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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2019

bushranger: Come on Dunks, 100 up please
Yelse: you guys VC grundy?
Grumpman: Beams out for Brown
wadaramus: Yep, VC Grundy, and go Dunks!
gotigers04: de goey 120 please
gotigers04: libba surely break a leg
Grumpman: Elliot to kick 4 tonight
Beast_Mode: I’m VCing Maccrae, Cripper is my C should feast on GCS anyway
Apachecats: vc Neale C on Cripps yelse
Yelse: don’t have neale was thinking of trading fyfe but not sure if i should waste a trade
benzammit: C on Macrae see if he can earn his money
Searly34: Evening gents
BigChief: Elliott to get 4 kicks maybe.
frenzy: Grundy to go 200
italz: what do you guys think a good score for macrae at vc would be to keep it? anything over 130?
shang0: A lot of people traded out Fyfe… Fools.
shang0: Anything over 130 for Macrae I’ll keep.. Otherwise it’ll be Cripps for the C
original: go away macrae
Apachecats: Think i should have stayed with Macrae.
zadolinnyj: Gents
gotigers04: yes de goey
Apachecats: Libba 1 touch in 10 mins.
Manowar: Libba no good tonite!
frenzy: grundy donuts
aces-high: Crisp gets reamed in supercoach Lloyd would be 20 with what he’s done this quarter
original: game must be a thriller
grechy76: bt commentating another game with a lloyd p;aying
J.Worrall: bt has no eye dear
circle52: same apache vc Neale Cripps C evening all.
Manowar: do more Moore
zadolinnyj: Moore going alright
m0nty: this game is as slow as treacle, as if it’s a Crows intra-club
original: i know someone with roughead startin ruck
JR33: I think my rookies will score more than Libba
pcaman2003: @circle52. Same as you
Umpirespet: Think u meant a hawks pokie club Minty
batt: does Libba think he gets SC points for pushing opposition players?
m0nty: nah the LOTR pokie goes off
original: thought about emergency loopholing liba
zadolinnyj: Whack goes Monty
J.Worrall: Haha!
Umpirespet: Does Kennett have a comedy gig there Minty
Yelse: umpiring has been shocking, bellow the knees wasn’t , so many in the back not paid
aces-high: Is crisp injured? Haven’t seen him in 10 mins
the worm: phew, we’d lasted 20 minutes without umpire complaints, i thought my chat was busted
Umpirespet: Someone from the AFL should be sacked putting this rubbish on on a Friday night
Apachecats: 7 marks in a 1/4 not a bad effort.
italz: what an entertaining quarter……
zadolinnyj: It was a good effort @thr worm
NewFreoFan: To think that last vs second last put on a great show last Friday night
zadolinnyj: Where did Libya’s score come from.
Yelse: grundy building, should get 130+
Grumpman: Grundy will have 50+ hitouts at this rate.!
DrSeuss: Ok captain Treloar time to step it up a bit
stemy1243: Who scores more Macrae or Grundfos?
Apachecats: Channel 7 a bit behind on the advert schedule with only the one goal.
pcaman2003: Grundy score shot up rapidly at end of qtr..
pcaman2003: I reckon Macrae@stemy1243
Migz: @zad. couple good tackles and intercept CP
jbjimmyjb: yay crisp stopped bench warming
NewFreoFan: this obsession with lateral play out of defense is garbage
Yelse: grundy three whiteout to a pies player his score hasn’t moved
DrSeuss: Let’s go Treloar get involved
Monfries96: Grundy doing as he pleases, will get 60 points from hitouts alone
zadolinnyj: 70bmetre penalty
original: macraes score goes bang smh from 30 to 50 in an instant
J.Worrall: grundy three whiteout to a pies player
God_: Pies gifted a goal by the ump then sheesh
jbjimmyjb: channel 7 told the umps they need more goals for ad breaks
beerent11: Elliot needs to find a degoey free club
gotigers04: go away macrae
pcaman2003: Prediction! Grundy to 175pts
original: @gotigers i hear ya
the worm: grundy will be four whiteout at this rate
shang0: Choice to VC Macrae looks good thus far
twinpeaks: Come on Libba brought you in for Butters this week
NewFreoFan: Muppet alert
beerent11: Did most of us vc Grundy?
Fatbar5tad: The fix is on here
Monfries96: Grundy four liquid paper already
poolboybob: Naughton muppet
beerent11: Hard call for me between him and mcrae
mattmac24: Battle of the vice captains. I’m assuming most people would have gone either macrae or grundy
Snooks16: Just a question, who would you captain. Neale or Macrae?
Migz: just a question, why wouldnt you vc/c grundy vs no ruckman
feralmong: vc macrae but no loop. All players playing. Capt cripps for me.
shang0: VC Macrae, C Neale
stemy1243: Toss of the coin went Macrae over Grundy
zadolinnyj: 7.6% had vc on Gawn apparently
Snooks16: Same shang0
J.Worrall: @shang0: Yup!
CamT: I went Macrae for VC over Grundy but wasn’t expecting this number of whiteouts.
J.Worrall: Gotta love a good whiteout!
TigerKid_A: that bailey smith kid is gonna be a gun
jbjimmyjb: typical CD love for macrae, called 1/13 of his disposals ineffective
Snooks16: Grundy probably going to get 160+ by the end of the night.
runt: bloody lloyd in this game too. Bt shits me
J.Worrall: CD love is better than puppy love!
pcaman2003: Wow! Moore 12 pts for intercept mark and kick only.
TheMessiah: Glad I put an Smith on the bench 😐
NewFreoFan: This is a miserable game of football
DrSeuss: Treloar do something that isn’t giving away frees ffs
Sixty656: If this game gets any more lively a funeral might break out.
Seb78: Hey Elliot any chance of going near that yellow thing? Its called a football ffs!!
runt: Just a Frawley ear massage. Nothing untoward
Apachecats: A whack in the eye in a marking contest is not a 50 m penalty umpire.
zadolinnyj: Need to teach umpire what 50 1 metre steps are
God_: This ump is terrible at estimating distance
DrSeuss: Umps trying to make the game more interesting?
Breezey: Reported for striking. you are kidding
smashedavo: whats crisp playing as now? Swear he doesnt get involved anymore
J.Worrall: Could someone let the Dogs out, pls?
zadolinnyj: Reported for giving a wet willy
9inch: Libbas tats are hmmmm nah
feralmong: Mark of the year there
runt: Both teams making hard work of this
V@lks: Whoah Mark of the Year
gotigers04: crozier mark
zadolinnyj: Yes homer @9inch
J.Worrall: Po Guys!
biggerz: Lummas is a stooge
Apachecats: get Elliot off.
Snooks16: Did I miss something about Mayne getting injured?
Ash777: This is why I dont have you on the field anymore elliot
smashedavo: went to school with crozier, he was always an incredible jump
runt: Crozier just hung on
PlungeMe: darcy moores ended the half well, love that
original: for such a “contested beast” macrae has 0 tackles
NewFreoFan: Ridiculous end to a ridiculous half
9inch: Ruck and backs dominating pies fantasy tonight
beerent11: Hard to tackle when you’ve always got the ball original
God_: Macrae is still leading contested possessions though
stemy1243: Grundy 25 hitouts to 3. Ruckman masterclass for the rookie
dipstick: blow it out your oars wallis… youre fired
runt: When are the higher scoring games coming in to effect?
blonde0na: yeah let’s celebrate the fact a horse ‘doesn’t get injured’ good on ya ch7
Apachecats: he’s been too busy getting 10 contested positionsby half time original.Hard to knock that i would’ve thought.
Yelse: so mayne is gone? prob fracture vertebrae
beerent11: 1st decent forward rookie bubble boy and Elliot’s out
Apachecats: lol runt
MercAm: This is such a scrappy game, but just the inaccuracy is making this worse. At least players are scoring well
Gotigres: very happy so far with vc Grundy, Moore, Libba and macrae
beerent11: Libra you champion $$$$
original: feel fore mayne, had really fought back and became an important player
JockMcPie: how was mihocek reported for that lmao
jbjimmyjb: can someone let me know how macrae can miss a target by 10m and it still be an ‘effective’ kick?
beerent11: *libba
ozziekev: English waste of space ! Grundy going mega !
the worm: he was aiming for the grass
original: or should it be “liba” lol
NoneyaB: anyone else bench loop Hore from last night?
Umpirespet: Yeah I did noneyaB
the worm: i frequently bench loop horeon thursday nights
Umpirespet: Don’t talk about ur sister like that worm
clay007: Goal kicking down because if you kick it you have to go to the bench, you miss you stay on. What you gonna do?
J.Worrall: I do too, Worm Man. Does she tell you about it?
runt: Kicking a goal has become a selfish act it seems. They celebrate hard because they rarely see goals these days
Roksta: Is degoey the softest good player to ever play the game?
runt: Why roost the ball through the sticks from 50 when you can faff about and boost your stats
Patty19: Stats aside, never realised how effective Libba is in the midfield. He’s been huge for the dogs
the worm: unfortuantely i didnt last night and now my hore is locked 🙁
frenzy: you need him jimmjb get him in
Umpirespet: Yep frenzy no point complaining about points just have to get him
bones351: TheDogs are doing the right thing limiting Libbas TOG but geez its hard seeing him go missing for ages as a SC coach
Gotigres: Libba far and away exceeding my expectations
Ash777: watching a BT as a bunny on good friday. Sounds great.
original: macrae throw +1
runt: Schache is badly missed…..
Umpirespet: He will scare the kids. Ash
original: lol degoey
clay007: Anyone see Libba go to Grundy at the bounce. Appeared to put something on him
gotigers04: fire up de goey
NewFreoFan: get the tin foil hat clay007 it’s the illuminati
bones351: He does all kinds of funny little things Clay. I love it haha
Struda: Where the hell is treloar
original: @Clay just rewound it haha libba so odd
m0nty: I think Libba put the (c) on him, I certainly did
J.Worrall: Go Doggies!
DrSeuss: I have Grundy, Libba and Treloar – guess who I have the ‘C’ on
clay007: Libba-rascal of the week
Umpirespet: Probably just snot Clay
J.Worrall: Hail Eris
bones351: Id love to hear the Libba banter
LuvIt74: Treloar is killing me
Burnsy03: gotta get a mic on libba in game
heppelitis: hunter a freak doesn’t need a rest on the bench
original: treloar at 90% efficiency would normally be killing it, just not enough of it
DrSeuss: Same LuvIt – Chose Brayshaw VC over Lloyd, then Treloar C over Grundy
marls: Cmon Junkley
clay007: Collingwood just needs 22 Grundys. Some can be big, some can be small
blonde0na: surely collingwood want it in treloar’s mitts, not adam’s
beerent11: Libba gave the best post premiership interview on the boundary when they won
NewFreoFan: Neither team can figure out how to attack
BigChief: Treloar refusing to kick it. That’s why his DE is high
original: is there a more over hyped player?
zadolinnyj: Dunkley my mistake this year
Migz: got rid of dunks 5 mins before the game thank fark
NateRocks: Glad North rested Scott so I can loop VC
Ash777: Dunks!
zadolinnyj: And on cue
Migz: as he kicks a goal. 😡
NewFreoFan: original, I’d say tex walker is plenty overhyped
heppelitis: nothing like a ff spray zado
NoneyaB: dunkley is now boak
Jackwatt$: Dunkley won a stoppage, surprise, surprise! Perhaps put him on the middle Bev. #justsayin
Sixty656: nice tap grundy straight into the dogs zone
original: NewFreoFan sheesh surely no one actually rates tex lol
zadolinnyj: I’ll take it @hepplelitis
V@lks: NateRocks: omitted not rested
SwaggyP: And i thought keeping dunkley was the smart choice…
Yelse: pies mids and forwards completely off today in everything
Donzoes: Glad I put the C on Grundy, keep it going
NewFreoFan: original, just about every commentator does
pcaman2003: If you don’t mind umpire!
Umpirespet: Be like rating Carlton hey original?
biggerz: Welcome captain bines
pcaman2003: Naughton the next Howe
Monfries96: Traded English to Mumford this week, now they finally start kicking it to English
runt: In the back is paid only if you are standing up it seems
original: lol orrite umpirespet this guy
Natopotato: Captain Bines 4 weeks running
zadolinnyj: Lol
the worm: nobody rates carlton, not even carlton fans
Burnsy03: lcuky scott got dropped otherwise i couldnt loop grundy
NoneyaB: C Wilko for me if mccrae gets 125+
original: @theworm knows. i mean a team wins 2 games, who would rate? lol
DrSeuss: English outscoring Treloar – WTF – Do something
original: treloar is scared to kick! who said it?
JButcher: Get the ball Hunter
Umpirespet: Ull get there one day original
blonde0na: tex concussing tuohy last year proved he is the biggest flog in the afl
LuvIt74: Treloar & Oliver as 2 premo’s what a joke
Yelse: pies have butchered the ball every time they get it
duckky: Moore and Libba stopped
Umpirespet: Blonde think Greene and Sicily have that mantle
Burnsy03: So who didnt start grundy and gawn? or traded after rd 1
original: hopefully sloane is outright captain next year
Umpirespet: Agree original
the worm: i didnt start grundy, brought him in this week at a discount and made him captain
Umpirespet: How much cheaper was he worm?
Burnsy03: whod you start worm?
marls: and burnt a trade for how much money?
Burnsy03: he was 30k cheaper
beerent11: Libba show and go!
biggs2dujj: Libba makes up for that moment
Ash777: dogs dominating on everything but the scoreboard
BigChief: Grundy was 30k cheaper.
Migz: 680. he dropped 30k
duckky: Grundy ropped $30K
original: dammit missed the kermit moment
LuvIt74: Grundy 37 to 4 hitouts ffs
Monfries96: Only a 30k discount on Grundy, hardly worth it
Umpirespet: 30k not worth a trade
clay007: Collingwood-runners up hangover
LuvIt74: If only doggies had Grundy as their fruckman
Oddsy5: got a feeling that Macrae may leave me with an awkward VC score…
the worm: not much, about 30k. i rolled the dice on english for three weeks…worth a shot i thought
feralmong: Grundy worth every penny and more
pcaman2003: Go Doggies!
duckky: Libba may have the Kermit -but CD had the clanger go against English
Ash777: pies should be glad that dogs have one of the worse forwards
original: oddsy5 you will be right, they leave him free
runt: fruckmen are rare
zadolinnyj: Moore gone downstairs
mattmac24: Grundy isnt gonna get any cheaper, great trade Worm
Oddsy5: f me grundy taps it onto his own boot and leads to a goal
beerent11: Grundy 150+ tonight
the worm: i fi hadnt spent the diff between english and grundy wisely itd have been bad, but my guns are all ok
Breezey: Adams missed target after missed target.
Pokerface: how did you get the 400k necessary worm?
Monfries96: First game English has looked like an AFL player
Oh8ball: Trying to remember the genius who traded Grundy Rnd2
StuL: This lloyd Bt. Not llll Loyd.
BigChief: And he is still getting flogged Monfries.
marls: 4 hit outs and they are winning. are rucks mostly useless in the modern game?
beerent11: Love it when your boys have a ton before 3qtr time
original: @bigchief hahaha
Umpirespet: There was a few who traded Grundy or Gawn after R1
feralmong: I downgraded dusty to Libba and Hoffa to grundy.
Ash777: English will be huge once he can start dominating the hit outs
Oddsy5: what would u guys need ur VC to get to take it? im 130+ i reckon
the worm: got rid of heeney in rd one befor ehe played to loophole drews score and carried the money
9inch: Sidey faded out as usual.
benzammit: Oh8ball having him from the word go was the shot.
zadolinnyj: A few did dummy spit out Grundy and Gawn. Lol
benzammit: Too many rage traded him agreed
Oh8ball: As the saying goes @zado, set and forget
beerent11: Yeah 130 will do oddsy Cripps will go about that too I reckon
Yelse: grundy locked in now as C he prob get 150 +
zadolinnyj: Grundy on enough now to take vC score
benzammit: Simple you don’t trade out premium players unless they get a LTI
Yelse: pies to win cmonnnn
Umpirespet: I had Dusty so some don’t work but yes usually set and forget
BigChief: @Oddsy I look at 125 always.
Burnsy03: Grundy is 2 away from his BE already, so much for massive price drop…
runt: Surely the Pies midfielders will capitalize on Grundy’s ruck superiority in the last tr
beerent11: I’ve already filed the paperwork to lock in grundys score
zadolinnyj: Correct
Oh8ball: Spot on @ben
Umpirespet: I reckon Crisps 150-170 who is GC tagger?
Oh8ball: I traded rusty dusty too @umpspet but I don’t think that counts, genuine shadow atm
beerent11: Suns improved especially up there
benzammit: Dusty was no lock premo based on his history he had a couple of outstanding years
J.Worrall: Go Doggies!
Ash777: looks like dunks have moved to the wing
feralmong: Dusty to libba cash cow a no brainer. SC is making $$.
Struda: Treloar wtf
beerent11: Although McRae did score 130 in 3 qtrs last werk
Pokerface: @umpirespet Touk. Zorko has fond memories of it
God_: Let’s go Junkley
pcaman2003: Learn to ruck English. Slow learner!
twinpeaks: Took Lloyd’s VC, don’t regret it, even if Grundy was always likely to go large
Pokerface: i like it God_ 🙂
smashedavo: regret chaning c from grundy to danger at last minute..
Umpirespet: Didn’t know that Touk was tagging Poker
Migz: as you should peak. C should only be used as the back up if the VC shits the bed
JButcher: I took Gawn’s twinpeaks, I would have C’d Macrae anyway so I’m happy
grechy76: bloody got vc on grundy but no loophole fml
Breezey: Grundy may get near the double ton
Umpirespet: My VC was. Oliver thought he would bounce back
Pokerface: @UP he’s done the job on quite a few. Not always tagging
DrSeuss: Chose Treloar as C over Grundy last minute.
original: grechy ouch
vartic: went Grundy to Macrae as VC about 20 seconds before lock out
StuL: Come on macrae in loophole no mans land atm
TigerKid_A: umpires with collingwood yet again
runt: English won a hitout. My God…
Yelse: looks like degoey gone into the middle
benzammit: McRae is going backwards?
aces-high: Moore back to spudding
pcaman2003: @Breezy. I predicted 175 at start of game. Will be close I yhink
original: macrae looking for frees..
Oddsy5: if macrae doesnt start scoring ill be going to cripps against the suns
smashedavo: may have to trade crisp out at this rate, not playing his normal role
Burnsy03: moore +1 since Q2
Pokerface: @UP actually not so much this year. looks like Bowes tried to tag Fyfe with no effect
duckky: Moore – Great first half – invisible the second
NewFreoFan: De Goey got a minor injury or something? Kicking has been terrible tonight
Breezey: @Pcaman. I think he’s got that well and truly covered
benzammit: Yeah Crisp has suffered with Adams back
Umpirespet: Hold smashedavo he is losing money ATM I have him to
chemical-m: Need crisp to lift, damn
pcaman2003: Moore was 51 at half time.
MONEY TALK: i accidentally put moore on bench, so he can stop thanks
smashedavo: i agree chemical, been woeful same as last week
JButcher: Crisp out Whitfield in next week
runt: English looks feeble as if he lives on the ISS
beerent11: Too many back there playing the same role as crisp I think is the issue
Oh8ball: Moore didn’t run hard enough to get back for that goal whatsoever ffs
Burnsy03: hope moore gets 70 ad crisp hopefully 90
pcaman2003: @runt. He’s giving my opponenet a great score with Grundy C. Crap!
penguins00: @beerent Agreed
MadCrow: what is the captain loophole ?
J.Worrall: Grunders going off – well done to those who can get doubles from him!
chemical-m: Looked good the first 2 rounds but has dropped off horribly, started him D1
smashedavo: crisp will be lucky to get 70
Gotigres: Bont looks back to his best
pcaman2003: Free goal Pies! Shameful umpiring again tonight.
feralmong: Dogs ripped off there.
chemical-m: Might trade him to Lloyd this week tbh
Umpirespet: Why is there a American flag down in the crowd. Don’t pies fans. Know which country they are in
Migz: madcrow. you put a player that is not playing that week on the field and make him captain. since your captain
Migz: isnt playing you get the VC score.
Cotchin8or: Tom lynch will kick 20 this round if that’s a mark
benzammit: Can’t stand Cox when he has a swagger
Gelly: regret taking vc off grundles
Yelse: clear mark
JButcher: Not if our midfield don’t let him get any service @Cotchin8or 😉
TigerKid_A: umpires ruining the game once again!
MadCrow: migz ?? why ??
runt: A clean mark? wtf. Touched off the boot and touched before the other guy claims it. No difference
Dank: Bont looking like a good POD option atm
J.Worrall: you get the VC score doubled
runt: Clear mark my arse
Apfoxy: What happened to Macrae
Burnsy03: 38 frees paid already
beerent11: Yeah crisp is already down to 500k will be 450 soon
Manowar: A. Treloar out
benzammit: Common Yelse open the other
zadolinnyj: Bont ownership too high to be a POD
V@lks: Star for Grundy plz M0nty
NateRocks: Muppet
the worm: madcrow if your vice cptain gets 300, it becomes a 600 if you use the loophole. ok?
feralmong: Ha muppet cox what a flog
Tig-Train: Makes me sick how any aussies can chant USA… anyone caught should lose their citizenship
beerent11: Havent found the umpiring that bad tonight
pcaman2003: Where are you Libba?
Ash777: oh my cox
twinpeaks: Adams at a real good price, seems to be hoovering up CBAs from others?
Oh8ball: Cox muppet 10000% m0nty
DrSeuss: Treloar you useless POS
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off mcrae.
MadCrow: so does the bench player get the captain score in the loophole farse
Sloan4Pres: cox is useless
pcaman2003: On cue he scores pts.
Burnsy03: just a few contentious ones makes it worse beerent
J.Worrall: bevause if your Captain isn’y playing, then your VC must be the Captain!
Pokerface: Treloar chose pies because he wanted to win a flag
runt: low scoring but high intensity now
Pokerface: lol madcrow
original: tbh you’re lucky reloar is on 75
NewFreoFan: Pies are their own worst enemy here
J.Worrall: Mtach winning plays required now’ pls Macrae
JButcher: 29 since half time for Hunter…
Tig-Train: Yeh worked well for him Pokerface
Ash777: cox would of pretty much won the game if he kicked for goal
pcaman2003: Someone stop Grundy FFS.
blonde0na: is treloar injured? don’t think he’s been on the ground in 5 minutes
V@lks: I said star not gun
zadolinnyj: U must’ve trolling madcow or you have been living in Antartica
smashedavo: crisp and dunkley have backfired as my pods. absolute spuds
Fatbar5tad: Ball magnet my arse. Shit second half. McRae. Tackle shy.
MadCrow: is cold here
duckky: BangBangBang Game over
grechy76: bucks needs to leave stevenson forward, not good back
Pokerface: do you reckon in round 23 with 5 mins theyll still say ‘this is the good thing about the new rule’?
Sloaneyyyy: I really want grundys vc score but only have b.Scott not playing except hes named as emerg…
Sloaneyyyy: Do I take the risk
marls: has moore scored in the second half?
Pokerface: scott wont play unless theres an injury sloaney
runt: Junk time will now commence
MadCrow: blaast cos my bench player coming in is Grundy, VC is Neale
beerent11: Didnt have Grundy or McRae last year they were first picked this year
original: i rate macrae as a sc player, but id rate him more as a player if he didnt try to con so many frees
Apfoxy: Bailey Scott is apparently being “rested”
Migz: sloany they have scott as rested. Very much doubt he will be brought in.
Umpirespet: Yeah sloaney
zadolinnyj: Lol @madcow
TigerKid_A: the stupid frees to the pies just completely stopped the doggies momentum.
poolboybob: Schache potato
Pokerface: quick madcrow, move the vc onto grundy.
pcaman2003: Game over!
VodkaHawk: Karma for them TigerKid 🙂
poolboybob: BT: “I reckon only one more goal left in this game!” 4 quick goals follow. Priceless
beerent11: I don’t get blokes that watch footy just to winge about the umpiring
JButcher: Ying-yang for Hunter, disgraceful second half
MadCrow: was trying to out fox a fox in my league head to head,
smashedavo: has dunkley even touched it this quarter? absolute wank of a player
benzammit: Changed off Grundy to Mcrae with C bad choice.
J.Worrall: What kind of blokes do you get?
Monfries96: Gonna be hard to part with Libba once he’s capped out. Love his consistency so far
Fatbar5tad: Dunkley sucks dogs balls. Stuck with his 75s
pcaman2003: Thanks English for helping Grundy score big…not!
J.Worrall: Macrae for gun?
TigerKid_A: @beerent it ruins the watching experience for nuetral fans
original: lol macrae still sneaking up somehow
Pokerface: lol Worrall
colin wood: When Collingwood won it’s always the umpiring whinges from opp teams supporters.
beerent11: So turn it off tiger
poolboybob: English is not anywhere close to an AFL ruckman. Not enough agility and looks like he weighs about 60kg
Breezey: Great choice as X Factor. Impressive
Gotigres: I have Bines as capt
duckky: Is there a symbol for a one quarter wonder? Cox deserves it today.
smashedavo: dunkley gone next week for me
Migz: theres gonna be some down scaling. over the limit
colin wood: McCrae for ice skater/diver?
original: watching the game i would have expected hunter to be higher
Burnsy03: third year ruck gotta get time to develop
beerent11: Yesss libba another ton$$$$$$!
Fatbar5tad: McRae for the no need to wash the jumper award
BigChief: @original only 4 CP hurts Hunter
Patty19: Backing in Bines to have a cracker in wafl reserves this weekend
Apfoxy: Yep josh Dunkley is straight out
zadolinnyj: Dunkley gone for me as well
beerent11: Lot of McRae hate tonight
runt: never good watching Collingwood win
Pokerface: rucks aren’t good until about 6 years in the system
feralmong: It’s under migz check again
oh_lol: I have no one to loophole Grundy C for. Bugger.
9inch: cox was x factor
benzammit: McRae was damm good father your a tripper
original: @bigchief, yeh youre right. but so efficient and so many marks
biggerz: How did Grundy only end up on 160
benzammit: Fatbar5
beerent11: Bont the real deal this year
twinpeaks: Picked up Libba for Butters this week, take that. Goldy-> Maxy next week
beerent11: Only
Pokerface: should i take grundy vc?
beerent11: Libba was only 300k at the start of the year!
frenzy: is it enough poker
beerent11: Nah not enough points pokerface
LuvIt74: 58 to 6 hitouts thats phenomenal
original: @biggerz a sharked HO is most likely negative points

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