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Chat log from R4 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R4 of 2019

JockMcPie: the nightmare is a last minute out for North… looking safe though
th3rio: dont give me a stroke jock
BigChief: C’mon Laird 130+ please
th3rio: my oppt has sloane, but I have him for 30+ in my multi. Not sure how to feel.
feralmong: I’m still hyper ventilating from 15 mins ago.
Oh8ball: Let’s go Brouch
th3rio: great game feral
JockMcPie: @th3rio hope for 31 with 14 clangers?
Apachecats: Traded Laird out so he will go massive @big chief
J_Herer: stadium is so empty you can hear the umps and crowd sledging
Manowar: C’mon Norf smash the Cows
gotigers04: Come on laird big game
BigChief: Can only hope @Apache 🙂
gotigers04: what a fkn win tiges
beerent11: Let’s go sloanedog!
pcaman2003: Need Laird,Sloane and Goldy to go big to have any chance.
beerent11: Go with the wallet bigchief
clay007: Higgins seems to do well, does anyone have him in supercoach?>
beerent11: Sorry not big chief. The 3 trio
beerent11: This is my first season without Higgins clay. Super consistent.
clay007: Every time I see Higgins live he scores well. Never bought him in
chemical-m: Got Higgins in draft, waiting to see how our recruits affect his scores but like him for m8
poolboybob: Get back on the ground BCrouch
pcaman2003: Get moving Goldy and Sloane.
BigChief: Poor skills so far.
CamT: There’s only been 1 ball-up apart from the bounce to start the game and the two after the two goals ?
CamT: * that became irrelevant pretty quick.
jbjimmyjb: where is brodie smith
clay007: Walker is amazing at times
pcaman2003: Damn! They’ve put Sloane up fwd. Put him in the guts
colin wood: Sloane and Milera continue my horror round. Unreal
DrSeuss: Smith on the bench after a good start
DrSeuss: BCrouch you want to get involved?
pcaman2003: They’ve moved Sloane into the guts now.
Donzoes: Would be nice if B. Crouch outscored Sloane
clay007: B Crouch needs to lift
J_Herer: Laird looking better, might be time to get him in
frenzy: unee playing norf jHerer
benzammit: Wait n see the match out J_Herer
pcaman2003: Sloane did something. Wowee!
Beast_Mode: JB always finds a way to mention cricket in very broadcast lol
stemy1243: welcome back to the land of the living Laird! Go massive boy!
BigChief: Same as Eddie getting Coll into the call.
MONEY TALK: thats it laird
pcaman2003: Go Laird and Goldy. Pick up the pace Sloany
BigChief: And yet another goal from the square to Jenkins. SMH
Manowar: piss off R. Laird
CamT: Goldstein’s 4 hit-outs must have been rippers.
BigChief: Keep going R. Laird 🙂
Oh8ball: B crouch starting to heat up
pcaman2003: Crouch heating up and Sloane cooling off.
Donzoes: as soon as i asked for it he did it, good stuff BCrouch
cobrakai00: shit game
Manowar: Need Laird off, no good bad pick
BigChief: Manowar is a Laird hater. LOL
stemy1243: Jenkins to run water in the SANFL next week
pcaman2003: Get into the game Sloane FFS
Snarfy: Chayce Jones Gone
Breezey: Chayce only been on the ground very little.
pcaman2003: Thank goodness Sloane you listened. Hahaha!
pcaman2003: Laird! You should be 100 already. What’s happening mate?
beerent11: Hey pcaman can you work your magic on smith too mate?
Monfries96: Still love ya BCrouch, deserved a quiet one eventually
pcaman2003: @beerent. Of course. ESmith you flog,get going,we need you
ScootD: Ben Brown you diving pillow
Breezey: Who would’ve thought Alex Keath best SC score on the
pcaman2003: C’mon Goldy you sloth.Get me some pts man.
Apachecats: Quiet patch for Laird.
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. And right on cue he scores pts. Lol!
Apachecats: Works everytime PCA
duckky: Brown has kicked 3 goals from dives
Apachecats: Buggar! BCrouch just getting going and gets pole-axed.
painkilla: cant see any elbow to the head but spots every touch to brown
pcaman2003: Sloane and Goldstein barely scoring now.
DrSeuss: Crouch getting back on or no good?
duckky: Some stage better than others pain
pcaman2003: FFS Sloane ,stop giving away frees.
Haydo: What happened to brouch didnt see oppo has him
Apachecats: Copped a stray elbow in face ,lots of claret.haydo
Apachecats: getting stitched up.
Breezey: Maybe Chayce Jones might some game time now. Why select someone and virtually play one short
painkilla: yep poor brad didnt need to stage it grabbed his face straight away staged the blood too
Monfries96: Breezey he’s concussed, was ruled out at half time
ScootD: Jones was concussed in first quarter
colin wood: Great quarter there by Milera
Monfries96: @painkilla was clearly fake blood, bloody stagers
duckky: BCrouch has a new jumper on
gotigers04: keep going lairdddd
DrSeuss: Ok time to come back and get the ton BCrouch
painkilla: lol yeah thats why North got the free instead
duckky: MCrouch oh Captn my Captn
pcaman2003: Big qtr Laird Sloane and Goldy. Do it for your country
colin wood: Milera 6 for intercept mark and kick and smith uncontested mark and kick +11.SC logic..
Monfries96: Wanted Smith to bridge the price gap with Laird for an easier upgrade, will still do it
Raspel31: Milera and Laird- forget your country- do it for me.
pcaman2003: Sloanedog doing best to be totally useless. Go the hard ball dweeb
Gotigres: Brouch back on
Apachecats: BCrouch given old jumper to bloodbank.
Struda: @colin probably long kick to advantage vs ineffective kick
beerent11: Gee goldy’s moving the best he has for about 5 years
Searly34: Crows are a shambles
blonde0na: great advantage there tex
Sixty656: TEX – Worst captain in the game
Sixty656: Fowrard/Player oops
duckky: Jenkins Perma muppet for that effort.
BigChief: Muppet for Jenkins.
stemy1243: Jenkins- Worst kick in the game
Sixty656: Scratch that, I meant Jenkins LOL
JockMcPie: Matt Crouch any danger? fucks sake
JButcher: I didn’t think anything wold fix my mood after tonight’s loss but Jenkins has come through
colin wood: Stride, nah Milera kicked the ball to smith lol.
Breezey: Norf appear to be going away from the Crows here.
Raspel31: Well, here’s the thing, Goldstein aside can anyone own up to owning one Norf player?
BigChief: I have LDU on my bench.
MONEY TALK: just saying guys sc scores might be a bit behind
Breezey: I have Polec in Draft
Apachecats: North free zone here.
Pokerface: bailey scott counted raspel?
Pokerface: cunnington is one that i seriously considered, but went dusty in that spot.
pcaman2003: What was I thinking getting Sloane. Hardly gets the ball.
Raspel31: True poker- have him- rookies aside.
chemical-m: Got davies-uniacke as well
bones351: Was just thinking that myself Money Talk
BigChief: Ouch Poker.
Pokerface: well i dont have him any longer BC
Yelse: this hasn’t been a good SC scoring round besides a couple of players
beerent11: Blinder last quarter for big number 22
Apachecats: yep SC has stopped updating.
BigChief: Agreed Yelse. Been terrible.
BigChief: @beer Otten isn’t playing though LOL
Raspel31: Think I’m the only player who owns Danger- rather disappointing eh what?
Pokerface: no, brodie smith just hit the ton.. i was watching him 🙂
pcaman2003: No pints for last tackle Sloandog. You’re fired. Time for upgrade.
duckky: May well bee beerent, but his SC scores have been stuck in the 90s
Breezey: I am rather enjoying the Crows getting beat
LMartos: @everyone SC scores are messed up like they were for GWS vs Geelong, scores will jump
jbjimmyjb: 239 points for scaling to come
beerent11: Outwecomeoutwecomeoutwecometoplay!
Pokerface: although there is another 240 points to come.. nearly 10% of total scoring
pcaman2003: Gutted with my SC scores this game. on target for 3 tons and didn’t get one.
beerent11: Might get off the bottom if the blues lose
beerent11: Surely goldy tons up with scaling
pcaman2003: @beerent. When Goldy on 91 he had 1 tackle,1 mark,2 HB and a kick. got 4 pts.
LMartos: Will be very surprised if Goldstein doesn’t end 110+, he was at least 15 SC above DT for most of the game

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