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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R2 of 2019

J.Worrall: Carna Crows!
Jackwatt$: Metcash for life
Hawks_13: looking for a big game from Brodie Smith
J.Worrall: @Hawks_13, aren’t we all?
thommoae: Swans with much to prove tonight.
Hawks_13: well true@ J Worrall. But some people might not have him in SuperCoach.
dipstick: grundy VC 137 in the bag so no C stress this weekend 😎
ReggieOz: Tipped Adelaide to bouch back
ReggieOz: bounce even lol
Sloaneyyyy: Buddy looks like he’s lubed up to the max
Searly34: Evening alll
Breezey: Me too @dipstick
bones351: I don’t understand why teams are allowed to line up differently to what’s published on Happens all the time.
bones351: Heeney was named in the middle and Parker forward pocket. Lined up opposite.
ReggieOz: Why does that make a difference?
bones351: Just something I notice and when final teams are named that is where they should line up. Why submit it differently.
snake_p: first world problem bones?
ReggieOz: So your opponent diesn’t know what you are doing is my guess!
BigChief: Hi all
m0nty: yep bones it’s a disgrace
StuL: Llllloyd!! BT
bones351: Well they may as well not name positions, what’s the point? Yes it is first world probs know 😉
beerent11: Let’s go vc sloanedog!
StuL: Sloane going to get tagged and knock out a 36 soon?
Yelse: match review needs to go.. how did cox get suspended for that
J.Worrall: Hey Chiefy
Ash777: I would like that woman from the parker ad to commentate
beerent11: See if Hewett goes to him soon stul
ReggieOz: That was a disgrace Yelse!!
StuL: Touch your opponent, free kick.
J.Worrall: parker ad?
BigChief: @Bones the reason the sides don’t line up as named is that would give the opposition a chance to make plans.
snake_p: How about the Trivago girl Ash?
J.Worrall: Parker furniture?
Breezey: Neither of these teams will get past 50 pts for the match the way it’s going.
NewFreoFan: Adelaide don’t look like getting anywhere near the win tonight
J.Worrall: Do they make the woman seem like furniture?
dipstick: @snake Gabrielle Miller makes me test the tensile strength of the zipper seam in thre trouser front
J.Worrall: Gee, BSmith is starting well
Beast_Mode: Damn I thought about using Lloyd as mu loophole captain, might regret it
J.Worrall: At least the Trivago gal is depicted with smarts
NewFreoFan: Then again Sydney don’t look like much either
Sixty656: I want the trivago chick to get her rack out Snake
thommoae: Some people just don’t learn. Stupid?
Pokerface: dusty -> mackay locked
J.Worrall: This site is not intended to be a boy’s club
Hooks: Crouch poor start
Pokerface: stay classy
dipstick: Trivago lady = Gabrielle Miller
Pokerface: wasnt even a pun.
BigChief: Mackay Poker? That would be brave.
Pokerface: clearly way better than dusty BC.
m0nty: back on the game please
snake_p: sorry J Worrall I started that and it went pear shaped very quickly
Pokerface: half his score already.
Donzoes: Heeney pls
Breezey: Come on Mr. Laird. Move along please
J.Worrall: not me, snake, These things can be seen by antone, and they reflect on our community!
Pokerface: yes, i’m still bitter
J.Worrall: *anyone, not Anton;)
Sixty656: oh jebus h nice
BigChief: Agree about dumping Dusty, but Mackay will play well 1 week and shit the next 6.
J.Worrall: Raspel is still trying to type “Hi all”
Beammybux: Another high scoring game?
Pokerface: lol Worrall
Pokerface: was tongue in cheek big guy. Was a slight on dusty, i have no intention of mackay.
Raspel31: Cheeky Worrall- getting better at left hand typing.
BigChief: Ahh Sorry Poker. I missed the sarcasm. My bad.
NicholasT: Whats going on laird!
Sixty656: Laird best break this tag or that’s gonna screw me
wadaramus: Keep it going B.Crouch.
Silz90: Why is Sydney so shower at the scg?
beerent11: Hewitt’s tagging laird breezey
NicholasT: at least lloyd is playing alright
Pusti: Has anyone else noticed Laird’s eyes are too close together.
StuL: At least everyone has Heeney
Sloan4Pres: Heeney useless
BigChief: Nice barrel Seedy.
Beammybux: Torpedo
wadaramus: It’s a barell sausage roll, hell yeah!
travo: seeds with the big bazza
StuL: Heeney overrated.
NewFreoFan: What a belter of a kick
Pokerface: awesome seedy
Gotigres: Torpedo!
Pokerface: i have noticed that pusti. he makes me nervous
travo: not everyone Stul
NewFreoFan: Bloody hell these pandora pop up ads are a bit much Monty, at least put a volume control on them
Sixty656: No Heeney here in either AF or SC
Donzoes: That’s some sort of consolation StuL, still depressing though
Sloaneyyyy: No closer than Tom Cyclops Hawkins
the worm: gutted i got rid of heeney last week to get drew’s 100 off the bench…
beerent11: Heeneys a bit overrated in my opinion. Got burnt last year
Pokerface: anyone go for blakey as a forward rook?
dipstick: whats with the overkill advertising m0nty??? you are chewing my data and the sites almost unusable!!!!
Ash777: heeney has been following buddy’s way
pcaman2003: @Poker. I did
Gotigres: time for Heeney to be moved to the midfield
beerent11: On cue
blashtroko: Matt got Papley tag not brad
Breezey: @Poker. I did and then I didn’t at the last moment last week.
J.Worrall: monty has requested you don’t use AdBlock+. Decide for yourselves.
Pokerface: 3 forward rooks on field pacman? i know its mispelt, i just prefer writing pacman
Raspel31: Yep, the pop ups are very annoying.
zadolinnyj: Gents and wends if she’s here
beerent11: Gee jpk can still pump out a score
NewFreoFan: I’m happy to not use ad block, but I will if my entire screen cops a max volume pop up
frenzy: its ok, everybody has Heeney, Lol
Gotigres: Papley in the midfield rather than Heeney
Breezey: No Heeney here
BigChief: Glad I took Papley over Heeney so far 🙂
wadaramus: The full page pop ups suck, I have to close out and open a new window every time.
beerent11: Nor here
Raspel31: No Heeney here.
wadaramus: I chose Dunkley instead of Heeney.
zoomba23: Glad I put the VC on Lloyd over Mrouch
J.Worrall: Can Papley deliver, or will the change come soon?
Yelse: whats wrong with heeney
Ash777: I don’t understand why longmire plays heeney forward when they get belted in the midfield
J.Worrall: Heeney the clearance there …
Ash777: He played him in the mid!
zadolinnyj: No Heeney for me
Fatbar5tad: Cos Horse is shit
Dogs5416: Ash777, horse has been around Bev too long, not playing best players in their best spots
travo: glad i changed my tip to crows this arvo
Fatbar5tad: 11 frees to 2
J.Worrall: Horse is like Zaphod Beeblebrox – “he’s just a guy, you know” …
Gotigres: Horse is an insult to members of the Equus caballus species
Sloaneyyyy: Tex needs to lose the freddy Mercury mo
fonzie: spud for franklin
Raspel31: Kennedy and Milera in the draft- quel surpris enorme.
Pokerface: stop trying to make issues out of nothing BT
J.Worrall: Yup, Tex’s mo needs to be pencil thin = it’s the newsest rage!
Gotigres: Heeney now in the midfield, finally
MONEY TALK: isnt papley and hewwit meant to be swapped
J.Worrall: Horse always follows the FF chat – I thought everyone knew that!
Migz: did heeny just get a hit out
Breezey: Heeney has the whole field in front of him now.
Pokerface: it was sharked Migz!
BigChief: BT is a Wayne Kerr.
Sixty656: Dont dog the boys Lairdy
Pokerface: or maybe not!
Fatbar5tad: Mrouch get a kick you cat
Gotigres: Miracle goal from Buddy
Crowls: buddy a freak
Breezey: If Horse doesn’t watch the FF chat then his assistants would. They would tell him surely what the general consensus is
J.Worrall: There are many Wayne Kerrs about, Chief!
SydneyRox: what a surprise Heeney in the midfield and things happen!!
duckky: Crouch. Thank heavens I put the VC on bruise free Dusty
Gotigres: Smith stopped now. Won’t even score 90
J.Worrall: I reckon the Crouches are waxing …
Crowls: dusty perma vc. 🙂
Breezey: Waxing their Crouches
J.Worrall: … oh, hey Brad, your turn to get the ball this week …
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha Breezy
zadolinnyj: why does the crowd boo when it’s been actually reviewed. Dumb
colin wood: Come on Sloaney
Crowls: crouches have each other in thier fantasy teams
Gelly: dusty getting traded
Fatbar5tad: Because they getting hosed Zad
Gotigres: Nice Brouch. Milera looks good.
J.Worrall: Budddyyy!!
Ash777: buddy must like fridays
Silz90: Smith will ton up
LMartos: Give Brodie his kick Champion Data ya dogs
Sixty656: 2 free days for snow cones
zadolinnyj: M crouch not moving well. Maybe cork
Sloan4Pres: heeney must be close to the most overrated player in the afl
m0nty: Swans have wanted two Heeneys for a while but Blakey might be the forward Heeney so Heeney can be the mid Heeney.
pcaman2003: Sloane only 7 pts for qtr. Tagged?
Breezey: Loving the work of B.Crouch and B.Smith. R.Laird not so much
zadolinnyj: I’m an idiot because had buddy from start but coming good
megawatts: anyone know whats up with matt crouch?
MONEY TALK: smith is only a couple points behind brad
Sloaneyyyy: Very happy with bcrouch and milera
Pokerface: lloyf needs the seagull icon permanently
Fatbar5tad: Why did I pick Mills? Hello Newman.
J.Worrall: half time in a tight one …
greshprinc: There were rumours before the game that an adelaide mid would be a late out, so it could’ve been m Crouch
duckky: m crouch went from 11 to 34 that quarter.
greshprinc: Matt could be playing through something
duckky: Who said preseason that Mills would be getting midfield time. Suckked in bigly
beerent11: Bsmith starts making cash
NicholasT: Laird getting tagged 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Corrective trade imminent duck
Pokerface: round 2 should be like a joker round where we are allowed to use 6 of our trades
Ash777: I have mills too 🙁
duckky: Mills and Dusty = rage trades
J.Worrall: Why do I have to duck?
duckky: You don’t have to – that’s how I am thinking. Dusty no tackles in 2 weeks something wrong
Manowar: Very happy with E Betts & S. Jacobs
beerent11: The crows have nearl as many rory’s As the saints have jacks
thommoae: Said the same thing about Mills last year. I fell for it then. Not again.
Pokerface: pay that deliberate on lloyd
beerent11: Bsmith matching lloyd
MercAm: If Zac Williams does not perform against West Coast then def trade for Smith
J.Worrall: That’s bent …
J.Worrall: almost too bent to fix
Ash777: what a mess…
StuL: If you didnt start B Smith don’t bother. He wont be premo
J.Worrall: very bent!
Ash777: justification!
Sixty656: ffs chayce :/
Sloan4Pres: how on earth was there enough evidence to overturn that lol
duckky: That’s what it deserved
travo: spanner
m0nty: luck of the Irish there
Pokerface: you could tell from his run in the young kid was nervous
J.Worrall: fubar also
wadaramus: Wowee, what a high class game this one is…
Sloaneyyyy: Actually been fairly decent umpiring tonight
Silz90: Why won’t Brodie be a premo. Silly call. He could easily be top 10 defender
J.Worrall: Really like how Aliir is going this year
Ash777: if not for aliir swans would be worse off
J.Worrall: I had him in my early (pre-rookie selection) teams
LMartos: Heeney loses 8 points for not hearing the whistle, nice
NewFreoFan: 150m of free territory for 1 point this qtr from the crows
Breezey: The Irishman not having a great SC night
BigChief: Lingy is a nob. McVeigh didn’t kick or HB. Correct call.
Yelse: cmonnn heeney do something or u might have to go
wadaramus: Fucken hard work
frenzy: Crouch has hit the Couch
pcaman2003: Heeney useless tonight
beerent11: M crouch starting to creep up
Sixty656: Lairdy still fucking me softly
BigChief: Is B. Crouch the best value SC player this year?
J.Worrall: Eddy baby!
pcaman2003: He is for me so far Chief
megawatts: i reckon sheed just pips him to that
Pokerface: You mispelt Smith BC
megawatts: even brodie smith is worth a shout. 330 k, will ton up most wks
Breezey: Laird still on target for a ton though
TheMessiah: Laird will still tonne up. Heeney trash tonight
Ash777: Rockliff probably best value if he keeps fit and firing
Pokerface: Darcy Moore by a mile
Hawks_13: this game reminds me of the game last week. Sydney looks out of it and hopefully they will make it a good last quarter
pcaman2003: Had VC on Sloany,so need huge last qtr
the worm: thats funny ash 😀
Fatbar5tad: VC Mrouch. Babow. Last two quarters not too shabby though.
TheLegend6: Hopefully Heeney can push 80+
beerent11: Me too pcaman Fyfe as c
Pezza28: heeneys getting traded next week
Pezza28: heeneys getting the flick next week
the worm: id give him the heave ho instead pezza
wadaramus: Huge snap!
Sloaneyyyy: Love it. Keep trading nuffies
beerent11: They’ve got the blues next week Pez maybe 1 more game try to get some cash back
Raspel31: Trading Fyfe if he doesn’t get 150.
J.Worrall: Heeney at FB?
pcaman2003: Have Crouch Smith, Sloane,Laird but let down by Heeney
Ash777: quack quack buddy
frenzy: power off heeney
valkorum: BT talks it up and Buddy delivers
J.Worrall: Buddy is on song tonight!
Sloaneyyyy: Yep buddy’s still a freak
wadaramus: Nice throw back Buddy
DrSeuss: Come no BSmith don’t stop now
NewFreoFan: go away Sydney, need Adelaide for my multi
MONEY TALK: how can you not be happy with smithas score
DrSeuss: I am happy with his score – just wanting him to continue. Would you prefer him to slow down?
Gotigres: Smith never finishes strong
sammyo7: Umpiring has ruined this match
TheMessiah: Sydney getting shafted by the umps. Wow
MattyZ: would really like milera to have more than 1 possession this half thanks
beerent11: Bruce always finishes with a question, … doesn’t he?
Burnsy03: Hope heeney does at least, my week is looking good until heeney
AlbySmedtz: seedsman grinds to a halt
JockMcPie: Lift M Crouch and Heeney wtf
Sixty656: can’t make a mistake when you only ask rehtorical questions
NewFreoFan: Umpiring been shocking
travo: whoop
BigChief: Umpires good 1st half, shit 2nd half.
J.Worrall: Is that really so @Sixty656?
beerent11: Just a warning just a warning
J.Worrall: btw, Himmler taught Hitler this truth!
circle52: Promised to be good this year so no comment on umpiring.
megawatts: bsmith wtf surely ton up
pcaman2003: Might need to dump Heeny for Hoff if he plays well
J.Worrall: The umpires deserve three cheers for doing well. When was the last time you heard 3 cheers for the umpire?
Ash777: rather have bruce as the main commentator than bt
beerent11: Sloanedog heading towards an awkward be score
J.Worrall: Go Sauce!
jwv92: If crouch can get to 90 then it won’t be so bad but certainly a big drop from the week before!
NewFreoFan: 200m for free for the Crows now
BigChief: And all 200m were correct calls.
Gotigres: Penguin for Lloyd??
Gotigres: Oh, now it’s a seagull
NewFreoFan: Bit of mid game horticulture
Sixty656: seagull
bones351: Seagull
duckky: Penguin …Seagull Much the same
wadaramus: Chip scab.
duckky: Not
J.Worrall: BT’s b.e. is a shipload bigger than Bruce’s
stuballs: Why has B Crouch stopped. Keep going!
J.Worrall: … much the same if you’re a duck …
BigChief: I would take that kid from JLT over BT
jwv92: Crouch cracks 90, 4:30 to play, could go close to the ton and salvage what could have been a poor game.
Breezey: M.Crouch charging towards the ton
J.Worrall: I don’t think she’ll stand it, Captain!
wadaramus: Lloyds SC not reflecting his DE.
duckky: Happy if Smithand Crouch keep kicking to each other
frenzy: again power off heeney
Sixty656: Get stuffed Laird
MONEY TALK: heeney doesn’t look right. looks sore
Beast_Mode: they said pick heeney, he’s a top 3 prem forward they said
BigChief: @wada 3 CP out of 33 though
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you mills. Shittruck
Ash777: sending mills to the trash pile
teddyt: lol the season lasts 2 rounds for 90% of australia it seems
wadaramus: Fair call BigChief, but I still would expect a better SC score.
teddyt: everyone buy JPK he got 135 that means he will average 135 this year
J.Worrall: Wow, around 90 yet to share
beerent11: So Heeney gets the Grundy treatment this week? That turned out well.
megawatts: wow m crouch tonned up cheers mate

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