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Chat log from R4 of 2019: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R4 of 2019

Monfries96: Opponent had Rotham as his loophole C, pretty happy with that late in
J.Worrall: Such luck!
BigChief: Wo is the late out?
BigChief: Who*
benzammit: Surely if he’s any good thaT will change.
th3rio: lewis jetta BC
BigChief: Thanks th3rio
th3rio: if you had to field petruccelle or setterfield v suns, who would you?
Monfries96: AF so you can’t change C once lockout hits
BigChief: I would take Petrucelle
BigChief: Damn you’re lucky Monfries.
Ash777: I have petruccelle on field
feralmong: Rotham might ton up this rate lol
Monfries96: Making me sick feral
circle52: @monfries AF is locked at bounce on Friday night games. Partial lockouts apply.
Ash777: not much booing for gaff from freo supporters.
MONEY TALK: i accidentally played petch over moore, might work
softwhitee: ahhh keep going petch
Gotigres: I fielded Petro th3rio
Donzoes: As long as Sheed stays low, I might be home free
Breezey: Good boy Petrol sell
MONEY TALK: e the pie game that moore on my bench might be good now
Ash777: I like petrol over petch
cobrakai00: the Petruccelle Cup.. nobody gives a toss about anyone else or result.. am i right?
MONEY TALK: to thinki used to play against petch lol
Gotigres: great qtr Petch but keep it going
pornhub: i traded in gaff cobra
StuL: Looks like Sheed is back to being nobody with Gaff in.
Sloan4Pres: this keeping off crap the eagles do is just boring. hope they don’t win it again this year
Gotigres: Do something Petch besides give a free kick away
Raspel31: Without Fyfe Freo pretty bloody thin.
softwhitee: had my doubts on sheed, regrets so far
Beast_Mode: Good boy Rotham! don’t fade out
Gotigres: Could be a masterstroke having Rotham as capt
Raspel31: Sheed was never a gun- couple of good games- Liberatore and Rocky keep on keeping on?
Monfries96: Roasted my mate who used Rotham as loophole C, eating my words now
duckky: Rotham or Hore for the defence tradein this week?
Raspel31: One would think Rotham without a doubt.
Ash777: looks like I might have to break my no trades for 3 weeks.
Ash777: Dunks and Sheeds starting to worry me.
duckky: JS of Rotham Rasp?
damoc85: Rotham JS is non existent.
Raspel31: Thanks damo
Raspel31: My only weak link is Oliver in the centres- no rage trading ladies. He’ll come good. Patience.
duckky: Rasp – were you trying to trick me? Who can you trust these days!
Struda: royally fucked this week, 1343 from 16
Raspel31: Never dukky.
Monfries96: Sheed to Rockliff this week yes/no?
BigChief: Why trade Sheed after 1 average game?
Ash777: yes. Rocky is back.
Monfries96: Last weeks 93 took 3 goals, worried his role has changed with Gaff back
DrSeuss: Has Petruccelle done anything since the 1st quarter?
Ash777: Sheed’s role has changed.
Gotigres: After a great start Petra this score is looking very average
Ash777: petrol has given away another free couple of minutes ago.
Gotigres: i guess Setterfield will go 80+
CamT: Petrrucelli will be fine once he learns the rules.
BestCoast: Rocky back to old day form but to injury prone
Beast_Mode: rotham did fuck all in the 2nd half last week, lets see if that happens again..
BestCoast: Sheed was told last year when gaff got suspended it’s his time to shine or he was going to get delisted hasn’t looked ba
Snarfy: gaff’s disposal has been absolute crap.
BestCoast: Mini Bus Lyon to defensive as a coach lucky to have a job
Pokerface: pumpkin sheed?
Gotigres: Yes DrSeuss, Petra has given away a couple of frees since 1/4 time
MONEY TALK: i havent got one tip right so far, plz eagles
Yelse: over these low scoring games. only dons seems to be full steam ahead
BestCoast: @Yelse agreed Bombers last week twenty goals to 18 old fashioned game from the eighties
Gotigres: should have started Setterfield dammit
Ash777: freo has become more attacking over the years. Used to be they barely kicked it forward.
Breezey: Dockers hanging in there.
Ash777: muppet kick by conca
Breezey: Does anyone have or consider getting Jack Redden, pretty consistent
pcaman2003: Just tuned in. WTF Petrucelle? Wasn’t he on nearly 30 at qtr time?
Raspel31: Consistent but not a gun Breezey- far better choices.
pcaman2003: Traded Mundy last week for T Kelly. That’ll teach me.
the worm: why are people stunned when a rookie fwd pocket does nothing?
duckky: Breezy – Redden is scoring mid 70’s apart from tonite. His BE is 138 for a high $00K player
Breezey: I only want consistent tons.
Raspel31: You put Petruccelle on the field – aargh!
duckky: $400K player
pcaman2003: @theworm. Because he’s paid to be in the best 22.
Breezey: OK. I will take that advice on board and move on.
Gotigres: It was him or Setterfield Raspel. That’s how good my forward line is
Raspel31: Obvious choice for that price is Libba if you don’t have him.
Ash777: I got shutdown on bigfooty for suggesting boak and suckling. look where they are now
Gotigres: and they’re both ahead of Balta!
Breezey: No I have Libba. Just thinking down the track when I am trading rookies
Raspel31: Yeah I know Gotigres, forward rookies awful. Shifted Danger forward- that worked a treat.
duckky: Bowes, Hopper, Henderson are mid $400K averaging over 100
the worm: and he has 2 goals out of 8, a good nights production
Gotigres: danger and Telly also in my forward line. 66 and 39 points with them
Ash777: petrol did something!
pcaman2005: This is shaping up to be a great contest! Hopefully Freo can keep it close! Good luck to all Supercoaches far and wide.
Gotigres: Petra moved into midfield
Sixty656: Petrol you ufkcing knob, goodbye!
Pokerface: you are very generous with your good lucks this round pcaman!
Gotigres: get to 50 petra
Burnsy03: Just got home from work, who are you all calling petrol?
J_Herer: Needed a big game from Hurn, nice!
pcaman2003: Another pcaman? How original
Pokerface: yeah he is the 2005 model. newer, shinier
Gotigres: There’s another Gotiger as well
BestCoast: 2005 edition
pcaman2003: @Poker. Am i being replaced? Redundant!
duckky: Schults to Hogan? Where’s Cnl Klink?
Pokerface: would appear so, 2003.
pcaman2003: Harsh!
Raspel31: I’m having my feet massaged after a game of soccer today and I believe this gives me ultimate wisdom. Come on Cripps.
Ash777: petruccelle is petch/petrol
pcaman2003: Why Mundy,why now?
Struda: fucking hurn killing me in draft
pcaman2003: @Raspel. How’s the elbow by the way?
J.Worrall: petrol jelly = napalm!
Raspel31: pcaman- I know- turfed Mundy in the draft.
Raspel31: Still broken pcaman but played with a brace today- won 5-3 thanks buddy.
poolboybob: Mundy atlas
MONEY TALK: finally got a tip right this week
gotigers04: up the tigs

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