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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R4 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Suns!
Beast_Mode: lets go captain cripper!
poolboybob: Will be massive skill on display in this match
Yelse: collins or shrimshaw?
GOOD: cmon collins,need 148 to beat opponent
duckky: I’ve dropped Setters this week. Watch him gobig for you all.
Migz: walsh is a beast. surely if he keeps this up rising star
All Reds: into em carlton
All Reds: and capn cripps
colin wood: need setterfield to go close to a ton
duckky: Walsh hasn’t eveen been nominated yet. Lots ofreal competionthis year
Migz: yeh but its about consistency. He keeps it up they will nominate. No chance of any of the spuds who have 1 great game
Migz: winning it
duckky: Constable is a real chance
Gelly: i changed my vc from grundles last minute to neale and i buggered it up so co capt cripps, 3rd time lucky
duckky: Gibbons has got a touch this early in the game!
Burnsy03: went with ballard as a pod this year. 72 average, but one was a 106
Jackwatt$: Walsh the biggest certainty for Rising Star ever. The Rozees & Scott’s have 1 good game outta 5, Walsh plays well every
Pokerface: one errant elbow and its all over. ask corey mckernan. the 2.00 on offer for walsh is ridiculous.
Apachecats: Tossed up whether to play Walsh or JCousins on the fiels.Went Walsh .Phew!
Pokerface: one twist getting the ball under a pack
thommoae: How come no BEs or ‘Owned By’ notes over Players’ names these days?
Pokerface: not to mention yet to see which of the rookies stand up after 10 games and fatigue sets in
Apachecats: Didn’t you bank Neales 140 @Gelly?
gdshifty: @thommoae i think Monty needs more staff for that
StuL: Carlton consistently second to the ball across the park. Capt Cripps looking ill
Apachecats: yeah PF ,thats when the mature age ones step up.
duckky: Thats why they should change the voting system to reflect the early part of the year.
Gelly: @Apachecats i forgot to bench someone and emergency them so emergency in mid was stuck on butters
Torz: Miller on record tackle pace
duckky: Not just the end of the year
original: plowman is a woeful footballer
Pokerface: @ducky its a season long comp, not who is best in first 5 rounds??
blonde0na: carlton need to tune that one kick in their chain that consistently lets them down
poolboybob: Starting to think that neither of these teams will win the flag this year
Pokerface: thats a good thing, not a bad thing!
Pokerface: lol poolboy
blonde0na: that and carlton desperately need a ruck
thommoae: Monty, more staff! Shouldn’t be too hard – judging by the no. of Ads!
duckky: Yes poker – but half the voters are nuff nuffs who can’t remember last week let alone all year.
StuL: Carlton play with the pea heart. Need some mongrel
duckky: Wouldn’e mind say two or three rounds of voting
Pokerface: pretty sure they do look at each round, not just off the top of their head ducky.
Apachecats: I’ve been caught like that a couple of times too Gelly
Pokerface: before casting their votes
Pokerface: lol thommoae. u should look at browser extensions…
Apachecats: Another of these 6-6-6- hihg sciring games by the looks of it.
duckky: KB wateches every game? LOL. Gil MCGlachlan admitted he doesn’t
Yelse: this was setters last chance anything less than 60 his out
Apachecats: *scoring
Raspel31: Well you dump Weitering for Whitfield and wow- life never ceases to amaze.
jbjimmyjb: of course my opponent has weitering…
Tig-Train: Cripps just ball watching… fucking do something
Pokerface: that’s not an issue with the scoring system, if you think the judges arent up to it it’s judge selection issue.
StuL: C on cripps so gre turned in to a muppet. Fumbling it every time.
Hawks_13: I have been waiting for some people to whinge about Cripps not getting enough of the ball
amigaman: Sorry! put the C on Cripps 1st time this year. Killed him.
StuL: He just looks shaky as heck every time he gets it.
Pokerface: ‘lets talk about sexton’. how long you been sitting on that one huddo? 🙂
StuL: School teacher rubbish for carlton has to end. Soft as butter. May not have talent but no excuse to play with no heart
pcaman2003: Go Walsh you good thing.
Apachecats: Of my 10 SC leagues 6 have the C on Cripps. Puts me back in business.
blonde0na: carlton foot skills absolutely horrid today
Raspel31: I got the Sex Ton Poker- a cheeky side bet who’s delivering.
poolboybob: I was told that Setterfield would be good
Silz90: Great game of footy
thommoae: Define ‘school teacher rubbish’, Stu.
Raspel31: You simply can’t captain a Carlton player- that’s SC suicide.
Yelse: lol burgess
frenzy: they were having a lend, poolboybob
italz: i need 129 from cripps and setterfield combined to win…not looking good…..
Pokerface: lol yelse
Gelly: just need 3 capes from cripps… easy
BigChief: What a star pick up McGovern has been.
Migz: yeh gibbo make some coin you fucking pleb
pcaman2003: Setterfield will be an early upgrade. He won’t make a lot
Migz: haha chief. reverse jinx
Raspel31: God captained MvGovern.
Silz90: You can’t stop cripps he will eventually come good.
BigChief: Cripps should still ton up.
StuL: Setterspud you donkey. We all missed a trick going him instead of Miers
hinsch: I got Collins & Burgess vs Setterfield =60pt not looking safe
BigChief: Only consolation is a lot have Setterfield until Monday.
Pokerface: i got burgess v noone. scores level. who wins?
Gelly: glad burgess is on my bench
poolboybob: Did not know it was possible for a midfielder to touch the ball as infrequently as Shitterfield
jbjimmyjb: poker honestly I’d be very worried if I were you
pcaman2003: Keep going Walsh. Get the friggin ball Setters.
duckky: Burgess looking at my early upgrade
Gelly: has anyone been cheaper than 102k, burgess looking like the first
Raspel31: Mazing comeback C Curnow- don’t have you but well done. Oh Weitering- I had such little faith.
Pokerface: nice efficiency lobbe
Apfoxy: Starting to regret putting the C on Burgess
duckky: Burgess has a BE of -16
Pokerface: waiting for burgess price to go negative before trading in so i can increase my salary cap
Pokerface: @ducky – will be tight
Burnsy03: who wins, c cripps, scrim, burgess and sett, vs crips, walsh, ballard and 140
Gelly: @duckky hopefully he can get there
Apachecats: too early burnsy
jbjimmyjb: burnsy 2nd is looking more likely
Raspel31: The new pop ups on this site are amazing- I just bought a new water bed.
Burnsy03: jbjimmy, hope it is, vs a god mate and hes pretty confidennt
BigChief: Haha great call BigChief on McGovern.
Apachecats: I could not tell you one thing advertised here ,just background for me.Raspel
OnTheRocks: Could we have McGovern back please Carlton?
original: lol gotta get an ad blocker boys
Yelse: burgess looks lost
beerent11: Bloody burgess on field and had hore on the bench the other night didn’t know hore was named
BigChief: Have a holiday Setterfield.
Pokerface: @rocks will you give back eddie, sauce and gibbs?
dipstick: I use Adblock Browser on tablet. otherwise this site is unusable on mobile
original: gee ugly vision
StuL: Good tackle
lukat: Cripps is a gun. never in doubt
chemical-m: Damn, traded weitering for rozee in draft
original: dipstick 100%. have had to stop using on my phone
blonde0na: commentators goin on like he intentionally wanted to concuss the guy… relax lads
duckky: Yay Burgess gone positive
OnTheRocks: @Poker: you can have them back but they’ve been whipped into the ground
BigChief: You’re kidding StuL. Arms pinned and sling tackle.
Pokerface: @Rocks i’m not carlton
megawatts: I reckon fiorini is the most underrated player in the comp
spudaroos: Setterfield another useless Carlton spud. Fielded him over Parker, smh
Pokerface: you have have whipped him, but jacobs still has more to give than 3 lobbes
Beast_Mode: not watching, is Powell done for the game now?
Pokerface: fair call megawatts
StuL: Duty of care nonsense. You need to hug your oppo and put him down gently
Silz90: Maybe your the spud for putting him on field.
Tig-Train: If Walsh wasn’t No.1 pick he would end up as useless as most of Carlton’s “fantastic” picks
BigChief: Doing concussion test, but it looks likely Beast
Pokerface: and yet most people can tackle properly stu
blonde0na: yeah StuL let’s create a sport riddled with CTE, why not
God_: What does that even mean Tig-Train
Pokerface: to think minimising concussion risk is duty of care nonsense is caveman talk
StuL: Yes. Powell wont be back beast
Gelly: powell is cooked, fell over like a drunk trying to get off
spudaroos: @Silz Maybe Carlton are spuds for consistently drafting useless players lmao. Aside from Walsh
Drak: Setterfield isnt a spud, he just needs to be played on the ball, not as a fwd/rotating through mid
pcaman2003: Walsh only 12 pts that qtr. Needs to lift 2nd half
megawatts: I think Tig-Train is Wil Powell’s fanfooty account- A lil concussed rn
BigChief: Maybe still celebrating the Tigs win .
BigChief: Danny Frawley is the only true spud 🙂
frenzy: the mini bus playing him outta position Drak, I like it
frenzy: spud firrito says Hi BigChief
Durndy: Is the weather bad up there or is it another highly skilled contest involving the blose?
BigChief: I said true spud frenzy LOL
Silz90: Cripps, Curnow, McKay, you salty we picked up Docherty and turned him into a AA?
MontyJnr: Setterfield has actually been hopeless. He gets more midfield time than most rookies and he still can’t touch it.
blonde0na: back yourself in and have a shot paddy dow
spudaroos: Wow 3 players, only Cripps is the only real star out of them. What about all the other plodders who have been delisted?
Gelly: the weather is great, suns out not much wind
Silz90: Have you watched a game of footy before buddy. Your too confident for a lions fan.
Apachecats: Cripps and Walsh going beserk.
BigChief: Terrible skills from both teams Durndy.
Gelly: walsh off the ground though in the room
BigChief: Walsh could be limited now.
jayshi: walsh into the rooms after witts slammed him
StuL: Walsh was on for a massive rookie effort. Damn. Looking like a 20 min concussion test
sfenda1: cripps is exceptional
Gelly: hurt his back or glute
Haydo: Yessssss cripps and walsh u beasts
Pokerface: no no runt, the others have ‘potential’ to be stars. story of blues list for 20 years.
spudaroos: @Silz I live in Vic so I’ve been exposed to alot of Carlton tripe on TV. Cripps a genuine gun, the rest not so much.
BigChief: @jayshi it was Walsh landing on his back that hurt him.
Gelly: yes gold coast are starting to spud it up
Pokerface: sorry runt, meant spudaroos. didnt realise there was more than 1 lions fan
blonde0na: why arent umpires calling HTB today
StuL: Walsh coming back. Woo
Beast_Mode: wheres the flog who said never captain Cripps? lol
BigChief: Walsh back on now.
Silz90: Good luck retaining your players spud. Its good to know we have a Brisbane bears supporters in vic
pcaman2003: Good onnya Walsh. To the trade table with you Setters.
spudaroos: @Silz We have players worth retaining, you guys just get reserve plodders from other teams. Good luck with that.
God_: Cripps has been huge this quarter
the worm: im a carlton fan, and even I find the absurdity of a carlton fan criticizing other teams astounding
DrSeuss: Come on Newman need an 80-90 from you.
Silz90: yeo, Docherty, polec..
spudaroos: Ahaha who was saying Setters is good? 5 clangers out of 10 touches. What a talent.
BigChief: Why are Carlton using Gibbons as the key fwd?
Yelse: can’t get the rookies right bench always outscores’;’l;
Yelse: can’t get the rookies right bench always outscore starters
Silz90: How many games of afl you played u tool
BigChief: This is funny. Carl and Bris fans arguing. Neither side has been relevant for over a decade.
megawatts: setterfield wtf 17 from 10 touches
spudaroos: There aren’t enough characters to list the amount of spuds have been delisted or left Carlton the past few years.
Pokerface: @bigchief because they traded away all their real forwards
Silz90: Spud is all talk. I bet you still live with mum and dad.
Silz90: Yeh Brisbane bears haven’t played finals since when? When is the last time u won a final?
Drak: Setterfield is having a mare. He’s not a waste of space on their lost though. He will come good for em.
Raspel31: I slept with a woman last night- so pretty sure I’m straight. But you do havr to love Cripps.
BigChief: @Silz the Bears have not been around since 1995. You are making yourself look stupid.
spudaroos: Silz oh no, you’re mad now. SOS sucks and ruined your club, you’ll come good one day. Maybe you’ll get some talent then
the worm: probably when they beat carlton when we choked in the last quarter
Silz90: Exactly drak. At least you get it as setters will come good.
SilverLion: lol silz
Pokerface: @drak this year? while he is still in our teams!
Zambo: @Silz – 09 against Carlton who gave up a five goal lead in Q4
megawatts: i would actually take setterfields fantasy score to 3QT but far out his sc is bad
Tig-Train: Na don’t talk about setterfield, people in here are touchy about it… he is an absolute star
man0005: Raspel, your mother doesn’t count
Pokerface: spud for silz
DrSeuss: Newman – want to get a touch?
StuL: Every time setters touches it he LOSES points.
Drak: Im not even a Carlton supporter either Silz90
the worm: you beat me to the punch big chief
Silz90: I call them the bears for a reason. I’ve been told the lions supporters hate it
Pokerface: should we call carlton the tankers as blues supporters hate it?
jayshi: collins is a good player
pcaman2003: Cripps and Walsh =Guns
Silz90: Why don’t u bring voss back to the club spud
megawatts: @stul he doesn’t even need to touch it to lose points. He loses points by being on the ground
Gelly: cripps cape i think
pornhub: you’re such a bad boy Silz
Pokerface: you are acting like a brat silz. grow up
Silz90: Not as bad as you pornhub.
BigChief: I like that Poker. The tankers will fail to score this qtr to keep Adel #1 pick in tact.
Silz90: I’m entitled to my opinion. Its funny how u gang up agasint me but say nothing to person who keeps talking sh1t
Manowar: That lady umpire no idea! cheating for Suns
Pokerface: actually no, its a chat room for this game, not childish ‘oh you live with your parents’ kiddie talk
Silz90: Majority of this chat is toxic. 0% footy knowledge and call every hacks cause they won’t score supercoach points.
Pokerface: get back on the game. take control Darius, this is garbage
BigChief: Might be time for you to go read the chat rules Silz.
wadaramus: Sam Walsh definitely living up to the #1 DP billing.
feralmong: chill folks. have a few brews.
Manowar: there she goes again, another bad decision against Carlton
Silz90: Whatever poker maybe don’t join in and have your own opinion. I won’t comment unless spud tries to be a hero again
wadaramus: Enjoying some cheese and a chilled Pinot Grigio myself 🙂
megawatts: nah cmon guys don’t call him a spud ur disrespecting my boi setters
Silz90: Sweet bullying at its finest. Hope your happy
Pokerface: lol
Apachecats: good one Darius ,I like that.
feralmong: surely no one doubted Crippa for the 150-200.
BigChief: We need a mute button.
wadaramus: It didn’t look promising in the first feralamong, but he is a deadset gun.
megawatts: ‘i reckon we should have a footy triple double: kicks, marks, tackles
Apachecats: Cripps is just a beast.
beerent11: Who’s our Westbrook?
BigChief: Blues are cooked. Suns are home 😛
Pokerface: sublime swallow
beerent11: Probably Cripps the closest
Gelly: ive been too busy watching cripps and diddnt realise the score was so close
duckky: Gibbons with a wet sail!
feralmong: hello newman. few more please.
wadaramus: Cripps, Walsh and Worpel might get me to 2100.
Pokerface: mcgovern in rooms
BigChief: Contact below knees rule changed again?
feralmong: got cripps as C in AF and SC. Noice.
Silz90: Mute button on Bc please. Always complaining
Silz90: Mute button on Bc please. Always complaining .
Pokerface: the hole man!
Migz: can we mash this spudz90 fella
Raspel31: Have some fine fine Pont L’Evaque Wada- a good Bordeaux? Walsh- wow- the Kelly of ladt year.
megawatts: cripps vs walsh +28 pts who wins?
the worm: yeah bc, stop complaining about the umps. please spend an hour straight insulting and abusing people instead
original: this officiating.
Pokerface: lol worm
Burnsy03: He questioned it, dont complain about the smallest things
BigChief: Listen to the whinger as Suns hit the front. The Okld peoples home is calling you Silz.
wadaramus: Pont what the?! McLaren Vale white for me 🙂
feralmong: haha ton up newman
the worm: im a blues fan, and i hope we lose just to annoy spudz90
Apfoxy: Come on cripps get 150
pornhub: Wright muppet
pornhub: Cost them round 1 as well
Pokerface: muppet wright
BigChief: Hahaha worm. Great call.
wadaramus: Cripps gonna beat Grundy!
wadaramus: Cripps Mega!
The R Soul: @Apfoxy Hope so i got the C on him
Gelly: when i said cripps only needs 3 capes at qtr time, i was not expecting it to come true
beerent11: He’s a bloody superstar
Oddsy5: crippa is a beauty
jbjimmyjb: setterfield -1 SC for his score assist to Cripps, typical
BigChief: Burgess really has had a shocker.
pornhub: burgess spud
beerent11: Gibbons buys another week
StuL: Yea ok. Setterspud but mark, kick, assist = -1?
Gelly: burgess spud
Haydo: No points for cripps goal?
JockMcPie: Check the updated scores boys, I think Setters might have gone up 10..
BigChief: How good is Cripps.
Haydo: Nevermind
poolboybob: Man imagine if Cripps was on a team with other good players
StuL: Ok. Yey. Bleeding points for having to field setters. Need something
Gelly: setters -10 for ignoring cripps
Pokerface: waiting for a gc goal so the comms can tell us how good 666 is
DrSeuss: Couple more touches Newman
Oddsy5: anyone else gunna get a kinda bad score this week?im looking at 2000…
Tig-Train: Where are all the Carlton supports now complaining about “Lady” umpire
original: these umpires!!!!! hows that not a mark
Burnsy03: original is always on cue
Oddsy5: good close game to watch!
the worm: heehee
Pokerface: agree burnsy, though i was in shock at the non mark
Gelly: cripps and walsh both atlas
jayshi: wow
megawatts: who scored the goal?
StuL: Dribble!?
StuL: Dribble!? Murphy!
wadaramus: Heartbreak for the blues, but joy for the suns, good game of footy.
Haydo: 300 between cripps and walsh could get close to 2300
Pokerface: wow, suns used the same warning loophole as saints last week. great play
wadaramus: Bowes.
Gelly: bowes
Pokerface: @megawatts bowes
beerent11: Poor old bluebaggers.
Pokerface: no triple double for crippa
Donzoes: Oppo has Cripps as C, while I had Grundy, down to the wire this week
beerent11: Walsh outstanding rook
carlton_99: Umpires just pathetic 14-5 frees after half time. ust disgusting pay that mark to Jones and we win
Tig-Train: Best day ever… who doesn’t like watching Carlton lose with 10 seconds to go
Pokerface: and of course 99 comes on for his weekly whine
Pokerface: no, you don’t win, you had the ball 5 seconds later when it was a point anyway
carlton_99: 79 tackles and 5 frees in that second half what a joke
J.Worrall: Still around 150 SC to share

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