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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R1 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Dees
DrSeuss: Let’s go Rocky, Hoff and Rooks
DrSeuss: Oh and Brayshaw
frenzy: fun time just getting here
SilverLion: Go Rozee
Sloan4Pres: let’s go weideman!
frenzy: sparrow up early
LMartos: Butters kicked that 2 metres, how can it be a mark to Neal Bullen
circle52: Gawn been watching Grundy
Raspel31: Bummer- replaced Neal Bullen at last minute and Gawn not exactly firing.
Chelskiman: Gawn and Grundy has been money well spent so far.
dipstick: went goldy over gawn becoz of he possibility of the goose coming in a sealing minutes
dipstick: *and stealing
Jackwatt$: OMG Fanfooty wasn’t working before, thank God m0nty is pedalling faster now. This is the Jack Watts Cup!
TheLegend6: Gawn will come good
Chelskiman: That wasn’t a free on Oliver.
Yelse: i wonder if this 666 rule affects the ruck scores
Raspel31: Ah Gawny-up to 14 points for my cap-sitting pretty.
DrSeuss: Boak starting strong it seems
jbjimmyjb: My Boak POD is looking nice so far
pcaman2003: Captain Gawn! LOL! C’mon Gawny,fire up man
Migz: put butters on field instead of constable 🙁
jbjimmyjb: Duursma on the field over Hore is looking good so far
the worm: new rule didnt hinder nankervis much
tommy10: Onya Boaky
jbjimmyjb: People have been too quick to judge Gawn & Grundy, it’s round 1
Donzoes: Same here Migz
brano: the worm….Nank kicked 3 goals though
Chelskiman: I know, Jimmy, still annoying seeing your expensive players do badly though.
Chelskiman: Grundy did get 84 last year in round one and went on to average 120, so it’s not all doom and gloom just yet.
Raspel31: A 9 point quarter is hardly jumping to conclusions.
jbjimmyjb: exactly, and if he’d kicked 2 goals instead of 2 behinds last night he would’ve tonned up
the worm: except last year grundy was about 150 grand cheaper
brano: Hore might lose money lol
Jackwatt$: I did notice last year as a Lycett owner, he doesn’t score massive but his opponent doesn’t either. A good negating ruc
feralmong: I went gawn hoff in ruck and lycett fwd. i spent max 1 hour on teams lol
feralmong: all my rookies picked and not changed all playing. lucky there.
Jackwatt$: Could also be cos West Coast got good midfield
Sloaneyyyy: Lift your game, Gawn
feralmong: but so far best rookie scores on the bench. ugggh.
TheLegend6: Gawn does nothing and triples his score haha, not complaining.
BigChief: SPP can’t help himself. He has to give away free kick after free kick.
LMartos: wasn’t Gawn on 9 SC from 4 DT? How has he got to 24 for that one touch lol
TheMessiah: Rocky looking like a good choice, same as Brayshaw
Chelskiman: MAxy looked like a new born giraffe then, haha.
TheLegend6: Butters looking good
zadolinnyj: Gents
Raspel31: Zado.
Apachecats: Rocky a bargain as long as shoulders stay in their sockets @messiah
Chelskiman: Gus has slowed down a bit.
jbjimmyjb: AFL app stream still down, is Boak looking good back in the mid?
JockMcPie: Lift Clayton
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Westhoff slowing this quarter
pcaman2003: Rapt with Drew and Duursma so far
feralmong: Clayton is no where near the MCG
Chelskiman: These Port kids are looking good.
Apachecats: Butters is a small big weapon
pcaman2003: Butters firing!
Renegades: Clayton usually struggles when Viney plays. Output is always down
DragonLass: Wow Drew is quietly shooting up in SC
zadolinnyj: Happy with rookies. But big must have rucks in struggle town
zadolinnyj: Did anyone else take Cripps score
dipstick: i took cvipps, not cvipps score
BigChief: dipstick took Cripps score.
Apachecats: No zad ,I let it go and rely JMcCrae
Migz: holy shit these rookies. I have butters/durs and drew all on field. haha
Migz: and i took cripps vc
DrSeuss: Touch it Hoff – or just get near it perhaps?
Raspel31: Oh so wish I had zado- couldn’t work the loop so stuck with Gawn- groan.
pcaman2003: @Migz. The same. Incredible start by these kids
Apachecats: Fortunately let Hore go very late.
dipstick: @BigChief a bird in the hand
zadolinnyj: No good Raspel. It’s going to be ugly round 3 if big rucks stay like this
TheLegend6: I didn’t take Cripps, relying on Macrae tonight
zadolinnyj: May be year of the forward ruck like westoff
zadolinnyj: Macrae should be there abouts
Apachecats: Too hot and Sunny for Max today.
amigaman: Eddie worst commentator ever. Doesn’t have a clue.
Apachecats: @Zad gone early on Macrae for Brownlow $50 on at $21
zadolinnyj: Ball was 5 metres from max and he was walking. Still 100 though
BigChief: I would take Eddie over BT any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Raspel31: Got Macrae too zado- feeling el stupido.
feralmong: Gawn will still get to 100 as will the hoff
zadolinnyj: Good odds @Apachecats. Would be a great call. Not going to be those odds for long
zadolinnyj: They are firing up Gawn @Raspel. Could mean big score
Sloaneyyyy: You never trade rucks unless they’re injured
Gelly: had macrae in my team till last minute until i realised they are playing sydney and hewitt is gona tag the guts out of
CamT: Drew’s stats are almost identical to Watt’s
Apachecats: Yeah Zad reckon he’s the value out of the top picks ,would have gone close last year if he hadn’t missed those 3 games.
Raspel31: Agreed-38 point quarter.
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty, the google iPhone prize pop up is taking people away from the site
Raspel31: Too true Gelly.
greshprinc: Port rooks all doing well
zadolinnyj: True @sloaneyyy but 700k is a long way to fall from
feralmong: The Ho got some points cool
StuL: Salem was the inside word. Why has he been such a gun? Not watching
feralmong: CamT but one is quality stats the other not.
Sloaneyyyy: Did anyone have the balls to pick Boak?
zadolinnyj: Spewing I changed Boak out
benzammit: Games being played in Ports fwd flank StuL
Apachecats: Clayton and Max into the sunscreen at 1/2 time.
m0nty: happy with my SC PODs so far, Elliot Moore and Boak
frenzy: yep sloaney, dropped heeney
Pokerface: moore is not a pod
Apachecats: Done well there Monty.
Raspel31: Yep- Moore was an unexpected goodie.
benzammit: Elliot hope you get some cash before he pings something mOnty.
BigChief: @StuL 17 kicks at 88% also helps.
zadolinnyj: Happy with Moore
benzammit: Still fiddling with Ridley in, out glad I bypassed Hore I think he stays now.
zadolinnyj: Good if ports kids knock off some big sides early before they slow late in the season
feralmong: nice monty, in contrast i went Higgins (Ric) Newman no mid pod
StuL: Thanks guys. Someone from Melb tipped him to breakout. Forget who. Monitor for sure.
Apachecats: Staying with Ridley@benzammit
StuL: Drunken changed Ridley for Hore last night. WTF? Doh. And he’s on the park.
zadolinnyj: I have Ridley @benz. Going to stress me
feralmong: conigs or brayshaw not pod are they?
benzammit: Newman ain’t a pod either? Does anyone check the % picked before declaring them as pods?
Raspel31: Just realised I’ve got all these Port rookies- wow.
Tree Fiddy: worth trying to squeeze cousins into the team before his game soon?
Pokerface: happy with my pod crippa
feralmong: i don’t benzammit. put no more than 1 hour in AF and SC. lol. cbf.
benzammit: Ridley will be good to play 10 tops at this point, the security of a Collins keeps pulling me to change, oh n the cash
Raspel31: Not Conigs but I’d say Brayshaw yep.
benzammit: Fair call feral
zadolinnyj: Not happy with my pod grundy
feralmong: go the ho
Pokerface: well thats the risk you took going a pod zado
zadolinnyj: I went franklin as my POD
feralmong: Monty how bout a red star for Butters
benzammit: Viney is shot, Melbourne are gunna miss Hogan more than I thought?
pcaman2003: Port making Melb look ordinary
the worm: butters should hold his spot, he spreads well
Apachecats: I;ve put 2 months into SC and still have a few stuff ups.Unavoidable really.will patch up with trades for first couple .
Raspel31: Fat lady aint singing yet pcaman.
Apachecats: I get it feral.
feralmong: And goes hard in the cold worm?
benzammit: Hore heard me n is gunna bend me over
feralmong: never rated melksham but he’s really useful.
StuL: It can all change. Hore may be good yet
Raspel31: I went Margarine as a Saint rookie over Butters- healthier option,
Apachecats: you need Butters zammit
TheLegend6: Log out Raspel haha
Rilian: Salem’s first 20 possessions all were kicks. You’d be happy with that as an owner.
benzammit: Thank god I have him otherwise I’d be sore.
Pokerface: anyone go rockliff?
Monfries96: 21 frees to 8 doesn’t make a lot of sense in a close one
lukat: last minute changed westhoff and boak to gawn and kelly
benzammit: Nup once Ollie is back he will turn tagger
Gotigres: My rookies are scoring better than my premos
Apachecats: No PF he’s still got dodgy shoulders.
JButcher: Good to see its not keeping us out of it though @Monfries96
feralmong: these rookies will fluctuate. don’t chase last weeks scores.
benzammit: Wait till next week Gotigers they rarely back up
Raspel31: Gawn and Oliver- you have disappeared again. Wakey, wakey!
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel
feralmong: Poker i did in AF because of trading.
TheMessiah: I went with ROcky
Apachecats: Brayshaw do something ffs.
dipstick: rocky is my C, so is Conigs and so is VC Cvipps
Donzoes: Anyone have Westhoff as a POD?
BigChief: @Donzoes he is my R1
benzammit: Got squeezed out due to having 3 of ports rooks
dipstick: westhoff isnt a POD. 15% in SC
duckky: Considering going from Danger to Westhoff … naaa
benzammit: Again not a pod though
benzammit: Very popular for the Mummy factor
Donzoes: Fair enough, didn’t realise he was that highly selected
Gotigres: That’s true benzammit
benzammit: Ok before the crows kick off my POD is Smith n Crouch
Raspel31: When did the Rockster last attract this much ball?
BigChief: @benzammit add Laird as well as my POD
duckky: Is there a symbol for a dedicated kicker inner?
dipstick: @zammit 🙄 going without them both is POD and smarter
facebook23: im back, who remembers
facebook23: anyone seen umpirespet in 2019
Gelly: rocky back to his pigish form
feralmong: who’s that FB23
Raspel31: Well, if as widely predicted Gawny will ton up- he better bloody start doing something.
zadolinnyj: Pearce Hanley my pod
Apachecats: think he was on last night FB
SilverLion: mine too zado
JButcher: Now we’re getting a bit of a run with the umps
pcaman2003: Rocky is back.
BigChief: Jack Steele and Tom Papley my PODs
benzammit: Two rippers there BigChief
zadolinnyj: Where is Brayshaw? Did chuck Norris take him out
Sloan4Pres: haha papley
BigChief: @Sloan he will play midfield more and average 85. You didn’t know that?
StuL: Rocky’s recent history is still horribly inconsistent. Not convinced yet
Lawls: I took a punt on Sheed
Sloan4Pres: good luck with the pick bigchief
benzammit: Yeah Clarke is another interesting type at Syd
Lawls: Had a big finals series and did well in JLT
Snarfy: Rockcliff ownership on SC at 14%. What will it be next week?
Jukes82: give rocky the cape, 52pt 1/4 there
Lawls: Did anyone take Houli?
Jukes82: my bad thats supercoach
TheBoy89: Wtf his Oliver doing
benzammit: Laws I took Shed also but again not a pod
TheBoy89: Oliver loft buddy, i picked you over cogs
Monfries96: The Rockpig is back
zadolinnyj: I have Houli, Smith and harry taylor and Moore but assume % high
benzammit: Nup had him and switched kicking myself, tossing up with Williams n Mc Grath
StuL: Gawn losing plenty of hits. So costing oli and brayshaw a bit
benzammit: Oliver couldn’t fit himself in his squad so is trying to squeeze his price down to swoop on himself
Pokerface: how do you trade grundy and gawn both to nank?
feralmong: I think Preuss will play to help gawn now.
Lawls: Houli only 3% of teams
JButcher: Love your work Butters
BigChief: You could be right feral
Yelse: will rocky remain a free rolling mid or would he go fwd or tag
Raspel31: Only 2 Melb players- Gawn and Oliver- sigh. My life is over.
feralmong: even tigers realised nank needs a hand.
zadolinnyj: They will have more good games than bad @raspel
TheBoy89: Rasp same here
BigChief: Muppet for Jones @m0nty?
Umpirespet: You have some good kids their JButch
StuL: I was bullish about Melbourne. Gee they look like the old Melbourne today
benzammit: Westhoff is a Titan
zadolinnyj: Might consider hoff to ruck
Migz: butters should get atleast 5 points for that knock on. lead straight to a goal
pcaman2003: Dees look shot. Port showing more desperation.
TheBoy89: The hoff Jesus Christ
Donzoes: Any reason why Gawn’s hitouts are this low? Cant watch atm
BigChief: Keep going Hoff….
Torz: Witches hat for Frost
StuL: I had Hoff in drafts. Damn.
Monfries96: Donzoes Port’s two rucks are working him over
StuL: Gawn is just getting beaten. Hes not jumping
amigaman: Go Westhoff. Great SC choice!
zadolinnyj: Jumping into him donzoes
benzammit: Anyone keen to call Prt home?
snake_p: Dees continuing their prelim final form
feralmong: donzoes it appears ruck roving is the thing now. Nank did tonnes of it.
StuL: Maybe one more year of age. Max is moving like snail
Pokerface: why is everyone suddenly wanting hoff? how often is he going to kick 5 goals?
Gelly: think its a bit too hot for big ol maxy
Donzoes: Cheers, looking good for Port
StuL: Hoff was always an upgrade target. Will still get him cheaper
feralmong: poker he won’t but will still run, tackle and mark.
StuL: Port are home
benzammit: His flexibility to switch to ruck n downgrade the worse of Grundy n Gawn is 1 reason
BigChief: @Poker with no Dixon maybe a few times.
Gelly: max cant even make it to all the ruck contests
Umpirespet: Tits and swimming has helped Watts
Raspel31: Hmm- and so the frustrations of another year begin.
DragonLass: Hore has done OK to get up to 50 SC after starting with just 2 in the first quarter
feralmong: Hore might salvage a decent SC score
Pokerface: back him for the coleman then bigchief
StuL: Hore come good.
BigChief: I don’t gamble @Poker
Pokerface: @ben i meant based on this game. can understand preseason why you would
feralmong: Maybe they need to pay the Hore for the full hour. You get more then.
snake_p: Drew SC beast
Chelskiman: Might have to get Ricky in asap.
pcaman2003: Drew = SC dream
Donzoes: Would be nice if Butters catches Constable
Gelly: oliver has gone home already?
Chelskiman: *Rocky
duckky: Some membership cards will be hitting the microwave tonight
feralmong: it is the sealer monty. 24 pts so extra score needed to win.
StuL: Did oliver get below 70 in all of the last 2 years even?
StuL: Grawn massive disaster. I reckon Gawn is not moving well
pcaman2003: 10 more scoring shots,worry for the Dees
snake_p: and there is no snow yet duckky
Monfries96: The Rockliff resurrection is alive and well
benzammit: Watts plays like a number 1 pick v Melbourne.
Raspel31: The pig is simply on fire.
Umpirespet: Just cheese platters
duckky: I’m sure there ballet or opera on somewhere snake
feralmong: magnet for rocky
StuL: I believe in the pig I think
pcaman2003: And the fat lady is in full song
duckky: SC ton for Drew on debut
feralmong: Range Rover dealers getting ready for a busy next weekend.
snake_p: haha duckky maybe a 4WD drive exhibition?
StuL: Melb going to get flogged next week on today’s form
frenzy: Ski season started
Raspel31: Not at all happy with Melbourne but a sneaky consolation in Drew. Think most of us will have him
Ash777: this is why you dont start the 2 top priced rucks in the comp. 1 is bound to drop off.
GOD: GOD has the C on J. Westhoff today
feralmong: not looking good for the blues next week either.
StuL: Lol. terrible round for Capt selection
God_: God doesn’t
DanBlack: GOD is a liar
feralmong: 150 in scaling to give. gonna get juicy.
duckky: Drew 23% ownership. Anticipate big jump this week.
benzammit: First upset good to see
Mahogany: Please tell me we don’t have to put up with GOD’s crap all year again???
Donzoes: Good on Watts
Pokerface: nice going again GOD!
Crowls: sack goodwin
benzammit: Upside in Oliver for those who don’t have him.
BigChief: I thought it said in rules posting comments like GOD’s could get a ban. Does it every game
jbjimmyjb: + Rocky, Boak, port rooks

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