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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, P2 of 2019

JockMcPie: 15 goal crushing, go the woods
m0nty: Major jumper clash areas in this game.
Grimes Jr: Is Walsh worth the cash??
JockMcPie: not for me
JRedden: sidey is a jet
oc16: Grimes Jr – absolutely!
runt: Walsh is solid and will be the best rookie by a mile
SilverLion: Blow the siren
runt: Maynard gets shafted again. Touches the ball and is called a goal!
JockMcPie: Our forward structure looks average without De Goey, WHE and Stephenson in there
runt: Cripps looks in for a huge year barring injury
JockMcPie: Watch him do a knee in round 3 🙁
runt: Sidebottom going almost too well in the pre-season
SilverLion: Really had to kick the skin off it didn’t ya steele
JockMcPie: Crocker is a waste of list space can we just never play him please
zoomba23: Has Grundy gotten out of second gear or is he just cruising
JockMcPie: no Collingwood player has gotten out of first gear except for Sidebottom and he’s only in gear 2
zoomba23: Cheers
SilverLion: It’s JLT against Charlton Jock, I wouldn’t expect any of them to be going flat out.
frenzy: darcy moore is in top gear
JockMcPie: yeah @silver as a pies supporter I just pray for no injuries haha
SilverLion: Carlton* dang auto carrot
God_: Was hoping to see Lochie O’Brien get a run
bones351: Haha SL blame your phone
Searly34: What’s going on with live SuperCoach scores this year or are they just not showing for JLT?
m0nty: Go Carlton Athletic!
m0nty: not really falling in love with Showerfield
m0nty: THey are not live for JLT but should be right for round 1.
SilverLion: Well played daisy haha
SilverLion: Top goal blues
runt: Moore You hear alot about Moore but he is average at best
runt: Dudley Moore?
bones351: Moore looks like he’s been called up from AFLW
DrSeuss: Is Newman playing a new role this week? Or just not getting any ball?
bones351: The Caitlyn Jenner style
runt: Newman is the decoy
Parli: Why would you pick Stocker and not play him/ play him for one quarter?
SilverLion: Comical
DrSeuss: Hmmm perfect fantasy role – the decoy
m0nty: MOore has done very well on Curnow today, apart from that one unlucky bounce
JockMcPie: Darce has been great
runt: I am biased against Moore, cannot stand him.
m0nty: all eyes on Grundy
runt: would be better to steer clear of Grundy for the first 5 weeks
bushranger: Grundy please be ok
bushranger: Hey guys I’m not watching, is Elliot being managed?
JockMcPie: yeah elliot benched for the last
runt: Elliott being managed. Working into the season carefully
zoomba23: Bye bye Newman
bushranger: Cheers Jock
bushranger: Thanks Runt
JockMcPie: well we won
SilverLion: Good effort blues
Dogs5416: Don’t know why anyone would of even contemplated newman anyway

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