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Chat log from R5 of 2019: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R5 of 2019

circle52: Atmosphere at Gabba invredible hoping for a great game.
Sixty656: Large Phallus to kick a few tonight
OhSoRozee: gday every1 finally was able to get an activate email through
Yelse: who’s everyone VC neal or grundy?
Sixty656: Neale only because no Greenwood.
OhSoRozee: went neale pies mids concede + martin will win couple dozen
Gelly: neale for me
hinsch: VC on Neale now there is no Greenwood
Sixty656: Why does brisbane have an extra player?
Dank: Evening lads, good period of footy to come
OhSoRozee: they got 22 its just the scaling on graph sizes
OhSoRozee: collingwood is missing some1
noobcoach: someone missingonbench of collingwood – beams is missing
Sixty656: ok ta
Yelse: pies looking good
hinsch: brisbane might need an extra player don’t tell them
Gelly: just me or does the audio sound a bit weird?
OhSoRozee: sounds like the microphone for crowd is on top of stadium
Pezza28: good start lachy neale
pcaman2003: Evening lads. Only one player here. VC on Neale tonight. GLTA
Gelly: yeh crowd noise is all muffled
Carnboys15: hopefully moore gets less than 60
gotigers04: @carnboys15 he will get 80
OhSoRozee: in love with moores 10 without a real stat
th3rio: not that im complaining but how is moore on 10 haha’
original: Evening lads. I’ll be here to pot other teams and players all night while barracking for Carlton
frenzy: champ data has moore clearly, lol
OhSoRozee: 5 weeks for that ump
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Sweet talked CD before game.
m0nty: well that’s original, original
PlungeMe: how many points does the ump get for that?
Gelly: bit unlucky bris, goal that hit the post and umpire block
DrSeuss: No Neale, so put the VC on Grundy… good times
pcaman2003: Keep chalking up those pts Lachie.
original: No ruckman has scored more than like 75 vs stef Martin this year. Grundy only person I can vc so have to cop it
th3rio: Moore for PM
Hadouken: VC grundy looking irresistable
th3rio: could have went Gawn if you have setters original
PlungeMe: Moore finally gonna get a kick
frenzy: moore gifts
poolboybob: Nice handball cox
OhSoRozee: surely moore tons up from here
StuL: Thank flower I took VC off Grundles afer realising it was at the Gabba
StuL: Flower off Neale. FFS. Time to slow down
Wends: Evening all, berry good goal.
original: Th3rio think I’ll trade setters. But good call out. Did think about that. In reflection I should hold but now won’t lol
aces-high: Don’t get the difference between Moore/Andrews getting +5 for spoils and anyone else getting like 1 point like crispy
Sixty656: Phallus no good with slippery balls
OhSoRozee: evening wends
Yelse: neale into gawn for me
NewFreoFan: Lions hard done by with the imps so far this game
Sixty656: Phallus gets a griiiippp
clay007: Freo-is Tyrion Lanister playing? The Imp!
JockMcPie: good coxy
th3rio: haha yeah same man, dont know what to do about setters 🙁
NewFreoFan: Haha, fat thumbed the old phone
original: Wish pendles helped Grundy get effective tap outs. Straight thru the hands
circle52: High tCkles need to go both ways
StuL: Going to move Setters to m11 and park him. No point trading him for 50 grand
OhSoRozee: mihocek lucky ground gave way there
PlungeMe: oi oi moore
original: Pies fans any chance you’ll trade Carlton B.Sier? Not gettin a game…? Lol
Sixty656: @original you need a new coach not more players
PlungeMe: probably both would help
the worm: no coach is doing anything with carltons list
OhSoRozee: massive scores qtr 1 conceded by bris b2b weeks
frenzy: shoulda VC’d Moore
God_: Brizzy very stiff with umps so far
Victorious: Oh man, im absolutely punishing the porcelain. Anyone else?
circle52: When will umps stadt
Monfries96: Thoughts on the Mihocek goal/point at the start? Thought they reviewed every goal
Haydo: Given up on vc grundy cripps for captain?
jwv92: Brisbane getting bloody robbed blind! Doesn’t help when the umps are shepherding either.
original: Neale with the sneaky +1 three times despite not getting the pill lol
Gelly: i want to know why that goal that hit the post was not reviewed
jwv92: Supposed to Monfries….. Supposed too…. 2 goals the pies got that they shouldn’t have.
circle52: When will umps start paying throws. Seems to be missing in general thi year
Pinkman: So nice to have an impartial look at the umpiring. They suck. Briizzy stiff
Monfries96: @jwv would like them to do a ball up when the umps get in the way
Haydo: 5 bucks for anyone who can guess who i traded butters for
Victorious: Im glad i went neale VC over Grundy (so far)
OhSoRozee: ross haydo
jwv92: @monfries, agree mate. Should have been pulled up straight away. Pies clearly got an unfair advantage.
Yelse: butters gotta go?
Haydo: Nah sorozee
Haydo: Hint -plays for giants
OhSoRozee: butters does look like he needs a week off kids knackered
frenzy: Hately
Beast_Mode: Nah give butters another chance, reality is he’s only played one bad game. Fails again then yeah dump him
Sixty656: Ward
OhSoRozee: hind
original: Taranto ?! Or it could be any Carlton future player
J_Herer: Butters out for me, Ross looked like a footy player
Haydo: Yep i got ward lol
J_Herer: Lots of rookie traps this week, 1 game and gone with resting players
JockMcPie: butters to come out and score 95+ this round
Haydo: Hoppe
clay007: S Martin, handballs to Neale, no points. Grundy does it, different story
OhSoRozee: o u went hately haydo misread giants for saints
OhSoRozee: only reason butters was down last week was he looked very tired couldnt evade any1
Haydo: Hopper owned by less than one percent
original: Maynard disposal almost as bad as Dow’s hehe
circle52: rows. Seems to be missing in generi year
circle52: rows. Seems to be missing in generai year
circle52: rows. Seems to be missing in genei year
OhSoRozee: nice pod but i think he will get less with hately in
Dank: Can the umo
J_Herer: Really tough game for the port kids this week, eagles big bodies will hurt them further
LaHug: anyone know why withers has been off all qtr?
Dank: Can the umps just put down the whistle for one second so I can watch some footy
clay007: You can say that again Circles
jbjimmyjb: go crispy :))
Haydo: Lol circle having trouble typing too many to drink already?
Haydo: Yeah but ward out rozee
StuL: No. It’s ‘free kick ball’. Flower off Hocking.
pcaman2003: C’mon Neale and pick up the pace champ.
Wends: Thursday night, big game Dank. No.
OhSoRozee: ya but hopper only took over wards role when he went down
J_Herer: Zorko the new Neale
NewFreoFan: Someone needs to reset Circles, he’s on the glitch
OhSoRozee: gun rayner
Sixty656: Pies will lose by 5 goals if they keep kicking for goal like they are now…
Ash777: I bought in rocky this week and made him vc so he’s probbably going to do crap
JockMcPie: first thing raynar’s done all year
Haydo: Suppose so rozee be so annoyed if he goes less than butters
OhSoRozee: had a feeling boak will cop the tag from hutchings so rocky will fire
JockMcPie: stevo found form lets go
NewFreoFan: There’s been some super soft frees this game
Gelly: free kick collingwood
Ash777: wines will cop the tag I think
Monfries96: Stef Martin proving hard to score against, 93 the most he’s let up
duckky: I got Rocky as VC but my Loop Bines is playing at the same time. 🙁
circle52: Sorry phone got stuck apologies
OhSoRozee: nah wines is lacking from injury hit preseason no impact
th3rio: lets not forget grundy was on 10 last week at qtr time and finished on 160
Yelse: neal disappointing so far
DrSeuss: Obviously should have VC’ed Treloar rather than Grundy
duckky: So the rule of the week is pushing while kicking?
pornhub: Lions getting murdered by the umps
original: Can anyone refresh my memory on variants of handball sc scoring? Eg effective contested = ? Intercept then effective hb=
OhSoRozee: surprised with treloars pt dif usually more fantasy to sc
Sixty656: @Duckky – it got the tiges a double goal last week…
jwv92: Fuck me this game is unwatchable.
NewFreoFan: Free kick Collingwood
Gotigres: Hodge should be resting, not talking
original: Imagine zorko being your clubs captain. Yuck
Wends: That’s what you tell *us* circle 🙂
aces-high: Treloars best dt/sc ratio ever? Lol
pornhub: Agree. Way too many interviews.. should only be after halftime
th3rio: moore loves to go quiet
OhSoRozee: 1.5 handball recieve 4.5 loose ball get 0 ineffective -4 clanger
OhSoRozee: 1.5 handball
jwv92: How did Cameron not get a free being slung by the collar WITHOUT the bloody ball!!
Ash777: some poor discipline by lions is not helping
original: @ohsorozee thanks champ. Legend
jocka: @original Imagine not winning a game so far this year. Yuck, Owen, yuck.
th3rio: so true jwv92
pcaman2003: Not looking at game,but is Neale being tagged?
pornhub: Lions burning the ball way too much
Ash777: wtf that was softest ever free
OhSoRozee: afl is turning into nfl stop go
pornhub: No tag on Neale
Monfries96: Witherden having a bit of a mare
jwv92: For sure, Lions are wasteful and being too clever too much.
God_: Pies brought their own umps with them
noobcoach: ffs mccarthy
jwv92: Ash777 the McCarthy free? Utterly ridiculous
pcaman2003: Thanks pornhub.
pornhub: Phillips having a great game!
Sixty656: If Neale can get going in the second half will be very close game.
J_Herer: Neale wearing purple tonight, 35 touches, 32 by hand IMO
BigChief: Evening all. Wow Treloar not butchering ball. What a shock.
OhSoRozee: brisbane have this if under 4 goals at 3qtr time
pcaman2003: If Neale not tagged,then very quiet since 15min of 1st qtr
zadolinnyj: pretty sure i cursed neale. sorry guys
JockMcPie: Neale 3 possessions that quarter, not being tagged
Carnboys15: flower moore
frenzy: pwr off champ data
PlungeMe: moore just jumped to 50 so thats good
wadaramus: Brisbane quiet since then, more scrappy AFL footy.
original: Moore goes BANG to finish +12 and a nod to the dressing room
jwv92: PCA, Neale quiet but mostly because Brisbane are wasting the ball by foot.
StuL: stay down Neale. Come back to earth a bit.
jwv92: Also not slot of ball ups. Too many free kicks preventing Neale getting involved.
pornhub: Moore could be AA.. having a great year
the worm: If zorko can get going in the second half will be very close game.
spudaroos: Rayner is huge, massive body for a 20 year old.
SilverLion: Good half by the umps
OhSoRozee: holy treloars sc score best efficiency ever
frenzy: I reckon CD traded Rance to Moore
OhSoRozee: treloar surpisngly gonna price rise on 162 break even
9inch: Howe WTF man
original: Naughton biggest from that draft (so far)
circle52: My summary of first half really poor skills and decision making by Lions.
circle52: Pies poor goal kicking keeping us in game.
pcaman2003: Okay Mr Neale. Massive second half please
OhSoRozee: flick the half time switch already lions
original: Pcaman did Neale get points for a “tackle” then?
the worm: their half time switch is to the “off” position
italz: Our defence is a complete joke
JockMcPie: good start boys
pcaman2003: Not sure original. He went to ground and knocked ball on.
JRedden: stay down neale
OhSoRozee: ya thats why i said flick it on @theworm
original: AT dominating
J_Herer: Pies doing it 1 man down
the worm: you didnt actually 🙂
Apachecats: Evening all ,just logged on .VC on Neale wasted by the looks?
OhSoRozee: Treloar is like dangerfield territory kicks ineffective just been lucky 2night
pornhub: Collingwood have been impressive tonight.. Mihocek having a great game
BigChief: Did Treloar bring his own footy?
original: Apache don’t call it too early. Gets heaps of points
OhSoRozee: soft free to crisp that was all shoulder
Ash777: pies extra 3 players making an impact
Sixty656: Pies gonna run out of legs now wih a man down playing in the heat?
JockMcPie: Jamie what a kick
lwillo: hey everybody, does anybody know why beams is getting booed?
Apachecats: still hoping original.
original: Ohsoreozee agree but danger is a class above and has much More polish. AT normally butcher, Altho May have changed style
Wends: Long way to catch up @Ash
wadaramus: Come on Brisbane, LIFT!
BigChief: Ummm he left Lions to go to Pies.
J_Herer: ex captain of Lions
Wends: *sorry, meant Sixty
Tree Fiddy: I was seconds away in lockout from trading crisp out but i just missed… His BE is huge but a ton would be amazing!
J_Herer: Aish will cost me moneyball wins flower
OhSoRozee: dangerfield justifies his lack of efficiency by his burst CP forgetting last week
lwillo: yeh spot on!! seems silly when he was the ex captain and tried his best there
Dredd: thanks for the match umpires
OhSoRozee: excited about mccluggage
Dredd: you’ve killed us again… Stupid free’s last week and stupid free’s again
BigChief: Well he said he was staying at Lions at B&F then requests trade.
SilverLion: Lol missed HTB there
Sixty656: Long way to go @wends
Monfries96: McCluggage all class
J_Herer: Pies deserve the win, bigger membership…
jwv92: Yup Dress, umps have been the difference all night
Dredd: im done with the AFL… my team should be in front and have momentum but the umps do a good job to shift both
the worm: you almost make it sound like there arent stupid frees every week
OhSoRozee: that aish ko looks like a long lingering being back of the head twice
original: What’s up with Lyons?
BigChief: I didn’t watch 1st half but you seriously think the Umps have made 6 goals difference Dredd?
jwv92: Worm, there’s stupid frees and then there is momentum shifting frees. Tonight we are getting the momentum and
Dredd: the umps are ruining every game… its obvs worse when its your team but its happening every game and its a joke
jwv92: Losing it from shit frees
OhSoRozee: lyons being pushed out by berry
J_Herer: Sidey bleeding cash
Sixty656: Here come the lions
the worm: there are stupid frees every week, everyone is effected equally, guess its just the lions turn tonight
Sixty656: If teams have interchange limits, umps need free kick limits!!
Dredd: doing an umpire review for this game would be easy
pcaman2003: Neale is pulling me down now. C’mon Neale!
jwv92: Chief, I’d say roughly 5 goal assists from frees and 1 shepherd in the 1st quarter.
Dredd: we lose by less than 4 goals than the umps can truly get all the votes tonight
MercAm: You cannot honestly say.
Sixty656: Sidebum needed to be traded 2 weeks ago…
original: That not being a free to rich is a joke. Not in my team either
MercAm: The umps are ruining this game, they are up by a fair few goals
Apachecats: Grundy not going to be massive either ,any one VC grundy?
OhSoRozee: lmao easiest free kick decision
frenzy: andrews string?
Schillaci: H Andrews hamstring
Dredd: I wonder why people dont care much anymore…
JockMcPie: Langdon what was that ….
BigChief: @Sixty he has scored 132 and 108 last 2 weeks in SC
Sixty656: Here come the lions, again…
Dredd: amazing what affect umpires have
Sixty656: @chief sorry was talking fantasy, my bad.
Dredd: anyone know what the score should be?
Haydo: Gonna get mauled for this… Im an umpire, its not the umpires its the afl constantly changing the rules and making them
Haydo: Impossible to umpire everything correctly
original: Sidey tagging neale?
jwv92: How was that not 50 to Walker?
OhSoRozee: id like to see all the rules they paying frees for now b scrapped and actually pay the HTB ones that are actually frees
NathanMM: Is there a way to highlight players on the stats board?
Dredd: sorry. ball hitting the post isnt a behind? player ducking isnt play on? player half tackling is holding the ball?
Apachecats: no mauling here Haydo.
gdshifty: Lift Adams!!!1
circle52: Another umpire sheppard
Sixty656: @haydo ding ding ding we have a winner
BigChief: Great call @Haydo. How are the umpires meant to be consisant when they keep changing the rules.
the worm: dont worry haydo, no reasonable person expects umpires to be perfect, mistakes are natural and part of the game
the worm: even players make mistakes beleive it or not!
OhSoRozee: eek andrews gone fwd
Monfries96: Umps missed 3 frees in the lions 50 then
Dredd: @the worm, natural and part of the game when they are single handily deciding the result of games?
pcaman2003: Lions leaving Pies players loose everywhere.
StuL: Australia is the ‘world’s best practice’
jwv92: Haydo I get mistakes and not every call can be correct but seriously some really poor calls made, see Dress’s comment
the worm: umpiring mistakes happen in every single game thats ever been played, so yes, natural and part of the game
StuL: We’re an enormous nanny/wowser state so of course it’s the most stupidly regulated game on earth.
colin wood: Stop sooking Dredd.. you’re getting killed all over the park
original: Rich lol so so dumb
Dredd: doesnt matter… whats the point of trying to love a game that is being ruined people who clearly have no idea
jwv92: So Worm, if they got 50% of the calls correct in a game you would be ok with that?
Haydo: Lol im only a boundary umpire for the local organization so i dont get any abuse just seeing it from a different point o
Dredd: first 4 rounds the umps stopped teams comebacks and cost teams games… Port v Tigers, Hawks v Dogs just to name 2
Haydo: F view
Apachecats: Got a discussion going anyway haydo.
OhSoRozee: margin dictates where i think regardless of bad frees
italz: We aren’t good enough, especially defensively. Umps have been average but so have we
old_shepp: Dredd. The Mihocek goal was downfield anyway. Just saved everyone some time
BigChief: I guess that’s not a free to Elliott either @Dredd?
the worm: im happy that the umpires do their best, expecting any more than that is futile
jwv92: Pies in front now regardless go ump goal assists but it’s the momentum affect that really irks me.
colin wood: This a demolition sit back and enjoy the show
Ash777: the play on kick in rule and rucks not penalized for grabbing the ball from the bounce are good changes in recent years
Dredd: Mihocek is certainly superman. Any player that gets away with hitting the post deserves it for their powers of illusion
frenzy: flower me moore hasn’t been near the flowering pill
pornhub: Dredd is a flat earther
pcaman2003: Game over folks. A non event!
circle52: Although umpiring not the best it is not a reason we arr losing poor skills and decision making is costly
OhSoRozee: tbh i dont like the kick in rule i reckon there is less ball ups in the 50 producing less shots as its being played
OhSoRozee: more between the arcs
Haydo: Players make heaps of mistakes much worse than the umpires sadly the rules mean the mistakes the umpires make are more
italz: This is the worse case scenario, getting smashed when we finally sell out a game
Haydo: Frequent and have more of an impact
Sixty656: Brisbane 4 hitouts for the game… wat?
Dredd: flat earther cause my team has been robbed 4 crucial goals and overall momentum… no worries mate
lwillo: Lions still coming back? Come on vc grundy
BigChief: Of course not frenzy. It’s living in Pies fwd line.
mattmac24: Can’t blame the umps for a 50 point margin. Playing at home too, should be closer even with bad calls
Raspel31: Evening all- well, there goes the Neale loop.
the worm: i dunno haydo, an umpire mistake leads to a turnover, so does a player mistake
colin wood: Lol and that wasn’t a free either …
Yelse: cripps or gawn for C
VodkaHawk: I agree with Dredd about the goals resulting from dumb umpire decisions changing momentum.. especially late in games
Monfries96: Lions should’ve been up and about after the Rayner goal
jwv92: Agree Matt, at this point it’s now on the lions. While it was less than 4 goals it was on the umps. No excuse now.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Too right. He’s screwed me over good this game.
OhSoRozee: go cripps remember english ruck
pcaman2003: @Yelse. I’m leaning towards Cripps,just.
Apachecats: you got Danger yelse?
BigChief: B. Crouch or Taranto as poss C?
OhSoRozee: id still b worried about preuss affecting gawn in a handful of games
Raspel31: I’m leaning Cripps over McCrae, Danger, Gawn.
Wends: Evening Raspel. Courtesy Calvin atleast I removed VC from Grundy. Thinking Macrae VC into Danger (RDT)
Haydo: Cant wait till anzac day is on the wednesday after easter monday so we get.footy every day of the week
circle52: Looks like another game where frees will exceed 50. Am i alone in thinking a lot more frees this year.
beerent11: Can’t seperate Cripps Or McRae so thinking danger with no tag
Yelse: yeah got danger as well its tough damn
OhSoRozee: anzac is thursday @haydo
Apachecats: is that all you’ve got Big Chief?
wadaramus: Great game McCarthy you HACK!
beerent11: Or Whitfield vs dorkers
Haydo: Yeah i know rozer but in the future
clay007: Sidearse-15 possessions for just 39 points. Why?
Apachecats: Danger goes well against Hawks. yelse.
Sixty656: Finally switched Stef up to Gawn this week in AF… PHEW!!
Pokerface: but then it wont be on the thursday haydo…
BigChief: @ Apache nope Have Cripps, Danger, Rocky, Laird and Steele. Looking for POD captain.
OhSoRozee: that is the exact slide in rule
Haydo: What score should we rake from vc grundy 120?
Raspel31: Good call Wends- I’ve lost that luxury.
beerent11: Rocky might get the Hutchings
Pokerface: you need a pod that left field this early in the round? just look to next week BC..
clay007: Why is Sidebottom’s scoring so low?
Apachecats: I’d put aall of them in front of the other 2 Big chief.
Monfries96: Would like some junktime kick to kick involving Witherden
Wends: On the plus side, you can relax between now and Monday Raspel 🙂
Haydo: Wouldnt they have a normal thursday game pokerface
Sixty656: Sidey been pushed out of the mid with beams coming in
OhSoRozee: WCE are dudd if they tag rocky over boak/wines minimal affect his possys are 15metres
beerent11: Think I’m gonna ride the crippa express till it goes under 150
Apachecats: Lions going to struggle to get any one to ton up.
beerent11: Guess we’ll see rozee
duckky: Bit unfair to give Mibocek the vulture
Pokerface: theyd want more than 2 saturday games
J_Herer: Neale wow, so low
OhSoRozee: id tag boak he gut runs from 50 to 50 having affect everywhere with freedom
beerent11: His price will drop nicely herer
Wends: Would you bring in Withers or Laird first (RDT)?
Apachecats: Neale wont drop.BE of 82 ,should get that.
Raspel31: Thanks for that encouraging news beerent- not!
OhSoRozee: laird will b cheapest right now
J_Herer: Laird
BigChief: Witherden avg 6 less but is 80K cheaper.
J_Herer: Neale BE next week 140 odd
OhSoRozee: ya but look at lairds opp the next 5 weeks
Sixty656: Neale gone for me
Pokerface: coming from 680 odd, a ‘nice drop’ doesnt equate to affordable
beerent11: Couple of weeks apache
jbjimmyjb: so is everyone gonna trade out neale now like what happened with heeney/conigs/oliver…
OhSoRozee: doubt neale will go under any break even given to him next month and half
Yelse: neale an still get 130 +next week relax
VodkaHawk: 6 more disposals from witherden, 3 more from Beams, come onnn
Ash777: lol 1 poor game and he’s gone?
BigChief: @Rozee Adel next 5 not that bad TBH
mule: monty, brody mihocek doesn’t deserve the vulture, he played well when the game was up for grabs!
Pokerface: neale and grundy out this week. yep, sounds the go.
BestCoast: I think we will have Port covered without to much tagging
Apachecats: maybe beerent ,its hard to maintain a 140 average ,if you’ve had him since the start you’re laughing.
Sixty656: no losing money – im talking fantasy so i can burn trades.
OhSoRozee: ya i meant look at lairds potential tag match up he will go large
aces-high: Get Grundy back on the ground flog Buckley want 110+
BestCoast: Neale fantasy pig having a lean one but he will be back
Wends: Yeah, Withers that much cheaper but think Laird BE and fixture seem to be winning out…
BigChief: Ahhh ok. Misunderstood. Thought you were against Laird.
Wends: Playing Pies fan with Treloar VC 😐 …. aaand Grundy C.
Apachecats: Comeon Neale you can still ton up.
OhSoRozee: laird will probz avg 38 over the next 5
beerent11: Great time to upgrade to laird if you can get there I reckon
BigChief: LMAO Wends. Only a Pies fan would C and VC Thursday game.
original: If neale gets 100sc cripps deserves 300sc a week lol
BestCoast: I have Treloar VC in SC
mattmac24: Glad Grundy and Neale aren’t doing well enough, cause I didn’t pick either as VC.. lol
Apachecats: Went Laird to Whitfield last week ,not sorry.
BigChief: Nice work Best Coast.
Apachecats: Between tose 2 mattmac plenty have burnt their VC ,me included.
chemical-m: Really glad to see crisp score well finally
beerent11: Grundy creeping to a ton
Apachecats: *those two
OhSoRozee: not 2 fussed vc is only an insurance
Wends: Heh heh Big Chief, to be fair, one of their 7 players tonight is Rayner. Not completely one eyed.
BestCoast: Went the risk @BigChief has been lean same as Oliver hopefully he can join the party this week to
Raspel31: Sad about Neale but kind of glad I didn’t lose a fortune by buying Grundy.
Monfries96: Nice Witherden
BigChief: That’s not a goal. Ball wasn’t past padding.
OhSoRozee: that touch on the line was exactly the naughton touch last week
JockMcPie: ball doesn’t have to pass the padding, just has to pass the post, which it was 🙂
MercAm: That was a goal needs to be in-line with whatever part it is being crossed by, therefore that was a def goal
colin wood: Wow CD have bumped Neales score up just a tad
Migz: agreed. fire the video reviewer. goalie called touched. no way that could be overturned to a goal
MercAm: But seriously it is not going to matter that much
BestCoast: Happy Easter all great weekend of footy good time to smile and chill
GOD: GOD has the C on A. Treloar tonight!
Migz: so wrong merc. the line is in line with the padding. the line doesnt get thinner when the padding stops
original: What happens if ball crosses the line fully and then in backspin a part then goes on the line..?
OhSoRozee: pumped for 2 games tomorrow albeit bad teams
mattmac24: Apache. I mistakenly reversed my trade and forgot to put the VC back on Grundy, now it’s on Cripps into Danger
God_: No God doesn’t
Raspel31: Good call Bestcoast
Wends: Happy Easter BestCoast… my fave secret chillout is bushwalking while listening to game calls 🙂
BestCoast: Jumping of Cripps GOD
pcaman2003: Neale Mark,kick and behind for 2 pts. Pfffrt!
OhSoRozee: touch on the line needs the soccers linew review
tommy10: Onya Crisp
the worm: gods too stupid to realise that treloars shouldve been vc tonight
StuL: But God didn’t have the power to stop his French church burning down?
Wends: Clearly God bats for both teams. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
BestCoast: Cheers Wends any walking is great mind releasing
Tree Fiddy: crisp! really needed that 🙂

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