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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Collingwood vs Geelong

Chat log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R1 of 2019

Chelskiman: Evening lads. Got Danger, Kelly, Constable and Grundy as captain in this one.
Umpirespet: I have Grundy C to let’s hope he has a big one Chelsk
dipstick: took cvipps, not cvipps score as C
amigaman: Grundy VC with backup of Gawn
The0Grrr: Evening all. Same dilemma @Dip but I have Macrae as C
Monfries96: Not confident in Jamie Elliot but would like him to beef up to 500k then ugrade
TheMessiah: Evening everyone 🙂
BigChief: Good evening all. Pies by 9 points for me.
m0nty: Elliott a SC special for mine
Sixty656: cats by 5 goals
TheMessiah: Risked it on Grundy as C
ReggieOz: Hey All
Breezey: Billy’s back
Monfries96: Might be paying off early m0nty
BigChief: You took Cripps 126 @dipstick? That’s borderline I think.
ReggieOz: There you go Monty..
BigChief: Danger has my C.
BigChief: Did Treloar just duck?
dipstick: @bigchief a bird in the hand
TheMessiah: Get involved Grundy!
Oh8ball: Let’s go C Grundy
Pokerface: who the hell is gryan miers? did he play jlt?
Oh8ball: Grundy pls
Breezey: Grundy always a slow starter.
Sixty656: Killing me Sidebum :/
Chelskiman: Grundy barely been on field.
Gotigres: Grundy nowhere to be seen
Monfries96: Nice work Clarky boy
Pokerface: i guess noone else has heard of him either
TheMessiah: Is Grundy even on the ground?
duckky: I’m sure his mum has Poker
dipstick: hasnt grundy got turf toe
Breezey: Patience people with Grundy. Ist qtr of the year
Moona: Couldn’t decide between TK or Menegola – went the latter, mmmmmm, not sure i went the right way
Pokerface: im not even sure of that ducky. might bring him next week as a pod!
Sixty656: thats mazzy snoozer dip
BigChief: @Poker score of 73 and 51 I believe.
StuL: Umps love American Cox
Monfries96: Every man and their dog has grundy so it hardly matters
J_Herer: Tim Kelly, nice!
Searly34: Onya TK keep going
js19: Miers 54 and 31 JLT. The forgotten fwd rookie…
Jukes82: lol you sooking already, no surprise
Pokerface: not everyone has captained him monfries
dipstick: i predict GAJ will be the next player to kick 100 goals in a year 🧐
BigChief: I don’t have Grundy.
duckky: Abblett looks an interesting POD.
Chelskiman: lol
circle52: But how many have Grundy as c
duckky: Ablett in less than 1% of teams
The0Grrr: Constable looking like worst rookie selection
original: Traded out TKelly due to already having danger and selwood 5 mins before bounce dammit
BigChief: A little early for cape on Kelly?
Chelskiman: First quarter, Grrr. You’re apparently not allowed to have an opinion yet.
duckky: And as per usual Ogrrr, I brought him in – last inute panic! well what do you expect for a pine player?
StuL: Nice kelpig. Constable must have just clangered every touch.
J.Worrall: Evening all, Kelly setting himself for a high priced return West?
SilverLion: Shoulda picked Clark, oh well. Got TK at least
ReggieOz: No Grundy either..he cannot hold his price
StuL: Grundy can still go 120. Nice price drop coming though.
zoomba23: De Goey – overrated
Gotigres: Does a player receive points for a free kick if advantage is paid to teammates? I’m sure Grundy was paid a second free
StuL: Clark looks great. Next Enright.
TheOnyas: Onya Coxy
SilverLion: At 708k it’s not like people are expecting him to go up
runt: Clark has a big arse, essential for a backman
J.Worrall: So true, SL, so true!
StuL: Next week Grundy will go 150 and your opponent will have him and u lose.
J.Worrall: Which rucks other than the big 2 have people gone with here?
Sixty656: Stef
BigChief: Westhoff and Darcy for me. Will upgrade Darcy later on.
duckky: Goldy
Ash777: I went goldy and martin
The0Grrr: Nice to see Tommy supplying the DogNuts this week.
Ash777: grundy didn’t have a good JLT either
elroy67: Witts and Sauce
J.Worrall: Sore toes …
duckky: Thats it Charlie, stop trying to get a kick and just keep tackling
J.Worrall: Tommy answers his critics!
Ash777: I have elliott, constable n clark this round
BigChief: There you go OGrrr, right on queue.
DrSeuss: Clark and Kelly not doing much this quarter
StuL: Anyone get sucked in by Moore?
The0Grrr: I was being sincere too!
BigChief: You finally get a kick Beamer and spud it up.
Monfries96: Anyone else go with English?
Schillaci: Kelly hasn’t been on for awhile
circle52: I did Stu have him on the field as well.
circle52: and as we speak 2 marks.
The0Grrr: Now Moore is in the queue
J.Worrall: Another fabulous tackle by Mr Plod
Gelly: thanks stu for bringing moore into the game
BigChief: Welcome to 2019 Butcher.
StuL: Spoke too soon. He might be ok.
Sixty656: Some of this kicking for goal is horrendous
ReggieOz: lol Stu can you give De Goey a rev up
BigChief: OMG. What was Duckwood meant to do there?
Ash777: give umps the mare
StuL: Terrible quarter all round
Chelskiman: That review should not have taken that long
dipstick: go plow yourself Jelwood. i knew i shouldn’ta
J.Worrall: That review could have taken longer!
BigChief: Agreed Chel. 1st view was clearly touched.
duckky: Has Kelly touched the ball this Qr?
The0Grrr: Thought the behind goal view showed a clear deflection
Ash777: yes and got caught
DrSeuss: Anytime now Grundy and Danger
Sixty656: Not sure if watching AFL or AFLW
The0Grrr: Treloar ducking?
HowI Rioli: This quarter resembles AFLW
runt: This is a shocking game
Sixty656: Nah these players are just taking the pi55
runt: The skills are rank
Ash777: season start jitters
pcaman2003: Good to be back. Hi all! Last 15 mins descended into crap footy
runt: What is Sidebottom doing? I put him in on strength of pre-season
Umpirespet: This is like watching Carlton v Gold Coast zzzzzzzz
MONEY TALK: stewart is a jet
Ash777: lol wtf stewart
The0Grrr: Got Suns vs Saints yet..
J.Worrall: ONLY judge rookies on JLT!
MrGmax: Good one, G
duckky: Love it when the SC auto scoring kicks in because they aren’t scoring on the field
runt: Okay what is Collingwood doing with their shots?
Sixty656: Took De Goey over Elliot in draft… fml
StuL: Stewart cashing in from all the kick ins
TheOnyas: Onya beamsy
Sloaneyyyy: Poor kicking from both teams… Last night’s game was more interesting so far
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Grundy.
Ash777: eww I forgot about roaming stinker
Monfries96: Shame Clark slowed down, risky to start him
J.Worrall: @runt: missing 9 out of 13, haha
BigChief: WOW Sidebum only 25 points.
Sloaneyyyy: Treloar is delicious considering his gametime
Gixxer: I think Stewart likes it !!
Sixty656: 750K for 25 points Sidey… Neck a rod.
J_Herer: Clark is fine, he looks great, I only expect 50 for them
J.Worrall: Yeah, brung his own footy tonight, @gixxer
The0Grrr: Just watched the last 5 mins of Ch7 to remind myself why I listen to the radio!
BigChief: Anyone going to look at Stewart as a mid price Def?
StuL: Robbo had martin M1, sidebottom m2. Muppet.
J.Worrall: Grandstand AFL with no sound from the TV.
Yelse: grundy and moore will tone up
StuL: I big chief. New rules could turn def on its head
duckky: I’ll give it another week for Stewart.
J.Worrall: Bid call, @Yelse
The0Grrr: Loyal Dee me @Worrall. SEN & Lyon.
J.Worrall: *Big Call
Monfries96: J_Herer definitely didn’t expect a huge total, but he had 23 in the first 10 mins
BigChief: Listen to Nick Riewodlt dribble BS
StuL: Definitely waiting till price rises
BigChief: Grundy should, Moore I doubt. 80 will pull him up I think.
zadolinnyj: Gentleman
zadolinnyj: Liked watching Dunstal while Riewoldt talking. He was thinking don’t be soft
SilverLion: First one of these for the year. Liftttt Grundy
Hoot: Grundy still R1?
Grimes Jr: Very happy I picked Kelly
Jackwatt$: Grundy 80% tog. That was 90% last year, right?
frenzy: Lol Hoot
zadolinnyj: Players were stretching the hammers and calf’s late in the 1/4. This game will open up big time
J_Herer: Being a Cat fan, I am liking the future with our young backline players
BigChief: @Hoot Never was at 708k for me.
J.Worrall: It’s round one, @Jackwatt$
J_Herer: Big race at Mooney Valley in 5 if you like the nags
Sixty656: Inside betting on kicks for goal out on the full???
StuL: So we have forwards who can tackle, just no goalkickers now. Well done again Scott
J.Worrall: OOF from the little master?
The0Grrr: Joffa had a hair cut?
Ash777: joffa probably lost a bet lol
J.Worrall: That was deliberate Out of Bounds – rush the behind was the correct play
The0Grrr: Not used to seeing a clean cut magpie
the worm: who is this ablett guy, i didnt see him in jlt?
BigChief: I think Constable has settled now. Looking better.
StuL: Dusty Beams.
dapto: The alpaca that was donating Joffa’s hair extensions sadly died 3 weeks ago. RIP Al.
SilverLion: +1 to that Grimes
J.Worrall: Nice play there Atkins – should get a few SC for the score chain involvement
twinpeaks: Elliot was very awkwardly priced, but kudos to those who have started with him. Don’t think this will be him every week
J.Worrall: @the worm: Son of a famous old Geelon Full Forward!
Ash777: miers looks like dahl when he had dreads
the worm: ah ok thanks j worall, i was wondering why he was getting a game… mut be cos of his dad
J.Worrall: … probs got an armchair ride into the team, haha
Gotigres: Grundy going backwards now
StuL: Come on Gaz!
zadolinnyj: Think he had a good brother @the worm. Nathan was his name
BigChief: Duckwood drops the ball, no free. Slightly high on Varcoe after free to Duckwood. SMH
J.Worrall: … see how they feed him the easy goal!
runt: The Collingwood supporters seemed displeased
HowI Rioli: Selwood such an umpire sook
Sloaneyyyy: Bullshit call ump. Should have been htb
duckky: You are kidding right?
Ash777: gaj is a good goal kicker why wouldn’t they
Jukes82: technically was there, good call
J.Worrall: Its the handy point thats got the Pies pisced
runt: Amanda Moore clumsy
Umpirespet: Dahl is better than I thought he would be
zadolinnyj: Thought it would take longer then game 2 to see my sc team is rubbish
J_Herer: 2nd quarter pies inside 16 times for zero goals
The0Grrr: Doll who?
the worm: true i guess they are lacking goal kickers, they should persist with him i guess, even if he is a bit of a passenger
StuL: Lukey Dahl!!
runt: Come on Cats, make those Pies supporters boo
Gotigres: My captain won’t even score 50 points
Ash777: what a rare set shot from dahl
twinpeaks: Unable to watch the game, how is Grundy looking? A bit sore?
BigChief: Elliott 1 on 1 v Blicavs no chance.
Jukes82: grundy hasn’t scored yet this 1/4
BigChief: My C has 52. Maybe Dipstick made the right call.
duckky: Meh Gotiges – Danger not faring much better.
SilverLion: Full ya finger out Grundy ya muppet
the worm: most popular trade next week, grundy to nakervis 😀
Sixty656: Took Steele over Treloar to save 37K…. what a choice lol :/
duckky: Did Nank have an opponent last night?
StuL: Group thought. Danger and Grundy essential? Bust..I suspected Grundy but not Danger
Ash777: I think grundy could be a slow season starter and wont hit top form till about 1/4 of a season in.
the worm: does grundy have one tonight?
J.Worrall: It IS still only round one, @Stul
BigChief: @656 Steele Sidebottom or Jack Steele? Jack plays GC remember.
J.Worrall: Treloar my first picked in RDT
Sixty656: Sidebum 🙁
StuL: Ratagolea would be a gun if he could play football.
twinpeaks: I went Brayshaw as captain this week, seemed like the least risky
wadaramus: Absolutely shit return on investment with Grundy and Danger tonight 🙁
Wildboar: Has been a long 24 hours waiting for my first post on this neat little site find
BestCoast: Go Cats
Jukes82: i wouldnt pay attention to his opinion his side was rubbish last season lol
Wildboar: First post!
Gotigres: Grundy looks terrible twinpeaks
J.Worrall: Welcome, Wildboar
Crowls: so much for taking danger over cripps vc
Crowls: promised myself no late changes and stuck with it but so close to swapping grundy for gawn.
Ash777: my c is on Macrae.
twinpeaks: It is a long season – Grundy started slow last year and still dominated. I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwate
zadolinnyj: Clark looks good
The0Grrr: Welcome @Wild. Was it good for you?
J.Worrall: … that Ablett kid might the the first to hit an SC ton tonight!
Gelly: geelong rookies looking good
TigersMan1: Clark looks like Laird
Umpirespet: Classy collywobble fan there
Jukes82: dont worry about grundy, he’s a bit underdone thats all
twinpeaks: Yeah I went Duursma over Clark. If he or Butters is dropped for Wines next week Clark is in
Sixty656: Seriously, I see straiter kicking watching my lad in the under 9’s
HowI Rioli: Haha how feral are the Collingwood supporters behind the goal
lachlan23t: Clark will be a great player for years come
Jackwatt$: I’d rather Bellchambers than Grundy right now
Sloaneyyyy: Grundy looking a bit poor in his second efforts
The0Grrr: Thought it was team Erubus owner.
Gelly: moore getting all the kick ins this quarter helping his score
zadolinnyj: Grundy had foot issue in lead up
ReggieOz: yeah..Clark looks like a very good player
Sixty656: Better spelling too haha oops
heppelitis: Moores SC gone through the roof with those play on kick ins
StuL: Wtf
SilverLion: Reckon all of moores possie this quarter from kick ins
zadolinnyj: What do we think about p.hanley at gc. Could be a darkie
Sloaneyyyy: Kelly went missing that quarter
StuL: 12 touches 74 for Moore. How does that work?
original: Big q is. If Grundy scores 70 next week as you trade..?
J_Herer: Sidey biggest fail tonight
StuL: Still dont like key positions but kick.ins might change everything
ReggieOz: Never trade premiums! your are stuck with him
J.Worrall: Moore SC > Grundy? Who’d a thunkit?
Pokerface: scores will jump around now. big clutch time scoring up for grabs
Yelse: never trade a gun on one weeks score
DrSeuss: Grundy needs some match fitness. Stanley always seems to keep mobile ruckman under wraps
Umpirespet: No original has to be a keeper
Pokerface: @original if pierce gets a couple of tons its something i’d look at!
zadolinnyj: Contested marks StuL
DrSeuss: Also, think Kelly used all his juice in the first quarter.
Donzoes: Hope danger repays my faith as C this quarter
Mahogany: Put the C on Grundy they said, score huge they said.
wadaramus: FFS Grundy, I could have got 48SC from a 102K rookie..
StuL: Intercept marks. Still a fine line between 100 and 30 with kps I think
MercAm: Come on Pies
Burnsy03: youd be stupid to not have grundy and gawn this year…
J.Worrall: Haha, said I
MercAm: When you trade out Moore last minute…..
StuL: Ok. Happy with damger
StuL: Kelly not going home. Who would choose Perth over Melbourne?
The0Grrr: Hope so @Burnsy coz I got conned by the new rules!
Chelskiman: Superman quarter, Grundy, let’s go!
TheBoy89: The rat is killing Grundy
TheBoy89: Don’t wanna say it but Grundy is looking like a one season wonder
J.Worrall: Fair point, Stul! Maybe he stays!
twinpeaks: That would be a good point, if the choice wasn’t in fact between Perth and Geelong…
duckky: Danger goes bang…
StuL: My theory is mrs Kelly wants to go home. He’s ok here
BigChief: StuL no one, but Perth over Geelong? Yes.
StuL: Stewart scored 2 points thus half
DrSeuss: That’s a BS penalty on Grundy. Good tackle – Rat dropped the ball.
duckky: That should be a clanger from Grundy
The39Steps: Happy New Season all. Good to see a few newcomers join the chat.
J.Worrall: Pretty good poit again, @twinpeaks, but maybe the choice is Geelong or Fremantle!
duckky: Charlieeeeeee
J.Worrall: Big SC for zMr Plod
Ash777: Constable!!!
The39Steps: And good to see all the research amounts to SFA come gameday.
Jukes82: good boy!!
wadaramus: 60 points / 700K, thanks for nothing Grundy..
Chelskiman: Harsh to call Grundy a one season wonder after he’s averaged 100+ over the past three seasons in fantasy.
Crowls: starting to breath a bit now, another goal to danger and I will be happy
twinpeaks: If it was between the teams, no brainer to stay, but Freo is a nicer place to live than Geelong
TheBoy89: Constable 20+ for that goal
Umpirespet: 61 now wada
J.Worrall: @The39Steps: round one can be so deceptive …
The0Grrr: Yeah but there’s West Australians in Freo!
Pokerface: you should trade grundy out theboy
runt: Might have to promote Constable to Sergeant after that effort.
J.Worrall: … funny you should say that, @twinpeaks
wadaramus: Small consolation mate…)
J.Worrall: That is another very fine point, @TheOGrrr
Yelse: umpires really hating the pies today
italz: finally 24 hours done, now i can poop on grundy
J.Worrall: Now lets not get tribal about this – Scummo wouldn’t like that
Sixty656: UR a clown de goey
Ash777: LOL what a fail
duckky: That’s enough Constable – I hate high scores on my bench
Gelly: hahaha what a spud play
Wildboar: Hot mess
runt: Hope Dalhaus kicks the winning goal
J.Worrall: Wildboar, you figured how to get the team icon! Wrong team, but still!
Sixty656: how_many_kicks_on_goal_wanna_go_out_of-BOUNDS
J_Herer: Very happy with Tim Kelly
J.Worrall: Go Kelly, go!
italz: Been a scrappy game, but pretty entertaining
MONEY TALK: shoulda taken crippas vc score over danger
J.Worrall: @italz, many said it was a bore before half time.
Wildboar: @J.Worrall took me most of tonight… but I got there
Sloaneyyyy: Looks like the right icon to me
Umpirespet: J Worrall least he has the guts to pick one
The0Grrr: Don’t go purple name whatever you do tho.
Ash777: well that lead lasted all of 30 seconds
MONEY TALK: gee danger losing points for not touching it
duckky: This last quarter makes up the the crud 3 quarterd before
BigChief: The game has stepped up a few cogs now.
Raspel31: And they said Kelly wasn’t a primo- wow.
J.Worrall: Oh yeah, there are a few of you Crow Eaters here, I remember
Phasir: Grundy’s influence is far more than what SC is giving him
BigChief: Stewart only scored 12 since 1/2 time.
Yelse: grundy done nothing can’t get his hand on it
J.Worrall: Would you believe I just can’t figure out how to do it?
Searly34: TK is pure class Raspel
TheBoy89: What a goal for your 500th
The39Steps: Just three players over 100 both DT/SC. Perhaps 6/6/6 spreading it around more?
twinpeaks: Draw coming here
valkorum: I hope Bailey Scott does well, have him on the ground instead of Constable
runt: Come on Dalhaus kick the winner
J.Worrall: 39, I reckon its just the low quality of the game early on
the worm: or just 12 good midfielders on the ground spreading the possessions around
Umpirespet: Grundy looking better
The39Steps: Could be @worrall. We all love early judgements!
Raspel31: And every sensible player will have Constable- but more than the Danger?
J.Worrall: Haha, nice one;-))
pcaman2003: There goes the fat lady!
BigChief: Spud for Howe?
Sixty656: Thanks Howe you FLOG
Chelskiman: Grundy 5 FA with one of those being for holding a tackle for a split second too long. Should have tonned up.
The0Grrr: As good as a goal.
runt: If Dangerfield could kick straight he would be a good player
the worm: maybe shouldve held the tackle a split second less then?
Sloaneyyyy: Howe wrecked it
Ash777: pretty sure nearly everyone who has picked constable has him on the bench
J.Worrall: what might have been …
frenzy: 700k players should ton up at half time
StuL: Yes!
runt: Pies only themselves to blame. kicking at goal early cost them massively.
J.Worrall: Cats by a whisker!!! Thx Kelly U.
original: Rage trade Grundy to parsons
StuL: I thought we had no chance
wadaramus: Damn straight Frenzy!
J.Worrall: Mr Plod on field for me ;-))
J.Worrall: around 34 SC of scaling to come
twinpeaks: Started Constable, his PPM was outstanding in JLT and look at his low TOG tonight
runt: I tipped the Cats so Im happy
frenzy: stewart was 85 @ halftime
J.Worrall: another strong point
duckky: Who would have picked Stanley to top SC tonite?
jocka: Hahahahahaha, great to see Collingwood lose a close one again, on a big stage.
Crowls: 30 pts pissed down the drain with danger c, mmmmmmm
bones351: could pick Hately to get Constables score but lets not get silly here haha

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