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Chat log from R4 of 2019: Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs Melbourne, R4 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Dees!
J.Worrall: Hore a late in?
ReggieOz: Yes, Jetta out
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
TIGERTANKS: Wasn’t a late in
All Reds: need some cash out of marty, would be nice
PlungeMe: 8500 traded out fyfe if anyone is wondering
frenzy: Max the only interest
gotigers04: Hore is in
th3rio: evening lads
All Reds: vc max
All Reds: lloyd big would be good
gotigers04: hore
gotigers04: Go max and angus
Umpirespet: Max Whore and C Wagner
th3rio: come on olive oil
gotigers04: Hore looken good
Apfoxy: Looks like the umps have put the whistle away
grechy76: brian taylor aways commentates when llyyyyyoooooooddd plays
TIGERTANKS: Finally! made an account
th3rio: hore carving up
Chelskiman: Got VC on Lloyd in RDT and Brayshaw in Fantasy. What kind of score are we looking at taking? 125+?
wadaramus: Hore in everything!
valkorum: VC Lloyd & Gawn only options here for me
Gelly: fielded hore, thought he’d have to try earn his spot in the team
PowerBug: 120+ to take Lloyd I’d say
m0nty: nothing like a hard-working cheap Hore
mattmac24: Go Marty go!
wadaramus: Haha m0nty, very nice!
Umpirespet: Looks like scrimshaw will be out for whore
valkorum: watch your language please m0nty
All Reds: yasssss monty
lazyupton: m0nty got a bit of a thing for the pros haha
Migz: whens piggyoliver gonna get a bloody touch.
Pokerface: vc heeney?
th3rio: nice oliver..
Sixty656: Can’t wait until the day Marty whacks someone behind play and gets labled ‘Dirty Hore’
Breezey: The only reason Hore is in because he’s a cheap Marty.
js19: At this rate I’ll have to get shore back on the payroll…
duckky: When Hore plays on Cox – Benny Hill will spin in his grave
js19: *Hore
Raspel31: But I don’t think any happy endings M0nty- I’m getting out next week.
gotigers04: fire up angus
wadaramus: Got the E on the pro, but got no loophole!
feralmong: Put Marty on the ground. Had ‘the feels’ he might go alright.
Jackwatt$: Lucky it’s a school night, otherwise straight up double! m0nty jokes are getting funnier as the season goes on! Go dee$
mattmac24: Started Hore just because he’s a good friend, told him I’d keep him for the season
LuvIt74: Oliver really needs to pull his finger out
TIGERTANKS: Damn should’ve started Hore over Duursma or Clark
dipstick: so y’all think 117K is cheap for a Hore? im in the wrong job
th3rio: great now pruess is rucking for gawn
heppelitis: Marty party in the hore house
poolboybob: Jones is a bogan
lazyupton: m0nty posting form the Royal on Punt Road
wadaramus: Preuss ruining Max 🙁
mattmac24: Couldn’t have guessed it Tigertanks. After two weeks off you’d surely keep him benched
Monfries96: Needed a crystal ball to think about actually fielding Hore lol
LuvIt74: hindsight is a wonderful thing
dipstick: the goose was always going to be a risk for big maxxy
Umpirespet: You have to be attractive Dipstick
Pusti: Marty’s mum is a Hore.
Raspel31: Hmm Oliver- might sub Fyfe on for you- and he’s not playing.
TheMessiah: Put the E on Here and have McKay so I will get his score
gotigers04: Ekep going angus
Jackwatt$: Used 6 trades already! Hopefully Sydney Stack can be a premium
TIGERTANKS: Great start by my player so far
TheMessiah: Heeney is back!
feralmong: Jack off line
danmaio: So many geniuses here played Hore when he didn’t play last week and was a late in
StuL: Llllloyd!! BT
Raspel31: 6 trades Jackwatts- that’s insane.
J_Herer: Happy as Hore was stuck on my bench, go you good thing!
Migz: yeh why the hell would we have put hore on the field :X
hinsch: oliver is on notice this week
Dank: Raspel is Oliver playing tonight? Haven’t seen him yet
Searly34: @lazyupton what a venue!!
gotigers04: Opponent has kennedy :)))
mattmac24: I’ve got Hore on field because I used him as a loophole last week and never changed it
MercAm: Just have Hore as E, hopefully Scrimshaw does not play…
Umpirespet: Swapped Gibbons for C Wagner wasted a trade it seems
StuL: Looking fwd to getting Oliver for $50
th3rio: hes playing, just nothing doing
DrSeuss: Why did I VC Brayshaw and not Lloyd
Pokerface: @migz gave them an opportunity to bench laird
hinsch: lucky I don’t have E on Hore this week
feralmong: Geez jack watts I’ve only done 1. But my team is crap. Lol.
hinsch: Stul could be right there
danmaio: Me too Seuss
Monfries96: Any other idiots like me accidentally use D. Cameron as loophole C? I’m locked in to brayshaw now
J_Herer: rookie to Oliver direct swap this year
TIGERTANKS: I’ve only done one trade and that was Dusty to Libba
gotigers04: pruesssss
DrSeuss: Can’t win the ball in the middle – yet playing Brayshaw forward…wtf
Umpirespet: Stul you can buy my Oliver for $40
Migz: wtf proose. who is this guy
feralmong: Does DrSeuss have Preuss?
blonde0na: max and preuss the new ‘twin towers’ 🙂
Pokerface: i don’t think anyone else in the whole thing even picked D Cameron Monfries
duckky: These were two finalists last year? ROFL
mattmac24: B.Scott as a loophole this week
TheMessiah: You would be gutted if you traded Heeney 2 weeks ago
Monfries96: pokerface I reckon most have him at a 170k ruck
Raspel31: Oliver is still apparently alive- but just hanging in there.
PlungeMe: gus needs to get involved for me
DrSeuss: Haha No Preuss for Seuss
J_Herer: yep Henney must have now healthy!
PowerBug: I should probably look at trading Heeney in one week
Chelskiman: Brayshaw nowhere to be seen. 🙁
TIGERTANKS: @PowerBug you should’ve started with Heeney
upweydons: I Traded Heeney 2 weeks ago
TIGERTANKS: Lift! Brayshaw
JockMcPie: cmon Oliver
Sixty656: Bugger, brought in Heendog for Dunkley but then reversed it 🙁
Breezey: A SC Cape for Florent. Halfway there on DT
DrSeuss: They have Brayshaw up forward. Not sure what they are thinking
runt: Brayshaw running around like a puppy chasing a balloon
Yelse: whats wrong with oliver lately 🙁
Moona: Traded Heeney 2 before last week – rule no. 1 I keep telling myself – never trade a premo
PowerBug: I probably should’ve started with Heeney yes, but I did not 🙁
hinsch: somebody dial 000 for Oliver
poolboybob: Oliver Clothesoff
Gelly: Heen dog is everywhere
blonde0na: heeney looking good, just wanna wait and see if it’s half a game heeney or not
Monfries96: This is so much worse when you know you can’t take the C off Brayshaw
Yelse: who’s trading fyfe?
jbjimmyjb: Moona well I traded Dusty after round 2, and that turned out well, so I don’t believe in that rule
the worm: yeah never trade a premo, except for oliver
J_Herer: Heeney looks awesome, but will KO himself soon at this rate, goes in hard
runt: The porpoise!
MercAm: Heeney*]
TheMessiah: Good shit Heeney, Hope, Lloyd, Gawn. Need more from Brayshaw tho
Dank: Oliver and Brayshaw I need you to reset for next 3 quarters, go and pull a Macrae for me
JButcher: I’ve made a grave error, VC’d Gawn but C’d Darcy Cameron *facepalm*
TIGERTANKS: cmon Brayshaw
DrSeuss: Put Brayshaw in the guts Goodwin you muppet
Pokerface: wait.. people traded heeney out?
Monfries96: Butcher I’ve done the same
TIGERTANKS: Oliver tagged
twinpeaks: Held off on Goldy-> Maxy for 1 week on account of Max BE and Goldy sole ruck v O’Brien, damn
mattmac24: Shot myself in the foot by trading heeney, happy to trade him back in after he showed me I was wrong
jbjimmyjb: JButcher wouldn’t worry too much, Gawn should get 110+
th3rio: lol
mattmac24: Yes poker, some people did
th3rio: happy to use 2 trades though mattmac?
StuL: Holding Fyfe unless my opponent trades him and not following costs the w
J_Herer: Hewett doing a job on Oliver
Monfries96: jimmyjb I’ve done it with Brayshaw :/
gotigers04: why is angus never on
th3rio: i hate hewett
runt: Brayshaw will have a big 2nd qtr.
Raspel31: Stuhl- changed my team 5 times today but sticking to Fyfe. No trades. Thought Libba and Lloyd- but nup.
feralmong: Preuss could be done
JockMcPie: I traded Fyfe to Lloyd but it’s only my second trade for the season, will look to get Fyfe back probably
Monfries96: Melksham just stole Brayshaw’s kick fml
J_Herer: Advantage!
TheMessiah: I also went Fyfe to Lloyd. Saved my second trade though
TIGERTANKS: Damn you Melksham hahaha
Natopotato: Im yet to make a trade but thinking Fyfe will go due to after effects with concussion. Macrae/Merrett in
Umpirespet: Is Lloyd a mid/def? Jock
jbjimmyjb: Clayton Oliver, please pull your finger out
th3rio: oliver off ffs
J_Herer: lift Papley for my Moneyball
JockMcPie: Nah Lloyd is DEF, I switched Dursma to mid rookie via DPP
TheMessiah: @umpirespet I used duursma DPP
heppelitis: i should have kept heeney and dumped oli’s ginger ass
Silz90: If you didn’t learn your lesson about Heaney than don’t trade Oliver hepp
Umpirespet: Oh OK was wondering how u did it
th3rio: wow sinclair 2 HO. Getting smashed. Wish i Vced gawn now
TIGERTANKS: cmon Mills
runt: Gawns hit outs not going to advantage Oliver and Brayshaw missing out as a consequence
Snooks16: Thank you Brayshaw now in mid
Monfries96: Hewett on Brayshaw now to make matters worse
Raspel31: On your side Hepp- Oliver gone next week unless digit extracted.
heppelitis: haha i wont…but i did with dusty…so thats 2 premos dumped already
hinsch: I might wait until Libba and Oliver are the same price and sideway trade
Gelly: hewett tagging brayshaw too when oliver off the field
Snooks16: Oliver is so overrated.
VodkaHawk: Is Viney any chance of touching the ball today…
Umpirespet: Think we all dumped Dusty Hep
VodkaHawk: Not SC relevant but for multibet, lol
Gelly: or has he swapped to brayshaw now?
mattmac24: What happened to Preuss?
VodkaHawk: Snooks, i’ve never really rated Oliver, he’s a handball queen
Monfries96: Both were at the centre bounce but George was on Brayshaw Gelly
StuL: 24 hitouts to Gawn and he’s on 34 points?
twinpeaks: They should probably send Harmes to Heeney
gotigers04: where is angus
Migz: they have sharked a heap of hitouts @stul
PowerBug: sharked hit outs
Umpirespet: Nice mark Heeney
th3rio: oscar mcdonald sucs..
J.Worrall: Who lost Heeney?
frenzy: whats wrong with Preuss
wadaramus: Heeney silencing the doubters/traders.
Gelly: yeh the tag has defs swapped to angus
Breezey: Heeney looks the difference between the two teams
TIGERTANKS: ton up mills
Migz: pissweak by oscar there to let heeny mark that.
wadaramus: FTR, I started Dunkley.
VodkaHawk: Dees should ask Hewitt to go to Heeney
th3rio: hurt his shoulder in that bump before first quarter frenzy
Migz: i mean i have heeney so im happy but as a football fan. PISSWEAK
Haydo: Nows the time everyone boasts about vc heeney
DrSeuss: Wow Melbourne defense is terrible in the air. This could get ugly if Melb don’t start controlling the ball
J.Worrall: A long way to 1/2 time . Go Heeney!
Snooks16: @VodkaHawk, Inhave sadly and yes definitely doesn’t handball a lot.
TIGERTANKS: surely cape soon for Heeney
PlungeMe: everyone should thank me for heeney finally coming good. had him from start to finish the past two seasons, not this one
frenzy: thanks th3rio
Umpirespet: Only GOD Haydo
th3rio: oliver coming up
Snooks16: @ VodkaHawk sorry auto corrections
runt: Melbourne playing badly but not out of it
Raspel31: My team is so powerful that op has cap on Heeney and I will still win. Lying of course.
th3rio: kennedy on oliver now, hopefully tag is gone
Monfries96: Get back on Oliver Hewett cheers
clay007: Didn’t go to Brayshaw at that centre clearance. Went to Viney
Breezey: Oliver will be on top by ganes end for the Dees.
Natopotato: Someone trade out Oliver so he bangs out massive scores next week 😉
Dream Big: Hewett has barely followed Oliver all game, don’t know why the icon is on him.
DrSeuss: Tag back on Brayshaw unfortunately
runt: Brayshaw not having a big 2nd qtr
feralmong: Pruess back on.
th3rio: you don’t call that being tagged dream?
runt: Oliver twists and turns and always comes back for seconds
colin wood: Oliver’s tackles not being counted?
heppelitis: I really rate Fritsch
Chelskiman: Looks like I’ll be on the lookout for a captain tomorrow after Brayshaw’s display.
Yelse: they missed the tackle from oliver that led to the goal
Migz: saw that tackle in the fwd pocket colin. Lead straight to a turn over no points..?
biggs2dujj: Champion Data have stopped giving Oliver points. Cheats
Oh8ball: Gents, how good is Thursday night footy! Breaks the week up perfectly
Monfries96: Grundy gotta be the captain, will get 60 hitouts minimum against English
th3rio: i noticed that too colin, in the goal square
Snooks16: Any updates on Preuss’ injury
Natopotato: I swear Wagner has contributed more that what it says, I thought there were more tackles
StuL: Preuss on and strapped shoulder
PowerBug: back on the field
colin wood: Will hopefully be adjusted at the half
th3rio: hes back on the bench, should come back on snooks
Breezey: Preuss had shoulder strapped. Back out there
clay007: Is Brayshaw a big second half player?
Snooks16: Thanks th3rio
StuL: Bruce cant pronounced the k in Melksham
feralmong: U realise there’s 2 of em Nato?
biggs2dujj: Will that mark and handball get counted? I doubt it
Snooks16: Thanks StuL
runt: shkorwing
Natopotato: yeah but the amount of times ive seen the #40 is way more
colin wood: If only the melb miss would be to hawks taps he’d be on 100 already
Oh8ball: Oliver selling teammates out like it’s going out of fashion
Chelskiman: There
Monfries96: Brayshaw stole the free kick from his mate, love that
Fatbar5tad: Pruess is gone. Can’t put his arm up.
Chelskiman: There’s life in Brayshaw!
lazyupton: m0nty been distracted by the red light at Marty’s house. slow to update the icons
wadaramus: Heeney crunched in the tackle.
Chelskiman: Oh, wait, I don’t think it was Brayshaw’s tackle. xD
Snooks16: @ Natopotato Corey Wagner
Fatbar5tad: Heeney in trouble. Hip.
circle52: Heeney reaklly hurt – Coming off
runt: Demons getting some grunt back into their game
DrSeuss: How does Brayshaw get the kick – but no points for the tackle lol
Gelly: he’ll be right
Sixty656: Nice throw for a goal…
PlungeMe: getting better as he runs so he might be alright
Natopotato: I think it goes for a lot of players and tackles, seems like they aren’t being lenient on tackles
beerent11: Doesn’t look too bad walking ok
VodkaHawk: Plot twist in the heeney trades… could have been smart to have traded him
NoneyaB: just a corky heeney i mean he will be ok
Gelly: only 5 hitouts for sydney
PlungeMe: brayshaw finished the quarter alright
original: Love a plot twist
clay007: Brayshow scores well despite lack of possessions
Snooks16: @ clay007 and @PlungeMe definitely
runt: You can see the Demons confidence ebbs and flows.
MercAm: Gawn also scores well despite his lack of possessions as well @clay007
heppelitis: Hore shut up shop for the night
TIGERTANKS: hopefully Heeney is ok
TheMessiah: Brayshaw will still tonne up
biggs2dujj: Oliver robbed of at least 20 points
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Brayshaw and Melbourne
TIGERTANKS: Mills lost?
mattmac24: I still expect Hore to score 80+
nick2397: @heppelitis – probably the only hore shut this early at night!
TheMessiah: Heeney will be fine
clay007: They reckon hore is good at night.
Chelskiman: 100 point halves from Brayshaw and Lloyd would be nice! Realistically I’d be happy with 125 from Lloyd and 100 from
Chelskiman: Brayshaw.
Umpirespet: Least C Wagners score is what Gibbons has for a full game
heppelitis: 80 + scores for the night…goes alright hore
clay007: Hore is good one on one
Natopotato: If wagner continues like this i will probs have to trade Fyfe, field Atkins because of Scott
beerent11: no consistency from Oliver so far this year
mattmac24: He’s been good at it since junior footy Clay. Always looked like he’d play AFL
Umpirespet: New show coming Two Broke Hores
Hadouken: too late to change VC to lloyd ? lol
frenzy: nice 80 from Clarry would be great
Raspel31: 58 is hardly huge Hadouken.
J_Herer: They will tighten tag on Oliver IMO
Raspel31: I’m picking Melbourne for this.
th3rio: lol who was saying oliver wasn’t getting tagged…
Migz: oliver never got those points for that tackle or inside 50. fuckers.
heppelitis: ok..this is my last one. Is Hore loose down back?
Pokerface: did they miss hore’s tackle?
J_Herer: Oliver creates so much, up to Sydney now to stop him and win the game
Sixty656: TUrn it on this qtr JPK!
th3rio: id be stoked if hewett would get stuffed
feralmong: Hore has tackle? Oh the crying game!
TIGERTANKS: Lift Brayshaw and Mills
clay007: Will Lloyd ever get manned up?
Breezey: Hore needs to pick it up so then we can have a score review
DrSeuss: Brayshaw get involved FFS
J_Herer: Fera good refrence lol
V@lks: M0nty Sinclair needs the ‘mare icon. Getting murdered
Chelskiman: Hopefully not, Clay.
th3rio: heeney has to be the gutsiest player in the afl
V@lks: ps. Opponent has Heeney vc’d ughh.
original: Hi chaps, was that free against good guy gawn or preuss
clay007: Chelsk-I stupidly ignored Lloyd and went for mid pricer-Salem. Got it wrong
feralmong: Hehe was testing my age a bit
J_Herer: lol the kids wouldn’t get it, they need to go to Thailand lol
clay007: When three tackle a guy, do they all get the points?
Gelly: the first guy does
Raspel31: Obviously not clay- nothing for Oliver there.
Migz: i think only the first player to tackle does clay
Yelse: lockett looks like a skeleton
Chelskiman: I think if they all tackle him at once they do, though not 100% sure. They don’t get paid if they come in after and
Chelskiman: wrap them up.
DarkHorseR: Hore out, McInerny in, cos at least he was playing. Demmit.
Pokerface: hore would get the tackle
clay007: I agree with Yelse. Lockett all skull not skin
Ash777: th3rio you mean currently? because Picken was that til he had to retire from concussion issues
clay007: Poor by Oliver
Gelly: i think j brown would have something to say about that
feralmong: BT: Oliver again into hore. He’s trying.
masterhc2: has ronke done anything whatsoever in his career sinc he kicked 7 against hawks?
TIGERTANKS: nice Brayshaw tonning up
Chelskiman: Brayshaw starting to get involved a bit more. Push to 75!
th3rio: on no oliver..
Headless1: common hore ton it up my unexpected looplhole
clay007: Is Heeney playing loose in the backline? Very negative
mattmac24: Gawn and Hore both unique in all 5 of my league matches
J_Herer: Oliver gone
th3rio: how is that gone Herer. Hes winded.
Raspel31: Nah- hust winded- he’s tough J Herer.
duckky: ZJones might be in trouble
Ash777: Hunt is making me annoyed that I traded him out.
PowerBug: nothing in that ZJones will be fine, Oliver will be back in a few minutes
duckky: How about they put Heeney back in the guts – they might start scoring
masterhc2: What is the hitouts record? Gawn surely on track for not far off it
beerent11: That’s me gone for this round. Oliver and Fyfe 1.2nillion nothing back
NewFreoFan: Top notch game to watch this one
beerent11: ‘Million
J_Herer: wind taken out, tag harder
th3rio: goldstein has teh record i think? Cant remmber what it was though
feralmong: 80 masterch
Raspel31: Have em both too beer- fat lady not singing yet.
mattmac24: Gawn far off the record. Goldy will keep the record for a long time
beerent11: Like your positive attitude mate
beerent11: He’s back!
clay007: Very negative coaching by horse
Chelskiman: My opponent last week had Sinclair who ripped me apart and this week he does this. Typical.
Ash777: Aliir is a character lol
Umpirespet: They keep giving C Wagner’s points to his brother grrr
Sixty656: Bud you has been… cant kick 55?
MercAm: If Oliver gets 90 I would be very happy, which is very do-able
DrSeuss: Ok Brayshaw get to the 100 big fella
Jackwatt$: That’s unlike m0nty to get 2 players mixed up, he’s pretty good with that. Not calling you a liar either
beerent11: Cmon max big quarter
th3rio: def can Merc, ill be surprised if he doesnt pop 100
clay007: Why is oliver struggling this year?
runt: Franklin not fully fit thats why hes lacking penetration
Haydo: Do we think oliver and heeney can get to 220?
Umpirespet: Monty doesn’t do the points tho they are from CD arnt they
runt: ….but dont come back if you saw that Mcd ad you will understand
pcaman2003: Gee Oliver picks up bonus pts for sweet FA.
beerent11: Oliver had two shoulder operations over summer
Sixty656: JPK killing me in draft, along with ZeeJonez
Ash777: Oliver did have shoulder problems in the preseason
pcaman2003: Go Ollie,they love u.
Raspel31: Clay- he had surgery in the off season- shocking 1st, fab 2nd, mediocre 3rd and massive hit tonight. Give him a break- h
Fatbar5tad: Bloody Heeney. I’m paying big time for my rookie error.
Haydo: Ease off on clarry a bit he doea have the most touches in the game
clay007: Raspel-I am just surprised. I think Supercoach scoring more severe
Stu7: What up with Heeney?
th3rio: lol too many people base players games on their SC score. Clayton has been hit hard and still getting touches after a ta
Silz90: Why do they call him carry. Sorry dumb question
Dank: Oliver to ton up guys?
TIGERTANKS: lift a little mills
Stu7: Oliver – No I don’t think so
runt: because he always carries the beers at the demons picnics
th3rio: i think so Dank
beerent11: Yeah he bloody tries his guts out
clay007: don’t get me wrong, I love Oliver as a player. I am just confused why his scoring is down
MercAm: The annoying thing with Oliver is just his effiency, he is 2nd best on ground
th3rio: he copped a tag early Merc, but yes
MercAm: With disposals*
DrSeuss: Is Brayshaw ok?
V@lks: Oliver = hard ball getz. @Silz90 I think Clarry..claret meaning blood, blood meaning red, red head.
Chelskiman: Heeney to get DEF status if he keeps this role up.
J_Herer: wow go for a shower and Brayshaw gone
mattmac24: Poor disposal efficiency and a few clangers brings his score down Clay
runt: Why does Taylor have trouble saying Lloyd normally.
V@lks: Weird time for a show Herer
V@lks: shower*
runt: He seems to have an aneurism
th3rio: lol w@lks
clay007: I like how Brian says Llllooooyd
DrSeuss: Is Brayshaw done or just a knock?
Haydo: A shower or a crap j herer
sammyo7: well done by blakey there
Moona: Sliding rule???
Pokerface: stop trolling clay
Chelskiman: Slow down, McInerney! Opponent has you on field!
Sixty656: Lalalalalalalalooooyyyddddduuuhhhh
original: How does thurlow end up with #6 jersey. What a joke lol
J_Herer: WA shower time here
Ash777: Is Jones and Tmac the only 2 players left from the dees bailey days?
runt: Lloyd has 30 touches a week, wears pretty thin after the 2nd time but he keeps going
J_Herer: Just LLLLLoyd junk time for 130
V@lks: Touche. Also touche if it was a turd.
duckky: Brayshaw back
Migz: 26 uncontest for lloyd so far :X get your hands dirty son. fark
runt: Swans have no Plan B. Just bumble around and hope Buddy kicks a couple
pdiddy: brayshaw back on
clay007: Settle down Pokerface
DrSeuss: Yay finish strong Brayshaw
th3rio: oliver and gawn going backwards
Raspel31: C’mon-hang in there Demons.
colin wood: Migs doesn’t matter mate CD love gifting him points
th3rio: yes good hore
clay007: Great return by T. McDonald
beerent11: Surely the horebag gets a game next week
TIGERTANKS: what happened to brayshaw
runt: Marty Hore sounds like a Benny Hill character
Manowar: Not good enough after half time I. Heeney
Yelse: olivers score should be higher keeps going backwards
V@lks: @beerent he’s gotta go back to his home on whore island
MercAm: Nvm, be lucky if Oliver gets 80
Haydo: Agree yelse should be about 15 higher
beerent11: Buddy doesn’t tackle just loves dishing out pain
DrSeuss: Are we sure Brayshaw is back on? He has stopped
PlungeMe: brayshaws definitely not 100%
th3rio: going backwards hard. he was on 73 10 mins ago fml
th3rio: gawn also gone nowhere even after domiating HO
beerent11: Oliver’s been between 60 and 70
beerent11: The whole second half
PowerBug: Coz he’s burned the ball, clangers are like -5 and Oliver has had 6 of them
PlungeMe: he can barely run, probably shouldnt be on
runt: Who is Hibbard?
beerent11: Gawn going up by 1’s
clay007: Swans dominated scoring for fantasy footy, but losing game. Rare
th3rio: oliver handball no points
th3rio: ah there we go
Breezey: Jones with the Selwood duck into high contact
beerent11: Yeah I know
mattmac24: Gawn struggling to hit the ton.. anyone watching see if Preuss is the reason?
Monfries96: Imagine if you were locked in to Brayshaw as Captain… ha ha… ha :'(
Raspel31: Said at half time this was Melbourne’s to win.
PlungeMe: preuss has just about played 100% forward
Apachecats: Melb will win this ,watch CD even the SC points up in the last 10 minutes.
original: Mccartin been woeful
Gelly: gawn has 53 hitouts, pruess is not the issue
Sixty656: FFS LLOYD, you fucked it all
pdiddy: brayshaw was my VC
runt: Mark Russell won 200 bucks.
Oh8ball: Lift Lloyd 130
Jackwatt$: Gawn is pushing back to defence after stoppage, ball has been in Melbournes fwd more
Ash777: Gawn usually has a goal to his game each week.
Breezey: Swans kicking skills are atrocious in this qtr
runt: Sydney crowd flat as a tack
Ash777: Also more marks and tackles.
DarkHorseR: Hore outscoring Brayshaw. FMDT.
Apachecats: Melb -less kicks ,less HB ,less tackles ,less marks ,more score.
Belegur: How does llyod get +1SC for an uncontested handball receive clanger kick turnover?
valkorum: just blow the siren now – I tipped Melb by 18. Gives me a 1 pt margin
Belegur: where is the minus?
beerent11: Far out what roller coaster game for clarry
colin wood: Belegur thought the exact same mate. CD fav
Breezey: Salem looking like tonning up. Me very pleased with this
pcaman2003: Oliver flying now. Should rack up some pts
pdiddy: goal brayshaw!
Gelly: sinclair looks shot
pdiddy: get to 80 you bugger!
runt: There was a stat that said buddy was 12-0 against the Demons. 1st loss for him
pdiddy: 90 even
Raspel31: 78 SC- bit hard for Oliver one feels.
Belegur: saw Whitfield get a +1 from a legitimate contested pack mark, then long kick that ended out of bounds in the fwd pocket
Apachecats: Can Brayshaw get a heart as well please Monty.
Natopotato: Ahhh so it isn’t just me and Lloyd’s scoring from turnovers
Yelse: oliver 32 possesions 19 contested 82 points shocking
clay007: happy with brayshaw goal
biggs2dujj: Lloyd gets +10 for turnovers. Oliver gets +4 for 10 touches and 4 tackles
pcaman2003: Pleased with Heeney and Gawn. Nice start for the week.
Belegur: use to be able to follow CD scoring cant anymore
colin wood: Heeney has had 1 handball for plus 11 this quarter gotta pick the CD favs Belegur
J_Herer: Great effort from oli and Angus
runt: A very gutsy win by Melbourne
beerent11: When the + score goes up, is that about to be added to that players score or has it already been added?
Belegur: seems like it
th3rio: damn missed a 7 leg muli by 1 leg. Needed parker to goal 🙁
pcaman2003: Oliver too many clangers and low DE
Monfries96: Sydney are shit at home
Haydo: Effective handball is -2 points for oliver???
Chelskiman: Added, beerent.
Hadouken: hore $$$
clay007: poker face the true troll
Ash777: send them back to south melbourne
J_Herer: Marty Hore clap clap clap
runt: No idea why the swans can’t win in Sydney anymore
beerent11: Cheers chelks
Pokerface: lol herer
Gelly: pruess looks like a tat-less martin
Pokerface: they cant win anywhere runt
beerent11: Yep finally making some$$$ herer
beerent11: Alir alir is very consistent 70-90
jayshi: not usre why a 22 point losing side would have so much more total SC points than the winner

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