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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R3 of 2019

pcaman2005: Hmmmmmmm. Good luck all supercoaches far and wide. This will be a good game.
feralmong: reckon so and the other one i think will be a ripper too.
Ash777: Looks like stack got injured in the last few minutes of the game
beerent11: Can’t wait for this one
feralmong: really. tough luck then. had a great debut.
J_Herer: Gaff impacting Sheed early
zadolinnyj: lads
beerent11: Keen to see how that goes j_herer
beerent11: Got the 2 25’s in this one
DrSeuss: Get around it Treloar
PlungeMe: grundy and gawn looking like a solid ruck combo for me
beerent11: And grundy
Ash777: Who is Hutchings on?
mattmac24: Grundy and gawn is a solid ruck combo for a lot of people, sucks for those that missed out
mattmac24: Grundy, Moore and hurn from this game, would love a 100 from each!
PlungeMe: bit of a hidden gem of a ruck combo imo
J_Herer: Treloar FWD for Adams in midfield
zadolinnyj: crazy the people that traded them out round 1
Fatbar5tad: Booing Sheed LOL
meziare: Collingwood scum booing Sheed…idiots
DrSeuss: Are you serious Herer? Bucks the genius at it again
PlungeMe: petrol smelly proving a decent bench fwd
J_Herer: yeah Treloar start on fwd flank I think, looked strange their, on ball now
Beast_Mode: cox caught holding the ball
heppelitis: haha beast
beerent11: Pies fans booing gaff. Oxygen thieves.
VodkaHawk: It’s racist booing Sheed
heppelitis: cox just reached puberty…balls dropped
DrSeuss: Opp has Petruccelle – I have Treloar. Hmmm
TheOnyas: Onya beamsy
valkorum: Pretty certain Gaff gonna get boo’d next week as well
HawkTalker: Wow, more like Elliot Leo, am I right fellas?
PlungeMe: good start for my guys, grundy, moore and petruccelle
duckky: Oh no – Moore
zoomba23: Pies fans really are one of a kind. Booing both Sheed and Gaff. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic
Beast_Mode: Darcy Moore pinged a string likely
beerent11: Is it the derby valk?
PlungeMe: well fuck
beerent11: National joke zoomba
feralmong: its like a crying baby zoomba, they don’t yet have a developed brain to know its annoying.
zadolinnyj: go big grundy
feralmong: If Petroleum Jelly keeps this improvement up he might be a fwd keeper.
J_Herer: Grundy warming up and running well again
zadolinnyj: moore looked like ankle twist
ReggieOz: Darcy Moore looks OK
beerent11: Is Darcy Moore trying to look like a woman?
duckky: Moore reportedly rolled ankle. Trying to get him back on
Fatbar5tad: We want Moore
gdshifty: is Rotham playing the middle?
PlungeMe: moore back out there is some great news, i was ready to cry
beerent11: I need crisp and hurn to both extract the digit
beerent11: Cripps will be loving no hungry lecras around
StuL: Pie flag? Dream on Herald Sun.
zadolinnyj: grundy score going nowhere
smashedavo: is crisp even playing lol
DrSeuss: Come on Treloar
runt: Absolute bullshit against Phillips. Ball on the ground and he was 1st in!
ReggieOz: and the umpires are losing the plot again..what is going on this year!
runt: Umpiring at an all-time low. Soft frees are a blight
zadolinnyj: shame umpires don’t read the situation at all. never said wc free
meziare: yes but it should of been dropping the ball 2sec earleri!!
Ash777: why pies lost the gf. They’re soft…
Ash777: change my mind!
ReggieOz: lol Steve Hocking sitting with all his friends!
Fatbar5tad: Booooooooooooo
JockMcPie: fair to say umps are having a mare
beerent11: Think west coast deserve some credit ash777
aussie59: the self entitlement that the slime expect is only as bad as the umpiring that lets them expect it….badddd umpiring
gdshifty: Anyone? What position is Rotham playing?
aussie59: dont think so aish..from word go whistle is ringing in favour of slime
aussie59: sorry i meant beerent, i wouldnt mind if it was the same for both teams
meziare: Rotham backpocket gdshifty
Manowar: B. Grundy disappointing tonight!
beerent11: My comment wasn’t about the umpires Aussie. More that west coast are difficult to play
beerent11: Took a punt on Elliot at the start of the season. Patience is running out
Ash777: yep elliot is probably a bench option for now
beerent11: 66 in a half is going ok manowar
wadaramus: Carn Darcy, get involved son.
Ash777: lol globe trotting eagles
beerent11: Was almost rookie priced
duckky: Good lord – is Adams in trouble again?
beerent11: West coast are franking the form of Brisbane
Sixty656: Pies wont make the 8 this year.
mattmac24: Grundy disappointing? Sc wise? Or actual game wise?
beerent11: Rotham’s going ok shifty
Stu7: Settle down Sixty656 it’s only the 3rd round
beerent11: Haha
mattmac24: At least Moore is taking some of the kick ins
DarkHorseR: Dropped Elliott this week for Boak.
beerent11: Nice upgrade darkhorse
DrSeuss: Come on Treloar
Manowar: Both
beerent11: You should trade him out manowar he’s no good 😉
Ash777: elliot is so cold he’s a frozen pie
Manowar: ok I will, thanks for the advise!
smashedavo: crisp is killing me
Ash777: what is grundy’s be?
DrSeuss: Get Treloar off the bench and in the guts Bucks
mattmac24: 193 for Grundy
DrSeuss: Adams ignoring Treloar now
Stu7: We need Moore score darcy
original: How good was treloars reaction
original: No wonder they ignore him tho, a slightly better kick that Dow
Sloaneyyyy: Grundy b/e is irrelvant. He’s not in your team to generate cash
Sloaneyyyy: Degoey completely taken over elliots role
Yelse: wtf 50 for that
Ash777: I thought they learned not to let sheed alone in the pocket lol
masterhc2: hahaha sheed de ja vu cop it pies
Ash777: someone check on eddie he might have ptsd 😛
BigChief: Elliott not good enough to do De Goey’s boots up.
cobrakai00: LOL same old.. choke when it matters Pies
Stu7: God come back Moore
Stu7: Good
meziare: love the chant!!!
Stu7: Hope Collingwood boot 3 in a row and lose by 1 point 😂
original: Treloar doesn’t deserve 90. Love him thinking he should get every ball and sooking
Stu7: Rotham has died in the ar5e
Beast_Mode: bad luck muppets
Ash777: love watching pies lose
colin wood: Love that we don’t feed your club handouts anymore Ash don’t deserve it.
Beast_Mode: @cobrakai00, LOL ctas are 2 from 9 in finals, no bigger choker when it matters mate lol

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