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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2019

J.Worrall: Lots of hungry Crows
italz: so who’s the next person that’s gonna let me down
BigChief: Lets go Lairdy. Prove you are worth the big price.
zadolinnyj: Went both crouch boys. Please complete game
Wildboar: How good is this
Wildboar: No more pre-season, the boys are back. Let’s hit some numbers Crouches!
JockMcPie: 150 SC from M Crouch thanks
Chelskiman: Laird, Smith, B. Crouch, Scrimshaw and Worpell in this one. Let’s go, boys!
zadolinnyj: Get points jones
Apachecats: Whats the temp in Adelaide.33 in melbourne.
Gelly: hawks wearing the melb V
Chelskiman: 24C according to Google.
zadolinnyj: 24 degrees
Wildboar: 6-6-6 suits Crows – yes, it;’s early in the season…
zadolinnyj: Matt crouch missing free for.
Apachecats: thanks z and c
frenzy: how many jumped on scrimshaw?
jbjimmyjb: jacobs gonna outscore grundy and gawn combined in 1 quarter
sgriff5: Hawks Jumper is a shocker
zadolinnyj: Scrim on my bench
Wildboar: Heating McEvoy’s name reminded how blessed we are not to have BT in commentary today “Big Boy McEvoy”
lukat: Got cousins and scrimshaw in this one
jbjimmyjb: BT’s “Lloyyyyyyyyyyyyd” is worse
Wildboar: Interesting new tactic by Smith from fullback
Gelly: definitely quite an average looking jumper
zadolinnyj: Mistakes a plenty
Tree Fiddy: Love the hawks jumper!
zadolinnyj: Anything better then the shiny power ranger jumper that day
jbjimmyjb: better than the WBD’s superhero one
Wends: Hey all and happy rd 1. Have Jacobs, MCro, Milera & Smith on field, Scrim on bench.
PowerBug: Go Rory!
Ash777: evading tackles should be a stat and sc point.
zadolinnyj: Hey Wends
zadolinnyj: Just off the crows
Apachecats: hi wends ,got Cousins ,Scrimshaw ,Sicily ,Laird and BCrouch
Wends: Hey Zad 🙂 how’s your round so far?
zadolinnyj: Just above average
Wends: Nice one Apache; couldn’t fit Laird & Brad in due to overload of midpricers…
Chelskiman: Sicily going off early.
Chelskiman: Nice one, Worps!
TheMessiah: Come on you Hawkers!
StuL: Worpel is going to be a gun.
CamT: Is Cousins tagging Sloane ?
Wends: cousins already 1/3 of the way towards Oliver’s score…
Monfries96: Who told me to bring in Scrimshaw
Chelskiman: Got Scrimshaw on field in fantasy but not DT.
PowerBug: You told yourself
CamT: … and Scrimgeour runs out of legs in the second half ?!?!
CamT: * Scrimshaw
italz: what number is scrimshaw?
Wildboar: I think I am unfairly harsh on Jenkins, but he just seems to do spudish things…
jbjimmyjb: he’ll still score better than collins
Raspel31: You’d be happy enough with your Prt rookies Monfries. And hello Wends.
jbjimmyjb: Has Brodie Smith realised the game has started?
Natopotato: Scrimshaw is 35
StuL: I kept 500k in the bank. Looks like burn man smith may go
Monfries96: Raspel yep I think I’m getting greedy with rookie scores after today
Wends: Afternoon and cheers, Raspel.
poolboybob: I’m starting to understand why Scrimshaw couldn’t even play for Gold Coast
shang0: Laird son
Wends: Also the port rooks scoring slow early, esp Drew. Early doors.
Raspel31: So, the toss up btween Laird and Sicily not exactly decisive at the mo.
DrSeuss: Crouch, Worpel and Cousins = good, BSmith & Scrimshaw – lift please
Pokerface: you kept 500k?? good grief
yeah_nah: interested to see if O’Meara can keep going
Ash777: got worpel n crouch with scrimshaw on bench
JockMcPie: I think Laird will be in my side very soon
Ash777: brad crouch that is
Raspel31: Talk me through the tactics? Why on earth would you keep 500K
shang0: Smith pick up the pace son
J.Worrall: Smith answers the critics
TigersMan1: Keep going worpedo and o’meara
Wends: Hmm Smith, slow start but warming up. Scrim on fire!
StuL: So I can get rid of Smith when he spuds it up.
Sloan4Pres: do people here play dream team or the superior ultimate footy?
Wends: Doodee sounding unlikely to return.
Ash777: I have a fantasy team full of just rookies and mid price picks lol
StuL: I’m consistently top 1%,l but last year slipped to top 2%
Apachecats: I think most are SC Sloan
Raspel31: Wasn’t asking about your ego Stuhl but your tactics.
StuL: Ok but still my team is full ok of mistakes
Pokerface: if you thought smith would spud it up just pick the premium off the bat and get the extra points?
Chelskiman: Carn, Brad and Worps, get amongst it!
Apachecats: Taken the crutches down to Do Dah Day.(774)
Wends: RDT only this year Sloan – trying to get my weekends back this year
StuL: I did expect better
zadolinnyj: Our kicking into forwards been disgraceful
Pokerface: if you expected better why keep the cash?
Chelskiman: This is what Sloane can do if you let him run free.
Raspel31: Makes no sense Poker.
circle52: Doing RDT and SC, Also AF but maybe for last time due to crap site
PowerBug: It was possible to win SC using only 5.2mil budget last year. Nothign wrong with leaving 500k as reserve
Chelskiman: Is it just me or does Matt Crouch look way taller than 183cm?
circle52: Sloane has been in and oy of my team all preseason.
Pokerface: well there is in that you miss out on the extra points the premiums would have provided
Pokerface: we all saw that article powerbug, it would never happen in real life
BigChief: Doedee ice on knee. He is done for day.
PowerBug: if it’s only there for 3 weeks tops I think it’s fine. It’s only one premium, nail the rookies there’s no issues
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
Raspel31: Pwerbug- that is like saying I wouldn’t have boarded The Titanic. In hindsight everything is easy
Wends: Mills to Milera out no longer looking like the inspired trade it seemed on Thursday.
Pokerface: if you want 50k its a problem.
Apachecats: Worpel and Newman the standouts of the cheapies so far.
Pokerface: @raspel it also involved captaining riley bonner round 1
Monfries96: Boak was a cheapy imo Apache
Ash777: where is the L for Jones
PowerBug: Obviously hindsight regarding the 5.2 thing. But 500k is still using 9.5mil, start some mid-pricers (Plenty of pop ones
Pokerface: i mean if you get in the top 1%, that 200 points you miss could be the difference?
TheMessiah: Happy with Worpel and Laird in this one
Apachecats: Jones goal with first kick.
BigChief: @Apache Rockliff also.
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Raspel31: I’m with you Poker. Yours confused.
StuL: I didn’t mean to start a whole thing here. This is new strategy and basically only because of the new rules in defence.
PowerBug: maybe, but maybe waiting 2 weeks means you get the breakout player at a cheaper price, when you probably wouldn’t start
StuL: I screwed up not going m crouch or Sloane but that is cash negligible
PowerBug: Yeah I should probs stop now and take it to the forum haha
Pokerface: lol
Dogs5416: Lads i missed doedee what happened
Raspel31: Laird looking better than the Sic- at least 1 good call. No offence meant Stuhl- all pals.
zadolinnyj: Knee basically turned and fell
StuL: That money was going to be spent on laird, however can now potentially be spent on 2 or 3 breakouts. We’ll see
Natopotato: I wonder what it be like if Supercoach ended up rewarding profession frees. Team thing stopping goals, lose points
StuL: Dont worry dudes. Love you all. It’s all conjecture but generally my teams end up pretty good
Raspel31: Worried is a bit strong. I’m not sobbing on my couch.
Ash777: dw about smith. he’s tracking ok for someone whos been out for awhile.
StuL: In theory, I bet you could have picked a top team and left a mill in the bank
Donzoes: Worpel looking value
colin wood: Need more from Milera and Cousins come on lads.
Raspel31: Doedee in the Draft- oh pooh. Was looking good.
Wends: Doedee suspected ACL.
TheMessiah: Would be happy with 80 from Smith, 90 from Worpel
Chelskiman: Happy with everyone but Scrimshaw, but can’t expect every rookie to get around 70 or 80.
Raspel31: Thought so Wends-sigh.
StuL: Some clever doctor needs to come up with a fortnight ACL solution
Wends: Keeper draft Raspel? Also how do you think this’ll change Crows’ back line?
Chelskiman: Nice start, Worpel!
TheMessiah: The worpedoooooo
Monfries96: Scrimshaw a Darren Glass type
Raspel31: Wends- he had gun potential- rally not sure?
snake_p: more Zac Dawson like Monfries
RGriffen: is JOM hurt? Hasn’t been on in ages
RGriffen: dw they just showed him come on
zadolinnyj: Scrimshower
Monfries96: Good call Snake
Wends: M Crouch needs an atlas sign… for my team.
Raspel31: After Oliver and Gawn I am emotionallt trying to keep my life togeher. Go Laird!
Monfries96: M Crouch needs to be in my team
Wends: And it begins Raspel 😮
zadolinnyj: Crows kicking efficiency terrible
Raspel31: Can type better than that Wends- but the emotion.
Monfries96: Good day to be a Power fan
dipstick: @rasp pull yaself together for gods sake man
Wends: It’s hard to type through tears 🙁
Apachecats: Rasr this doesn’t get fair dinkum til round 3 ,just get your repair work done like the rest of us.
Raspel31: Thank you dipstick and Wends- I shall be strong!
TheMessiah: I cant actually believe how well we have played. Was not expecting this from the Hawks in Adelaide
TheMessiah: Come on B Smith, get involved mate
yeah_nah: I really should have picked Sloane. His home games start to the year made it a no brainer.
Apachecats: Worpel filling the titch gap nicely.
Raspel31: I thought Worpel was a venereal disease- wow.
BigChief: Crows on this form are not making finals this year.
the worm: sloane just seems to injure himself too much, doesnt miss games, but is rarely 100% healthy
yeah_nah: I put Worpel at F3 instead of TKelly. Paying off at the moment
ado88: Carlton will enjoy Crows #1 pick this year
Grazz: Can we play any worse than this. Utter rubbish were serving up.
PowerBug: haha good one ado 😛
TheOnyas: Onya Crouchy
italz: lucky the hawks haven’t kicked straight, otherwise it would look much worse
Wends: Currently experiencing FOMOOHMPs.
the worm: im guessing one of those o’s stands for “off”?
Raspel31: McEvoy- back up ruck simply giving it to big Maxie. We live and we learn.
Wends: No – it’s not a cuss word… FOMO on hawks mid pricers.
lukat: Would be happy with 70 SC from cousins and 55 from scrimshaw
DrSeuss: Does Sloane get tagged next week tho?
TigersMan1: worpel one of the best pods I’ve picked
BigChief: Worpel I wouldn’t call a POD
Raspel31: I wouldn’t touch Rocky or Sloane with a barge pole. But Matt Crouch perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
Sloaneyyyy: Hawks proven you don’t need to tag sloane to win
zadolinnyj: Game over.
dipstick: don’t FOMO BTC until it drops under 2k later this yr 😋
Donzoes: Hawks really know how to play the crows I guess
Wends: Can confirm owning M Crouch does bring the warm fuzzies.
Jackwatt$: My rucks are Grundy & Gawn, it’s a pity Coll don’t play Melb next week, I need them to play against shit ruckmen
yeah_nah: smith making a late charge
TheMessiah: Glad I skipped on Grundy tbh
the worm: skip on gawn too messiah?
Raspel31: Golly Wends- Oliver or Matt Crouch. I chose badly- well, for this round- you didn’t
TheMessiah: Nah @theworm – Gawn and Stef
zadolinnyj: As a crows supported Matt crouch score stopping me kicking tv
J_Herer: Good work Smith
Wends: Not quite Rasp; had Oliver and Gawn – hence the empathy 🙂
Wends: Give Smith the bin though.
yeah_nah: not watching. Who best on? Worpel?
TheMessiah: Doedee is going to be such a big loss to the crows, they fell apart without him down back
Snarfy: Smith only 16 adrift of Laird. I’ll take that !
m0nty: nominations for star please
Wends: Milera good recovery.
Donzoes: Good shout Snarfy, taking that for sure
Apachecats: Scrimshaw not bad off a slow start.
frenzy: big boy by miles best on
BigChief: I would say Worpel, Sicily and JOM best 3
TheMessiah: Worpel @monty
BigChief: @m0nty Worpel for my vote.
Chelskiman: Happy with Crouch, Laird and Worpel and I’ll take those scores from Smith and Scrimshaw.
blonde0na: worpedo for star
Raspel31: Has to be Sloane surely M0nty?
Chelskiman: Worpel or Sicily for star.
Raspel31: Matt Crouch or Sloane for me- courage under fire.
zoomba23: Cheers Mrouch. Needed that boost
J_Herer: Same @Chelskiman
RGriffen: JOM getting 3 votes easy

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