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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R3 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Suns
TigerKid_A: put a sneaky 10 on the suns. hoping for an upset lol
Burnsy03: captain macrae to score 150?
shang0: Captain Macare also, opponnent had Neale, I’m gambling, had Danger as VC
Burnsy03: same shang
Stu7: I would have stuck with danger myself
ReggieOz: Me too shang….
ReggieOz: Also need a good game from Dunkley
Hadouken: macrae to go sub 130 so i win my match. anything more im in trouble.
Stu7: You’ll be safe Hado
Hadouken: how good has neale been with the lions! have to get him in.
Hadouken: opp has collins still, hehe
penguins00: Why do they refuse to close the roof?
Stu7: Yeah I newly bought him isn’t his round , regret it now
Hadouken: hopefully rocky and kelly all good for next week
shang0: Tim Kelly better be good lol
Gotigres: Collins out, Parker in for me this week
Hadouken: stack looked ok yesterday, job security there?
NoneyaB: Hado stack got injured right at the end of the game
Gotigres: Good at the moment Hadouken, as long as he plays reasonably well. In front of a lot of others if that’s the case
Hadouken: ahh, didnt know that, cheers!
beerent11: What was his injury?
Hadouken: can see that he got injured noneyaB, what happened?
smashedavo: i swear somehow sunday always ends up being the worst sc day
the worm: i know he was cramping massively at the end…first game and all
Hadouken: can’t see*
beerent11: Slowest I’ve ever seen McRae start
mattmac24: Worpel + 100 points vs Libba, Dunkley and Collins.. not sure how this will play out
NoneyaB: not sure but it was something leg related
the worm: cramps i think, no mention of injury anywhere
Hadouken: probably cramps like worm said.
the worm: they were laughing about it on radio, kid was cramping and trying to leave the ground but the ball kept following him
circle52: agree smashedavo how often has scores been good only to go pesar shape Sunday.
TheLegend6: Captain Macrae woo
beerent11: 27* too hot for the dogs? Suns loving it
wadaramus: Dunkley SC not off to a great start 🙁
clay007: Bad start by dogs. Many players down on form.
Hadouken: so how many traded out dunkley this week? ha!
Lawls: I’ve got MacRae but need him to stay down as my opponent has him as C
StuL: Come on dogs. Gee!
dipstick: 6 yers ago campbell brown said sexton would be one of the best players in the AFL
penguins00: I’ve got no idea why Dunkleys sc is so low
smashedavo: every premo has done well for me this round, except for my captain macrae of course..
Donzoes: my oppo has burgess and collins starting and its making me slightly nervous now
StuL: Burgess gets no points unless he gets goals. Still not expecting much
TheLegend6: Is Macrae getting tagged or just not near it?
man0005: Carrying an injury apparently @TheLegend
shang0: Not looking good for captain Macae lol
Stu7: Captain Macraefish hamstring
SwaggyP: Lift dunk
smashedavo: jeez dunk is getting a bit screwed on SC
TheLegend6: Macrae lifting!
the worm: roughheads a late out if anyone cares
penguins00: How else can you get clangers besides disposals and free against?
Brad_J: bazlenkaaaaaa
wadaramus: Come on CD, stop being so harsh on Dunkley!
TheLegend6: Dropped marks
StuL: Macrae will still ton up
smashedavo: bont more clangers, less DE but doesnt seem to affect his SC like dunkley lol
clay007: This will be the last week that I have Toby McLean. Thought he was ready for a big season
Stu7: I think this will be the week Macraefish won’t get a ton
Dank: What more does Dunkley need to do
TheLegend6: McLean up against Bont, Macrea, Libba, Dunks, Hunter and Wallis for Midfield time, always hard
clay007: I should have thought of that Legend. Good point
clay007: Lowest scoring player on the ground. 2 points
beerent11: Libbas flying again
clay007: My luck might change. Go Toby
aces-high: Dunkley hits a 55m pass and gets 3sc ridiculous if that’s was bond it’d be +10
TheLegend6: Still a good player, he’ll just be a bit up and down
Oddsy5: if macrae doesnt ton up i might lose =(
penguins00: Yeah and that’s including the mark he took @aces-high
Stu7: There you go clay007
aces-high: Missing that first goal has ruined dunkleys score. Should be 50 at least
clay007: I think Legend sent some positive vibes
TheLegend6: I try haha
wadaramus: The only thing I can see with Dunkley is lack of CP’s.
clay007: Legend-send some positive vibes now to Mitch Wallis
TheLegend6: Wallis competing with Bont, Macrae, Hunter, Dunks, Libba and McLean for midfield time, always hard 😉
smashedavo: lack of CP’s wouldnt ruin his score that much. he made one mistake at the start, and its stupidly put him in a negative
beerent11: Gee which trailer park does Williams live in?
Monfries96: Was gonna downgrade English to Mumford but if he keeps going I might be able to go up to Gawn
DrSeuss: The first week I have an opponent with Jack Martin
beerent11: Sorry, smith
clay007: Thanks Legend. Now just mention that he is a good player.
bones351: Haha nice work Legend
TheLegend6: He’s a good player!
OnTheRocks: I love Libba’s pressure and clearance work
PlungeMe: 64% of people dont have Libba
bones351: Go Libba!
noobcoach: How is Dunkley playing – im not watching the game
beerent11: I should have captained lib a instead of McRae
mattmac24: Libba putting me in a hole unless I can get a miracle 150 from Worpel
StuL: Dunk playing forward mostly.
aces-high: Dunkley playing well should be 50+
noobcoach: So dunkley up forward, not mids?
StuL: He has been in the middle a bit but I’d say more fwd than not
Brad_J: bazlenkaaaaaa
StuL: Not paying full attention but didn’t see him at a centre bounce
noobcoach: cheers StuL
StuL: But he has played well like others said.
Oddsy5: whats the par score for this week? 2300 or 2400ish?
noobcoach: Oddsy so many good scores and so many shit scores, id say around that range but i think results will vary from 2100-2500
StuL: What a decision. Dusty to Libba!
StuL: Setterspud and Drew costing a really big score.
StuL: Oh, and Rocky
Gotigres: Libba, you beauty. Making up for Macrae
SwaggyP: Dunkley gets a mark and eff hb and gets -1? Okay ..
Renegades: Hawks three recruits all bottom ranked for SC!
Chelskiman: Anyone on The Bont? He’s been smashing it this year.
clay007: I think Mcrae will still get a ton. The ball follows him around. Bont gets some much space
smashedavo: yeah dunkley is getting royally screwed
clay007: It sounds like a lot of you have dunkley
Dank: Dunkley should be alot higher right now
PlungeMe: wallis already double his score this quarter, still need some more from him
Stu7: Go Wallis you good thang
clay007: Thank the Legend for Wallis’s improvement
Burnsy03: macrae for 120 still?
TheLegend6: I need the Macrae projected 139 to stay alive this week
Stu7: Macrae won’t even hit a ton
Burnsy03: need it to close to danger vc
clay007: Stu7, he will get a ton. You will see
Stu7: He will now after that ✅
Oddsy5: macrae 2 tackles a kick and a HTB in 30 secs. beauty
StuL: Macrae ton a lock now
beerent11: McRae will finish
Burnsy03: 80 before 3qt
clay007: How do you get icons with your names?
TheLegend6: Fiorini only in 680 teams. Seems like a very good POD.
beerent11: Don’t know if the dogs can get away with this. Suns going too well.
Stu7: In setting clay
Stu7: Settings
Burnsy03: pick your fav team
Hadouken: i ended up bringing in libba and worpel for cripps and setterfield.
Hadouken: hated that i moved out cripps, but have to cash grab!
clay007: Thanks boys
clay007: Mcrae now tracking 120+. Dunkley not likely to get 75
aces-high: Dunkley gone for Whitfield next week thank you very much
beerent11: McRae doing it all needs help
Stu7: What’s happened to Dunkley?
Burnsy03: So about Macrae not hitting that ton…
lukefield9: idiot mate messaged me about macrae in the first quarter, too early to give it to him?
Haydo: Only got libba in this match do we reckon he will get 150+
Oddsy5: 52 point quarter macrae 🖤
zoomba23: You’re gone Dunks. And can I just say, Bevo, you’re a campaigner
Beast_Mode: Maccrae 54pts, give him the cape
Donzoes: macrae and libba may have ended me this week
clay007: Here comes the ton
smashedavo: come on dunkley get to 85+
Stu7: Good come back macraefish✅
wadaramus: Libba making up for Dunkley deficiency.
clay007: What an incredible start to the season. Every game is hard to predict. Honestly GC in Melbourne, who knew?
beerent11: All over?
clay007: Dunkley 73, not bad
beerent11: 5 score game now
original: Damn u macrae
clay007: What sort of score do you want your forwards to get? 550?
ReggieOz: Macrae may even beat Dangers score
beerent11: McRae will at least get to danger
PlungeMe: needed that from wallis
happytimes: Another soft 50
Gotigres: Game on
aces-high: Dunk +2 for that 50m effective kick this is bull
Stu7: Same here plungeMe
beerent11: Uh-oh
TigerKid_A: umpires working the dogs back into the game?
wadaramus: Carn Libba, keep going mate!
Hadouken: if libba would get a touch, that would be fantastical
Stu7: Go wally
TheMessiah: Keep going Macca!
clay007: Wallis 28 at halftime. What a cracking second half
PlungeMe: 27-12 free kicks is ridiculous, regardless of whether they were all correct calls
PlungeMe: also wallis for the winning goal?
beerent11: Gee a normal 1st qtr from McRae and it would’ve been150
original: Cmon suns
clay007: Who wins?
Hadouken: good game
Dredd: gowers should have kicked that
TigerKid_A: what a game!
Dredd: gowers spud…
TheOnyas: onya bowesy

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