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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Chat log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R3 of 2019

Ash777: like the pre-bounce guitar solo
original: Mundy basically 25% of the way to last weeks score 40seconds in
duckky: CAn you organise supercoach so that Walters is only ever on your team in Perth?
Dank: Need fyfe to get 110 to win my h2h
original: Haha duckky
DrSeuss: Let’s go Parker – finish off this hellish round for me please
noobcoach: i need fyfe to hit 130 cmon
italz: I need a 120 from fyfe to hit 2400
beerent11: Gday coaches. Just switched it on . Is Steele tagging Fyfe?
DrSeuss: Might have to trade Westhoff to Marshall this week.
beerent11: Need to do that with all the dorkers dukky
Ash777: is ed langdon related to tom? they look similar
beerent11: So many traded Mundy out he’s sure to go big. Been happening all weekend.
NewFreoFan: Muppet the umpire
the worm: yes duccky, its called a bench
zoomba23: Go fuck yourself Steele
duckky: Don’t want their bench score when away…
NateRocks: cmon Parker need 40 off you to win
runt: affirmative Ash777. It is his brother, hence the resemblance
beerent11: 171 from Fyfe will win my h2h
Fatbar5tad: Glad I’m not relying on Parker for a big score.
DrSeuss: Need 57 from Parker to break 2000. Not looking good
Jackwatt$: Who is backing up Marshall in ruck? I thiNk I’ve seen enough, he’s in next week!
V@lks: Parker I need 20 SC to win, cmon m9!
Jackwatt$: I’m up against Jonathon Brown and he’s got Neale captain!!
shang0: Need fyfe over 100, Billings under 90 and I’ll win.
jbjimmyjb: I need Billings to score less than 83… It’ll be close
StuL: Having to field Parker hurts.
Apfoxy: I need parker to score less than 72
Hadouken: so glad ive got parker on the field
Apachecats: same stul ,theres been a few one match wonders this year.
J_Herer: i need parker to score less than 34 lol
beerent11: Anyone gutsy enough to start Walters this year?
duckky: Pull your finger out parker…
Apachecats: shang you just need Fyfe to outscore the other guy by 10 ,doesn’t matter what he gets .
StuL: I think you’re safe apfoxy.
original: Beerent only in draft league
duckky: No Walters – still using burn oitment from last year
duckky: Hill looks interesting though
Apachecats: Walters on my never again list .
StuL: Too up and down Walter’s. Plus injury and suspension risk
beerent11: Second that apache
Apachecats: Guys don’t tell anyone but Marshall is the buy of the century.Just keep that among ourselves.
DrSeuss: I am very tempted to grab him Apache – can’t be worse than Westhoff
Apachecats: Perfect trade Seuss plus you pocket nearly $200k
original: Wish Marshall was a ruck in sc
PlungeMe: good week to bring in fyfe and throw the c on him
Apachecats: I’m going sideways Rayner to Marshall.
Apachecats: Dual position F/B still very useful original
the worm: the old double bluuf, warns everyone of walters and sucks them into marshall…hehehe
VodkaHawk: Has any player scored well in SC this year when they’ve been tagged?
Apachecats: worm ,worm ,worm ,surely you don’t doubt my integrity
PlungeMe: i thought higgins was getting tagged againts hawks and he got 130
Hadouken: shout out to everyone that still has balta!
Apachecats: People are welcome to walters ,just guarantee he will let you down when you really need him.
jbjimmyjb: Billings slow down :((
beerent11: Bloody hell look at Ryan’s head. Must have lost a bet
beerent11: Higgins is a gun
heppelitis: rather have Marshall than Darcy…who is sitting in the stand probably eating burgers
Rebuild: Fyfe with the 6 clangers already
VodkaHawk: Didn’t notice any real tags in the Hawks game
beerent11: Walters got injured, reported and gave away 2 50’s in a quarter last year I think I remember
Apachecats: Parker has a pulse.
Fatbar5tad: Good quarter by the Sainters
9inch: Why they persist with Matera? Worst footballer ever
italz: I need 203 from fyfe and parker combined, not looking good
Oddsy5: was i spose to make a trade this week if i have Balta 😂
PlungeMe: time to bring in billings it seems
beerent11: Careful plunge
PlungeMe: id bet my house on him scoring 115+ for the rest of the season
Apachecats: Anyone notice what Libbers forecast was in SC .It was 44 ,and he scored 150.What a joke.
blonde0na: easiest house a bookie would ever make then 🙂
beerent11: Parker still
Umpirespet: Pity Port supporters don’t own houses
beerent11: Parker still -108 breakeven. Another couple of games I reckon.
the worm: yes plunge he will, or at least until jack steven comes back
PlungeMe: youll all be crying when i swap danger and billings and he outscores him
Sixty656: just rob them 😉
beerent11: You’ll be homeless
the worm: easiest tarp then
Burnsy03: what are my chances of winning one of my leagues, walters needs to hit 281
beerent11: Geez Nicky dal’s got a shocking voice
jbjimmyjb: burnsy: mm i think you’re a bit optimistic
Umpirespet: Worm tarps are on special at Aldi Port Adelaide this week
jbjimmyjb: I need 54 from Parker to hit 2400 in SC
PlungeMe: ok ill drive 5 hours to pick one up sounds good
Burnsy03: dude is on 2421 with parker left
beerent11: Keep em till their breakeven meets their average usually
Umpirespet: Good to hear you supporting your club Plunge
Umpirespet: Dusty is in big trouble by the looks
Gotigres: Tigers better off without Dusty at the moment
beerent11: Nothing like loyalty
Umpirespet: Isn’t cotch injured to Go tigers?
RGriffen: Gotigres actually right. Has no interest atm
clay007: Cmon Parker!!!!
jbjimmyjb: ya cotch has done his hammy
Gotigres: Wow, Cotch out too. We will struggle to make finals
NewFreoFan: Wowee Walters
Manowar: Need 105 Fyfe, get your act together!!
beerent11: Walters/ Ryan home ground specialists. Score every second week.
aces-high: Why is Steele’s sc so pox absolutely woeful conversion
J_Herer: Fyfe injured/niggled that elbow again
Apfoxy: Dean Kent is the biggest joke
beerent11: Playing tight on Fyfe aces
aces-high: Playing no fyfe shouldn’t make your dream team 78 and supercoach 50 should be pretty similar
J_Herer: Fyfe gone again
StuL: Fyfe concussion. Argh
Donzoes: knocked out
Beast_Mode: boom!!
beerent11: Only two changers aces so dunno
StuL: Walking like a baby giraffe, done
Umpirespet: Geez put him on a stretcher
Fatbar5tad: Looks bad for Nat
beerent11: * clangers
J_Herer: Fyfe done for the day
dipstick: Fyfe, rocky, jelwood and GAJ are simply no go zones in fantasy
beerent11: Stop flopping sunny and you might get some free kicks
beerent11: Can’t knock Fyfe for that surely
TheOnyas: onya steeley
noobcoach: is fyfe stll on field
Donzoes: head clashes like that are an anomaly
carlton_99: Surely Steeles 7 tackles and 5 marks are worthy of 45 pts alone
pcaman2003: Just came on here. WTF Ryan. Has he got an opponent?
jocka: Is Fyfe done for the day?
duckky: Parker thinks hee is Howe
Manowar: T Button Fyfe!
Apachecats: Wonder if Fyfes 66SC will tick backwards like other players who come off early.
Oddsy5: me and my brother had 2 different players. i had gray and neale and he had smith and fyfe 😂😂
hinsch: with these two teams not much to pick for SC Fyfe & Parker
Apachecats: already gone back one pt.
BigChief: @hinch Jack Steele?
Fatbar5tad: Good quarter Parker
shang0: Fyfe wont play next week
aces-high: Steele should be 80
J_Herer: Fyfe gone, Ryan hurt, dockers in trouble
Skyarm.: is Ryan Hurt?
jayshi: obvious trade next week fyfe or rocky to libba
the worm: i might write to the organizers and ask for 5 trades this week
jayshi: then something will happen to libba, it’s been the story of trades this year
beerent11: Don’t trade Fyfe out. You’ll be trying to get him back in a few weeks. Waste of a trade.
Yelse: i think they should allow you to use up to 5 trades a week as you please. still have 30. u run out but luck
Fatbar5tad: Be a big win if the Docks win here
Umpirespet: Agree Yelse
megawatts: will marshall play over longer?
Pezza28: if lobb, wilkie, steele combine with over 60 i lose
StuL: Flower off CD. Losing points for injury is stupid
Hadouken: watched fyfe clash, ouch.
pcaman2005: Just came on here. WTF Ryan. Has he got an opponent?
beerent11: Not sure if old mate billings is gonna get to that 115
Burnsy03: heres stu, said macrae wouldnt ton up
zoomba23: Fyfe losing points for being injured. Get fucked CD
StuL: That was the stkilda stu. I said he would
Apachecats: Lost 4 for falling off the stretcher zoomba.
Sixty656: Parker -3 for the qtr, thanks you muppet.
duckky: That’s the good old Colyer from Esssendon
Apachecats: Parker zippo for the 1/4.
gdshifty: lol Bryahsaw you crab
duckky: Are Freo trying to lose this?
pcaman2003: Terrible standard!
hinsch: I need Parker to get 13 SC points going to be close he keeps going backwards
beerent11: That’s what freo do pcaman
Burnsy03: i think i just got unlucky with walters hitting 281
beerent11: I had Steele in and out of my team a lot b4 the season. Glad I stayed away. Prob 80-90 ave
9inch: Back line is rock solid, keeping them in this
beerent11: Eagles will do freo by 100 next weekend
Burnsy03: whats everyone getting this round
pcaman2003: I ended up on 2415
frenzy: pissa
JockMcPie: Fyfe cost me 2400
9inch: Need ryan in my backline
LuvIt74: Around 2240 here
zoomba23: Burnsy: Depression
frenzy: pete’s a, Lol
beerent11: 2150 with Fyfe shizen
LuvIt74: Ryan scored huge today but you’ll get many 70’s with him dont expect him to ton up every week
jwv92: How did Parker only get 47? The bloke had a fair bit of influence in the 2nd half….
Pezza28: lost by 9 points dammit fyfe, rocky
jwv92: 2310 for the round, lost one match to a guy with 2400+ never gonna win against guys chalking that up.
italz: 5 leagues, 5 wins. feels good
jbjimmyjb: 2391 in SC for me, and still lost by 20.

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