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Chat log from R2 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Brisbane, R2 of 2019

J.Worrall: GoLions
frenzy: turner needs a camera icon, monty. he must have pictures of the coach to get a game
Raspel31: Wow- nudging 2400 even with a broken elbow- personal- and a fractured Coniglio- professional. Some big scores.
masterhc2: Well done on the score raspel but not sure how a broken elbow effects your ability to choose a fantasy team lol
Raspel31: Pressing wrong buttons master.
Waspy79: Is it possible to have a DE ratio in the stats table? Who cares about TOG
BigChief: DE is there Waspy
ReggieOz: DE is the bullseye
ReggieOz: And the muppet is clangers
Raspel31: Hmm- turned down a Draft offer- Polec for Neale. Still not sold.
Jackwatt$: Wall for Scott m0nty?
BigChief: Neale 100% of the time for me Raspel
the worm: wall after 12 minutes…
Raspel31: Kept him and will do so BigChief.
ReggieOz: Wall?? it’s the first quater! lol
Waspy79: There is no DE displayed on my stats chart – DT/SC/Po/G.B and clock
jbjimmyjb: waspy you need to zoom out
All Reds: maximise the window if on desktop, its dependent on size
VodkaHawk: Same, I have a pointless clock too
Hooks: Wall for scott?
amigaman: Question. How does Rayney get 4 clangers from only 3 posessions?
jbjimmyjb: A free against = clanger
Waspy79: I will have to give up on DE. Nothing I do makes it display
softwhitee: same here waspy
J.Worrall: hold ctrl key and turn mouse wheel
heppelitis: pedal faster m0nty..ppl are having trouble
m0nty: we have had this discussion before, more people want TOG than DE in that column
Waspy79: Lift m0nty – you didn’t ask me 🙁
GOOD: Robinsons neck bigger than last year
LuvIt74: I’d like to see Scott do better bloody hell, Mckay on 24 with 3 possies
Raspel31: On your side m0nty.
Jackwatt$: Why don’t we have both?
jbjimmyjb: Love your work Lachie <3
megawatts: zorko 3 kicks, 3 hbs, 7 contested possessions???
Jackwatt$: Keep pedalling during the 1/4 time break m0nty, we should catch up soon
Raspel31: Strangest thing SC- Conigs my highest last week- this week lowest- Lycett the lowest- this week highest.
Hooks: I have all stats then on my other PC just the small version.
jbjimmyjb: mega: zorko had a contested throw which was a free against lol
JockMcPie: possession = picking up ball, disposal = getting rid of ball
faisca7: Hall is a gun, hope he finds some consistency
tso1967: Goldy..jeez his score keeps going down
Gelly: i hope they scrap that impeding 50 player rule, complete shower rule
StuL: 64% TOG for Scott. Coach should be giving his brother more love.
LuvIt74: Anyone considering trading out a premo Mid and bring in Rocky?
StuL: Was cursing Grawn last week, it turns around fast.
Hooks: Looked like a good pick to go constable over scott this week.
DarkHorseR: Already got Rocky, considering dumping Dusty!
Raspel31: Nup. Gave the slightest thought to Oliver after round 1 but then 144.
StuL: Begalas tactic Luvit. It works
wadaramus: Maybe Libba to Rocky.
Crowls: goldy 11? wtf
heppelitis: Got Heeney in my team and swans fwd line not working well and cant see him getting much midfield time…my biggest worry
the worm: whats libba done wrong?
StuL: You need a failure to sacrifice though.
Gelly: id trade martin to rocky, if i did not have rocky already, martin is a shadow of his former self
LuvIt74: @worm Libba hasn’t done much wrong but for an extra $100k its worth going to rocky if u have the cash
faisca7: only bloke id think of trading to rocky would be b.crouch, but he’s looking alright
wadaramus: Ya gotta give something to get something.
SwaggyP: Goldy wth
Crowls: yea, bcrouch – rocky why bother?
softwhitee: Is dusty worth holding and seeing if he comes good?
GOOD: i’d get rocky if he had new shoulders installed
pcaman2003: Martin flogging Goldy even with much lower TOG
LuvIt74: If i had Dusty id trade him out for rocky without doubt and free up cash
Gelly: richmond have a tough draw, i dont see him going great
Raspel31: All my centre guns are firing and don’t have Dusty- I’d certainly lose him. But I think Rocky needs 2 more weeks.
heppelitis: dusty tonned up first game and played a rampant pies team…i am holding
Yelse: Green to rocky for me I think. Just gotta try and find a decent forward around the mark
LuvIt74: I’m thinking of trading out Tralore to bring in Rocky and generate $200k
StuL: I’d get Hall.if he wasn’t so inconsistent and made of glass
faisca7: will rocky go to crap when wines returns?
LuvIt74: Its his injury thats making it a hard decision, might stick fat with my guns
softwhitee: might explore dusty to neale before I trust rockys glass shoulders
LuvIt74: Yelse Dahlhaus?
Gelly: ebert has made way for rocky to be around the ball, doubt wines will make a diff
LuvIt74: I started with Dahlhaus as my F3 hoping he’ll score consistent so far so good…
DanBlack: Hodge is such a sniper
FlyinRyan2: Goldstein wake up mate
pcaman2003: Goldy is already cooked FlyinRyan2. Spudding up!
heppelitis: wish my team had snipers in it rather than the soft c#$%s that we have
TheMessiah: Started Lyons as my PoD. Not great signs. Correction trade this week
bjones38: Jarryd Lyons no wonder GC got rid of ya
9inch: Mckay being useless
m0nty: Coldstein
GOOD: scott thompson
GOOD: lift OLDstein
LuvIt74: McKay done nothing that 2nd quarter
jbjimmyjb: Everyone was saying Hoff + Goldy was the way to go last week…
pcaman2003: Quiet qtr from Neale
Raspel31: Was really grumpy I had to make a trade- Greene and Balta out- don’t rage trade guys. Long season Look at Gawn and Olive
Donzoes: same raspel, but greene and ridley for mine
StuL: Any news what is wrong with Greene?
tso1967: I did greene/heeney to rocky/boak..i’m happy lol
tso1967: happy i brought in boak/rocky for greene/heeney
Jackwatt$: Don’t trade home yet m0nty, it’s a HOLDstein
tso1967: sorry duplicate post
Jackwatt$: *him
FlyinRyan2: might bring in boak for heeney or smith
lukefield9: @FlyinRyan you’d be moronic to do that, stick fat with heeney
Gelly: sidetrade now and you wont have a team full of guns at the end of the year
FlyinRyan2: I’ll do it for smith then he’s doing bad
StuL: Heeney played sore the first 2 rounds
GOOD: oldstein popped some viagra
Skyarm.: yeah how did Goldy just get on a decent score
9inch: Mckay killing me
jbjimmyjb: goldy just got 30 points for an intercept mark, and a few HOs and handballs
pcaman2003: 30 points? He was 32 at half time.
pcaman2003: Keep it going Lachie and Goldy
StuL: Typical. Benched Scott last week but not this week
Raspel31: Ah, there goes my 2400 with Scott on the field alas.
megawatts: can someone tell me how macmillan went back 7 points in like 2 mins
zadolinnyj: wow 2400 rasped. I’ll sit between 2250 and 2300. Scott on field
LaHug: has witherden touched it this quarter?
Manowar: You have no idea about SC relying on Scott…bench rookie at best. Delete your team
Raspel31: Zado- Lycett my back up ruck- 60 last week, 168 this week. A freak score. Won’t last.
Schillaci: If he has I missed it Huggy. Looks like he is my answer togetting Lloyd atm.
DragonLass: Manowar everyone has some rookies on the field this time of the year
Raspel31: That is incredibly rude Manowar- I bet I have a higher score than you.
duckky: Is Rich becoming SC relevant?
OnTheRocks: ffs Goldy been off for the past 11mins
LaHug: looks like withers picked up after i called him out…
LaHug: … can mccarthy do the same for my DT???
Manowar: DragonLass exactly, but expecting more the 50 – 60 points from a rookie at best your kidding yourself!
pcaman2003: Goldy and Scott have killed off my score now. Disappointing!
the worm: brave call not starting settrefield this year manowar, hats off to you
Gelly: i think most fielded scott after he won the nab rising star last week
megawatts: wow macmillan +22 without s single disposal/tackle
LuvIt74: What is everyone expecting to score this round?
Raspel31: I was predicted 2440- now maybe 2350?
duckky: Spoils do count Mega … don’t know how much for each though
LuvIt74: I’m on 1900 as we speak with Neale, Scott, McKay to play out last qrt and Fyfe as my Capt and Libba
LuvIt74: Nice score Raspel
jbjimmyjb: Heeney, Martin, Scott have killed my score, hoping for 2200 (SC)
megawatts: yeah definitely, ducky, im just surprised he went up that much without possessing the pill
jbjimmyjb: i wasn’t predicting heeney,dusty,coniglio to get 180 total
Raspel31: Totally a freak Luvit- just a lucky week where thins gelled.
JockMcPie: Rich and Macmillan delicious DT/SC ratios
mardyb: scores frozen for anyone else?
m0nty: appears as if the AFL stat feed is paused, have to wait
Natopotato: yeah frozen for me
Cyberdyne: yep stuffed
Struda: Hopefully Mckay gets going lol
mardyb: call Gil and get it sorted Monty!
dipstick: we’re not buying it m0nts… now get peddlin’
megawatts: brisbane up by 1 for anyone interested
Raspel31: Lol dipstick.
Gelly: have not seen scott get a disposal yet either
megawatts: lachie neale 36 touches already
Raspel31: Good cal megawatts- just remembered that ancient device called the radio.
marls: Seems he just scrapes stats from Also frozen at same spot
GOOD: ad’s work fine thank god
megawatts: kangas back up by 4
Natopotato: kangas up to 10
Springyboy: yep Polec just got pinged
BigChief: Get in there Brisbane.
megawatts: back to 4 pts
Springyboy: listen on SEN to hear everything as all online data is down
BigChief: Lions by 2
Springyboy: Lions back in front
TheMessiah: Has Lyons been getting involved at all?
megawatts: havent heard him maybe a tackle or 2
BigChief: Lions by 8
megawatts: brisbane by 8 89-81
Natopotato: Brissy 8 up
BigChief: Lyons just got a tackle
Natopotato: Just under 4 minutes left
jbjimmyjb: neale’s surely gonna be 130+, he’d be nearing 40 possies
BigChief: 3.14 to play
megawatts: how did brisbane choke that
Schillaci: Neale 41 possies
BigChief: Charlie Cameron extrends lead to 8 again. 2.23 to go
Gelly: worried about scott’s job security now, he just seems to be always in the wrong position
Natopotato: 8 points up 2:23
megawatts: charlie caerons sc score gonna shoot up with that goal
megawatts: cmon macmillan liftttt
Schillaci: Neale another clearance
BigChief: McCarthy goals Lions by 14 1.22 left
Gelly: i think neale has gone huge
megawatts: game over
runt: Choke on that
Schillaci: Lachie will be big. hand in last two goals. Lions win in a close one. BOG.
BigChief: Cameron goals again.
Natopotato: Neale with some massive clearances in those last 10 minutes
runt: Gutsy win again
All Reds: bang bang bang
StuL: Couldn’t beat an egg atm north.
pcaman2003: Go Neale. How is Goldy,Scott going?
Raspel31: Gelly-tell me he has. So annoying.
Natopotato: just add another clearance to his name
jbjimmyjb: scott hasn’t touched it, probably negative points this quarter
Beast_Mode: ffs this is a disgrace, afl hurry up and update these stats muppets
runt: Lions too good. Simple as that
runt: Cats fans on this forum asshats.
Gelly: stinker for scott, did not see him get near the ball last quarter, missed the first min though
StuL: Goldy and Scott I dont think got a point in q4
Pedsy: I changed my C in SC from Macrae to Neale right before the bounce. I think it may have paid off
Schillaci: Witherden to Lloyd next week.
Schillaci: Higgins 38 possies
Schillaci: @Stu no points have changed sinced Q3 28:34 haha
LuvIt74: whats going on with the points on here
BigChief: That looks like a great decision Pedsy
Natopotato: SC total is still under 2500, still 800 to offload
JockMcPie: SC not updated, everything else is
megawatts: are sc stats updated?
Gelly: sc scores not up yet
Pokerface: 146 DT to neale.. lovely
Pokerface: not that i know his SC but he always has reasonable ratio
italz: big win from the boys
BigChief: SC scores have not changed since 28m mark of 3rd quarter.
J.Worrall: 1209 1nr 1264 leaves a lot of SC points to share yet
amigaman: SC points for this game are a joke
SwaggyP: Any news on the scores being amended?

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