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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Carlton vs Richmond

Chat log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2019

th3rio: good luck with your year everyone 🙂
upweydons: Were off
ReggieOz: Good luck all..Footy is back!!
Bothy: good luck all
J.Worrall: goTiges
th3rio: what are we doing VC to C wise?
J.Worrall: Cripps into Gawn here – you?
MrGmax: Good luck this season, everyone.
cusch1: Balta or Matt Parket from St Kilda
th3rio: grundy into gawn or mcrae
frenzy: game on folks
th3rio: probably parker cusch.
th3rio: I have both, geez who are your forward rooks lol
J.Worrall: yeah if you paid for the rucks, might as well captain them, no?
th3rio: thats it J.Worrall 🙂
breadly: Boys, Darcy Moore or Lincoln McCarthy?
Chelskiman: Cripps into Grundy for me.
J.Worrall: Moore less likely to break.
JockMcPie: Moore less likely to break? That’s saying something
ReggieOz: Are we getting live SC scores this year?
Chelskiman: Lynch is away!
SilverLion: Charity, riewoldts fly was unrealistic. Pre clear free
Apachecats: Cheers everyone ,good to see some familiar tags back for another season.
th3rio: walsh is so good
cusch1: No SC M0nty? Also welcome back to the new season
colin wood: Evening gents!
StuL: Grundy in to Gawn. We still have no ruck
wadaramus: It’s great to be back on FF talking footy 🙂
StuL: Yay footy! Off season is too long
Blaknight: no live SC scores. Bugger
original: lads
bushranger: th3rio, Walsh does look SO good
Breezey: Well done to Noah the Balta
th3rio: damn benched balta lol
SilverLion: Technically took advantage there, good common sense by ump tho
jocka: Boy, that is poor umpiring. Poor old Blues getting short shrift
Dogs5416: Footy is back. Cmonnnn! Wish SC scores were
heppelitis: fat lady warming her voice up
All Reds: Is SC scores gone from here permanently?
original: didnt go with balta as banking on him only playing 2 games
JockMcPie: umps wearing yellow and black goggles tonight
GOOD: no SC scores? poor
bones351: great kick Balta
HowI Rioli: Jeez Balta can bomb it long. Not in my squad tho 😰
th3rio: prob be the same for most rookies original
Apachecats: Went Richmond by 27 ,should’ve gone by 127
bones351: For god sake stop the SC score demands. Give it some time.
original: cripps handball went to a richmond player didnt it?
SilverLion: Feels like Carlton getting shafted by the umps early
Apachecats: yeah SC up.
colin wood: Well suck me Susan… we have live Sc scores!!!
JockMcPie: yesss SC
bones351: And there they are
All Reds: beauty
GOOD: careful not to offend susans
Monfries96: bloody hell phillips is a liability when resting forward
Natopotato: Was given an account over the summer, now i am privileged to be able to chat among these fine people
LMartos: benched Balta, a good score will be very tempting to bring in a 0 for
th3rio: you have a non playing fwd Martos?
Apachecats: Calm down Nato
dipstick: yep, finals for the blues this year for sure
th3rio: i thought id miss training to watch this game but im currently packing my bag
J.Worrall: NankyPoo dominant!
Apachecats: Just kidding welcome to the forum Nato.
HowI Rioli: Good to see rance has given up diving…
SilverLion: Love ya work BT
Jukes82: glad i put the C on Cripper!!
Sixty656: Fasolo looking the goods…
J.Worrall: yeah Jukes, else he’d be ripper
Natopotato: Loving these interchange boards hahaha
Sloan4Pres: Rance never gets pinged for his dirty tactics
Gotigres: Get a few kicks will ya vc Cripps
Chelskiman: @Worrall haha, nice!
heppelitis: afl fantasty scteen is a dogs breakfast with little cards to flip over..cant se whole team need to scroll down etc.
the worm: as a blues fan, Im still pretty confident we will worry the suns for a few quarters
Sloan4Pres: lift thomas
Stuart88: Great 1st Q by Richmond and the umpires been well out played don’t need anymore help
TheMessiah: I think the blues will play finals in the next 2 yeara
valkorum: Well there goes my 1st tip of the new season – tipped Tiges by 25
StuL: Come on blues. Wash my mouth out..
Juzzo: haha the worm
Breezey: Tipped Tigers by 35. Got that covered with a little bit of time remaining
TheOnyas: Onya Crippsy
Umpirespet: Hope the extra money was.Worth it Mitch Mcgov
wadaramus: Keep it going Crippa, would love to use the VC,
Natopotato: Tip may be gone, but Cripps is making me feel better
sammyo7: Can’t wait for footy to start tomorrow
wadaramus: Not bitter Umpirespet?!
the worm: a forward for a team that kicks three goals a game is always a good idea 😀
J.Worrall: I tipped 47 points – still alive!
Sloan4Pres: tigers get away with holding all the time
J.Worrall: fasolo not guilty
Umpirespet: Lol no he is way overrated
original: purple name game open at half time guys?
Apachecats: Considering the thrashing Blues are getting Cripps is outstanding tonight.
wadaramus: He was good at the Crows!
Natopotato: Walsh has started off slow, which is a little concerning cosidering how good he looked preseason
the worm: carlton always gets flogged and cripps is always outstanding
wadaramus: Cripps is a cut above the rest at the Blues, feel a bit sorry for him.
Apachecats: true worm
th3rio: so dumb didnt VC crippa
J.Worrall: for sure @original, png on the winning margin?
ajconodie: Might back Cripps for Old Charlie
Natopotato: wtf is that celebration?
J.Worrall: … or maybe on Walsh’s DT score?
DrSeuss: Had Newman all preseason then traded him out after the last JLT….damnit
SilverLion: God Gibbons has good footy IQ
Breezey: All of a sudden it’s become a little bit of a contest
Umpirespet: Wow rance got done for a free
Apachecats: same here seuss ,but Cunnungham looking ok
happytimes: How poor has Rance been
SilverLion: Get balta on the ground
Umpirespet: Keep goin higgo
Apachecats: C Curnow a bit puzzling.
J.Worrall: Tiges played 7 across defence for wuite a few seasons … now they start with 6 = is Rance now exposed?
th3rio: did BT just call walsh ‘welsh’?
sammyo7: VC looking good on ol’ cripps
Apachecats: yes he did th3rio
Yelse: balsa killing meeee already
Apachecats: Dusty 12 touches at 50% ,only just
DrSeuss: Apache – never had eyes on Cuningham – where has this come from?
Umpirespet: Dusty has been disappointing
Apachecats: he did well in preseason so I went NN to him at the last minute to save some $
StuL: I wasnt looking at Dusty till yesterday.
DrSeuss: Nice move – maybe should have gone both at this rate!
Yelse: where does balta play he doesn’t seem to be in the fwd line
SilverLion: Gibbonnssss
Breezey: Impressed with Setterfield. Pleased I held on
DrSeuss: Balta is on the pine – 50% time on ground. Scores reasonably when on the ground
Natopotato: Some stints in the ruck, but 50% TOG is a massive concern
StuL: Gee Dusty would have butchered that again
Apachecats: Agree Dr S Carlton backs are going to see plenty of action in 2019
th3rio: go gibbons lol
Blaknight: 50% of Rance’s pay tonight is going to the umps
Raspel31: Evening ladies- good to be back after a year . Mini resurgence happening?
StuL: Happier passing on Balta now
TheMessiah: Wish I didn’t bring Balta in
DrSeuss: Gotta feel for Balta – debuts, kicks a goal, then spends half the game on the bench
Apachecats: Don’t think we’ve got any ladies Rasp.Few on the field maybe.
StuL: Oh well. We’re all going to have mistakes.
original: balta only going to get a handful of games imo
Raspel31: Left work and Carlton had kicked a point- home and game on. Good work lads.
original: walsh the new sc treloarlol
SilverLion: I’d take a 60 from Balta, but theyve gotta get him on the ground first.
the worm: lol, a fwd rookie is going to get a 30…, gee what a massive disaster
TheMessiah: Fyfe vs Neale vs Treloar in SC?
original: other fans notice how bad garlett is on field right? wat are we thinking with him in Def?? scary
Migz: bit harsh on balta. he was on ~25 sc points right after he got that goal assist from nank. no idea how hes dropped half
Burnsy03: walsh better outscore gibbons for that extra 106k
Oh8ball: Evening lads, it’s good to finally make it onto the iconic FF 🤣
Raspel31: Welcome Oh8ball.
Ardenator: Setterfield not a Learner ?
original: @migz 1 free gainst and then one OOTF
Searly34: Welcome 8ball
SilverLion: played 2 games for GWS @arden
Oh8ball: Been watching you for years Raspel! Cheers
SilverLion: Give him a green P haha
Oh8ball: Much love searly34
the worm: thats sounds creepy
Sloaneyyyy: Back for another season lads
J.Worrall: get a room guys
Oh8ball: It did a bit didn’t it haha. All I meant is it’s easy to remember the community here when it’s a small one
TheMessiah: Who are people going to field to get Cripps as VC?
Umpirespet: There was none of that talk when I was a boy
circle52: I have Bines
original: anyone roll the dice on cuningham?
Raspel31: Ah, they’re all slowly crawling our of the wood work.
Burnsy03: what about not having crippa as v
Macka1230: Love the score setterfield has put up so far
TheBoy89: Ytb, who’s ready for the new season
circle52: @Migz 47% Game time may account for Baltas drop in score.
J.Worrall: What’s Bines’ ownership like?
TheMessiah: @circle is he a shot to play at all?
Umpirespet: Have dusty VC sadly
circle52: Nah not even on the plane.
wadaramus: J.Sweet @ R3 @TheMessiah
TheBoy89: if crippa scores 120+ Loophole him
circle52: Set it up so if necessary I can bring a R/F scoring well if rucks go down for a week or two.
TheBoy89: So put Captain on say bines/sweet and then put ergency on day Gawn/grundy
the worm: circle, will you be starting that r/f in the fwd line in the meantime?…cos i couldnt find any good ones
Raspel31: Interested in tactics- I loaded my midfield with 6 guns and rookies everywhere. Setterfield looking good.
TheMessiah: @circle thanks mate. I think I will follow suit
Apachecats: Got Cuningham @original.You?
SilverLion: Oh so THAT one was unrealistic
wadaramus: Unrealistic is a rule…
Raspel31: Game on.
TheMessiah: Come on Blues!!
ajconodie: Tiges by 19 is looking good all of a sudden lol
Apachecats: Cripps looking good for 130-140
JockMcPie: lets gooo
the worm: better jump on the blues for the flag now before the odds change
Yelse: why isn’t balsa getting of the pine
circle52: @worm not starting one will assess if required – Bines gives a perma floating donut
DrSeuss: Get Setterfield and Balta off the damn bench
circle52: and then I can asses if Gawmn/Grundy go down for a week or two.
heppelitis: Balta wood
the worm: i realized that was waht you meant after i re-read it
circle52: Gee that should have been play on.
SilverLion: Get Balta on the ground dimmaaaaa
Raspel31: circle 52- this site is in English . bUt appreciate your efforts.
JockMcPie: dammit setters
circle52: Welcome back Raspel
StuL: Dont argue not so persuasive any more
Raspel31: Hallo circle.
LuvIt74: evening all
Monfries96: Walsh very good
TheMessiah: What do we need from Cripps to take it over Grundy/Gawn?
LuvIt74: I’ll take 130+ every day of the week, as ive been bitten far to many times when being greedy
StuL: Damn. Phantom might be right on Newman.
Burnsy03: grundy vs geelong with no real ruckman
Raspel31: Good to see you back Luvit- I was a bit late myself.
circle52: I will take anything over 125
Monfries96: JLT watchers will be spewing about missing Newman
TheMessiah: I was thinking anything over 120 for round one myself. Not going to be greedy
JockMcPie: If Newman can do this consistently he’ll be great, not sure if he can though
Rush: I’m more spewing that i took Newman out yesterday
Raspel31: Newman’s work rate is enormous- wow.
StuL: Intercept position and goal shot Newmans score up
Jackwatt$: The Rock of Gibalta is a big boy! If that name sticks you heard it first here
DrSeuss: Yep saw the last JLT and took Newman out – first of many bad decisions I am sure
StuL: Dusty clanger king tonight
TheBoy89: Oh shit it looks like an acl. Hopefully not
Yelse: tigers first real injury for 4 years????
Gotigres: Rance down
TheMessiah: Glad I didnt start Dusty. Will be good to bring him in around the byes.
mattmac24: Who is McKay? Has he always been on carlton’s list?
bones351: wtf Jackwatt, Richo just called Rance the rock of gibralta
original: newman started so so slowly
TheMessiah: Setterfield gone missing?
bones351: 66per cent game time for Setterfield
Breezey: Missing on the bench is Setterfield.
Jackwatt$: Is that already his nickname? Or is Richo on fanfooty?
ajconodie: Might as well move Sweet into R2 now.
Breezey: Setterfield Lowest TOG other than Balta
DrSeuss: Balta looking like first trade out already – cant make money on the bench
Jackwatt$: Richo might be on fanfooty you know, I think he is one of m0nty neighbours in Toorak
Raspel31: Not being a betting or drinking man- burp- I’m simply happy we have a game on.
Jackwatt$: I’m only drink when m0nty talks so I’d be quite sober right now, but I don’t play drinking games on school nights
TheMessiah: God itd be amazing for Calrton to snatch this one!
TheOnyas: onya walshy
TheMessiah: Hoping for 70 from Setter and 85 from Walsh
TheMessiah: Did anyone start with Balta on the ground?
mattmac24: Dropped Drew for Balta 5 minutes before first bounce. Not happy
SilverLion: Balta to full back lets go
Monfries96: charlie curnow having a mare
Raspel31: Half of us have Balta- the risk you take. Round 1. Chill kiddos.
snake_p: Balta = Relton Roberts 2.0
Burnsy03: drew named on ball for pta aswell
original: snake hahaha but theyre complete opposites. tall built, short fat
snake_p: same scores original
heppelitis: looking slippery now
original: jesus
Breezey: Lynch doesn’t know the pockets at the MCG like BT does.
valkorum: mattmac drew was a lock for F6, why change to Balt who is clearly a bench option only
Sixty656: Get up Kade
TheMessiah: Come on Cripps – Keep going
LuvIt74: Take balta back off, he’s going backwards
RGriffen: anyone else roll with English, Phillips and Clarke?
mattmac24: Valk, it was a panicked trade to get Balta in.. I’ve got drew back in though
Breezey: SC ton for Dusty. Really
Raspel31: Thinking Lynch aint the gun they were looking for- butchered endless marks and ahardly touched the ball. Hmm.
J.Worrall: ?Really? Go Dusty!
runt: Lynch is no superstar. Very handy player though
TheMessiah: How the hell did Martin hit the 100?
fonzie: how bad is the rance injury
TheLegend6: Graham and Edwards are stars
Breezey: I think the Tigers will be happy with Lynch. One game and he’s got 3 goals. Only improve from here
Sixty656: Lynch kicked 30% if their goals…
Macka1230: Setterfield completely gone missing, was on track for 100, will be lucky for 70
TheLegend6: Lynch has had no game time, give him a few weeks before judging.
Jukes82: lol no clue, this is lynch first game in just about 2 years you blokes
Sloaneyyyy: Goodnight blues…. Possible medial injury for Rance
Sloaneyyyy: Charlie Curnow having an absolute shocker of a game
LuvIt74: Rance knee?
yeah_nah: lynch affecting riewoldts game so far
Breezey: Nank equal leader with Lynch for the Coleman
Breezey: And Higgins
runt: Rance just a little ice on his knee
bones351: Hard to score a ton on 65per cent game time Macka
Stuart88: C Curnow needs the mare been a bad night
bones351: Dusty has had a shocker. Cant believe his SC
AlbySmedtz: wishing we would have traded murphy instead of gibbs.
HowI Rioli: And here I was regretting not having Balta on 18pts 5 mins in
Raspel31: I have a date with Miss Brazil tomorrow night so saving my energy. Good luck with your teams lads.
Sixty656: Walsh decent pick up in Fantasy draft
LuvIt74: Gonna keep Cripps 120+ as my C
SilverLion: Garbage can dusteee
Breezey: In two Tipping comps and I took Tigers by 33 and 35. All over it
SilverLion: Baltas gotta get some points for that intercept mark
Umpirespet: You do know miss Brazil had a sex change Raspel?
Raspel31: As Long as I’m driving Umpire.
original: breezy what did you tip geelong by?
Breezey: Not quite Original
Raspel31: Newman- Sydney discard- wow.
runt: I think rance might be stuffed. he is too happy
TheMessiah: Any room for scaling?
bones351: Should be a great close game hopefully Original, whoever wins
J.Worrall: 41 SC to share out
J.Worrall: nice one, @original haha
Drak: Martin must be in Champion Data SC team. He was on 64 halfway through the 3rd

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