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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R3 of 2019

noobcoach: cmon omeara
Chelskiman: Need a combined score of 200 from Scrimshaw and Worpel. Brilliant start in an unlikely victory.
TheLegend6: An 80+ from Cousins today would be great!
PlungeMe: worpedo off to a great start
OnTheRocks: You’re shithouse Mouldstein
pcaman2003: Afternoon! Got Goldy,Worpedo and Scimshaw.
noobcoach: Scrimshaw is having a laugh – clanger form his first kick – cheers mate
amigaman: Mirra – 1 mistake = crap score. Shakes head!
NateRocks: Looks like a quality game when -1 Sc is only the 3rd lowest score
TheLegend6: Anyone think Hardwick would be a good selection? Plays a good role.
chemical-m: Traded Gibbons to LDU this week
pcaman2003: Chad off to great start with new club. lol!
duckky: Worpol has started well [/sarcasm]
amigaman: Is Worpel playing, or did they give him -2 for not turning up?
Chelskiman: My tipping has been terrible this year. Got 6 right in the first two rounds and only have like 3 this round, haha.
PlungeMe: just came back on after being on bench for a while
brano: Started with Pierce R2 traded to PHillips traded to Campbell…kill me now ha
clay007: Funny stuff amigaman
noobcoach: If the ball is down so much of Hawks defence, why is Scrimshaw on a whopping -1
amigaman: There he is. Must have missed the bus
duckky: Yay – Worpol struggles into positive figures
DrSeuss: What the hell are Worpel and Cousins doing? This has turned into the round from hell.
clay007: Never seen so many negative starts
duckky: Come on Goldy
9inch: Mckay being useless as usual
Chelskiman: Agree, Seuss. My oppoenet got 400 from three players yesterday, meanwhile I have Worpel and Scrimshaw.
9inch: Mckay being useless again
DrSeuss: Chelski – was doing ok till the Port game last night. Will be lucky to get over 2000 now – was ranked around 200. WAS!
Renegades: Hawks three recruits all bottom ranked for SC!
Chelskiman: Poor kick to Worpel which should have been an easy +6 turns into htb against him. Typical.
Umpirespet: Wow 200 Freud’s I’m currently 67k lol
Umpirespet: Drseuss *
frenzy: we play the showerest game style
DrSeuss: Umpires Pet – I will be a lot lower after this week – guaranteed
Beast_Mode: why is cousins game time so low?
Stu7: Come on scrimshaw
noobcoach: omeara into the rooms wonderful
pcaman2003: Hawks are playing rubbish. Hard to watch.
VodkaHawk: Especially against norf, lol
pcaman2003: Chad into positive territory at last.
VodkaHawk: Nash must be the worst set shot in the AFL
Stu7: Good job scrimshaw
PlungeMe: worpel gonna lay a tackle at some point this game?
Hadouken: all good guys, im here now, worpel about to explode
DrSeuss: Worpel and Cousins on field while Scrimshaw outdoes them on my bench 🙁
clay007: Great comeback by Worpel. Scully not setting the world alight
wadaramus: Worpel, Cousins, LIFT!
Stu7: Got your avatar clay✅
clay007: I did Stu. Coming of age
pcaman2003: Move it along Goldy. Get some kicks please
VodkaHawk: Lol, big boy held – no call, norf player throw – no call… hawk caught htb, yep and 50 + goal
jocka: There are few more ironic things in this life than watching Hawks supporters complain about free kicks
VodkaHawk: Oh, you’re one of those special people.. ok, as you were
PlungeMe: worpedo hasnt come back out for the 2nd half it seems
clay007: Omeara on fire
Dredd: BT is having a shocker of a call today… “Suns in the top 4” Won b ay 3nd 5 points and lost a game… left your game BT
TheOnyas: onya smithy
noobcoach: MacMillan gets 4 disposals and gets 2 points
clay007: Cmpn Dredd. Brian is a legend! Don’t shoot Bambi buddy.
BigChief: BT is a shocker. Worst commentator ever.
Dredd: if chrome wouldn’t fluff my sentence up it would have made sense but point made lmao
pcaman2003: C’mon Goldy,you’re killing me.
Dredd: Brian is funny and all but his calling today is pretty bad Clay
pcaman2003: Get going Scrimshaw
Hooks: Whats wrong with goldstein?
clay007: Alright Dredd. I will concede that he may be under-performing today, but he is bloody funny
DrSeuss: Worpel and Cousins – 80 each please??
clay007: Sicily not playing well for a premium
pcaman2003: @Hooks. No kicks
Monfries96: Time to upgrade Cousins or is this just a tough game for scoring?
pcaman2003: @Hooks. He just shot up 20 pts and had a
duckky: Wow – is a kick for a ruck worth 10 SC points?
PlungeMe: when worpel isnt scoring he just slowly leaks points for nothing
Dredd: Kick of the year from Impey there LMAO HAHAHA
Hadouken: sorry i broke worpel guys
PlungeMe: pittard and polec having good games, wingard not so much
clay007: Who wins?
VodkaHawk: Need a goal from simpkin, Jaeger and Gunston to win $350 from $2 bet, lol
noobcoach: OMeara has had 10 clangers – effective disposals and he is 110
pdiddy: Guy I’m playing has pittard and mcmillion. And I tested Walsh for cousins for some reason. Stupid
shang0: I’m neck and neck with one of my opponents, need some points from Scrimshaw and Fyfe in the other game
DrSeuss: Worpel and Cousins – big last quarter please.
pcaman2003: Let’s see if the A Hawks blow this one like last week.
noobcoach: Omeara getting stiched up in SC same with Macmillan
pcaman2005: C’mon hawk boys. Need you to lift Scully.
brano: North Melbourne players have never been Supercoach friendly
runners47: C’mon Worpel – get your mitts on the ball more!!
Hadouken: bailey scott, 1 good game and has gone missing
duckky: 10 clangers to O’Meara would explain it
pcaman2005: Wingard the X-factor! What a recruit!
Dredd: Wingard is lifting
PlungeMe: wingards good but hes no rozee
duckky: Goldy tons up… whew!
Fatbar5tad: My man Goldy!
Monfries96: Agreed Plunge
Dredd: Rozee plays 3 games and he gets treated like a gun… please, plays one great game and 2 okay games
Dredd: Plunge, turn it up mate
Sixty656: How about kicking the ball Worpel and ever thought of laying a tackle champion??
Monfries96: Sense the tone Dredd, tongue firmly in cheek I think
NewFreoFan: Worpel can barely pick up the ball. So many fumbles
Dredd: no Mitchell, Burgoyne or Shields.. wowee North
PlungeMe: itts called being excited about a young player, like im sure you were with hipwood, rayner, mccluggage etc
Sixty656: 24 touches, had enough ball, must have a sore foot tho…
Dredd: I still am as they are only 19-22 yrs old and we’re now 3-0. Wait till they are 25-30 in there absolute prime 😮
VodkaHawk: No Roughy either, but anyways…. come on Gunston kick a goal
PlungeMe: and have all gone home 😉
VodkaHawk: The Chadddd
Sixty656: QLD teams never retain players tho, they’ll all be in melb by then
Dredd: lmao Plunge. No gonna pump us up too much but I doubt they are going anywhere
SwaggyP: Lol @ hawks fans who think wingard is a good footy player
JR33: Wingard!!
Dredd: Wingard goat
zoomba23: Jesus Christ we’re shit. The game is wide open cos everyone’s buggered and we still can’t find a target
PlungeMe: and ill be happy if they dont, i like brisbane, but let me be excited about my young guys
Dredd: yeah they’ll go to Melbourne cause we aren’t winning games atm… nah damn im clearly blind
Fatbar5tad: Bye bye Roos
Monfries96: No one: Lions fans in a random match thread: Did you know we’re 3-0?
VodkaHawk: Damn Pittard, is your barber on vacation?
DrSeuss: Worpel and Cousins get involved
Sixty656: Pittards head is rough as guts jesus!
runt: Lions are 3-0
Sixty656: lol VH
Dredd: someones salty lmao and okay Plunge, have your happiness sir. rozee is a pain for everyone already which is scary
pcaman2003: Pittard must butcher his own hair I think.
PlungeMe: cheers mate
runt: Just in case anyone missed it
cobrakai00: ziebell is awful, cost roos the game
Sixty656: April premiers ftw!
beerent11: Goldy buys himself another week before Gawn upgrade
PlungeMe: im not sure if worpel is really slow or i havent seen him sprint once this match
SwaggyP: At what point do north realise Ben Brown is the reason they lose games..
VodkaHawk: Why does Brown drop like a lady of the nights knickers every time he loses a marking contest…
beerent11: Higgins
beerent11: Higgins gun in losing team?
the worm: yeah, dropping ben brown will solve all their problems…
runt: Goldstein on 112 sc with 1 kick. Nice work if you can get it
runt: I think brown has wonky knees and basically folds against his will
The0Grrr: CAn someone explain the AF vs SC diff for Goldy at all please?
VodkaHawk: I thought Cunnington better than Higgins today
StuL: Scott kick to ziebell for a goal, 1 point. Not effective?
VodkaHawk: Maybe Browns nickname should be lawn chair
wadaramus: Would have to be HOTA’s right?
runt: I think Goldsteins sc score reflects the magnificent artistic ethereal quality of his 1 prodigious punt
pcaman2005: We’re going to be tough to beat this year! Carn the Hawks!
VodkaHawk: Good game North, have us a bit of scare. Go Hawks
VodkaHawk: *gave
runt: Kangaroos, roo barred
smashedavo: well i mean the hawks already have been beat, so its not too tough lol
Fatbar5tad: Going beautifully with that tough draw the Hawks

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