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Chat log from R2 of 2019: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2019

JockMcPie: Go Hurn, Whitfield and Williams
DrSeuss: Time to tag Whitfield Mr Hutchings – Get of Cogs
Umpirespet: Enjoying this game so far
hinsch: Petruccelle to go big tonight
Yelse: seriously get off coniglio, hate taggers
TheMessiah: Ffs get off my man cogs
dipstick: Coniglio is Italian for rabbit
the worm: i doubt anyone would put the C on cogs against hutchings in perth though would they?
Umpirespet: Get off my rabbit!
Manowar: got the C on Whitfield
Pokerface: he’s a rabbit locked in the hutch ings
Pokerface: whats wrong with taggers Yelse? isn’t a job of a defender the exact same thing – stop someone else?
DrSeuss: Someone take out Hutchings
bongidongi: cmon redden lift son!
beerent11: Let’s go bunga hurn!
Hadouken: @Pokerface that hutch ings joke is an emBARRASSment
runt: de boer is farmer in Dutch. The farmer and the rabbit
Gelly: will be hard to ignore sheed if he goes big again this week
Pokerface: tough marker
runt: Hoppers nickname is rabbit, Coniglios is hopper.
beerent11: Wait for the gaff factor on sheed gelly
beerent11: Will take at least half his handball recieved
beerent11: Will take at least half his uncontested possies
Ash777: wonder who enjoyed that more? the goal umpire or the player? πŸ˜›
MONEY TALK: never thought id see hickey leading
italz: whitfield on fire
Gelly: whats deledio in Italian?
pdiddy: hi lads and laddettes
beerent11: Gws look pretty slick
pdiddy: anyone else impressed by tomlinson?
italz: pretty sure deledio in italian is crap
Pokerface: I think Shaw in Irish means crab.
The39Steps: Deledio in Italian means “sick calf”
DanBlack: Deledio in Italian means “Sans Premiership”
DrSeuss: Now the umps protecting the taggers. F off
runt: Deledio means gee, why sydney.
Ash777: because gws means security and good medical
duckky: Taranto disposal is awful
beerent11: Gee petruccelle is a dud
Ash777: hickey looks so much better in eagles colours
Yelse: who’s the better option rocky or sheed
Hadouken: rocky by a mile
J.Worrall: Go Oscar!
Ash777: rocky looks to be back to his best
Raspel31: Shoulders willing- Rocky by a country mile. Think we’ll al have him next week.
the worm: both bad options, wines and gaff will ruin them both
Sixty656: Rocky did nothing in the second half, scored 35 if that.
dipstick: ouch if you have conigs and yeo
pcaman2003: Cogs is terrible tonight
Yelse: yeah i think he is nearly a must have if fit nd playing mid
Yelse: pies eagles next week should be a cracker
mattmac24: Rocky copped a tag by Setterfield after half time and did nothing. Will happen more often now
Ash777: drew will be the first hit by wines coming back
DrSeuss: Cogs is getting the hard tag from Hutchings PCA
Yelse: whens kelly back ?
Pokerface: but they say the best way to break a tag is to run them off their feet? oh wait
runt: I wonder if taggers eat tons of garlic to really get in the face of their opponent
Pokerface: drew far more pacier than rocky. mid would be too slow to replace drew with wines
Pokerface: a wines, boak, rocky midfield would get killed
DanBlack: Replace SPP for wines
Pokerface: not ballantyne runt. it would have burnt him
Ash777: I wonder if boomer was telling the truth about the pinching
Waspy79: With Amon and Watts out long term I think Drew looks pretty safe
Ash777: wasn’t saying drew will be omitted I’m saying his output might suffer with wines being a better option.
Waspy79: Yes I think Drew’s scoring will suffer. I feel Duursma might be more vulnerable with Hartlett coming back.
Umpirespet: Drew is playing too well ATM to be Dr ropped
BigChief: No way I pick Hartlett over the kids.
Waspy79: Hartlett is a Vice Captain of the club and will replace someone in the 22 when fit (next week likely)
Umpirespet: He will replace Watts to won’t he Waspy?
BigChief: VC doesn’t mean a guaranteed game though. Plus he is not that great a player imo.
BigChief: Just ask Mitch Marsh πŸ˜›
Waspy79: Yeah I think Hartlett slots in to replace Watts and Wines will replace Amon. Our outside run and spread will suffer.
duckky: Myers is a VC at Essendon. Would anyone else want him?
Umpirespet: Lol no duckky
FlyinRyan2: anyone got conigllo as captain
DrSeuss: How they leave Whitfield running free is amazing.
Hadouken: nah rlyingryan, ended up going rocky
Umpirespet: I had Potato Cripps as C
italz: cogs you’re killing me πŸ™
FlyinRyan2: yeh i had cripps a captain
wadaramus: Carn Cogs, lift!
original: cmon conigs.. hopper hogging it
jbjimmyjb: I knew Cogs would struggle with the tag but still expected 80 πŸ™
BigChief: Timmy…. pull ya finger out.
runners47: Conig – another premium who can’t handle a tag…
mattmac24: Hurn mate… what are ya doing?!
original: hurn..cmon
DrSeuss: You know its bad when Dawson Simpson is outscoring Cogs
Pokerface: they seem to be doing alright letting whitfield run free..
runners47: And yes, FlyinRyan2, I was silly enough to put Conig as C this week, after Grundy’s effort last week
Donzoes: 80 would be great as of right now for him
runners47: I think I’ll be rapt if he cracks the half-century, at this rate…
Ash777: wtf how was that deliberate
original: 100% delib
DrSeuss: That was in the back – not deliberate.
pcaman2003: Cogs is getting space,just not getting the ball.
original: conigs get a touch at all? this qtr?
JR33: Nice Q from sheddy
Gelly: ouch runners
italz: hurn and cogs having a shocker, gonna be a very average score for me this week
wadaramus: Didn’t think Cogs would fare worse than the rookies this week!
pcaman2003: Cogs fwd at moment
Silz90: Who was bagging pettrucelle before lol kids got pace
runt: Great goal petruccelle
megawatts: honestly considering trading conigs for rockliff
jbjimmyjb: mega… what?? he scored 150 last week come on
pcaman2003: Megawatts. Don’t trade him on one poor game
pcaman2003: Wasting a trade if you do IMO.
Ash777: hutchings is a jacobs level tagger
duckky: with all respect – Rocky only played against Carlton and Melb.
MONEY TALK: cong is getting tagged by someone who destroyed siddy in the grand final
jayshi: rage trades are never good
Beast_Mode: lol ppl are so bipolar in here
jayshi: grundy, brayshaw, oliver and gawn all good this week
Silz90: Come on Williams ton up plz
Ash777: the only ones you should trade are traps like mills
jayshi: those that traded grundy for westhoff in haha
pcaman2003: Williams low TOG not helping his score
duckky: Interested in Whitfield or Saad – both tonned up
JockMcPie: good onya joshy smith
duckky: Still thinking of trading Dusty though
MONEY TALK: keep going hurn and williams
Ash777: to be fair westhoff’s poor score is not normal by any means
Pezza28: if only cogs played well id be on track for 2400
Ash777: dusty is defs carrying something to not tackle 2 games in a row
Umpirespet: Same duckky I will be he doesn’t look interested
J.Worrall: onyas territory, Jock
Donzoes: keep hoping to see some sort of life from cogs’ score
jbjimmyjb: dusty didn’t tackle in last year’s prelim either
duckky: Timmy – time to pull the finger out. Junk time
Breezey: This Petrucelle making me some good $$$
Ash777: yay 90s for hurn n williams
wadaramus: Cogs 20 disposals for 50 points?
Gelly: 5 clangers and no marks

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