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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R4 of 2019

Apachecats: Afternoon all ,I have a confession.
Apachecats: I traded Laird to Whitfield.
Apachecats: Two facts emerge from this.
amigaman: Hi @Apachecats
Apachecats: (a) Laird will play a blinder .(b) Whitfield will either play a shocker or go off injured.Just apologising in advance.
amigaman: I can negate that, kept Laird 😆
BigChief: Hi guys. I will take options A and C (Whitfield to have a blinder also)
Yelse: anyone traded fyfe out?
frenzy: didnt trade him in
Natopotato: Fyfe out for Zerrett. 1st trade of the year
Tassiescot: Much appreciated Apachecats, as I missed the boat on Whitfield and would like him to produce a couple of 50-60 scores
frenzy: Whats Greene and goes backwards at a 100 miles a hour?
Yelse: do you think though that players struggle after concussion for a few weeks?
Natopotato: Main reason why i traded Fyfe, it showed from Merrett last year and others
Apachecats: Thanks amigaman ,might help
DrSeuss: Kelly, Danger, Constable, Clark, Coniglio and Williams in this game.
dipstick: you all bought fyfe and rocky knowing they would get injured
BigChief: And you follow Carlton knowing they are shit.
frenzy: some players struggle to get over concussions, look at Picken
circle52: Deboer appears to be wearing Kelly like a glove.
th3rio: What’s the chance Bailey Scott will play lads
DrSeuss: DeBoer tagging Kelly?
Apachecats: Ward down.
circle52: Appears so Dr
Natopotato: Ward with no luck 🙁
th3rio: Yes drseuss
PlungeMe: scotts being rested so not likely
BigChief: Looks like Ward done knee
Yelse: yeah thats why thinking fyfe to neale very strongly concussions hard to get over and he was stuffed
hinsch: th3rio hopefully it 100% because my opposition looped him to captain
Oh8ball: Poor ward
Gelly: ward tombstone, poor bloke
hinsch: Trade T Kelly in first week gone very quite today
zoomba23: Kelly being tagged?
th3rio: De boer is tagging Kelly hard lads. Made his mark last week v dusty
DrSeuss: Kelly tagged and stuck on the bench.
Yelse: so if these are things to come i won’t be picking kelly up
th3rio: Doubt hell be tagged every week yelse
HawkTalker: Trading Fyfe out is the very definition of panic trading
th3rio: Why is Williams on 0? Changers?
Gotigres: Kelly goal
zoomba23: No it’s not HawkTalker. Bloke was groggy af, he’ll likely be out for a couple, and output will be down when he gets back
BigChief: 1 clanger and 0% DE
DrSeuss: Kelly and Clark both on 0, both on field for me
zoomba23: If you’re going for overall that sort of situation can kill your season
jbjimmyjb: how good is coniglio’s disposal efficiency
DrSeuss: There you go TK
Oh8ball: @zoom nah, it is panic trading
th3rio: Cheers bc
PowerBug: If you haven’t used anymore than 1 trade so far this season I think trading Fyfe is fine
wadaramus: Williams, Clark, hello…are you there?
th3rio: Who’s everyone’s tip for the bombers lions ? I’ve changed it 400 times
gdshifty: Ward on the bench crying 🙁
Natopotato: This is tough vision of Ward on the bench… :'(
HawkTalker: zoomba, that logic is absurd.
zoomba23: Oh8 only if you’re playing for leagues. No way I’m fielding an extra rook after my decent start
Yelse: i think up to 3 correction trades is fine
Oh8ball: Fyfe said himself during the week he is symptom free basically, just being sensible. No point burning that trade
th3rio: Fyfe also said not to trade him haha
Apachecats: Gone Bombers ,not confident ,th3rio.
NewFreoFan: @th3rio same, punted on the Lions cos they were paying more, but game feels like a coin flip
BigChief: Took Ess with zero confidence
duckky: Lol – each ump gave the free to the other player. So ball up.
VodkaHawk: Lol, Holding- GWS free…. oh wait, it’s against Danger….. ball up
th3rio: Leaving the done. Hopefully hook in makes a diff
vartic: Brisbane will beat us comfortably
Pokerface: trading fyfe out is not a correction trade…
feralmong: Went Constable on field over smith. So far par I think.
Pokerface: using fyfe to loop atkins and gibbons. atkins still looks the pick…
duckky: Constable my emergency with no loophole
Yelse: fyfe will get tagged by deboer next week
duckky: Sad for Ward. Terrible
frenzy: Lol feralmong
BigChief: Constable will be a monster when he puts on some muscle
Tomahawk36: can de boer get off Kelly
Pokerface: fyfe is untaggable. dusty is easily tagged. no comparison
StuL: Go cats!
dipstick: if you have fyfe you have already lost 200 points this year…. thats 10ppg
Yelse: williams killing me what a bad pick
Pokerface: what ridiculous maths do you use to come up with that dipsh
PlungeMe: whitfield is special
J_Herer: Williams, Smith, Worpel all served their purpose
BigChief: Really dipstick? Where did you get those facts?
LuvIt74: htf do u come up with losing 200 points if u have fyfe this year when this year just started
dipstick: @poker something so simple is well above your paygrade. think about it einstein
th3rio: What the he’ll Williams
LMartos: I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone has 1 effective touch from 10
Pokerface: if you don’t have fyfe youve already lost 300 points this year. oh year it is easy to be a twit
th3rio: Conig 3 touches for 1 sc pt
Pokerface: so an average of 111 even with the concussion.. but i could be on 200 more! wow.
PowerBug: back on the Geel vs GWS game thanks lads
BigChief: So if I started Dusty over Fyfe I would have had 200 points more? You’re so smart dipstick (said no one ever)
G.Soreness: dipstick is roughly correct – I’d say it’s around 120 points lost for the decision to pick an injury-prone premium
G.Soreness: Fyfe scores 60 last week instead of 120, and this week you play a rookie for around 60 instead of 120
Pokerface: ignoring his 145 round 1 soreness.. 111 avg over 3 weeks
Pokerface: get better rookies if your mids only avg 60
Gotigres: Starting Constable for the first time in place of Fyfe. Happy so far with Constable
BigChief: Same here GoTigres.
G.Soreness: @pokerface – the rookie that replaces Fyfe is not your best mid rookie, it’s most likely your 3rd or 4th best mid rookie
Yelse: conigs trying to break the DE record
Pokerface: you still havent deducted the 35 extra he got you from his 147 in round 1
frenzy: wow Conig will be cheap, don’t think i’ll want him thou
Pokerface: im already 200 points down starting with conigs. that one i will accept >:|
PlungeMe: i need whitfield and williams to stick with coniglio and tkelly and ill be happy
G.Soreness: What’s relevant is Fyfe’s likely average of maybe 120 not his R1 score.
BigChief: Finally Williams getting involved.
G.Soreness: We’re comparing picking Fyfe v picking someone else like Cripps who also may or may not have had one big score in R1
th3rio: Finally Williams ffs. Just need Whitfield to slow down
Pokerface: you quoted his round 3 score soreness. back on the game
BigChief: OMG Mummy kicked it for the 1st time this year.
Pokerface: no we aren’t. you pick cripps anyway.
Pokerface: an effective disposal!
BigChief: G.Soreness = dipstick
feralmong: Benched Clark this week and put duursma on. May have dodged bullet.
PlungeMe: going whitfield may be my greatest ever decision
th3rio: Lol
G.Soreness: I’ve got nothing to do with dipstick, the point is picking Fyfe was a risk that’s quite precisely quantifiable in points
BigChief: Can Mummy match Gawn’s score?
Pokerface: no the point was he said ‘youve already lost 200 points already’. and you said he was right
Pokerface: not how much you might lose over the year being injury prone
feralmong: Agree with poker I went dusty v Fyfe. Didn’t trust Fyfe injuries.
th3rio: He def can chief
J_Herer: Benched Clark this week also, just signed a contract
Pokerface: you’ll notice he’s gone now his claims were proven garbage
feralmong: Now had to correct trade. Went dusty to libba. So I’ll recover $ not pts.
th3rio: Keep going Williams not stop man
PlungeMe: i originally went no fyfe because of possible injuries but then he was averging 135 so i got him in
original: Filthy on clark
G.Soreness: No I said he was roughly right if you say 120pts instead of 200 which is what you’ve already lost this year
th3rio: I considered fielding schrimshaw for Clark but oppt had Clark too so didn’t
BigChief: So we can blame you Plunge for his injury LOL
megawatts: name a better ball user than menegola
Pokerface: no, he averaged 111 in his first 3 games. you seem to want to exclude the first game
DrSeuss: Williams, Kelly and Clark – get involved
PlungeMe: yes and i captained him
frenzy: my midprice madness needs Hopper
Pokerface: gained 35 points in game 1 and 20 points in game 2
Pokerface: you cant just say you lost 60 from game 3 in isolation
PlungeMe: damn kelly burned williams so hard just now, im pissed
dipstick: fyfe is a 130 player. hes lost 1.5 weeks X 130. its quite simple. i didnt compare him to anyone else. not that complex
original: Come back, everyone +10 except for conigs ffs
Pokerface: you have 3 non players on your bench dipshower?
Gotigres: Clark injured
G.Soreness: Alternatives like Cripps Oliver MCrouch have all gone big in R1-2 – the point is the impact of injury which is R3-4
pcaman2003: Whitty killing Cogs. I’m in strife.
BigChief: How was that a free to Stewart? He went head 1st past the ball to hit Haynes. poor decision umpire.
Pokerface: how bad does it look tigres?
Pokerface: soreness anyone can get a concussion. ollie had a down week. should we add up how much you lost having him this round?
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly,do something useful.
G.Soreness: No it’s a long game – only really care what they average across the year
BigChief: Danger in trouble for off the ball hit on De Boar
G.Soreness: I admit that concussion is slightly different to injury but Fyfe is kinda concussion prone as well as injury prone
Natopotato: Danger chance of suspension?????
Pokerface: exactly its a long game, so why say he lost 60 points in game 3? its your comment, not mine
PowerBug: I think he is although hazy footage so far
Gotigres: He jogged off Pokerface.
Apachecats: Brownlow fav in trouble?
Pokerface: in injury-free games he is a 135 player this year. Im happy with that
Pokerface: thanks tigres
th3rio: Conigs and Williams go bang 🙂
VodkaHawk: 1 week
DrSeuss: Kelly still tagged by DeBoer?
NoneyaB: what did Danger do?
PlungeMe: neale probably brownlow favourite right now
BigChief: No Doc tagging Danger now.
Pokerface: he’d be leading plunge, but id say cripps would be fave
VodkaHawk: Off the ball hit, looked pretty soft, but dusty got a week
DrSeuss: Thanks Chief, Kelly just slow?
pcaman2003: Kelly disappointing. Needs huge 2nd half.
Apachecats: Any one got an update on JClark?
original: Apache praying he comes back
feralmong: That’s how you deal with a tagger.
megawatts: had the choice between menegola dahlhaus and telly, guess i couldnt have won either way
StuL: Gee shut up Dermott. One of the dirtiest players ever carrying on about minor contact
mattmac24: Need a big second half from dahl
Fatbar5tad: Dernier will work overtime to hang Danger. Wanker.
Apfoxy: Hopefully Kelly puts on at least 80 second half
frenzy: I might sideways Setters to Miers
Gotigres: Menegola missed from 10m out running into goal
BigChief: That might get you a few $$$ frenzy
original: Frenzy troll surely
th3rio: Williams comes and goes how frustrating
duckky: Kick the blessed thing Dahl!
th3rio: Why did Whitfield just get 8 pts for? That wasn’t a handbag pretty sure
Apachecats: Don’t care what Laird gets now ,go Lachie Whitfield.
frenzy: yeahnah, why waste at trade on that useless plow Setters
Gotigres: 3rd qtr has started Williams
Gotigres: Nice move up Whitfield. Glad i got you in this week
Gelly: team will start to tag Whitfield, happened last year
BigChief: Nice goal Baldy.
Gotigres: Clark back on ground
pcaman2003: Kelly killing me. Opponent has Whittfield. Doh!
Stu7: What’s happening with danger?
BigChief: Kelly playing fwd now
Apachecats: Danger is preparing his defence.Stu
Apachecats: Raise the bat Whitfield whoo whoo!
DrSeuss: Kelly, Williams, Clark and Danger all screwing me in this game.
zoomba23: Go Whitfield you filthy pig
Apachecats: JClark every point is a bonus.
duckky: Danger not doing it for me as VC – so either Rocky or MCrouch…
frenzy: deboer on danger now
runners47: Is Danger on the field??
th3rio: Williams got a touch nicr work
Apachecats: ZW minus 1 for the 1/4
zoomba23: Time to make up ground without De Boer on you Telly. 50 pt last quarter would be nice
pcaman2003: T Kelly has stopped this week. 6 touches with 3 clangers. Terrible
Gotigres: Telly up forward for cats while gws have all the play in their forward line
colin wood: wheres Danger FFS… have him capt typical
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. Kelly on the ball too,but can’t touch it.
VodkaHawk: Come on Giants, been the better team, now get it on the scoreboard
StuL: Good on you for reporting Danger, dermot you flog
penguins00: Kelly got tagged out by DeBoer so they’ve thrown him fwd and he’s now on Danger who hasn’t done alot in the 3rd
BigChief: He deserves to be reported StuL. Same as Dusty last week.
pcaman2003: Need Neale to score a Gazillion pts now for me to have hope.
frenzy: Fyfe traders trading Danger?
original: TKelly going backwards
VodkaHawk: Dermies fault for Danger hitting someone off the ball?
Raspel31: Me too pcaman- to offset Grundy.
StuL: Hitting a guys arm is a report? “Potential ” injury is now a report too. Becoming a joke
VodkaHawk: MRO will have to be consistent. Just call De Boer the Suspender now
BigChief: We said “reported” not suspended StuL.
zoomba23: Frenzy: no. Suspension doesn’t have lingering symptoms
pcaman2003: @Raspel. My opponent had C on Grundy too. He has Whittfield and me TKelly. In strife
J_Herer: Atkins $
VodkaHawk: Watched the footage a few times now, looks very soft
frenzy: haha but you might lose 200 points, dont go there again
penguins00: it’ll either get thrown out for insufficient force or he’ll get a week
zoomba23: Admit that my logic is a bit flawed, but I’m sick of this shit from Fyfe
frenzy: c’mon Zac, lift
zoomba23: He gets injured and then he’ll come back and get suspended. Can’t string games together
zoomba23: Used 2 trades on him last year so I’m cutting my losses
J_Herer: Williams BE 45
Raspel31: So Gazza lost a possie at 3 quarter time- how careless.
frenzy: why I didnt start him zoomba
zoomba23: Yeah good call. It’s a mistake I’m not making again
th3rio: CD love Whitfield.
beerent11: Still no attention on Whitfield ?
Raspel31: Rather chuffed at introducing Mr Whitfield to the team.
Struda: the heck is kelly doing
Apachecats: Dahlhous doing an excwllent job of dodging the ball.
th3rio: Whitty mark and kick for 11 pts
colin wood: danger taking the piss?
zoomba23: Get Kelly in the fucking midfield you flog Scort
pcaman2003: @Strude. Sweet FA my friend. Just got him last week too. What a waste of a trade.
BigChief: C’mon Timmy. Ton up mate.
Gelly: mare for kelly
runners47: Cursing – left the C on Danger – instead of Lloyd, Whitfield, Grundy…
Struda: danger, williams and kelly are trashing it up
frenzy: Um Danger wtf?
J_Herer: Mare for Dahlaus
chemical-m: Looks like Smith to Whitfield was a good trade this week
Raspel31: That’s no good runners- whoops.
Pokerface: pumpkin for dahlhaus
aces-high: Spud Atkins gonna beat danger
original: TKelly ankle no good?
Yelse: just came back what happened to danger why so low
Struda: @pcaman I’ve had him from the start but am sitting pretty kjolly so would rather my premos not be dogcrap
J_Herer: Mare for Menagola
mattmac24: I just need Dahl to beat Menegola
BigChief: Mares for Danger, Kelly, Dollhouse, Menegola.
BigChief: De Boer tag on him @Yelse
duckky: Has Danger scored this quarter?
Gelly: De Boer has tagged the entire team
original: Dw guys TKelly will kick the winning goal. Heard it here first
Apachecats: Ducky he’s minus 1 SC for the 1/4
zoomba23: Danger, Telly, Williams all having blinders. Fuck this game honestly
duckky: Danger, Dahl and Kelly workd so well for me until now
feralmong: Cogs come good
th3rio: Gotta have an off game at some stage..
StuL: Blue and white T Kelly, hit those jumpers,.
BigChief: Constable to kick the winner I hope 🙂
J_Herer: ton up Atkins!
duckky: TKelly 6 clangers. Really?
DrSeuss: I am with you Zoomba – just add Clark as well
original: Gonna hurts when setterfield our scores TKelly
JRedden: bye williams, you’re useless
Pokerface: nice comback conigs
Apachecats: Come on Mummy ton up there for the taking.
BigChief: Kick the sealer Timmy
Struda: Williams, Telly, Constable, Danger, Clark on field ffs
wolfheart: cats are gone
Struda: constable cooked that
DrSeuss: Same Struda. What a game this has been.
TheMessiah: Woohoo captain Danger. Urghh
Struda: @drses=uss, at least there will be a lot of upscaling
original: @struda @DrSeuss same..hurting. Constable loopholed so could opt out
frenzy: taranto doing it at both ends, and getting nothing SC reward
Hadouken: wow, danger might cost me now….
Beast_Mode: bad luck muppets!
VodkaHawk: Excellent 🙂 Giants way too good
duckky: Danger or MCrouch for C?
LMartos: Will be interesting to see final SC scores because there’s still 260 to be allocated
StuL: Far too many cats down. No one could hit the side of a barn
zoomba23: Geez Hopper’s a player
feralmong: No loops all my rooks playing. Good for $ at least.
Struda: 200 points still to be dished out, thas a bit at least
frenzy: champ data are flogs
duckky: I meant Rocky or MCrouch for C
feralmong: Lot of scaling available
Oh8ball: Still waiting for match winner from Telly
jbjimmyjb: terrible game for fantasy
zoomba23: Surely go Crippa Duckky
LuvIt74: Not sure if i take Atkins 68 or roll the dice and take Fyfe off and put Stack on
original: Oh8ball he’ll get a really late kick after the siren

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