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Chat log from R5 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Essendon

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Essendon, R5 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go The Same Olds!
Apachecats: Afternoon worrall ,who have you settled on for captain.
hinsch: Cripps this weeks C for me after Neale was lets say a little slow last night
hinsch: Is Constable (Geelong) playing this week
Apachecats: Hes out Hinsch
Apachecats: I’ve narrowed the C down to Danger or gawn.
Apachecats: Figuring Macrae and cripps will be competing for the same ball.
shang0: Conigs into Cripps for me
heppelitis: Goldy worth the punt with the VC?
OhSoRozee: constable rested according to coach
Apachecats: I wouldn’t Heppel
OhSoRozee: goldy wont break 110
heppelitis: ok..thanks
Carnboys15: going to be a good game today
heppelitis: VC on tippa then haha
OhSoRozee: im worried about daniher breaking down with 2 full games in 6 days
OhSoRozee: take it ur gonna vc on fantasy otherwise itd b a waste for sc
Apachecats: Most people burnt their VC last night.
OhSoRozee: @heppelitis
Yelse: bscott stack or atkins as the emergency
Yelse: everyone traded out butters?
heppelitis: dont have him OhSo…just joking after he he had a great game last week. Caot out of Bont, Cripps, McCrae or Danger for
Apachecats: bscott yelse
OhSoRozee: yeh the VC last night u thought atleast either 1 of neale/grundy would go large
Carnboys15: scott @yelse
JockMcPie: Didn’t trade Butters because he’s still got 100k left in him, also put the E on scott and if he scores shit field atkins
Apachecats: yeah butters out for Hore yelse ,my only trade.
OhSoRozee: ya i dumped butters for hore generate some cash
Yelse: thinking butters to stack and burgess to hore need to start making cash
Yelse: is constable def out?
OhSoRozee: ya afl page says guthrie in for him
frenzy: Go Roos
Carnboys15: yelse yes he is
OhSoRozee: they wanted to rest him last or this to get him through the season so i expect clark/miers or atkins out next week
Carnboys15: anyone else hate cameron ling as a commentator
OhSoRozee: not as much as i hate bt but yeh carn
Apachecats: Orazio well rewarded for that.19 SC went up ,then 16SC
God_: Yes @carnboys. He only has one level of talking. Yelling.
lisapizza7: Me
OhSoRozee: pet hate players mark and walk with back turned
Raspel31: I did Butters to Stack as only trade for some handy pocket money next week.
Umpirespet: Umps barracking for Essendon already
OhSoRozee: that burst from davies-uniacke was nice didnt know he had it in him
brano: North are possibly the worst “supercoach” friendly team
PlungeMe: scott yet to get on the park
Pusti: Who has Wood?
PlungeMe: just came on actually
OhSoRozee: wood is 2 injury prone
God_: I’ve got wood
NewFreoFan: Bombers have stuffed up playing on quickly 3 times already
Umpirespet: Yeah in the shed pusti
Raspel31: Yeah brano- you don’t stack your team with Norff players.
brano: Apart from Goldy and Scott,the rest are irrelivent in supercoach terms
Pokerface: hooker has wood pusti
brano: *spelling*
StuL: Wood just broke the Chiefometer
Pokerface: hooker full of surprises sometimes
NewFreoFan: And that’s why you don’t take Wood haha
OhSoRozee: at best ud have cunnington or higgins POD and some $ makers
BigChief: Gday all.
Apachecats: zerritt big spell on the pine.
beerent11: Hams on Scott for the national featherweight title
beerent11: They both probably add up to bt
Breezey: I have Polec in Draft. Goes OK
supervery: pretty cool how Zach Merrett’s scores are doubled this weekend!
supervery: Double Z-merit points…
BigChief: Only player I have is LDU on my bench as Emerg
clay007: Merrett out there and has the same score as Z Clarke and he is not playing
Umpirespet: This could get very ugly very quickly
Breezey: Pittard- Good goal. Pittard- Bad Haircut
OhSoRozee: is ugly already etihad games should have the highest accuracy on goal they fluff it up
clay007: What is Cunnington’s nickname?
Apachecats: the kicking at goal is ugly.
gingjok: Sorry Merrett owners.. bought him in this week .
VodkaHawk: That haircut is definitely a lost bet, lol
Beast_Mode: You mean Marvel Stadium
Raspel31: Pittard obviously goes to my Russian barber.
OhSoRozee: changes names more than my underwear that stadium
Beast_Mode: lol
beerent11: Bit hot htb
PowerBug: One to keep an eye on, but I think Bailey Scott might be following Merrett
Apachecats: you’ve done the job on zerrit gingjok
BigChief: @clay I believe it is Cunners.
OhSoRozee: that is bs free
Breezey: Someone give me the direct line to the AFL rules committee. Need to chat about “below the knees rule”. Joke
StuL: About 3 clangers in 5 seconds for zerret
OhSoRozee: mcmillan fell over himself being afraid of potential contact didnt get touched
clay007: @Big Chief, I thought in might be something else. Lol
pharace: Has anyone told Baguley to ain of DT and Sc is to get points not lose them
StuL: That’s not a slide!
beerent11: Amazing that everyone around footy hates that rule but it survives all the changes
chemical-m: LDU on field over constable looking good so far
NathanMM: Guys, help. How do I highlight which players I have on the list? Is that possible?
OhSoRozee: @pharace the 399 owners would b happy
pharace: Glad I traded Baguley for Wright lol
Breezey: @Pharace. Baguley traded himself out this week.
OhSoRozee: @chemical ldu any score is better than a 0 from constable being rested
the worm: i agree 100% with the slide rule, they just adjudicate it wrong sometimes
Breezey: The players are smart enough to draw a free kick with that rule now. Time to fix it
J.Worrall: Used to do that with exteam, I think, NathanMM
beerent11: Does anyone have Thompson?
beerent11: I look at him every year but never
heppelitis: Baguley looks like zoolander..says it all really
pharace: Not sure umps quite get that the slide must be forceful
OhSoRozee: slide in rule sadly got overkill any touch now has afl running scared
beerent11: Start him
Raspel31: God does beerent
Apachecats: we used to have slide rules at school ,then they invented calculaters
BigChief: @Nathan if on computer put mouse over your name at top and the select watchlist and add your players.
OhSoRozee: thompson usually misses 2-3 from suspension and a few more through injury
Apachecats: Joe might have to do a bit of ruck work ,ding dong sore knee.
pharace: Can Baguely still ton up?
feralmong: I started McGrath this year thinking he’ll improve. his best qtr so far.
Raspel31: The way Bruce says Belle Chambers I get confused about which game I’m watching.
OhSoRozee: i think m.brown will go ruck not daniher
BigChief: Shiel starting to look better the last few games.
clay007: Cunnington always scores well when I watch them. He would a decent POD. Is he consistent?
beerent11: Down the volume
Apachecats: same feral ,hopefully our patience will be rewarded.
Gotigres: Thanks for that BigChief
feralmong: yeah apache he’s scoring according to price so far.
PlungeMe: apparently 167 people have s thompson
Yelse: merit making a move
Yelse: how many trades everyone got left
OhSoRozee: cunnington usually bottoms out in 90s and has big highs
brano: 23 here lol
Raspel31: 26 Yelse- so hard to resist trading but it’s tough.
Apachecats: 25 yelse
feralmong: 25 yelse
clay007: I am in 5 comps and none of my opponents have any Essendon or North players. Interesting!
BigChief: 26 for me also
Yelse: bomber will start thinking about anzac game soon and roos will over run them. heard it here first
Natopotato: 29 probably making O’brien trade tonight though
Migz: 27 after 2 this week
Pokerface: pharace i really don’t think anyone else is watching baguley enough to answer your questions…
feralmong: i was looking forward to getting in rotham. but that isn’t going to happen.
Yelse: 3 correction trades and a couple of musts. anything over 25 i think ok
OhSoRozee: rotham will b a late in again at some stage and screw over the intial price rise for many
original: Slow down there mr goldy
Apachecats: tough getting a game at WCE feral ,have to wait for him.
Breezey: If North pick up their disposal they ll get on top here
feralmong: i did 2 last week and 2 this week. only 1 in first 3 rounds.
Natopotato: I’m hoping he gets named back in, in 2-3 rounds so i can get more value out of my current rookies
clay007: @OhSoRozee, what do you know about McMillan, he seems a good buy? I will keep an eye on Cunners though, is slowing down.
Migz: my first trade last week was dunkly to marshall. A+ for me
feralmong: i got in Grundy and Libba and 3 cash makers
God_: Breakout season for Dumont. Great time for my opponent to have him in draft…
Yelse: so we already back to low scoring games
Raspel31: People talk about looking at Cunninton- even Higgins- but for the price why? So many betteroptions?
OhSoRozee: i think 80% of the price rise rookies will b in and out b4 half season so trades wont b as big a factor late
OhSoRozee: @raspel31 they talk about it but go the other options but good for POD 2.5k own cunners
feralmong: pittard, 350k SC and 2 tons last 2 weeks. hmmm
Breezey: It is a combined 6 goals 13 behinds so far why its low scoring
beerent11: My club is just good enough to make games scrappy
Yelse: u think sydney stack got good game security?
Apachecats: shouldn’t have mentioned McGrath ,dried up completely.
OhSoRozee: @clay007 macmillan very up and down butchers 1 week average the next
Raspel31: Hence Butters to Stack- my only trade- lot of dosh in the bank.
feralmong: no yelse i think butler will get back eventually
beerent11: Stack should have a job till
Apachecats: soon as I hit the button McGrath grabs it and snaps one. Typical.
feralmong: he’s butchering it apache. 50%de
clay007: @Raspel, who are the better options. I have Brayshaw and not sure of I should offload him. He is 534 and needs 140+
feralmong: lol apache whine some more pls
OhSoRozee: @yelse id b worried about stack midfield mins he looks suited as a laird type backpocket intercepter
Raspel31: Tipu- you should teach kicking classes.
Raspel31: clay- who am I to comment. So tempted to trade Oliver but too early to trade good players. I’d work your rookies.
clay007: Stack will be a good cash generator.
original: Setterfield to ORielly for me
Apachecats: Mitch Brown came in as a fillup player during the Dark Ages ,great workhorse -underrated.
StuL: Scott keeping the low scoring rookie theme going
clay007: I have similar thoughts Raspel about Brayshaw. I keep thinking he will come good. Not sure yet.
BigChief: Only trade premo’s if long injury or long suspension.
OhSoRozee: @clay007 maybe look at oliver looks like handy fixture matchups incoming
beerent11: Footywire has stack
beerent11: Footywire has stack going up 73000 on first price change
feralmong: BigChief, except Martin to Libba. Cash back, cash gen and pts.
Raspel31: So Brayshaw a premo? Has he quite earned that soriquet?. Byt yep Big Chief.
gIMX7: wait where tf is Devon Smith
OhSoRozee: @beerent yeh doubt stack will get $73k tho with the proj probz more like 48k
Breezey: Does anyone think young Ham will be a Fantasy Pig
elroy67: Smith ‘managed”
beerent11: Zerrit coming good
OhSoRozee: @breezy no
Breezey: @OhsoRozee. So no Pig for Ham
BigChief: @feral Martin no longer a premo though.
Raspel31: Port rookies been good this year but time to offload next week I feel.
gingjok: Merrett dons a cape!
beerent11: So ham goes out next week for smith
Monfries96: Zerrett looking good at a discounted price
Gelly: quiet you
clay007: I almost traded for Neale last night, but held off. Im sure some of you guys were disappointed with his numbers
StuL: 15 touches that qtr zerret. Looking a good buy now
OhSoRozee: @breezy nah ham is just mock pig
Woosha 73: @Breezy Maybe if he stops fumbling?
Raspel31: Amazing qtr Zerit- yep, a few diasappointed with Neale- there went the loop. Go Cripps.
feralmong: yeah can’t disagree there Chief. trade seemed a no brainer tho. pulled that 2 weeks ago.
OhSoRozee: Zerret 56 Be Tick
StuL: Anyone holding Greene?
Breezey: @ Woosha73. Yeah he’s Bacon me crazy too
OhSoRozee: never had greene just a dud
Raspel31: Had him round one Stuhl- simply never again!
gIMX7: I thought Daniher wasn’t named? How come he is playing?
OhSoRozee: had martin rd1 to hoff got screwd on that
Pokerface: duck eggs week after week from greene
Pokerface: although if i get in Brayden i coudl have Greene eggs and Ham
Pokerface: because essendon cheat gIMX
Raspel31: Poker- that’s banned.
BigChief: I believe that Daniher wanted to play to honor his grandfather. Once Clarke was injured they picked him.
Pokerface: i am sorry Raspel
gIMX7: What, so they just made him shave of his mo and wear a Clarke mask?
Pokerface: no BC, Daniher is playing because Clarke got a calf bleed. But they should have named Joe as emergency
Pokerface: they have 4 emergency spots for exactly that thing
Raspel31: All pals Poker.
gIMX7: Ah ok, still a bit sus though
OhSoRozee: says daniher come in for the structure of like for like with clarke calf bleed
elroy67: Essendon will pay a fine. North not happy.
Pokerface: clarke definitely injured, but name your possible replacements as emergencies.
Pokerface: fine schmine. ddoesn’t stop them doing it.
Pokerface: @raspel #sorrynotsorry
BigChief: Not the 1st time and won’t be the last time a team plays someone who isn’t am emerg.
Gandhi: Very sus. They pulled a fast one for sure.
OhSoRozee: honestly happy jenkins got dropped for himmelberg loved his debut last yr
elroy67: The last time I remember it happening was when the Swans played Paul kelly after not being named as an emergency
beerent11: So who is everyone’s
beerent11: So who is everyone’s best and worst pick so far this year?
OhSoRozee: theres been 3 or 4 selections in past 3 yrs outside emergencies
beerent11: Not including rookies
BigChief: Best pick Cripps, worst Dusty.
beerent11: For me libba best Elliot worst
Pusti: I reckon your replacements should come from your named emergencies. We should’ve named a tall amongst our four.
BigChief: @Pusti they named Francis.
Pusti: Best: Rockliff Worst: Elliott
OhSoRozee: ya they upped it from 3 to 4 emergencies for that reason gotta make it a big fine for it not to happen often
Pusti: @Chief They should’ve named Draper, for a ruckman if required.
OhSoRozee: worst was s.martin to hoff
BigChief: Fine them 100k. That will stop them.
Breezey: Best- Whitfield. Worst- Westhoff
elroy67: word is 20k fine
lwillo: How can cripps be your best pick. Lol the bloke is nearly in everyone’s team.
lwillo: Me. Whitfield. Worst pick is dunkley
OhSoRozee: but yeh bombers shot themselves in foot anyway daniher wont be needed this game but will for pies and will b hard for
OhSoRozee: him to backup 6 day break
Kahunas: Cunnilingus is good…
Raspel31: Best Walsh- worst Balta.
Apachecats: same as you rasp.
OhSoRozee: scott to ross next week
beerent11: Not inc rooks
Raspel31: But Cunnilingus is going down Kahunas.
pornhub: kanga kanga kanga roo roo roo
Apachecats: although buying Mummy before round one and storing him on the bench might prove a good move.
OhSoRozee: nice apache i was always gonna go mummy after suspension considered that tho
beerent11: Although Elliot’s not losing money frustrating to watch
OhSoRozee: decided to go newnes with the xtra coin
pornhub: Best: Whitfield. Worst: Dusty.
beerent11: Few in the dusty boat pornhub
beerent11: How the fiddle did Scott ton up on round 1
Kahunas: Not sure on Ross with Cotch not too far off
OhSoRozee: @beerent was still jlt3 rd1 was no pressure
OhSoRozee: id rather see ross/cotch/martin in rather than prestia/cotch/martin
frenzy: How is Scott still coach
Raspel31: Have a strange feeling we might just limp home.
original: Good goldy. Altho I’ll be back in 10mins and you’ll be 95 at3qt
OhSoRozee: north vs blues for the spoon
BigChief: @ Apache I got Mummy once he was 1st picked and dumped Westhoff.
VodkaHawk: Both Scotts are rubbish coaches
OhSoRozee: held scott after his performances after rd1 coz i knew he had gastro week 2
beerent11: Big watch on Liam Baker this weekend 91 last week
Apachecats: Mummy will make good $ for you Big chief ,Hoff is bleeding.Good trade.
BigChief: No chance Rozee. Blues have that already in their trophy cabinet. And Crows love it
Raspel31: You can’t possibly kick properly with that haircut Pittard- what are coaches doing?
Breezey: I think Freo will battle Carlton for the Spoon
beerent11: Freo will win a few at home
OhSoRozee: freo have been in pre much every game along with carlton north have just been duds
Breezey: Say aye if you’d like to see the Suns towel up the Crows in Adelaide on Sunday.
Raspel31: Yep- Freo will win a few. Carlton and Norff.
BigChief: Allowed me to trade Dusty to Neale. So happy with both trades
Apachecats: ZClarke would have done better than Joey.
OhSoRozee: 7.14 to 10.9 freo vs eagles last week they should have won
OhSoRozee: @breezy i think adelaide is only team suns havent got a win against
BigChief: That would be funny Breezey
Raspel31: Carlton have actually been competetive every game- good call. They’ll notch a few.
OhSoRozee: @apache i said that to an online game friend hes a bombers supporter he didnt like it
Raspel31: So McCrae or Cripps lads?
Apachecats: Yeah rozee ,not a Joey fan ,been promising for about 5 years.Had ZClarke about to make a few $.
StuL: Both but Cripps if I had to choose Rasp
brano: Im stuck between Cripps and Danger
Apachecats: They are head to head raspel ,going for the one ball ,I like Danger.
OhSoRozee: ya idk how bad a bleed in calf is sounds like cork
Breezey: Was at the Gabba last night, the atmosphere before the game was fantastic. Great night indeed
Raspel31: Got Danger too brano- now you’re confusing me- and there’s Whitfield, Llloyd and big Maxxy too.
OhSoRozee: i think with kreuzer in cripps will do ok but its under the roof 2 so macrae will get 40 odd
original: That’ll do goldy thanks mate. Sub100
OhSoRozee: danger could b a danger the tag last week could b hiding a sore body idk
brano: forgot about Kreuz being in…Cripps it is,nervously
Raspel31: Me too brano- nervously after Neale a dud.
Tree Fiddy: VC Merrett is he can net 125+ im tempted to take over danger…
Apachecats: not many ton up chances among the Norfs.
OhSoRozee: will b 10 pts between cripps/macrae and danger good record vs hawks but alot more risk
StuL: Capt Cripper. Vault it
brano: Raspel….picked Neale VC as well…still bloody torn on the C…Danger loves a big game on Easter Monday
BigChief: Carlton never play well at the dome.
OhSoRozee: happy 2 b wrong but gonna back cripps to not ton up
StuL: Danger too much time fwd these days.
Raspel31: Agreed Stuhl- McCrae probably safer but going Cripps.
StuL: Where DO Carlton play well?
Breezey: Carlton may not play well there but Cripps still gets plenty of it even when they’re poor
OhSoRozee: mumford gonna go large ex teamates vs lobb
Raspel31: I still feel we can win this.
BigChief: @StuL never lost on the moon 😛
brano: lol Raspel
Pusti: @ Yep, if we play our cards right.
BigChief: Here come Norf Raspel
OhSoRozee: aherns turned into a gws to carlton like delistment performer now
Raspel31: Lol Chief
aces-high: This is why ahern isn’t a lock he’s ordinary
lwillo: Omg so funny chief lol
OhSoRozee: bombers will b best entertaining game will have the highest points for come rd23
hinsch: need a mid emerg Atkins or Gibbons
original: Time to save goldy and put him on the pine
OhSoRozee: atkins should get more mid with constable out dont think guthrie will go mid
JockMcPie: why the fuck did I tip north, never again, joke of a football club
BigChief: Constable is out?
hinsch: Constable out that why I need a Emerg
DrSeuss: Yeah where did you see Constable is out?
shang0: Atkins for the E
Raspel31: You tipped Norff Jock?. I have the number of several Freudian psychoanylists.
Breezey: Constable to be replaced by Guthrie
StuL: Our Feckless coach is ‘resting’ Constable.
The0Grrr: Hawks Cats teams not finalised til Sat arvo
NoneyaB: hes out drseuss poor darling has played a whole 4 weeks of footy poor dear needs a rest
Fatbar5tad: Constable rested for Guthrie
BigChief: Where is the source for Constable out?
the worm: afl website about three hours ago
DrSeuss: Just saw the article – Scott saying that Constable will be ‘probably’ rested….
BigChief: Oh who said the Thomas goal last night was the correct call. The AFL confirmed it was wrong call.
NoneyaB: constable is out for real not a troll
OhSoRozee: afl page in more news guthrie in for constable was planned rest either r4 or 5
StuL:, Fox Footy. He’s out.
jesseboy: Surely Shiel is best on, not zerrett
Raspel31: Trust you Stuhl- Constable moves to the bench.
Breezey: I seen it on the AFL Fantasy site
DrSeuss: Hmmm Emergency onto Stack or Butters….
StuL: Oh yea, Geelong FC news feed too.
hinsch: Scott make $$ how much $20-$25
The0Grrr: If it’s Cam Guthrie I might change my tip to the Hawks!
OhSoRozee: zerrett has set up shiel so id say him best on
heppelitis: Raz for mine jesse…top game for small forward.
NoneyaB: barrass is out lol not sure why anyone would have him but anyway
OhSoRozee: ya elder guthrie
StuL: Stack. Don’t like the prospects of anyone in teal at the cauldron.
original: Constable out for Monday. Fuming as could have picked a dif VC than grundy
Raspel31: I’m leaning Zerit- for inside work and sharp handballs.
OhSoRozee: how did ham beat 3 o wait its turner
BigChief: I have LDU as E, but might need to make Gibbons E also.
OhSoRozee: @stul duursma will b 80+ rebounding
StuL: OH well. Zerrett might be back it seems.
DrSeuss: Cheers Stu – Not sure about scoring against Swans in Sydney either. Flip a coin perhaps
OhSoRozee: cunnington dives fwd alot when tackled
StuL: Oh it’s in Sydney. I didn’t realise. I guess just the fact you know Stack can go big
StuL: Hope so Rozee because I have him on the park
Tree Fiddy: Merrett that will do for VC!
OhSoRozee: backing ports mids over eagles mids but eagles fwds over ports fwd/def
Raspel31: Exactly twice the score- we like that!
The39Steps: Barrass out for WC.
lukefield9: Need Cunnington to scale up to 104 to win my bet
Haydo: What was the bet lukefield
Apachecats: wonder ifRotham goes in?
frenzy: We are shizenhausen

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