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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R3 of 2019

dipstick: I need a big game tonight from you C Archie smith
feralmong: Go Lycett, hoff, drew, dursma, witherden
DrSeuss: Need to perform tonight Hoff
Yelse: this is when all my port players will fail me
LordPanda: Carn the lions!
Apachecats: Rich still in the red
DrSeuss: Hoff and Drew setting the world alight tonight.
pcaman2003: Need Captain Neale to go ballistic
Dogs5416: Cmon McCarthy, Drew and Duursma
duckky: Come on Rocky – I drank the Kool Aid
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Westhoff and do something ffs
duckky: FFS I have Drew on the field and Constable and Walsh on the bench!
J_Herer: Keep going Butters!
Chelskiman: Everything going right for my opponent today. Scored 380+ with three players and now he has Butters on field.
Chelskiman: Meanwhile I bring in Boak for Heeney who is now getting tagged.
Beast_Mode: who cares everyone would have drew on the ground he’s avgd 90’s
DrSeuss: I have Hoff and Drew on field ducky – so far so good!!
TheOnyas: onya nealey
duckky: No – all my opponents have bot Walsh and Constable
duckky: Westoff a one season wonder?
zoomba23: What’s the strawberry icon on Boak mean?
PlungeMe: neale and butters unreal, need duursma and drew to lift
Yelse: Can’t believe I picked up lycett
DrSeuss: Too many rucks at Port now – Westhoff just goes forward. Rage trade 1 for this week.
Yelse: Just realised butters on bench killing it lol
Donzoes: go on Rozee
Apachecats: Though Boak had concussion for a second ,but he hasn’t hes got Berry.
Beammybux: Zoomba tagged by berry
zoomba23: Cheers Beammy. Don’t they use the padlock for guys getting tagged anymore?
zoomba23: Oh wait. Just realised the play on words with Berry. My bad haha
StuL: Dusty for Ricky so not really losing anything. Port will be flat track bullies at home and go bigger
StuL: Not that I looked at Rich but ouch
PlungeMe: as shit as it is to be losing, i tipped the lions and have neale
Stu7: What’s the go with Westhoff?
Apachecats: How did Westoff get 150 in round one?
original: StuL damn I brought him in at draft league ouch
Umpirespet: Have the C on Neale
Apachecats: Rich is out if the red ink
Apachecats: Me too original at least he’s easy to get rid of in draft.
pcaman2003: @Umpire. Same here and boy do I need him to go big.
StuL: dewy night in Brisbane I didnt think would suit Hoff or Lycett
Apachecats: Traded Duursma in and reversed it at the last minute.
beerent11: Rocky being tagged?
beerent11: That’s the worry with him along with injury
the worm: i dont think rockliff is used to playing footy in qld weather conditions
mattmac24: Everyone has Drew on field right?
DrSeuss: Going to get about 200 points from 5 players in this game
StuL: Rock pig still finding it.second most posies
Umpirespet: Neale has gone to sleep
the worm: yes i think most people are starting the rookie averaging 96
pcaman2003: Have Drew and Duursma on
StuL: 3td now. Must all be dinky handballs worth nothing
mattmac24: My opponent took him off to get Constables score 😓
pcaman2003: C’mon Neale. I’m depending on you
Sloaneyyyy: Had Drew on the line the last two weeks. Brought him into the field for this week fmdt!
J_Herer: lots will have Drew and Durs on field
feralmong: rozee and butters just hogging all the ball.
the worm: wow, i didnt expect people to start drew in the midfield
pcaman2003: Opponent has Butters on. Why do I bother?
mattmac24: Neither did I worm but looking at my midfield.. which is all Mid/Fwd and having no dpp in the mid.. it isn’t a bad idea
pcaman2003: @the worm. He’s in my defence d6
Umpirespet: I have Roze on field but took butters off for cunstable
mattmac24: My whole midfield will go 100 each, Butters and Macrae(C) to go
nick2397: Zac Bailey on track to beat Michael Gardiner’s record.
MONEY TALK: my friends oppo has zac bailey lmaooo
pcaman2003: mattmac. Well done!
beerent11: Neale’s a star
pcaman2003: Same for 2nd half Neale.
SilverLion: Neale for charlie
BigChief: @pcaman you have Drew in Def?
aussie59: Lachie Neale is a champ, reaaly bad we lost him but all the luck in the world to him….plus my captain…GO Lachie!!!!
pcaman2003: @Chief. Drew is my f6.
Yelse: lycett and duursma need toilet need at least 80 and 60
DrSeuss: Hoff is out of my team after this effort and last week.
circle52: 10 out of 10 for the dive
Gotigres: Drew and Duursma letting me down badly
Umpirespet: Go Rozee
Silz90: Did anyone bring in rocky tonight?
pcaman2003: HS experts said Rozee not worth getting. lol!
Apachecats: same here umpires ,he hasn’t had a touch since 1st 1/4
Apachecats: sorry umpires must be fatigue ,thought you meant Rayner ,Rozee is firing on all cylinders.
DrSeuss: Port kicking away from Westhoff now? WTF
Apachecats: Rockliffe KO
JR33: Who traded in rocky?
Umpirespet: All good Apache.
DrSeuss: Now Rocky out for the rest of the night – this game has killed my AF chances
Seb78: Why is lachie neale’s SC so inflated?
MONEY TALK: is rocky hit bad?
mattmac24: Is rocky done for the night?
wadaramus: Minimum 20 min concussion rule?
Umpirespet: Because pcaman and I have the C on him seb
wadaramus: Get some possessions Drew!
mattmac24: Seb lots of contested ball and he’s loving the clearances tonight. Massive involvement in the game
Silz90: 20,000 brought in rocky… lucky I didn’t i guess. Love watching him play
wadaramus: 14 contested, 10 clearances that’s why!
StuL: Looks done guys.
Silz90: Drew should play more midfield if rocky is done
Seb78: Oh! is that why
StuL: Rocky will do the 20 mins but looks done
mattmac24: Very happy with Duursma lifting his game
PlungeMe: if our old guys were half as good as our young ones, we’d win the ship this year
pcaman2003: Keep it going Lachie. Go to 180
jwv92: Rocky was out cold, absolutely no way he will be back.
DrSeuss: Westhoff going to lose me everyone of my leagues this week.
penguins00: No way Rockliff even knows where he is right now
jwv92: Brought McCluggage in this week as a POD I expected to go premo this year, fuck! Glad I didn’t bring Rocky in though
Breezey: Love ya work Rozee
Stu7: Come on Jackhoff
Breezey: Love ya more now Rozee
beerent11: Rocky’s great when it’s easy
TigerKid_A: as a tigers fan rozee reminds me of a young deledio
zadolinnyj: nooo rozee. 5 should have been on the board
Breezey: Big game from Josh Walker tonight.
PlungeMe: its both amazing and sad that rozee is already our best player. butters probably 2nd
Silz90: Wait spp has been not bad tonight
Umpirespet: Least you have Rozee we wanted him to Plunge
zadolinnyj: drew looks tired. week off next week would think
mattmac24: Come on butters! You were on track for a 100!
PlungeMe: im exaggerating a bit but still close to being true
StuL: Neale looking like this years Mitchell or Macrae
Silz90: Surely walker gets the blue moon
heppelitis: lordy 15 marks for walker
MONEY TALK: Neale has been a gun for ages
StuL: Ton up Butters or you’re grounded Mr.
Beammybux: Rich at least got on the board. From where he was at QTR time
mattmac24: Neale has always been playing in Fyfe Shadow. He needed his own team
Umpirespet: Lol Stul u hard taskmaster
StuL: Yea but not the no.1 gun
pdiddy: rocky mothballed
jwv92: Rocky confirmed out for the match.
jwv92: Wow! What a throw! Great goal assist from the umpire there….
Breezey: Rozee my man. I’m excited
penguins00: Rozees game is ridiculous
Sixty656: nice throw for a port goal ffs
Stu7: So is Jackoffs but the other way
J_Herer: Rocky has served his purpose in AF, 100k profit, see ya
Umpirespet: Giddy up Neale disappeared again
pcaman2003: C’mon Neale. Don’t go backwards. Start scoring
Kahunas: Dusty’s 60 all of a sudden looks ok
BigChief: Yep Wines back will stop Boak scoring.
original: StuL how about rich. Good come back
JockMcPie: Rocky getting injured? Who would have thought
Sixty656: Need Butters to ton up now
Apachecats: yeah original he was on minus 2 early 2nd 1/4
pcaman2003: @Umpire.He heard us.
Stu7: Butters foot has slipped off the gas pedal
Silz90: Lol good call chief.. how good was that debate before
Stu7: Jackoof is gone next week
LuvIt74: thats what happens when you have to much butter on the acceleration
jwv92: Go McCluggage! Just double his score in the past 10 minutes, might just salvage a half decent score.
Umpirespet: About as good as Walsh rising star and hasn’t even been nominated yet
Sixty656: Another throw for a port goal…
jwv92: Yep, Brisbane can,t buy a free at the minute, just handing momentum to port.
BigChief: Rozee RS nom this week?
LuvIt74: All those who traded out Heeney and brought in Rocky…. OUCH
Umpirespet: You would think so 5 goals for a room is rare
MONEY TALK: i traded rocky in for dusty sooo
boofjb57: The game that stuffed my supercoach week
Umpirespet: Rook*
MONEY TALK: why is with being shafted
pcaman2003: CD still not given Neale his 10th kick.Hope it gets added on later
Umpirespet: Neale 20 more please
jwv92: Can’t see Brisbane winning from here on current play.
mattmac24: I’m projected to win my main league by 42 only difference is they have neale and i have Hurn.. shall be interesting
original: Drew I am disappoint
BigChief: Neale ducked. Yet another poor decision this weeekend
pcaman2003: Well done Neale.CD still owe a kick.Keep it going
Sixty656: butters go back to soutpark
jwv92: Yup Chief, been a bad game, a number of throw calls not throws and a number not called at all.
SwaggyP: Captain lachie
DarkHorseR: Drew at least got his BE… but when Rozee tons up it doesn’t look great.
mattmac24: Pcaman, how do you know they’ve missed a kick? 🤔
Silz90: Kick the winner drew plz
jwv92: Fuck me at least another 2 throws not called!
BigChief: Bad weekend for the umps jwv
pcaman2003: Lachie may get my predicted 180 yet.
original: Happy i put the captain on walker
mattmac24: Oh boy Neale is putting me in a hole
Silz90: Good comeback by duursma. He was on 16 at ht
PlungeMe: duursmas come back alright
mattmac24: The 407 coaches with Walker will be surprisingly happy 😂
MONEY TALK: my oppo doesnt have neale heheh
smashedavo: jesus calm down neale
Stu7: Score
megawatts: why did rocky drop 11 pts since he got injured…
Ash777: just turned on to see lions win
BigChief: Has stats frozen?
GOOD: pedal faster minty
jbjimmyjb: how does robbie have the red cross, he’s on the ground
Stu7: What happened to Gray?
runt: Lions, amazing again
Sixty656: LOL @ the ex crow burning the power
pcaman2003: Well played Lions. Too good!
Pezza28: dursma plugged up
Stu7: What happened to gray?
NoneyaB: bang bang bang Poort u r dead
JR33: Butters did shit all after half time
jwv92: What a bloody great game!!
GOOD: minty you need a new bike
poolboybob: Josh Walker blue moon
J_Herer: Great win Lions, welcome back!
kano: I’m.just glad you’ve stopped bitching about the umps jwv
StuL: Rocky still losing points in the sheds. Flower off CD
Pezza28: worth keeping rockliffe?

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