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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Essendon vs Brisbane

Chat log for Essendon vs Brisbane, R4 of 2019

Rebuild: Bought Neale and put him C this week. Sorry guys
amigaman: Nearly did the same, but held my nerve.
Yelse: neal has a few so called easy games coming up
NewFreoFan: You mean Nealey did the same, am i right amigaman?
m0nty: Neale must stink real bad, nobody near him.
Yelse: wheres zorko been
PlungeMe: one year wonder dev smith
Natopotato: Devon with 65% game time. Is something up with him?
pcaman2003: Wow! Smith and Dorko! Hahaha!
Natopotato: That better only be a corkie to Neale!
pcaman2003: Have C on Neale. Opponent had C on Grundy. I need huge score.
circle52: Bombers too fast at the moment 24 point turn around as a result of Camerons shockers
BigChief: WOW. Just checked this game. Ess 5 goals up.
Sloan4Pres: nice, back ess 40+. looking ok
pcaman2003: Where has Neale gone?
Apachecats: Took a hard knock at end of 1st 1/4 pacman
heppelitis: Neale maasive Zclarke knee to the ass b4
pcaman2003: That explains it then. Just saw him then. Seems okay but not getting ball.
pcaman2003: And on cue he gets 2 touches. lol!
pcaman2003: Bombers way too quick for them
zoomba23: Let’s go Neale
Pusti: McCarthy’s 1s on his 11 are too close together.
BigChief: Always been like that Pusti
Apachecats: Neale lining up for another 150+.Getting my loop ready now.
Gotigres: Tippa looks great
BigChief: Shiel has better DE this week.
Yelse: neal will get 150 against the pies too they don’t tag
Beast_Mode: lol Lions hype train has been derailed
Apachecats: Dumped CRayner this week ,phew!
vartic: They do if Greenwood is in, but I imagine he’d go to Zorko regardless
VodkaHawk: Nearly forgot…. whoever was saying last week that Tippa won’t be nominated got GOTY… yeah you were wrong, lol
italz: This is the brisbane i’m used to..
circle52: To be honest would have bought Taylor in rather than Christensen to match speed.
blonde0na: i wonder which team the afl wants to win more here, which fairytale generates more bait articles 🙂
Natopotato: Made a bold decision & trade Fyfe to Zerrett, starting well
Raspel31: Well, this is a pleasant surprise but need 160 Neale to offset Grundy.
mace485: who needs neale or grundy when you got Cripps as your C
Pokerface: guys.. warning.. Bines is a late out for the WAFL eagles…
chris7399: You a real potato Natopotato. I wish I could burn trades like you. Will be regretting that R20
Pokerface: not that he was an emergency :p
NoneyaB: calm down Chris lol
Natopotato: my only trade so far for the year
runt: The hype train
original: Poker face don’t u dare!!
runt: Nothing hyped about the Lions. U like other teams
Apachecats: good comeback potato
pcaman2003: C’mon Neale,need 160+ please
Raspel31: Come on Neale- show some spirit lad.
BigChief: Winx…. What a champion.
pcaman2003: How is Neale not 100 already?
noobcoach: are any of u neale beggers actually watching the game
Raspel31: It is a thing called irony noob- you should try it some time.
runt: Who did Winx actually ever beat? Everyone? Lol
Natopotato: I’m watching the other game as it more entertaining
noobcoach: sarcasm? not exactly irony mate
original: Rich smh
runt: Can the Lions perform another Houdini? When you are unbeaten for the season anything is possible
duckky: Cape for Tippa
Natopotato: Love to see the Lions make a massive last quarter comeback but 6 goals is just too much i believe
Natopotato: 1 goal kick in 30secs! Surely not!
Sloaneyyyy: Lions players just don’t have the heart, Neale with 17 CP, and the next closest is 8 on his team… poor support
zoomba23: Neale with a mad carry
pcaman2003: Neale contested HB and gets 1 pt. Waht a joke.
Apachecats: Need 130 from Neale to work my loop ,otherwise go with Cripps.
duckky: So who is gonna win, the BLions or the siren?
LuvIt74: Not sure if i take Atkins 68 or roll the dice and take Fyfe off and put Stack on
pcaman2003: @Apache,I need about 200 from him. Don’t like my chances much.
zoomba23: Take Atkins Luv. Stack won’t be anywhere near as good as last week
clay007: Martin gets to 70 odd and then stops scoring.
Natopotato: Studs to the face….Ouch!
cobrakai00: Tip playing his one good game out of 8
SwaggyP: Tip had a good game last week too cobraki… take your L
pcaman2003: Brisbane back to reality again.
Pusti: cobrakai00, didn’t you see Walla last week?
Raspel31: Well Mr Neale- it aint Grundy’s score but I’ll take it.
pcaman2003: Neale has backed off intensity.I’m a gonna
italz: Disappointing effort today :/
StuL: Should have got Neale. Damn it.
Apachecats: Banking that 130 ,thanks Neale
zoomba23: Wtf Tippa
SwaggyP: Have another L cobrakai00
Struda: tippa 7 goals wowee hahaha
pcaman2005: Great game Neale! You’re an animal! Good luck to all Supercoaches

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