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Chat log from R4 of 2019: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2019

pcaman2003: Go big Worpel. I need you in this game.
lukat: need scrimshaw and cousins to get 80s. not looking good so far
beerent11: Got a good feeling about the worpedo this game pcaman
Migz: wtih JOM gone wouldnt steel tag worpel if needed?
pcaman2003: Hope so beerent11. Need him and Scrimshaw to get 150 between them. Big ask!
Raspel31: This game about as relevant as my great aunt’s tea party- mind you I’ll be there.
pcaman2003: Breust you donkey
duckky: Its the battle for the bottom…
pcaman2003: CD owe Worps a tackle. Should have 2
beerent11: There ain’t no party like my nan’s Tea party. Hey ho!
GOOD: lift jack james and ben
duckky: Worpel you dud – I should have put PArker on the ground.
BigChief: Which Jack, James and Ben @Good?
Apachecats: Leading CP and CL ? R.Marshall buy of the century.
StuL: Worpel 2nd year player. You all blew your load early.
Haydo: Ffs cd what is billings fantasy to supercoach conversion rate???
frenzy: you the man Wingard, Lol strawberry donut right now m0nty
BigChief: StuL on the negative pills. Cats must have lost 😛
Pokerface: @apache until longer is back
poolboybob: Billings using the ball terribly as per usual
Pokerface: did you even look at his disposal efficiency haydo?
beerent11: Nice to have stul here to point out all our mistakes
spudaroos: What possessed me to field Setterfield over Parker. Fell for another overhyped spud Carlton youngster.
cobrakai00: Wingard get a touch you arrogant douche
BigChief: How did Wingard get 3 for duckeggs?
DrSeuss: Obviously should have traded Worpel this week instead of Cousins
Raspel31: You put Setterfield on the field Spud? I am lost for words. I simply mourn.
Gelly: worpel just chillin on the bench
megawatts: wtf worpel lift
Apachecats: Parker hurt ,not good.
pcaman2003: Worpel is killing my round
SwaggyP: Parker looks done.
runt: Parker limped off
DrSeuss: How is Marshall going in this game? Big Boy dominating him?
Gelly: great parker injured
pcaman2003: Opponent has Parker on field,so not unhappy.
Haydo: What score is everyone looking at this week im going for about 2250
Apachecats: Seuss not too good in ruck but going well around the ground.
jayshi: Put petrucelle on the field last night rather than parker, didn’t think I made the right choice until now
Apachecats: Seuss he just won the last 3 hitouts
Migz: brought in marshall for dunkley this week 5 mins before bulldogs game. Lookin good so far!
Pokerface: frawley in rooms
pcaman2003: @Haydo. Started off good,but only looking at proj of 2173 now
Apachecats: yeah migz same ,Rayner to Marshall.
spudaroos: Almost went Greene to Marshall. Didn’t want to trust in a St Kilda ruck, seems he isn’t a spud like Hickey or Longer tho
pcaman2003: Scrimma good 1st qtr. Stopped in this one.
lukat: Keep pushing cousins!
Beast_Mode: cousin looks done fml
Apachecats: Cousins off now ffs
lukat: oh wow just saw he is injured
pcaman2003: Players falling like flies
Pokerface: geez will hawks have 18 players on field?
pcaman2003: We won’t have a midfield left soon.
megawatts: is cousins done for the game?
Apachecats: Radio thinks yes megawatts
beerent11: 30 point qtr for worpel so far
beerent11: Looked
Pokerface: mark?!
colin wood: I have 2 players in this game and there both injured. Luck of the gods
pcaman2003: Go Worps and Scrimma. That’s much better.
Pokerface: #freekickhawthorn
beerent11: Gee pcaman you’ll be 17 on the field soon at this rate
Pokerface: wtf now nash in the rooms!
jayshi: at this rate of injury, we’ll all have to rely on setterfield and gibbons
VodkaHawk: I wish
Donzoes: Trading in Marshall is making my week
DrSeuss: Worpel great quarter – offset by Parker YAY
beerent11: Worpel’s a real goer
bones351: suddenly wishing i hadWilkie ad Scrimshaw on field instead of Clark and Collins
Apachecats: Cousins back on bench.
Pusti: Daniel Howe: Doing jobs in midfield ……. I hope he cleans up after himself
DrSeuss: Scrimshaw on the bench. Parker on the field. Story of my round this week.
pcaman2003: Well done Jack and Worps. Pity about Setterfield being so useless.
thommoae: I can top that Dr Seuss. I have both Setters and Powell. One ko’d, one reported.
poolboybob: Billings should start every game with the cleaver
Haydo: Shouldve started scrimshaw rather than jordan clarke
Haydo: Same seuss
DrSeuss: You win Thommoae – although I have plenty of others this weekend. Yep had Clark too
StuL: rookie fwds all terrible. Should have taken the chance on Marshall. Who the hell expects a young ruck to be good though?
megawatts: are either of cousins or parker still continuing?
StuL: And Scrimshaw benched. Bleeding points from stupidity.
Gotigres: Only one fwd topping 70 points this week. Disgraceful.
Haydo: Come on parker get going
JockMcPie: Get involved parker, your leg is finee
beerent11: Great to see Scully back
DrSeuss: Let’s go Marshall get that DT score up as well
pcaman2003: Scully doing okay. May prove to be good value yet
megawatts: yes cousins lets ton up
pcaman2003: Just checked. Surprisingly going to beat my league opponent
Apachecats: Marshall just got clobbered
DrSeuss: Is he still on ground Apache?
Pokerface: falcon!
Haydo: 140 between billings and parker for 2300
StuL: Carlton lost for anyone not looking
beerent11: Scully 334k about where bcrouch started
beerent11: Only ave 40odd but worth keeping an eye on
Pokerface: dont do spoilers stu
pcaman2003: Don’t go backwards Worps.
beerent11: Hey stul check the chat rules about spoilers mate
Apachecats: Nothing been said Seuss
Pokerface: red cross for strats going by what mclaughlin just said
Apachecats: Must be OK Seuss ,didn’t get a mention in 3/4 run through.
heppelitis: cousins and gresham need 24 in last for me to get the win…click on to see cousins losing 4 points at 3 qtr time fml
beerent11: Should get your 150 from worpel/scrim pcaman
Donzoes: scrimshaw, marshall and worpel vs 280, thoughts?
DrSeuss: Cheers Apache need every bit of help I can get this round.
Apachecats: Marshall taken 2 screamers in first 90 secs-and a goal.BOG for me.
amigaman: Traded in Marshall this week. Very happy.
mattmac24: Chance of Worpel making 95+?
Haydo: Get to 50 Parker
DrSeuss: Marshall – obviously not happy with getting clobbered. Go big fella
amigaman: Shame SC won’t give him Ruck status. AF almost certainly will.
Gelly: parker off the bench
Pokerface: learn to mark ceglar
LuvIt74: My worst round this week, I will be lucky to hit 2000, im on 1940 with only Parker left
Apachecats: Thanks Gelly ,every point counts ,I’m in a few tight ones.
beerent11: Worpel might Ton up
beerent11: Me too luvit
amigaman: So far 2083 + Marshall + Worpel + Scrimshaw
DrSeuss: Same LuvIt – will be luck to get 1900 after being top 200 just 2 weeks ago, ugh
mattmac24: Heading for a miracle 2300 with Cripps as C and Worpel doing well
Gelly: i feel like henderson has been hawthorns best scoring player every game so far
DrSeuss: Marshall slowing again. Bit groggy perhaps..
runt: I’ve noticed players getting away with a lot of throws these days.
pornhub: Billings massive this qtr
beerent11: Get worpel back on
Haydo: About the same mattmac need 145 between billings and parker close to it
JockMcPie: fark i really should have traded Dunkley to Marshall in hindsight
Migz: jock i did it 5 mins before doggies played. First trade for the year has netted me almost 50 points + 150k
duckky: Marshall plays Grundy next week. May be a bit down
blonde0na: players are absolutely fired up here
Sixty656: Muppet SicDawg… nice air punch!
VodkaHawk: Lol, nice consistency ump. Cockhead
beerent11: Sicily muppet
Sixty656: Pies play brisbane next week, not saints
Sixty656: Lucky boi
duckky: Sorry – got ahead of myself
Apachecats: Marshall is good all over the ground ,not just relying on hitouts Duckky.
beerent11: Muppet impey
Haydo: Billings massive last quarter
duckky: True
duckky: True Apache
Apachecats: Hang in Saints
beerent11: How do players lose sc points when on the bench? Happens all the time
JockMcPie: SC points are reallocated all the time based on influence, plus there’s a finite number to be shared around
duckky: Its a scaling thing Beer. Theres a certin number of points per quarter, so they adjust the points as the game goes on
beerent11: Great win sainters
beerent11: Cheers jock
Gelly: parker rookie wall
amigaman: Both good results today
StuL: Thanks parker.
VodkaHawk: Unlucky Hawks. Those injuries cost us in the end
beerent11: Thanx dukky
megawatts: i lost by 5 points kms
Carnster: Need 6 points from sicily and breust to get the win
Carnster: come on SC gods

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