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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, R2 of 2019

J.Worrall: wtf do the AFL think they’re doing? No 2 o’clock game at the G on a Saturday
amigaman: Was originally scheduled to avoid clash with AFLW final, then they moved that to Sunday.
Yelse: will rocky remain a free rolling mid or would he go fwd or tag
Waspy79: Yelse are you talking about when Wines comes back?
Yelse: yeah when wines is back @ waspy
bones351: Dont think we’ll see anything good from Rocky in this game 😉
Waspy79: I think Rocky will remain mid but his TOG might drop a bit. Drew/Boak more likely to lose mid roles
frenzy: getting everybody used to the timeslot for a twilight GF
Gotigres: Ridley out, Newman in
Yelse: keep getting this police pop up and can’t close it.happening every 5 mins and have to reopen fanfooty
wadaramus: Bloody annoying isn’t it.
masterhc2: Anyone else think the Bombers -24.5 @2.10 is ridiculous? Expect them to win by 10 goals
Yelse: its happening every min now
Donzoes: wouldn’t be too confident masterhc2
bushranger: I’m getting it too!!!
wadaramus: I found by scrolling down the screen a bit it stopped it from happening.
masterhc2: Donzoes if you don’t respond severely to all the criticism in the media somethings going very wrong. + saints bottom 4
BigChief: Hi all
bushranger: Thanks Wada
BigChief: @master Ess not much better than bottom 4
Raspel31: As I laboriously type left handed, nursing my broken elbow, I realise I have no Dons in my team. How shameful. Oh well.
duckky: Umps keeping us in it
bushranger: Only got Parker in this one,
Gotigres: I have no bombers or saints players
BigChief: I have the tackling POD only
masterhc2: @Bigchief maybe, think they have a lot more upside and their best is a lot better than saints tho
wadaramus: Been waiting all afternoon for some footy, got no-one in this game!
m0nty: Steele tagging Zerrett, interesting
BigChief: Steele can t6ag and win the ball.
BigChief: tag*
MONEY TALK: zerret woll get bathed
duckky: Kermit for Myers please
Raspel31: Well, it’s looking like a high scorer.
th3rio: What number is Parker fellas? I’m on my phone
Natopotato: So glad i didn’t get with Devon from rd 1, it seems he may have a low score as he’s started slow
wadaramus: Thirty Four.
BigChief: parker is 34
duckky: Everyone at the Saints must have Hurley in their SC team
bushranger: Dev not even close to 2018 form
Gotigres: 34 th3rio
th3rio: Thanks BC , wada
th3rio: Had to play him because of Greene
BigChief: Maybe he forgot the deodorant @duckky
Beast_Mode: what a shit game lol
StuL: I had Bruce in draft teams. He’s not a bad scorer for a kpp
Waspy79: Parker > Billings
Raspel31: I lost Greene too and have Parker- looks okay.
th3rio: Happy with him so far hahaha
Gotigres: Parker looking good again
wadaramus: Was just thinking the same thing Beast_Mode.
bushranger: Hurley might have pictures of his team mates
StuL: Dal trying to talk it up and saying they’re like boxers being cautious. No both teams are rubbish
BigChief: Kicking is woeful
jbjimmyjb: Gee Zerrett and Smith have looked terrible lately
Gotigres: Think i just saw Smith in the background.
BigChief: Just like the rest of the Bomber Jimmy.
Raspel31: Zerrett can’t break a tag- discovered 2 years ago and bye bye Zerrett.
bushranger: If Bombers lose , year is gone.
Gotigres: Yes, someone is wearing number 5 for Essendon.
jbjimmyjb: The essendon runner has seen more action than Devon
Hadouken: cant wait to get smith in a month time
BigChief: TD would be better in the #5 today.
zadolinnyj: Gents
wadaramus: Smith has 1 SC just for his participation.
frenzy: bummers for spoon?
zadolinnyj: AFL season turning out like nfl season with best players showering
Gotigres: Smith just lost his sc point
jbjimmyjb: Devon’s in the queue at the bakery for a donut
Natopotato: Essendon to lose their 1st 6 games then go on a massive winning streak like last year….
original: devon wow. so glad i didnt pick you (youre in my draft but who cares)
duckky: Smith just lost his participation point
Gotigres: great mark by Wilkie
BigChief: Benny Hill music for Francis.
Raspel31: Parker rising a point a minute for his 2 touches- should do well if he doesn’t touch the ball again.
Gotigres: can’t believe what i just saw from Essendon
BigChief: That was pathetic from Ess
original: parker on bench for me this week
jbjimmyjb: their midfield just couldn’t care less
Natopotato: has anything happened to dunstan? Not relevant but only 48% TOG
penguins00: Only positive for Essendon is as bad as they were it’s only 3 goals margin. Could have been so much more
StuL: All bombers guns have gone backwards
original: #WorsfoldOut surely trending
frenzy: Hirdy time again
snake_p: love when Bombers supporters boo their own players
jbjimmyjb: donut for langford
Crowls: glad i dont have foxtel or kayo to watch this. sounds brutal for us bomber fans
StuL: Hirdy is a great guy and deserves a chance at redemption. He would have been a good coach bar one tool at the club
bongidongi: should be at least 5.4, not 2.7
Raspel31: Tactically Dons all over this – a moral victory.
Gotigres: time to change game for me
StuL: No way you are playing for the coach producing this garbage
StuL: Don’s trying to drop numbers back against Stkilda. Going to be destroyed playing a good team
Raspel31: If we score a point every 5 minutes we’ve got this.
Sloaneyyyy: seriously, what the fuck is this shit Bombers… are you taking the piss ?
Natopotato: Brilliant mark!
wadaramus: Yep, heading over to watch the Power v Carlton game.
Sloaneyyyy: and Jack Steven hasn’t got into first gear yet either
MONEY TALK: why did i change my tip against my boiz last second
MONEY TALK: btw to that person, dunstan was on the bench for 8 minutes
Blaknight: Woosha getting dropped next week. lol
Natopotato: might go watch the other game instead. Hopefully be a better contest
gdshifty: mcgrath is not in the middle Monty. Hes playing on Parker in defense
MercAm: Who else has got Parker on the field?
MONEY TALK: using greene as a loophole for either parker or petch
Natopotato: Parker only player i have and is on the field
Sloaneyyyy: who is this Marshall character
bushranger: Parker on field for me
frenzy: lol teabag
Raspel31: Parker on field for me what’s not to be happy about except for only 3 touches.
original: on bench for me crazy stat line for that sc
MercAm: 3 touches with 40 SuperCoach points. What is so bad with that
StuL: Looping parker. Will take at this rate
bongidongi: thisis a weird mf game
original: should i cash my multi that has bombers in it
MercAm: Original, I think everybody will be…
Highesy: how bad are Essendon :-))))
Sloaneyyyy: why did I think Essendon would win this game ??? and wtf is Heppell doing ?
bongidongi: gresham delightful…
StuL: I said pre season, Gresh, worpel breakout.
StuL: Gresh could breakout. Problem is his team.are rubbish
original: wow gresh. congrats. still worry bout his consistency
BigChief: Hey StuL if StK are rubbish what does that make Ess?
DanBlack: At least Saints have a win so far this year
the worm: nobody is disputing that both teams are rubbish chief
heppelitis: @BigChief…Rubbish dump
duckky: About flowering time.
Raspel31: Well, I have one rookie from these 2 teams- and 1 I call home- say no more.
VodkaHawk: Most people would’ve had GC, Carlton and StK in bottom 4
DrSeuss: Parker with the lowest possies on the ground. Not good for job security
StuL: Both of these teams are bottom 3 on current form Dunstall.
the worm: gee how insightful dunstall
MONEY TALK: webster didnt have the ball? ok
Raspel31: Perhaps the worst game I’ve ever seen- but anything is possible from here. Not that I really care.
VodkaHawk: Come on Bombers, late goal or 2
Hadouken: does parker have a pulse?
MONEY TALK: can we sack ross he is so bad
StuL: Parker seems to go huge periods with no touches.
masterhc2: Come on bombers as much as I hate you i need you for the multi lol
wadaramus: Parker still on 3 possessions!
the worm: thats not really rare when your in the saints fwd line though stu
Beast_Mode: Glad I didn’t start Parker!
BigChief: Someone woke Ess up LOL
Gelly: speak of the man
TheMessiah: Parker will still hit 70 I reckon
Raspel31: Bit of an understement Stul when he’s touched the ball 3 times in 100 minutes- but, as I type.
wadaramus: Haha, I provoked a response!
StuL: 60 is par for a rookie. Just give u 60 Parker you donkey.
duckky: Merrett extracted the digit that quarter
MONEY TALK: how is ross our future captain, such a butcher
DrSeuss: If Parker gets to 60 I will be stoked
StuL: 4 touches, could easily be on 10.
wadaramus: 100% DE on 4 touches makes all the difference StuL!
runt: Mcgrath ribs rattled
Gelly: parker rib smasher
duckky: Parker got points for that!
MONEY TALK: did parker just get like a plus 20 tf
duckky: Parker must be playing the Joker this quarter
happytimes: Go saints
runt: Saints have some serious resolve. Hope they win
Fatbar5tad: Ton up Parker
Silz90: Parker on the bench damnit. Setters on field:(
Schillaci: No need to trade Greene to Worpel. Thanks Parker.
StuL: Go parker. Efficiency pig.
NewFreoFan: Saints need more Jacks up the top of their scoring
NewFreoFan: Lonie letting them down
Fatbar5tad: Heppell manned up there
Beast_Mode: how long will greene be out for?
MONEY TALK: who knows with greene
Schillaci: million dollar question beast mode. Perhaps just the week but could be 2+
runt: I like this St-Kilda. Backs against the wall and they fight.
MONEY TALK: how many free fuck me
softwhitee: liking steele as a pod
Beast_Mode: my tips are fucked this round
Sixty656: Thank you Parker!!
MONEY TALK: actually cut i changed my tip last second
Blaknight: Picked the Saints too..
runt: Bombers gassed by hype
Donzoes: saints played really well, good on them

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