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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Carlton, R2 of 2019

Gotigres: Ridley out, Newman in
Gelly: most 2nd game players ive seen in one game
Yelse: thinking doing oliver out rocky in, collins out newman in. or wait a week?
Gelly: besides when GC or GWS were new teams
bushranger: Will Rocky do it again?
Hadouken: anyone else trade out gibbons for bailey scott ? hmm..
Hawks_13: I hope fa solo doesn’t play as bad as what he did last week
wadaramus: Started with both.
MONEY TALK: i have gibbions and scottt heehe
Hadouken: yeah i messed up there
Raspel31: Wow- the Rockster off to another blinder. I’ll wait another week. Sadly no loop options again.
StuL: Lots of great SC pigs on both teams
happytimes: Go blues
blonde0na: umpires having a weekend long mare 🙂
frenzy: Um Hoff wakey wakey
bushranger: Let’s go Hoff
pcaman2003: Rocky looks reborn, Come on C Cripps and score big today
Natopotato: Gibbons off to a great start, can’t say the same for Hoff. Would hate if you were a coach chasing points
Hadouken: why is gibbons scoring higher? is he in the mids or something?
JockMcPie: gibboo
original: hadouken 5 tackles
Hadouken: ahh, yep see that now
dipstick: his NAME is Cameron polson
m0nty: Polson in means Gibbons plays HFF instead of FP, good for his scoring
wadaramus: Hoff with an SC participation point too.
Raspel31: Who’s worked a loop so far? I still can’t. Lost fyfe, Maccrae and Cripps to Gawn last week.
wadaramus: Now he’s on the board with a stat.
StuL: How would you feel going grundy to hoff? Hoff has a mate locked in next week. Will get him cheaper
wadaramus: Looping Duursma with Hore.
original: hats cripps meant to do there really?
pcaman2003: Lycett killing it!
dipstick: HIS NAME is Cameron polson
original: im biased..but how is the ducking so far..
Yelse: this is why you don’t trade rookies after 1 game
bushranger: WOW Essendon
Raspel31: Do people do that yelse?
original: even balta Yelse?
Raspel31: I’ve got Balta. I’m not trading him. Loop options and he’ll get more game time.
MONEY TALK: give curnow the red cross
Yelse: i know ppl traded gibbons and balta.
original: gee i like the way drew plays
Gelly: anyone jump on the hoff? hope so lol
m0nty: Charlie rises from the dead!
Gotigres: Need you to do better than this Duursma
Raspel31: Mein Gott- Planet of the Apes 4- the Gibbons arise.
Gelly: im loving these port young blokes
Yelse: geez rocky back to his old self
wadaramus: SC treating Duursma very harshly.
original: weak free
Migz: choosing setters over parkers lookin like a mistake 🙁
Raspel31: So tempting to jump back on The Rocky- and so cheap- but those shoulders?
BigChief: Looks like the SA umpires are back to normal.
blonde0na: how does garlett get a game every week?
Gelly: yeh went with setters too
original: bigchief on the money.. lol
Gloryhound: @ wadaramus Agree on Duursma. 55% accuracy, with 8 kicks, 5 marks and one tackle and a free for should add up to more SC
original: blonde0na 100% agree. woeful
duckky: Settlerfield the tackling machine!
gdshifty: wheres westhoff playing?
pcaman2003: Gibbo’s score killed by clangers
BigChief: Adelaide Oval gd
BigChief: Curnow looks done. He is in jacket.
StuL: Not so good this week for rookies unless you put Gibbons on the park.
pcaman2003: @Stul. Plenty of game time to see what happens with rookies
Gloryhound: most people share the same rooks so the disappointment will be shared
StuL: I can’t understand Duursmas score unless his clangers were ‘double clangers’ or something.
TheMessiah: VC Rocky looking the goods
StuL: Rocky’s soup of the day is the same soup every day. Pig soup!
StuL: Yea, regardless, we’re riding it out with the rookies.
BigChief: Blues are cooked.
Gelly: rocky for brownlow?
original: setters stats are confusing. sure he gave a 50m but cmon
wadaramus: With limited stats it is hard to make sense of StuL.
BigChief: Big call Gelly, but if he keeps this up why not.
carlton_99: These umpires are cooked. The number of times Port just drop the ball is ridiculous.
the worm: blues will struggle from here now that their entire fwd line is injured
wadaramus: Setterfield gonna put a dent in my scoring this week.
Gelly: 51 bucks hes paying
BigChief: Rock the Casboult in next week and Blues get hammered if he plays.
the worm: i think if you pass to ebert it counts as a double clanger
wadaramus: So will Butters if he doesn’t extract the digit.
StuL: Go Rocky you beast!
Raspel31: Has anyone noticed how M Murphy has just disappeared- but nobody would have him anyway?
BigChief: Concussion test Raspel. He was off the ground for 20 mins
Yelse: anyone notice setterfield he struggling
pcaman2003: Murphy near the end now Raspel
wadaramus: Rocky on track for 200.
MONEY TALK: murphy is injured anway
Raspel31: One finger button away this week trading oliver to Rocky- with money to burn, hmm?
Gelly: rocky robbed on the siren
Hawks_13: must be close to cape for Rockliff?
StuL: Butters will have some explaining to do to his parents.
Hadouken: @wadaramus hope so! put the C on him 🙂
HowI Rioli: One of my mids is getting boned for Rocky on Monday
StuL: Got 87 for my capt last week. Needed redemption. VC rockpig looking good
wadaramus: Toyed with trading B.Crouch to Rockliff but thought to give it another week…
runt: Rockliff makes fantasy life worth living
StuL: No way. That’s too sideways Wada. You would be better off getting rid of expensive deadwood or upgrading
runt: Should drop a manhole cover form a heli as a coin straight onto King of the gaffe Mcguire’s head
Umpirespet: Martin to Rocky next wek
JockMcPie: Rocky’s gonna get injured within a month, don’t bother
StuL: Probably Jock but you still want to score points each week.
teddyt: Where are those people who said they cant wait to see Rocky burn everyone?
Umpirespet: That worries me to jock
Umpirespet: But since Martin got his big contract he’s been crap
BigChief: Just like Dunn hey Jock?
BigChief: Pissing down now in Adealide.
the worm: dont worry teddy, the burning is coming
teddyt: lmfaoo typical future teller hater. Missed the boat so will be praying for a player to get injured
the worm: im good at reading bones, collarbones especially
JockMcPie: not praying, just based on history i don’t think picking up Rocky is a good idea. big difference
DanBlack: Jock Shut the hell up with that shower
the worm: likewise, i wish him well, i just dont have high hopes
Sloaneyyyy: Can you really afford NOT to have Rockliff. He’s worth getting just for making cash.
Silz90: Hats off to the people who had the balls to select rocky. Too risky for me.
Umpirespet: And he helps with the byes
Silz90: Is rocky a keeper. If you pick him up now, he needs to be a keeper
wadaramus: Come on Butters!
wadaramus: Should I lock in Duursma with Hore loophole, or play J.Clark?
boofjb57: Had rocky locked in once wingard and polec were traded
God_: Rocky is much fitter and better conditioned. Ignore flogs like Jock.
boofjb57: Play Clark wada
the worm: fitness strengthens weak shoulders somehow?
BigChief: Butters not slippery enough there.
runt: If you don’t have Rockliff, good. Now stfu
StuL: Glad I put butter in the fridge.
Gelly: im taking duursma now
Silz90: Spot on runt, cripps > rockliff
JockMcPie: ease up on the insults, jeez
the worm: port losing this wont even be mildly shocking
runt: Hinkley said last week was the best win at P_A. This week may Boltons best.
Silz90: If Carlton win I will be on 0 tips for the week
VodkaHawk: Would be a big upset
Pokerface: you dont pick a 400k guy to make cash, you pick 125k guys
Hawks_13: the wet weather has stopped rock from scoring
BigChief: Blues much better in the wet.
the worm: dont see how, both teams pretty bad
Juzzo: Go Blues
Pokerface: how does wingard/polec affect rocky’s role? they are pacey. he is one paced
BigChief: Rocky getting more midfield time without them there.
Beast_Mode: big quarter by walsh
softwhitee: rocky slowing up is a slight consolation for not having him
Pokerface: he’s getting more midfield time because wines isnt there. he doesnt replace pace
runt: Rockliff is a glacier, just keeps moving slowly but never stops
Victorious: I’m cooked
Gelly: goal umpire was just guessing there
Silz90: Did rocky injure his hand?
BigChief: Whacked it on the fence Silz
Gotigres: Can’t believe it’s Butters
tso1967: Is Cripps on the park
Pokerface: newman back to earth this round
BigChief: @tso nope blood rule.
MONEY TALK: newman was like this at swans, on and off
damoc85: just came off with bloodrule
TheMessiah: Hats off to everyone who started Boak. Missed that one
MONEY TALK: i thought about boak, but thought id get him later rip
tso1967: cheers @bigchief
Silz90: Newman is on track for 90+ maybe your a bit harsh
Pokerface: yeah he put on a few points since i said that!
Pokerface: close game, anyone can boost their scores now
beerent11: Setterfield being able to slow rocky down
Pokerface: newman definitely impacting simmo
beerent11: Setterfield being able to slow rocky down must be a worry
MONEY TALK: greene as my parker loophole and possible vc loophole for cripps
beerent11: * must be concern
DrSeuss: Sorry all I traded in Newman this week!
mattmac24: Want a big last quarter from cripps please, stuck with the C on him
Hawks_13: thought fa solo would be a good cheap option but paying the price. trading him for sure
beerent11: What did Parker score in sc today?
feralmong: i’m happy with my mid price ruck lycett this week. not so much last week.
frenzy: i would be the only 1 to have Lycett, yeah?
bongidongi: 89 @beerent11
beerent11: Nice thanx bong
italz: rockliff was on target for a huge score, what happened?
Sixty656: Parker 89
tso1967: Panicked ans stuck C on Danger from Cripps VC
Gelly: snap
BigChief: Watts done for day. That looked bad.
blonde0na: wet conditions slowed rocky down
Sixty656: Touch the pill Rocky you muppet
MONEY TALK: poor watts
MONEY TALK: hes looked good this year watts too
DrSeuss: Newman touch the ball ffs
Silz90: Did anyone in this chat rage trade gawn/Grundy to Westhoff?
runt: P-A running out of gas
boofjb57: I’m not watching it so can someone tell me what happened to watts please
Struda: What is kade simpson doing
Struda: what is kade simpson doing?
MONEY TALK: i like how my rookies have done better than heener
pcaman2003: C’mon Capt Cripps.
the worm: being old
DrSeuss: I had Westhoff from the start. Everyone trades in and he stinks it up
feralmong: Nope got Gawn and Lycett. hoff fwd. keeping the dpp.
Donzoes: potential broken ankle
Gelly: ankle broke under a tackle
boofjb57: Thanks donzoes
boofjb57: Cheers gelly
m0nty: looked like broken shinbone to me
tso1967: happy i brought in boak/rocky for greene/heeney
Breezey: How bad is C.Curnows injury
Gelly: had no ice on his knee so perhaps precaution
pcaman2003: Is Murphy playing for Port? Spud!
bongidongi: butters, rozee and walsh, just get to 80 all of you
BigChief: I think 60% DE is generous for Murphy. 30% prob closer.
Gelly: butters had a monster quarter
MONEY TALK: was thinking taking vc cripps, forgot to change danger as c
feralmong: lycett u ripper
LaHug: has the tag killed rocky? maybe not worth getting him next week?
pcaman2003: Agreed Chief! He should retire end of year.
BigChief: Umpires refusing to in the back frees to Carlton.
Silz90: No he shouldn’t. Jog on
Crowls: cripps goes on holidays at 3/4 time. bloody frustrating
carlton_99: Umpires get their way. No push in the back ever to any of our players.
pcaman2003: @Crowls. Hopefully he get at least an extra 20 before full time.
Gelly: wow rookies putting the cherry on top there
Sixty656: Weak as piss 2nd half rocky
Gelly: butters was 20 odd sc points at start of quarter
italz: great, a 90 sitting on my bench :/
mattmac24: Left butters on the bench.. whoops
frenzy: nice Lycie
Beast_Mode: no he wasn’t butters was on 57
Gotigres: Rookies done well this game
Gotigres: except Setterfield
Donzoes: holy lycett
carlton_99: Honestly what a joke these umpires are. All game throws, pushes, HTB not being paid.
Burnsy03: big question. loophole crippa or go macrae or cogs?
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
carlton_99: Honestly what a joke these umpires have been. All game throws, pushes, HTB not being paid.
BigChief: Sorry Silz but Murphy is not the player he used to be. His disp is poor at best now.
colin wood: Another season another carlton99 sookie umpire comment
MONEY TALK: is my fan footy lagging
MONEY TALK: cripps 16 kicks 16 handballs
MONEY TALK: too be fair murphy got hit hard
blonde0na: to be fair to carlton_99 the umpiring was almost as bad as syd v adelaide last night
Beast_Mode: carlton_99 you muppet, sook it up lmao
Waspy79: Good win but the injuries suck
carlton_99: @Collinwood You wouldnt know how it is to get shafted by the umps. You have them every game

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