham gets prioty midfield minutes over gibbons
jayshi: @breezey and th3rio, haha, he’s running like a senior
Pokerface: burnsy nope. im saying never field gibbons unless you have to
Stu7: Great seeing McRae fish kept low
OhSoRozee: libba could just b tired after injury last yr
original: Get to 70 liba plz somehow
runt: The hunchback of Notre Dame was renowned for his massive hemorrhoids
feralmong: carn macrae ton up you premo slacker
Ash777: so far nearly all the mid-pricer mids have dropped off
Stu7: Libby is fried
original: Go Caleb go
th3rio: naughton going to be a pig in a couple years
heppelitis: cooked is the correct word
OhSoRozee: libba probz gettin his rest as a fwd rather than not playing at all
clay007: What happened to Houli?
Stu7: Fried Libba & Eggs
Breezey: Hunchback would not be very happy with Notre Dame at the moment,
Ash777: bcrouch, libba, rocky, sheed, worpel, cousins have all dropped off their scoring.
wadaramus: Libba, Worpel, Moore, Williams, B.Smith are all still keepers.
Gelly: houli needed to do a big poo
Pokerface: Moore still going fine
Chelskiman: Whitfield to Houli is probably my worst trade of the season.
th3rio: hurry up sydney harbour bridge
Costanza: …like the Tigers of old…
Pokerface: brouch hasn’t really dropped
th3rio: LOL chelski what were you thinking
AuroraBore: I understand they’ve been ravaged by injury, but even with those inclusions, their list is astoundingly mediocre
runt: All the home teams have won so far this round.
feralmong: wtf chelski u on crack?
StuL: Someone take some antifreeze to libba
AuroraBore: Richmond* that is
PlungeMe: crozier going at 100 DE with 22 touches/16 kicks isnt bad
V@lks: ash7777: brodie smith and zwilliams pretty solid?
Breezey: That might end tomorrow Runt
lwillo: Started hayes on field. Needs a goal for me
wadaramus: OK Rozee, I am now content with Dunks score 🙂
Ash777: Give nauhhty the star now
th3rio: aaron pigton
Umpirespet: Hope u don’t think Freo will beat us Breezey?
jayshi: i have also noticed that libba’s teammates are choosing not to pass to him
runt: Balta strikes me as an athletic but dumb footballer
LuvIt74: glad i pulled the trigger on libba this week
Ash777: brodie and williams are defenders not mids though.
TheLegend6: @Aurora lot of young players, give them time, list isn’t an issue.
OhSoRozee: @wada told ya 20-25 a qtr is nice coz ur only 1 good qtr away from a good 1
Gelly: chris grants head is rather large
Breezey: No I think North will beat Carlton
AuroraBore: @Legend For me Edwards, Ellis, Broad, Vlaustiun, Mcintosh, Lambert are all staples of your list and decidedly average
DrSeuss: Yep Jayshi, Libba definitely getting ignored by team mates, just like I will be ignoring him after trading this week
Stu7: Can Libba score 53?
th3rio: lol was thinking that too gelly hes turned into a pig
V@lks: Ash7: think u said just mid pricers. But yeah fair call for the mid middys
TheLegend6: @Aurora Edwards, Vlastuin and Lambert are almost elite in their own way. The others are squad players.
jayshi: libba calls for the ball, teammate look at him then look further afield, sees bont…
feralmong: guess what, we’re 9th.
DrSeuss: Ahhh Dunkley – averages 80 until my league opponent has him
Umpirespet: Lol feral
PlungeMe: i wouldnt call edwards elite but thats just me
TheLegend6: Edwards is elite. Easier when you watch him play every week.
feralmong: 9-12 worst place to be. no finals no draft picks.
PlungeMe: i do and thats why i dont think hes elite
feralmong: i call edwards very good. top 20% not top 10.
AuroraBore: @Legend What part of his game is elite? As you said i dont watch him every week so maybe i just dont see it
heppelitis: hats off to naughton. 14 marks up forward dam good
OhSoRozee: ty macca boost to dunkleys score
feralmong: higgins, ellis, castagna liabilities today.
AuroraBore: For example, i’d rate Mihochek very highly (not elite though) but most non pies fans would see him as squad filler
PlungeMe: people called him elite and i didnt think he was so i pay special attention to him every week to see
feralmong: mihochek is squad filler. So is Cox. Even tho he owned us in final.
OhSoRozee: @aurora he would b a dud in another side tho
PlungeMe: if im missing nothing – dont think i am
TheLegend6: @Aurora Edwards able to win games on his own without having a heap of ball. He was vital in our premiership year.
V@lks: Edwards def not elite. Shocking call.
PlungeMe: something not nothing
AuroraBore: He’s such a selfless player, does everything to open up space and create for his teammates
DrSeuss: Dunkley over 100 more in AF than Libba – that will do me this week
original: Liba to kick the sealer
PlungeMe: never seen edwards win a game on his own
AuroraBore: Our forward line would be worse without him
Yelse: so now the question who do i drop b crouch or walsh for stack
jbjimmyjb: heaps of scaling to come
runt: huge win for the Dogs
Stu7: Come on baker finger out buddy
feralmong: when it mattered in GF edwards smashed it. For that he is legendary to us.
tankin: dunkley got ripped off in sc
TheLegend6: @plunge you don’t watch us very often which is fine, you don’t support us.
NoneyaB: thanks lockart for the whitfield fill in and Young well done
Breezey: Not B.Crouch Yelse surely
feralmong: 47 points is quite flattering really. Got pwned big time tonite. WD doggies. Ur back.
AuroraBore: surely 10+ points for Hayes
Burnsy03: so was tom boyd feral…
Seb78: Surely Bont gets the star?
cmperrfect: Nice Tyrion
Ash777: Edwards was tigers best player.
J.Worrall: around 200 still to share

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