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Chat log from R5 of 2019: West Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2019

PlungeMe: ready to be thumped 🙂
Monfries96: I think we’ll go alright Plunge
PlungeMe: im always pessimistic so that way i can only be pleasantly surprised
PlungeMe: if we lose i was expecting it anyway so whatever
shang0: Angus Monfries
OhSoRozee: in with a shot without barrass and potential wet weather
OhSoRozee: lycett/ryder should dominate the ruck over vardy/hickey so ports mids should do ok
Monfries96: As long as we don’t lose after the siren, it’s all good
frenzy: Bring your A game tonight thanks Sheed
Drak: Man roos were bad
Apachecats: PA are $3.95 if you’re game.
OhSoRozee: apart from 1 game last yr 5/6 or so games have been under 12 pts
frenzy: Time 4 a new coach, 10yrs is long enough, Drak
OhSoRozee: doesnt even feel like brad has been NM coach 10 yrs gone quick
PIE WAZZA: Cmon Ollie need a big one from ya
BigChief: I think Hickey will be best ruck in game.
Yelse: trade butters for stack or play him in the wet?
Yelse: rocky will tackle a lot tonight
OhSoRozee: ollie still not match fit hutchings has to tag boak runs all day
OhSoRozee: gonna b low efficiency but alot more CP if wet
th3rio: lads, we all looping setters with pet?
OhSoRozee: burnt vc on neale
Yelse: looping drew with setters
th3rio: did boak used to be #1 ? why the number change
BigChief: Port C wears #1
OhSoRozee: captain #1
Monfries96: PA Captains wear #1 therio
penguins00: Captain wears #1 at port
OhSoRozee: retired #1 coz co captains
Sixty656: Captain wears 1, now they have twin captains so now no one wears 1…
th3rio: ah cheers. Clearly im late to the party lol
Stu7: I’ve traded Westoff aka Jackoff too many low scores
beerent11: Evening all. Hurn rocky durs drew on field for in this one good luck
Stu7: Knowing my luck he’ll hit a ton 😫
Monfries96: The delayed comments here too often leads to 15 blokes answering 1 question
th3rio: Christ. Port looking good
OhSoRozee: burning it tho
Searly34: Hutchings gone to anyone?
Apachecats: thats right monfries
Monfries96: Our goalkicking been awful all year
thedees09: evening all
beerent11: Commentators have to tell pettruccelle is quick every time
Breezey: That’s right Monfries. Haha
beerent11: No one on rocky
OhSoRozee: should b atleast 2 goals more up
the worm: port captain wears #1
th3rio: good duursma!
PlungeMe: yes the kids
chemical-m: Glad I held onto butters, looking good
Monfries96: Cheers for the quick response worm
Raspel31: Indeed- go Dursma !
Haydo: FDA butters knew this would happen watch hopper score 20
th3rio: i didn’t chemical 🙁 needed some how to get stack in
PlungeMe: as always so far this season i care more about the young guys doing well than winning the game
beerent11: Boak got the hutchings by the looks
Yelse: got rid of butters 🙁
OhSoRozee: bs free
Raspel31: Traded Butters for Flora- much healthier option.
thedees09: traded butters out this week
Sixty656: Go Petroolll
chemical-m: Didn’t care for Stack, I brought in ROB and Hore
beerent11: Looping pet and Parker with setters
OhSoRozee: lycett going big
OhSoRozee: same @chem
PlungeMe: not to complain but so far 6-0 frees
Yelse: how u looping both?
Sixty656: ffs rozee down
Raspel31: Kind of glad I kept Lycett and didn’t burn a fortune on Grundy this week.
Breezey: Come on Westhoff. The siren has sounded.
aces-high: If Rozee gets 0 do we get an emergency score?
OhSoRozee: @yelse if 1 fails throw the other on field?
BigChief: Lycett how dare you kick Rozee’s ankle.
jbjimmyjb: no ace
Jackwatt$: Quick someone text Darling and tell him the games not at Subiaco anymore!
PowerBug: no
beerent11: Setters on field e on pet will sub Parker for setters if pet goes crap
PowerBug: Rozee will return though
BigChief: @ aces nope he played.
Sixty656: no
the worm: nope, but you get to make an emergency trade next week
OhSoRozee: @chief that was yeo
Breezey: Do you think Shuey drinks out of his boot when the Eagles win games
BigChief: Wasn’t it Lycett? Oh well Yeo you thug 😛
Apachecats: Rozee must be back on.TG
stemy1243: Ditto @beerent. In other news so glad I offloaded Westoff to the scrap heap. First trade of the year, Stack second.
Apachecats: Only kick Yeo’s had.
lwillo: Lol to the people who traded butters out.
Haydo: What was the news with the teams for mondays game missed stuLs comment last game
LuvIt74: carn west coast ffs…
Apachecats: Warming up on boundary actually.
Yelse: all the port kids doing well geezzz
gotigers04: lift rockliff
Haydo: Boak has single handedly brought my team to top 4 percent
OhSoRozee: guthrie in for constable rested
Gandhi: Rozee still doesn’t look great. Hasn’t stopped testing it out yet.
Ash777: who’s hutchings tagging?
beerent11: All look comfortable at the level yelse
OhSoRozee: rozee back
Haydo: Thanks rozee
Raspel31: My rozee had too much butters in the oven and has ended up cripps- hmm?
OhSoRozee: hutchings being out classed by boak so he will end up on rockliff
Breezey: Are you going to play on @ OhSoRozee
Rage_Trade: Is Hutchings tagging anyone?
Haydo: Butters already beat last weeks score
BigChief: Butters will stop.
jbjimmyjb: hutchings is trying to tag Boak but he can’t keep up with him
beerent11: Boak I think rage trade
OhSoRozee: raspel u burnt that there is a crisp for collingwood
beerent11: Maybe not
Haydo: Scores look like he is tagging rocky rage
PlungeMe: thats not holding the ball on ryan? not the legged one the one before that
aces-high: Shepard becoming relevant
th3rio: Boak giving up the captaincy has lifted some pressure it seems? Playing like a freak
Yelse: missed duursma tackle
OhSoRozee: rozee missing mark another 2 disposals aswell
beerent11: Nah boak. Just getting worked over.
PlungeMe: moved back into the mid probably helps too rio
Haydo: Agree th3rio
Haydo: Was it Howard or houston who scored well last week
the worm: oh raspel , i think that pun was a bit of a gaff
OhSoRozee: never howard he is a dud cant handle pressure normally
PlungeMe: houston 99 howard 74
Raspel31: Apart from Walsh- Port have provrded pretty well every good rookie this year.
th3rio: durrsma got jagged a tackle
thedees09: port cleaned up with the rookies
clay007: Rockliff only got 2 points for a mark and effective kick. WTF?
The39Steps: Umpires believe
Haydo: Scrimshaw rappel?
OhSoRozee: port gonna rue this should have been 3 goals more up
PIE WAZZA: Cmon Ollie need a big one from ya
Raspel31: Sorry worm- off colour- big party last night.
The39Steps: Umpires being influenced by the bogans. Nine frees to 3 already.
Apachecats: Scrimshaw Raspel
Jackwatt$: If Boak has always been this good as a full-time mid then what the hell has Hinkley been doing the last 3 years?
Raspel31: Yep Apache. Will he play?
Ash777: because boak is also good as a forward.
BigChief: Weagles buried
Gelly: boak is alot fitter this year, did some off season training in the us i think
OhSoRozee: jackwatts being free of captaincy boak just runs all day now
BigChief: Weagles buried?
th3rio: what 2 players do you field out of schrimshaw, collins and clark?
thedees09: collins and scrimshaw
PlungeMe: grays goal makes up for petruccelles i reckon, one either way
the worm: Since the start of 2011, in matches at home against interstate sides, the Eagles have lost the free kick count in 12 of
OhSoRozee: was that yeo in the ruck centre roving?
PIE WAZZA: wow wee back from 2yrs in the wilderness
Sixty656: Go hard Petroolll
Apachecats: Mad if they don’t play him Rasp
Raspel31: Same 3 back subs th3rio- def Scrimshaw Redemption backed up by Collins.
Monfries96: Can’t wait to see how we heartbreakingly lose this one
Apachecats: *I’ll be mad
th3rio: cheers lads
OhSoRozee: nice lead for the wet now
beerent11: Luke shuey goal after the bell monfries
lwillo: Wow worm impressive knowledge . Do you work for fox sports
Hawks_13: I need Rockliff to start playing as my (vc)
Breezey: Don Sheed from the boundary @ Monfries
OhSoRozee: butters hands 9/10 clean as
th3rio: pick it up duurs
Raspel31: I am a polite man Hawks- not given to rants. How could Rocky possibly be your VC?
Yelse: butters hurting me
PlungeMe: because of him name i reckon butters made it his life mission to not have butterfingers
Hawks_13: He’s been scoring well so I took a risk
the worm: no i just check my facts before running my mouth 😀
DrSeuss: Duursma, Drew and Rockliff on field. Butters and Petrucelle on the bench. Gotta laugh
Breezey: Who is the main man up forward for the WCE. Petrol Hell, JF Kennedy or Little Darlin
OhSoRozee: balls barracking for port
LuvIt74: cannot believe WCE dismal start, bloody deplorable…
Ash777: darling is the forward I think and JJK is running up the ground
feralmong: that will be petrucelle’s final score. Doesn’t do much after initial burst.
OhSoRozee: eagles were lucky on the wing ran ahead ball fell fortunately
frenzy: Lift Sheed
Breezey: Just wondering going by the performance so far by the 3 of them
Raspel31: Do we care feral- eraning dollars on the bench.
feralmong: i am trying to moz him into action
OhSoRozee: what a goal but lucky
th3rio: wow WCE in strife
Raspel31: Whoops- sorry feral.
Sixty656: Wet Toast are cooked
feralmong: i’d like a nice 70-80 rasp so we can cook him a bit longer.
Ash777: I have petrol on the bench and drew on field
PlungeMe: by the way theyve been calling it tonight, that shouldve been deliberate on gaff
Stu7: What’s with R Gray?
OhSoRozee: ya port brought their supporting footy
th3rio: i care, pet is my setters
Ash777: stop giving away frees boak
Raspel31: A few rookies earning us big buckaroonies tonight.
OhSoRozee: what a half by port tho
Manowar: T. Rockliff struggling tonight
Apachecats: RGray’s been like this for a few years ,champion at inconsistancy.
Breezey: Getting better Westy
feralmong: he’s a good kid tho. went to my daughters school.
th3rio: durs! yes!
PlungeMe: duursmas such a good kick i love him
OhSoRozee: thats a goal missed hand
DrSeuss: Finally traded Westhoff this week – watch him smash it
poolboybob: Any eagles wanna score besides Petruccelle?
beerent11: Bought him in this week manowar.. sorry
Monfries96: Duursma more than made up for his miss last week
Sixty656: Tipping this year has been fucked so far :/
PowerBug: Duuurrrrr 😀
beerent11: Pet dominating
PlungeMe: if nothing else, drew is a solid tackler
JockMcPie: Rookie central at Optus tonight
OhSoRozee: good back with the flight mark 2
Monfries96: I’m still not confident due to my severe PTSD regarding WCE
Gotigres: wow, difficult for WCE to come back now in these conditions
OhSoRozee: pretty much no delay now
DrSeuss: Rocky has been in and around the ball – just not getting his normal marks and kick +6s
DrSeuss: 2nd lowest TOG for Rocky as well.
Beast_Mode: rocky also been on the bench too much
J_Herer: wow Eagles sucking in non perfect conditions
Breezey: Masten must be lucky to be getting a game this year.
Raspel31: Can’t believe people still on the Rocky wagon- that shoulder will give at some stage.
Sixty656: Rocky to Crippa next week yessss
StuL: So WC dont know what water is?
beerent11: He’s making money rasped
Ash777: Muppet of the year to darling.
Gandhi: Can’t believe you are in denial about Rocky being a good pick this year
Gelly: darling muppet
Sixty656: In the wet, west coast are about as good as WET TOAST
Hawks_13: @ Gandhi.mRocky has been a great pick this year. anyone would take his scores
Raspel31: We’ll talk in a couple of week chaps when you’re bemoaning injuries.
OhSoRozee: 1st grade joke @sxity
OhSoRozee: @sixty
Breezey: Rocky definitely a good pick but there will be no surprise if he goes down at all
beerent11: Rocky started at 405k averages 107 with a 30 odd score in there. not bad
StuL: Darling? Last person I called darling was making me bacon and eggs.
nick2397: Petrol is more than that tonight for WCE, he’s a service station!
beerent11: If that happens raspel it’s called a trade
Carnster: StuL that is elite chat bro keep up the good work
PowerBug: I really shouldn’t be complaining about this match seeing the score, but R. Gray cmon mannnn
feralmong: could have saved some match payments and just sent out Petru.
beerent11: Half time debate. What’s your favourite rocky movie?
Sixty656: Butters did farkall that qtr :/
beerent11: Rocky 3 for me clubber lang
jayshi: should have subbed in petrucelle for R Gray
J_Herer: Rocky Tons Up was my favourite
Sixty656: Rocky VII – Adrian’s Revenge!
feralmong: The adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Apachecats: Rocky and Bullwinkle by far.
Breezey: @ Stul. Lucky the Eagles aren’t playing the Dees then with Hore
StuL: Thanks carn :p
OhSoRozee: surprisingly this is the cleanest port has been and its in the wet
feralmong: ahh great minds apache and I. lol
MercAm: Nice work Petruccelle
Apachecats: cheers feral
beerent11: Great minds Apache and feral
Raspel31: Rocky Mountain High- what have I started- aargh!!!
OhSoRozee: already happy with 50 from drew after the last fortnight
StuL: Def no breaky with the hore
the worm: Port capt. wears #1
OhSoRozee: rocky horror picture show
frenzy: Rocky Road, yum
Breezey: I loved Rocky when he was in the WWE. The people’s elbow
Monfries96: Cheers for the quick response worm
feralmong: how were the eggs stu? Fertilised or unfertilised.
Fatbar5tad: Chelly! Go you good thing 80 please!
OhSoRozee: worms stuck on auto repeat been saying that all night
Ash777: rocky colt tum-tum 3 ninjas
Gotigres: Oh no, have the E on Balta and not Petrol for the loophole with Setterfield on field 🙁
StuL: Unfertilized thank christ. Didn’t want to be stuck with that chook.
Breezey: Fertilised for Darling. Unfertilised for Hore.
OhSoRozee: omg ash love those movies
Raspel31: Yep- Rpck around The Clock chaps- just trying to be wise about not buying a player who won’t last the season.
frenzy: Some puppy love right there
the worm: arent they making a movie about boak being back on top of the mountain?
original: Petruccelle for atlas lol
lwillo: Hahahah worm I would love to see that film
Monfries96: Why’s he wearing no 10 Worm?
OhSoRozee: @thats a good 1 =)
OhSoRozee: @frenzy*
Raspel31: Don’t get your hopes up lwillo-seen it already and a bit of a fizzer.
beerent11: Pets only 9 off his pb
beerent11: Mid pricers don’t have to last the season raspel
PlungeMe: only captains wear 1 and boak isnt captain, 10 his number before 1 i think
Ash777: boak back mountain
Monfries96: Sorry Plunge – was taking the piss of the earlier description of that
DrSeuss: Hutchings to Rocky
Raspel31: You might say that beer- I couldn’t possibly comment.
PlungeMe: oh ok
PlungeMe: robbie seems slow lately
Sixty656: Might save yaself if ya keep going rocky
Raspel31: I’m liking West Coasts tactical plan- think they’ve got this game wrapped up.
OhSoRozee: play by howard
gotigers04: keep going rock
stemy1243: Dont you even dare get to 70 westhoff you mutt
pornhub: Rocky is doing fine.. everyone is fickle. if you have made more than 4 trades before this round you’re a blonk
OhSoRozee: 200 from westhoff wouldnt justify his be now
Sixty656: Boring footy 2 nights running… who’s playing tomorrow night?
PlungeMe: who woulda thought, robbie gray on bottom, sam gray on top
Tig-Train: Can anyone believe what’s going on? This is last years premiers vs the team who lost to Richmond’s reserve side last wee
stemy1243: Im just bitter cos ive had jackhoff since the start and now i have just traded him he has to be shit just for my mental
Stu7: And Jackoff in the middle
Raspel31: And the rookies keep wracking em up- go lads- it all begins in 2-3 weeks.
Sixty656: Come on butters ffs, spread yaself on the toast, I know it’s wet, but go son.
OhSoRozee: hoff wont even make his proj 74 for loss of 41.9k so push 50k drop again
feralmong: eagles coming back. mwuahahaha.
Sixty656: coming back? 1 goal in a half qtr…
gotigers04: keep going rockyy
beerent11: Pettruccelle. Sounds like a pasta.
PlungeMe: out on port=deliberate so far this game
beerent11: Career high for petrol
Raspel31: I think feral was exercising a rare tool called irony Sixty.
Sixty656: sorry… intoximacated 😉
OhSoRozee: irony is lost on tech chats
feralmong: and now a point as well. its all over for port. hehe.
Fatbar5tad: Not as rare as the tool of spotting it
frenzy: Boag Mia now
feralmong: I had a few ml’s of Bulleit myself.
Raspel31: Me too Sixty.
OhSoRozee: flower off that excited commentator
pornhub: dom sheed did really well there
PlungeMe: i dont care what the circumstances are, when we lose im blaming the umps
J_Herer: loving Hurn as a POD
Oddsy5: what to do with robbie gray…
lwillo: West toast are coming
Sixty656: Probs just a dumb ucnt then :/
original: Hurn should be higher. Is mr consistent
OhSoRozee: west coast lost to bris, shoulda lost to freo and should lose this
Ash777: how is hurn a POD? he’s the top defender in sc
pornhub: PlungeMe did you blame the umps in the 07 grand final?
feralmong: Given its raining do we call Drew a wet willy.
OhSoRozee: 18k own hurn vs 61k lloyd 66k whitfield
Sixty656: Hurn is a pod in fantasy for sure
gingjok: WCE “doesn’t matter that we are getting smashed, so long as we keep Boak quite” fuckers
OhSoRozee: 111k avg and basically 100k cheaper
Raspel31: Call the game off and call it a draw if it’s raining- poor dears.
OhSoRozee: minus the k on 111
PlungeMe: oh co-captain my co-captain
Oddsy5: happy with drew and petruccelle so far. normally they stink
beerent11: Always have hurn in my sides.
NewFreoFan: Just logged in to see the scores, wtf is this game score
OhSoRozee: WCE Been pantsed
the worm: didnt boak used to wear #1?
pornhub: poor by gaff..
Raspel31: Trade fest next week- thanks Petrol and Drew.
OhSoRozee: u been answering that urself worm
Sixty656: yay rozee points
PlungeMe: rozee is good, if you didnt know
Monfries96: Connor Rozee going to be special
original: Beerent admitting to multiple teams? Lol
pornhub: Rozee is a jet
Stu7: Go Rozeeeeeeeee you good thang
Fatbar5tad: Lol Perth 50 get fucked
Sixty656: Rocky stopped again I see 😐
Breezey: You can see with Rozee why they let Wingard go. Very good potential
J_Herer: wow Rozee
original: Lift duursma
lwillo: Rozee will win rs this year over Walsh. Kids a freak
Monfries96: Boak scored 21 since quarter time
OhSoRozee: it wasnt letting me say my name in caps =(
Raspel31: Port rookies- where would we be without them?
PlungeMe: if we win from here, dont be surprised if we lose next week to NM at AO
Stu7: Go Rozeeeeeee you good thang
pornhub: Walsh is still a different beast.. already carltons second best player
beerent11: Don’t know bout that iwillo
Sixty656: except forwards don’t win awards.
the worm: good, that wouldve been annoying
jbjimmyjb: monfries he’s been tagged by the 2nd best tagger in the comp, not surprising
Oddsy5: fk me ive cooked it this week…stack better get above 70
lwillo: Hogan won it over cripps remember?
Jackwatt$: Insipid performance by WCE. They have let down Jesus, just like North.
OhSoRozee: @sixty who won it last yr FWD
stemy1243: Boak getting a strong tag though
supastarr: Westhoff huge last quarter of junktime coming up
beerent11: Nah every season originals;)
Sixty656: yeah but collingwood cheat
beerent11: Have a hard enough time managing one team
Ash777: the RS is cursed I say.
OhSoRozee: Ya i think curse stopped after 2017 tho
Raspel31: How many Port rookies did we start out with- me 4- traded 1 this week. Only team gaining us a great deal of dosh.
PlungeMe: probably not a coincidence that when wines plays well, so does port
LetItBe: Hurn is so good!
original: Will I ever get it right when I’m deciding duursma or butters..?
beerent11: Gee on a wet night the commentators are surprised there’s no intercept marks
Sixty656: I thought Wobbie Gway was ports barometer?
OhSoRozee: cats rookies been good 2
Oddsy5: 3 for mr Plunge. skipped on rozee
Breezey: I was making money out of Constable
feralmong: Few handy cats Raspel.
original: I’m with Oddsy5
PlungeMe: i didnt ask but i did the same oddsy
OhSoRozee: i reckon couple ports rooks will b rested next week
beerent11: Hurns benefitting
OhSoRozee: crows need to blood 3 of theirs otherwise goodbye season
beerent11: Hurns benefitting from the kick in rules as much as anyone in the comp
Raspel31: Yeah, Constable been fan feral.
feralmong: ton up drew
Hadouken: kinda hoping miers doesnt play against hawks so i can get Petruccelle E score
poolboybob: Masten potato
OhSoRozee: cripps should b dominant in this type of game
gingjok: Come on WCE no use tagging Boak now .. fuk off.. let home get some junk
beerent11: Cmon rocky junktime is your time
Hadouken: rocky will still tonne up.
LetItBe: Keep Going Petruccelle. Try and hit 80+
Gelly: boak kick ootf and gains points?
OhSoRozee: sadly games gone past R. Gray
beerent11: Be a fair effort from here hadouken
frenzy: Not good Sheed, rage trade coming
Oddsy5: robbie gray muppet
OhSoRozee: lmao powell pepper free against hickey out bodied
PlungeMe: interesting free
Raspel31: Drew- you can officially have my children- my girlfriend might not agree bit we’ll work it out.
PIE WAZZA: Cmon Ollie Ton it up
OhSoRozee: redhead kids in red and black jumper raspel
Gelly: r gray should move clubs to somewhere they can play him in mid
Oddsy5: petrucelle golden tonight keep going! had to use him due to setterfield getting 2 weeks
Jackwatt$: Agree Raspel. Drew has been a golden nugget amongst the forward rookie turds
beerent11: Gee you love your SuperCoach raspel
OhSoRozee: rockliff starting to seagull
Fatbar5tad: Chelly loophole looming.
beerent11: They’ll be rangas
jfitty: Did Petch not get any points for that tackle and free :/
Fatbar5tad: Life is good. Opponent has Darling.
Raspel31: I’ve given Dusty your number Beer- he’s a bit lonely tonight.
Monfries96: Cheers for the $$$$ Pet
beerent11: Petttttterssss!!!!!
Ash777: petrol blue moon
LetItBe: Petruccelle just got 4 points for his tackle, freekick and effective kick
Fatbar5tad: Chelly!
Oddsy5: damn petrucelle is quick 🔥
stemy1243: Petrol and drew on the field yesssss
The39Steps: Bonner hopeless.
TheLegend6: Likely have to offload Sheed this week
Raspel31: Pet and Drew- Money Money Money.
Breezey: Same here @Oddsy5. Petrol got a game for Setterfield
gdshifty: lift Duursma!!
DrSeuss: Gotta hope Parker is a late out – Petrol on my damn bench
OhSoRozee: scott to ross and upgrade for sheed incoming
Sixty656: Need more butter :/
original: Flower off rocky
PlungeMe: honestly disappointing didnt win by more
DrSeuss: Time to trade Duursma it seems
Breezey: Come on Duursma, game is still going
feralmong: check live ladder plunge should cheer u up.
Fatbar5tad: Cha-Ching!
OhSoRozee: still 7 mins to boot 5
beerent11: Superstar!
Raspel31: Has anyone picked more than 5 games this year- simply impossible/
Hadouken: goal 4, not bad at all
Oddsy5: @Breezey Pet with his 4th u beauty 😃
Umpirespet: Big price rise for petrol comin
PlungeMe: coulda been 2nd though feral
Ash777: strange game with petrol the highest goal kicker
Jackwatt$: What role has Westhoff played tonight? Is he getting well up the field?
original: Why did SuperCoach9s disappear 🙁
YoungSC: Time for Masten to have a spell I think
feralmong: 12 to top 4 is kinda nice.
Fatbar5tad: 5 every week so far Rasp. NFI
Jackwatt$: 60SC doesn’t seem much, but in the wet and compared to WCE key forwards it’s not bad
OhSoRozee: westhoff 80% on wing to fwd
Raspel31: And of corseon the bench Umpire- sheesh- but dosh, yes.
PlungeMe: 12 to 2 is better than 12 to 4
frenzy: Go to the bowser early umpypet
Fatbar5tad: Westhoff %100 shite
beerent11: Plenty of money to still make on all these rookies in this game
OhSoRozee: drew ton
Breezey: Keep the junk going youngsters
Oddsy5: dump robbie gray next week?
Pokerface: 60 isn’t so bad? you paid mid 500s for him. its a terrible return
DrSeuss: Get Rocky off the bench
Gelly: get rocky on the field
Umpirespet: Drew has tonned up to
TigerKid_A: nice ton from drew
Hadouken: rocky is on, just got 2 handballs
Jackwatt$: I didn’t pay mid 500’s for him as I don’t have him. But if he starts playing on a wing I’ll happily pay mid 300’s for h
Umpirespet: Well he had tonned up lol
Raspel31: People been moaning about rookies but Drew and Petrol- no complaints at all.
jbjimmyjb: boak’s gonna ton up after dealing with hutching all night… well done travis
OhSoRozee: wow 35 from wines
Umpirespet: Argh stop it Monty ur doing my head in lol
Seiya: haha, imagine if you had darling in your team, hahaha… 🙁
MercAm: Duursma a bit disappointing though
Manowar: Petruccelle lift need 100+
beerent11: 30 touches for rocky still a solid game
Raspel31: Yep Merc- but just keep him on the bench.
MercAm: Reckon Petruccelle will ton up, hope so!!!
Oddsy5: anyone think that bloke ran really far in the middle? also petrucelle ur a star 🔥
Hadouken: Petruccelle !
Sixty656: Petrol Petrol off to work we go
beerent11: Amazing petters 5 goals
Kahunas: Thankfully no Sh1tterfield, just a dirty big Petrusmelli
TigerKid_A: petruccelle!!!
OhSoRozee: oddsy it was a 50 metre didnt play on till got to the centre
StuL: Thanks Petro. Will take the loop ton
Hadouken: here we go with footy tipping again. another 3 this week coming up..
PlungeMe: oddsy it was a 50 se he was running for that
Gelly: thankyou setters
Manowar: Petruccelle you did it!!
LetItBe: Surely Pet gets 100. 5 goals 18 possies 7marks and 3 tackles
beerent11: Thank you petters and thank you setters
megawatts: when ur 2 players combine for 60 touches and score a grand total of 150 points….. (sheed, rocky)
MercAm: Only got 90 for me, did he ton up?
OhSoRozee: wow didnt even notice 17 behinds yikes shoulda been smacked
Raspel31: Never worked out how to do that Stuhl- beyond captain. But I’m English. Petrol on the bench for me- aargh.
LaHug: Petrol got 0 for that last goal. CD is so annoying sometimes
StuL: He was on like 88 before he kicked that goal, wtf?
LetItBe: Still 70-80 points to give away. Pet should get some for that last goal.
jbjimmyjb: Trash time football scores almost no points
Pokerface: why would he get much for a goal after the siren when 50 points down.. meaningless to the game
Pokerface: but yeah still 70 pionts to come in
feralmong: Pet will finish about 105ish i reckon
OhSoRozee: ya there is always scaling to come after siren

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