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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R4 of 2019

Gotigres: Rockliff will score low. He never plays well after a concussion.
feralmong: Go tiger cubs
Gotigres: I have Rockliff, Rozee, Dursma and Drew starting
feralmong: Who’s missing on tiger list?
feralmong: Ahh menadue
DrSeuss: Kept Westhoff one more week – lets see if it pays off
jbjimmyjb: our pressure already looks better than it has been
feralmong: Duursma instead of Clark let’s see.
feralmong: Doc I went to Grundy. Reckon that’s a win regardless.
DrSeuss: Already had Grundy – was thinking of Mumford – so will see about that.
Manowar: T. Rockliff struggling today.
Hadouken: rozee already got over is BE, nice !
Monfries96: Jesus Christ manowar we’re 8 mins into the game
Gotigres: Higgins you goal hog
Hadouken: rocky will bust out a 120. never fear
feralmong: Caddy and lynch could do a lot of damage today
PlungeMe: if we cant beat a richmond this depleted we should be sent back to the sanfl
stemy1243: nervous about Hoff..
Gelly: alot of young blokes coming in trying to earn a spot in the team
feralmong: I tipped port plunge. It yours to lose.
PlungeMe: rozee and butters have been more talked about, but duursmas probably been the most consistent
DrSeuss: Same Stemy, starts with 2 marks – nothing since.
pcaman2005: Good luck to all Supercoaches. Need a big game from Lambert this week.
Monfries96: Almost time to jump off Drew, he’s lost his midfield spot
zoomba23: That’s one shit side the Tiges have got there. No excuses for Port, should win by 50
DrSeuss: Great start to this game, looks like I will get about 150 points from my 6 players
PlungeMe: as much as i love boaky i need him to calm down
StuL: “Everyone knows its Butters!” “That’s me!”
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Westhoff you HACK
Torz: Drew is just playing outside mid now as opposed to inside mid
Monfries96: Whenever I take a shot at a player in this chat they step up, cheers Drew
Apachecats: Had to keep Drew on the ground ,so far very good.
jbjimmyjb: drew and duursma should score 80s today, there’ll be a ton of uncontested marks
zoomba23: On ya Boaky
9inch: Drew doing ok ?
Apachecats: Any one rush into Stack?
LuvIt74: Apache yup i did but i needed to free up cash and his 108 will generate him some decent cash
feralmong: Wow already see how big a gap not having caddy was.
LuvIt74: I’m just glad i took Atkins 68 as i was considering taking fyfe off and putting stack on
DrSeuss: Westhoff do something FFS. Hasnt touched it in 20 minutes
feralmong: Stack next week if $ justify or a rook is injured dropped.
Monfries96: oink oink
Apachecats: Yeah Luvit gave Balta another chance and held off Stack ,hope he gets going for you.
feralmong: Who’s watching. Ross look up to the level?
bushranger: Hoff for godsake do something!!
stemy1243: dammit my first trae of the year should have been Hoff to Boak
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Had a mare last week too.
Apachecats: Westhoff is a shadow of his former self after a 150+ in round one ,3 VERY ordinary efforts
Beast_Mode: Lol at the muppets that traded rocky
bushranger: Yep Hoff has to go
Haydo: Where is ross playing
PlungeMe: as a port fan i knew hoff was a trap
pcaman2003: Rocky is the real deal again this year. Just needs to stay injury free.
heppelitis: feral im not watching..6 touches and hasnt missed a target yet..nice start
DrSeuss: Yeah I know PCA – was so close to trading him to Mummy – having Lycett has screwed him over I think
Fatbar5tad: Westhoff is a useless cunt isn’t he?
Yelse: LYcett disappointing lifttt
pornhub: if you picked westhoff as a fwd you deserve the shower scores. no idea you lot
Fatbar5tad: Good to see Drew scoring again.
StuL: The pig is back. Again.
pornhub: jack ross looks good. goes hard
pornhub: ross playing in the guts
DrSeuss: So if I picked him as a ruck Pornhub – I am ok with you?
gdshifty: according to AFL fantasy 4k traded Rocky in this week, and only 16 traded him out.
PlungeMe: if we had at least average skills we’d be alright but we’re useless
zoomba23: If you picked Westhoff full stop you have no idea… last season was an outlier
PlungeMe: westhoff might have to go when dixon comes back
pornhub: if you picked him as a ruck you need to give it up
Yelse: how do you know the numbers of ppl trading in and out
StuL: Dont make me tell your parents Butters
Monfries96: Gee you’re a champ zoomba, might need to borrow your crystal ball
Apachecats: you must be going well zoomba with your team of perfection.
pornhub: agreed. zoomba
DrSeuss: Can you grace us with your perfect team please Zoomba?
jbjimmyjb: Ross is looking very good
Hadouken: anyone here doubt rocky? please raise your hands now.
intergaze: Zoomba = god’s gift to SC
lukefield9: Imagine having the foresight of zoomba! You’d be rank 1 every year!
pcaman2003: Need Rocky to slow down so I can get him next week.
pornhub: had to give rocky the respect he deserves.. leather poisoning again
PlungeMe: i doubt rocky for no reason other than im a pessimistic port fan
TheOnyas: Onya rossy
StuL: Rocky already beaten Danger.
TheOnyas: Onya Boaky
gdshifty: Ross is on track for a ton at half-time despite giving away 2 freekicks. Kids a ball magnet
jbjimmyjb: Ross showing Prestia and Graham how to be an inside midfielder
StuL: Think I’ll wait for Ross rather than blow my stack early on Stack
frenzy: no Stack this week, Hmmm
Gotigres: Forget Stack, go Ross
frenzy: looks like a cheap Hore this week
DrSeuss: Obviously should have offloaded Westhoff for Mumford. This week it shall be
Hadouken: but will ross keep getting games with others to come back in
clay007: Stack has not had a stack of it. Bad name!
Haydo: Get going butters
clay007: Martin might not get in next week if Ross continues to play well
pornhub: graham hasn’t played well since the 2017 gf
NugzNiggle: Probably the worst trade ever. Atkins >>> Stack. To make 60K.
pornhub: ross in graham out when cotch and martin come back
Hadouken: rozee doing a bailey scott. rising star one week, ordinary the next.
wadaramus: Tough day for rookie scores.
beerent11: Thats why it pays to wait a week on rookies
Haydo: Boak and butters vs stack
frenzy: Sydney’s a wreck
pcaman2003: Rookies are always hit and miss.
NugzNiggle: I certainly didn’t expect 70+ from Atkins today though.
jbjimmyjb: imagine those people that wanted to bring in rozee after his price rise
heppelitis: i think plenty prematurely blew their stack on stack
Hadouken: im on of em jimmy lol. oh well, still make 30k. and i should still win. no harm done.
Monfries96: Rozee got hurt early, that’s why he’s been quiet
clay007: What is a good score for a rookie? I have Duuursma and Drew.
pornhub: shai bolton has done some really good things
jbjimmyjb: @hado feel for ya mate
feralmong: Wow we’re in this. Can we last?
hinsch: I hate it when you sort your loophole only to find out every bench player is now playing
StuL: 60 is par Clay. I think
jbjimmyjb: clay anything over 70 is good for rookies
clay007: StuL-I was disappointed with Constable today and he was around that score
StuL: Butters on shaky ground
chemical-m: Very happy with my trades this week, Newman and Smith to Boak and Whitfield
Oh8ball: Lift butters
Pokerface: @monfries as well as the fact he doesnt get to kick 5 goals this week..
StuL: Constable seemed better than that but was a turnover merchant like our whole side today
original: Thought I had nailed it looping constable and then taking butters instead..
pcaman2005: Keep finding the footy Prestia! Good luck to all Supercoaches in the second half.
jbjimmyjb: there is no reason for boak not to be a top 6 fwd, idk why people are weary of him
Snarfy: Eh. Stop taking hard-earned points off my rookies!
StuL: 60s is a normal rookie avg. 70s is elite
jbjimmyjb: ill be happy with 130 from travis and 140 total from drew+duursma
J_Herer: Rockliff superb start
jbjimmyjb: richmond is the easiest team to score SC against so shouldn’t be tough
frenzy: Rocky’s still value
Struda: butters better pull it out, didnt get to putting fyfe on to loophole atkins score over butters
MONEY TALK: traded rocky last week, go son.
MONEY TALK: also played butters ahead of cousins
Pokerface: butters is toast
DrSeuss: Westhoff needs 2 Superman Quarters or he is finally gone this week.
pornhub: DrSeuss give it up mate.. shower
clay007: Settle Pornhub. Don’t need to be rude
Haydo: Lol poker
DrSeuss: THanks for your valuable feedback pornhub.
Monfries96: Sick of this pornhub bloke
clay007: Don’t worry Dr Seuss, at least you don’t have Mr Preuss
Oddsy5: thoughts on stack? probably still worth getting him in maybe if he gets to 40
th3rio: i wonder if stack will get a game next week for all those that went early
wadaramus: Thought the Port rookies would be good value this week…
th3rio: need dursma to lift
Monfries96: Stack still gonna make money so not exactly a problem in AF where you get two trades..
Breezey: I’m pretty happy I didn’t go for SPP. I thought he might be a good pick up
frenzy: here comes Rozee
Gotigres: went and got a beer and Rozee’s sc score skyrockets. Might need to do that more often
Hadouken: wow, rozee has almost double his score in 8 minutes of footy !!
clay007: I almost traded Rockliff when I he got concussed last week. Glad I held firm
Gotigres: Tigers in front. Can’t believe it
pornhub: port lose this.. back to the sanfl
Hadouken: @clay007 are you ok now ?
Apfoxy: Rookies are having a terrible round
jbjimmyjb: port are playing a VFL side
th3rio: who is this jack ross bloke? looks good
gdshifty: Stack letting others kick goals for him now….
Manowar: Drew gotta go!
Monfries96: Some remarkable umpiring decisions
pcaman2003: Where is Butters having his nap?
Donzoes: Did not expect this
wadaramus: The tenacious tigers are relentless.
beerent11: Still think stack will be worth getting next week
MONEY TALK: port always drop the easy games
BigChief: Go away for a feed and come back to see Rich winning? How bad have Port played?
wadaramus: Who to Manowar? That’s the problem!
jbjimmyjb: lynch has kicked 3 goals in 5 minutes
Manowar: Butters melting away!
Tig-Train: Waaa @monfries96
th3rio: good duursma good
J_Herer: Port rookies quiet they lose
wadaramus: Far from game over, but Richmond just keep pressing.
beerent11: Manowar drew’s Be is -12 still worth keeping while he gets a game
Apachecats: Not for me beerenr ,rather wait a week for Ross.
masterhc2: wtf was that second lynch kick, never seen that before
teddyt: lynch 6 touches 4 goals 2
StuL: Drew was 25 at qt ffs
th3rio: its Drew’s third game, were you expecting 100’s every week?
Monfries96: Commentators cant believe the young tiges are beating the veterans like Rozee and Butters
wadaramus: Pushed in the back after kicking the goal, soft but there I guess.
Breezey: Drew still making plenty of $$ for my liking
frenzy: time for a touch or three Boaky
beerent11: Ross might not be in the mids when the guns return both might work
Manowar: expecting Drew to be dropped this week!
J_Herer: Brandon Ellis is back lol
StuL: Yes 3io. Yes I was. No, just something closer to consistent
Tig-Train: @Monfries96 stop your bitching
Struda: butters seriously needs to do something
Struda: n track for a 2100 at this stage fark
Breezey: Yeah because the Tigers have all these veterans like Stack, Ross and Balta.
J_Herer: Thats the Richmond of old!
beerent11: Breakevens are the most important factor for rookies not points
Apachecats: Butters score frozen on 15 for last hour.
wadaramus: Everything is deliberate it seems, just pay last touch out ffs.
Sixty656: LOL Broad…. not sure if Nathan or Stuart!
Monfries96: Nice Burto
Apachecats: *soon as you mention it…..
wadaramus: Wtf is a defender supposed to do?
clay007: When you see that Danger only scored sub 70 today, it is a bloody tough game
Apachecats: Would also like to mention Rozee and Drew for not moving.See how that goes.
jbjimmyjb: i love you nank
gdshifty: Stack and Drew please do something on the field…
pcaman2003: Flower off Rocky
pornhub: Nank the tank
Apachecats: Stop the game and let these rookies have some kick to kick.
cobrakai00: Sydney Stank
beerent11: Against all my better judgement considering Oliver to rocky to get Whitfield or Lloyd into my team. My defence is a dogs
beerent11: Breakfast
Monfries96: Rozee needs the bandaid, got hit hard in the first quarter – explains his slow game
beerent11: That might be the coopers talking
pcaman2003: Cats must be glad Motlop went.
J_Herer: Lloyd and Whitfield crucial this year it seems
Apachecats: Happy hour here ,150 Lashes Pale Ale
beerent11: Seems silly to get Oliver out after 150 2 weeks ago though
beerent11: Nice Apache. Cheers.
Breezey: It could be worse. You could have Motlop in your side.
9inch: HappyXHappy hour cask goon
NugzNiggle: Good Drop @apache
gdshifty: stack lives!!!!!
beerent11: Loading up for the derby 9inch
zoomba23: Is Boak dead or? Hasn’t done much this q
Apachecats: Cheers 9inch ,raise your cask.
BigChief: Happy hour here with Royal Swan 🙂
beerent11: Looking to numb the coming pain
jbjimmyjb: oliver was almost the leading disposal winner the thurs night, he just butchered it
Breezey: Who’s this NugzNiggle
Apachecats: yeah nugs ,I’ve had worse.
9inch: I left the C on Hore from last week loop hole.. lol Could been worse I guess.
NugzNiggle: Bit of Woodford Reserve here.
pcaman2003: Damn Rocky. 3 touches last 10 secs.
beerent11: Yeah I know jimmy…crazy talk
jbjimmyjb: zoomba, idk what you’re looking at, but boak went from 68>98 that quarter
Struda: oliver, danger, telly and treloar my villians this week, and rookies
jbjimmyjb: 9inch hore was better than danger so
beerent11: Yeah telly was a knife in the guts
zoomba23: Oh shit my bad lol. Read the 68 as 88 at HT lol
9inch: Yes as I said could of been worse.
beerent11: Who’s gonna have the first hore pun?
gdshifty: Yay for Drew getting -3 at the break….
CamT: Did Westhoff get a contract extension after Round 1 ?
NugzNiggle: The odds are stacked against him but can Sydney get 40+?
J_Herer: Lets go 150 Rocky!
9inch: Thats about Drews score at qtr time
Breezey: Westhoff needs to have a Cape this qtr to retain his spot in my side. Westhoff=Rage trade
NugzNiggle: He’s had a Barry Breezey.
frenzy: Wetsoft
Breezey: Westy will go when i play you Niggle
NugzNiggle: Haha. As long as I beat D.Austin this weekend. He threw the white flag in this morning.
Monfries96: Muppet for umpires
Breezey: Hahahahaha.
NugzNiggle: Famous words. ‘I’m Gone’
pornhub: Wheres Westhoff?
wadaramus: Not sure that muppet sufficiently describes the ineptitude of the umpires.
pornhub: Muppet for you Monfries
pcaman2003: Rocky 35 touches,no clangers. Good going
wadaramus: Westy has gone west, having a swim at Henley Beach.
Monfries96: you’ve certainly proved yourself as a muppet in this chat, pornhub
clay007: Pornhub, what is wrong with you?
Sloan4Pres: this game is fixed
gdshifty: drew is dead. An probably dropped if Port Adelaide lose this game
JockMcPie: i mean, with that name, take anything he says with a grain of salt boys
DrSeuss: Westhoff terriblr
frenzy: rookie wall for these rookies
NugzNiggle: Pornhub’s a few flagon in.
wadaramus: Muppet for pornhub for sure.
pornhub: AFL want higher scoring umps pay everything in the fwd 50
Apachecats: Willem Who? Willem Drew!!
9inch: Rocky, Grundy, Lloyd, Bont, Neale, Some good scores this week
J_Herer: rookies just need over 50 to do their job
9inch: Only problem was the shit ones thrown in
Breezey: Duursma and Drew are doing quite well.
clay007: 9inch, surely you have had some bad scores this week
Gotigres: big points for drew with that goal
Lawls: Balta is going to lose money isn’t he?
pcaman2003: Grundy,Whittfield Zerrett and Rocky have killed me.
Sixty656: Stack wont be playing next week now…
9inch: err thats what I said
zoomba23: Big finish please Boak
NugzNiggle: I’m at a complete loss. Does incorrect disposal still exist?
pcaman2003: Can’t believ Rocky hasn’t been tagged. Running rampant.
pornhub: Give Lynch the cape
zoomba23: Tiges don’t tag Pcaman. They’ve goven up huge scores all year
Gotigres: Nice scoring Rozee
clay007: sorry 9 inch, wrote after you mentioned the shower
Apachecats: Rozee starting to look respectable.
NugzNiggle: Onya Stack. Doubled his score this quarter.
J_Herer: stack just needs a 50, good from where he was
aces-high: Butters crucifying the ball? Horrible Sc return
pcaman2003: @zoomba23. They’re slow learners.
LMartos: Drew only 3 points for that mark?
Tig-Train: @Monfries nothing to say about umpires not reversing that? Dumbass
Gotigres: blue moon for Grimes
Struda: butters wtf
nick2397: Cracking game of footy this is.
pcaman2003: Goal for goal. Getting interesting. Who wins now?
9inch: Derbys a delayed telecast in the west.. flogs
Tig-Train: Omg did Brandon Ellis just lay a tackle?
th3rio: duursma!!
NugzNiggle: Oh dear.
masterhc2: some justice in that miss, nank clearly pushed
Monfries96: Poor Duurs
MercAm: Hey guys, if I have two emergencies and only 1 not to play, will it do the best scorer or will it do the one first?
pornhub: Good night Monfries
NugzNiggle: Geez Tom has struck them well tonight.
Haydo: Rock for grimes monty
circle52: Lowest scorer cowill count
pornhub: Grimes cape
God_: @9inch game is live on ch 7 in the West…
StuL: Worst scorer
Searly34: Lynchhhhhhh
MONEY TALK: lmao i havent got one tip right so far
Gotigres: the lowest score Merc
NugzNiggle: @MercAm I believe it’s the lowest. Could be wrong.
masterhc2: port perennial pretenders
J_Herer: Great work Tigers
pcaman2003: Game vover!
clay007: Pornhub-you have issues. You a flog
Sixty656: lol port
pcaman2003: Try again! Game over!
wadaramus: Well played Richmond!
StuL: Lynch, what a gun
NugzNiggle: That’s a huge win. Port are soft.
Gelly: damn my heart
Sixty656: Thats funny
MercAm: Ok cheers guys, thought it was the best score tbh
BigChief: Port are pathetic. Couldn’t beat Rich 2nd’s
J_Herer: That was a bad loss for Port, ouch
feralmong: Wowee, see when u give the kids a go
intergaze: Bud luck umps. You tried hard to get Port over the line
wadaramus: Rockliff 38 touches for 144, Cogs 34 touches for 104, wtf?
Gelly: umps were bad both ways
zoomba23: Wadaramus you taking the piss? It’s not all about touches mate. It’s about what you do with the pill
beerent11: Great effort by Richmond with all their outs
Sixty656: Rocky 17 contested
pornhub: clay.. go rub one out virgin
softwhitee: rocky had no clangers mate

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