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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Geelong vs Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R2 of 2019

Gotigres: Oliver out, Macrae in
Gelly: hope that doesn’t backfire on you
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Gotigres: Will allow me to go Collins out and Jake Lloyd in, and Heeney out and Parker in next week Gelly
JockMcPie: Hope it does, need Oliver to go big and Macrae to drop in price
feralmong: oliver will go 150 today lol
ReggieOz: We bring in May to play on the big forwards..
Gotigres: Probably Feral
MONEY TALK: i forgot to change danger as a captain rip he better preform
DrSeuss: Where is Clark playing – haven’t sighted him
ReggieOz: free to Brayshaw there?
Beast_Mode: good to see Grundy and Gawn back in business this round!
mattmac24: Losing Kelly is gonna hurt…
original: how good is subbing gawn off to take a vc loophole but not putting E on him
Umpirespet: Lol Beast was about to say same thing
hinsch: got Gawn on the bench this week got sweet playing as C
original: hinsch hope u put E on him unlike me ffs
TheMessiah: Did you really @original?
hinsch: original yes got the E on him
Crowls: was going neale c and locked on danger
Gelly: i missed a big score on gawn last year doing the same thing, it ruined me
Gotigres: Just checked. I have the E on Gawn. Bines Capt
Donzoes: solid 4 for clark
MONEY TALK: whos tagging danger
bones351: Looks like Sherrin is tagging Danger haha
Crowls: gee did anybody start hibberd-poor bastards
MONEY TALK: hibb was my never again
Donzoes: would heeney to kelly be a consensus trade
runt: To quote Jack Dyer, Hibberd is good at getting where the ball ain’t tonight
feralmong: reckon gawn will bust hit out record today
DrSeuss: Great – Clark doing nothing and now Brayshaw with a cork. FMAF
original: could i get my logo cchanged to muppet icon plz.
pcaman2003: Someone tell Clark the game has started
Gotigres: worse for me Crowls. i started Clark
runt: Demons ready to flick the switch.
DrSeuss: Same Gotigres – he finally got another touch…
Gotigres: Looks like Clark playing half-forward
Crowls: dont have him jet in sc and thought i missed out.
runt: If the lights go out they can salvage something
beerent11: Thinking about sloane to rocky to free up cash to get from goldy to max. Thoughts?
Yelse: nearly got rid of oliver for rocky lucky i waited
Yelse: why is clark not getting the pill?
MONEY TALK: no beerent
beerent11: Second trade when max’s Price drops
mattmac24: Why would you trade out Goldy?
TheLegend6: What role is
Victorious: I’m cooked
TheLegend6: what role is clark playing?
beerent11: Oliver’s a keeper
DrSeuss: Not sighting him Yelse. Not playing back like last week it seems
Victorious: Who traded out Maxy this week….raise your hand
beerent11: Think by midseason Grundy Gawn are top 2 rucks Matt
duckky: 2,144 traded out Bayshaw
Crowls: in which cash those who can trade up to them by taking a lycett, westhoff etc have done well
DragonLass: were people really dumb enough to trade out Gawn or Grundy after 1 week?
beerent11: And max is gonna get a price drop after last week. Will prob be the cheapest he’ll be all year
Hadouken: @ducky where do you check that to see how many traded out ?
mattmac24: Would you start a 500k+ player only to trade them out?
runt: Brayshaws corky wont like the half time break
Raspel31: Just home after a few hours on the tueps- as any respectful man would do. Good to see you back Oliver..
duckky: 5,916 traded in Wilkie and 4,240 happy people traded in Westhoff.
Gotigres: decoy forward Legend
Beast_Mode: Clark any chance getting the pill at any stage?
beerent11: Cash generation they’re likely to average similarly over the season
duckky: Lookat the bottom of your supercoach team. Top5 traded out (from your team) and most traded in
runt: Clark is in energy saver mode.
beerent11: Nearly 4000 traded clarry out
runt: Expect a big 2022 from him
Hadouken: im not doing supercoach mate, thought you meant fantasy
Crowls: danger olly and brayshaw in my team
Gelly: yeh not sure why ud trade oliver out after 1 week, he would not even lose value, same with gawn/grundles
Manowar: How the hell is clarry?
duckky: Someone in here told me to expect a better game from Hibberd… Thank heavens I didn’t listen
beerent11: Doesn’t really matter with Clark I think most would have in on field anyway
Raspel31: Constable, Oliver, danger and Gawn- can live with this.
Struda: will trade in parker next week lol
bongidongi: salem god damn, pick up son
Ash777: hunt n clark 🙁
Hadouken: clark will still get 60 (hopeful)
BigChief: Where is K. Kolodjashnij playing? Can’t watch this 1 tonight.
DrSeuss: Clark will be lucky to get 30. Hasn’t been near it all game
Raspel31: And people rage traded Oliver after one poor game- idjuts!
Breezey: I understand people rage trading but you have to remember to hit Reverse Trades and think again
Gelly: clark starting to get involved off half back
Hadouken: gawn just a lazy 36 hitouts so far, nice
runt: Stewart becoming a must have
Sixty656: not hard rucking against no one in particular
Breezey: I was just thinking that Runt.
Burnsy03: hows everyones scores looking
bongidongi: danger hasn’t been near it this q
Breezey: Game, Set and Match
Hadouken: @burnsy03 afl fantasy, looking at around 2200
Umpirespet: Looks like all the footy shows this week will be about Melbourne and Essendon
Gelly: lol what a shower rule, umpires looks like sheep herders
JockMcPie: Richmond and Sydney fans happy about that
Breezey: I’m glad young Constable is a footballer rather than a young policeman. Would be a tough life
runt: Cats have the grit they have been lacking in the last 5 years
Umpirespet: Unless he was a detective cunstable
Yelse: melb been shocking this year
Raspel31: Liking you this year Cats- looking good.
J.Worrall: Dees deespicable
TheLegend6: Got Cats 1-39, cmon dees!
The0Grrr: Any snow anywhere yet?
SilverLion: Got Danger, Oliver, Gawn, TK in this game. boy oh boy wowee
Umpirespet: Saw some in Spain in the cycling Theogrrr
Raspel31: Well, this game gone. Spurs v Liverppol?
MONEY TALK: me accidentally leaving danger as c has worked well
TheLegend6: Lets go spurs! haha
The0Grrr: Shouldn’t be any AFL there to annoy me then Ump
Hadouken: told ya clark will get 60 by games end
FlyinRyan2: Anyone projected to get over 2300
Pokerface: isnt that tomorrow night raspel?
TigersMan1: Yeah i’m projecting 2478
DragonLass: purposefully putting Danger as C has worked pretty well for me.
FlyinRyan2: shit that’s crazy
Ash777: did dees getting pants in the prelim kill their game
mattmac24: Projected 2298 with Cripps C. Cogs and hurn a bit lackluster though
Umpirespet: Yeah raspel it’s tomorrow night
Gotigres: That’s it Clark. See if you can get to 60
Raspel31: Yep, sorry Poker- Monday morning.
Hadouken: you guys talking supercoach scores or fantasy ?
Raspel31: I have a broken elbow so my typing is behind my thoughtwaves- apololgies all
J.Worrall: Apparently not by all that much, @Raspel31:))
TheMessiah: Anyone have Clark on the ground?
DrSeuss: Let’s go Clark – you can still get to 60
TheMessiah: You guys talking SC projections?
Grazz: Anyone know what the hit out record is
Raspel31: Sitting on your left hand for 30 minutes works wonders WorRALL.
Sixty656: like 85+
runt: Goldstein 80 hitouts is the record gawns is 66
MONEY TALK: May is out bw
SilverLion: 80 by Goldstein in 2015
Gotigres: yes Messiah
Grazz: Cheers
Gelly: clark working his way up to a modest 60
Breezey: Des vs Dons next Friday. Will be an interesting matchup
runt: Ablett in the forward line is such a luxury
StuL: Can’t believe a side that spanked us in finals last year are this bad.. what might have been
StuL: Can’t believe a side that spanked us in finals last year are this bad.. what might have been.
The0Grrr: See who’s cellar dwelling with the Suns
The39Steps: Champ. data, all the “experts” say Dees midfield is the best. What has gone wrong here?
BigChief: Dees midfield is not even close to best.
Gelly: they just dont have a forward line
runt: Demons prelim, preseason and last 2 weeks all losses.
the worm: listening to experts is what went wrong i think
dipstick: Fucken useless jelwood. You were on the way to 120 ya spud. Never again
mattmac24: 100% this geelong side is nothing like last seasons. Finally confident in the cats having a good year
Gelly: champion data had majak daw as an elite player… enough said
Burnsy03: who else has dagner gawn and bray, but then clark…
Gelly: and cripps was not elite according to them
Raspel31: Gonna be some massive scores tonight. But as typed with left hand I takke no responsibility for edititorial conent.
Gotigres: Yes Burnsey
DrSeuss: Bray, Danger, Kelly and….Clark
bongidongi: salem and constable pls get to 80
wadaramus: You finally missed a consonant Raspel :):):)
PowerBug: Clark 56 is okay for a Rookie!
original: no big score for me. failed loophole for first time in 10 years copping a donut lol
duckky: Damger, Dahl, Kelly and Brayshaw (Constable on bench).
pcaman2003: Constable good with limited TOG.
runt: Ablett has kicked half the behinds on his own.
Raspel31: Ha ha- thanks wada- it’s hard.
mattmac24: Thanks Hawkins! Hahaha
TheLegend6: Thank you tomahawk!
All Reds: thanks hawka
Hadouken: and theres clark’s 60!
Gotigres: Thanks Hawkins!
Breezey: And the Fantasy world suddenly loves Hawkins
MONEY TALK: that was embarrassing
TigersMan1: YES clark a goal
Fatbar5tad: Hawk has Clark in his SuperCoach
jbjimmyjb: clark!
runt: I’ve never seen that
Gelly: haha nice clark well deserved
Hadouken: good boy hawkins
wadaramus: I think your left handed grammar/punctuation has been exceptional 🙂
runt: Incredible
dipstick: @rasp hard is it? Typing with 1 hand and 1 under the desk. You’re easily pleased
Sixty656: UR A Legend Tommy
original: hawkins av 100sc in 2018
Hooks: yess tommy
original: oh
runt: How do they have time to do that
Breezey: Well done Sargeant Constable
runners47: Two weeks of being happy with a copper on my team, Constable!
Hadouken: glad i have constable on the bench 🙁
Gelly: witches hats for melb
wadaramus: Good job Max, the natural balance is restored.
MONEY TALK: the comeback?
Gotigres: only 6 points for an intercept mark, handball to advantage and goal?
Gotigres: ok, now 10 points
Gelly: maybe a bit harsh lol
runt: cant see too many teams doing better at the Cattery this year to be honest
Beast_Mode: surely clark gets the ying yang or bin
beerent11: Anyone captain danger?
DanBlack: Constable only 69% TOG
Raspel31: My only word of wisdom Dipstick- don’t let enormously fat Tongans fall on your elbow in a game of rugby.
greshprinc: dangerz
runt: she can get stuffed lol
Ash777: rage trading mills n hunt at this rate
Hooks: Oliver no points for 3 touches lol?
Raspel31: So- dump Oliver after 1 game. Idiots.

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