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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, P2 of 2019

NewFreoFan: Been hanging for this game!
HappyDEZ: *Lachlan Schulz
Ash777: Looks like brayshaw could be following piggy Oliver in his career track
HappyDEZ: Watson not playing. Played ressies. Pity. Doesn’t bode well for Round 1.
Jackwatt$: I think we can cross off Watson and Bewley sadly
Jackwatt$: Petrucelle might do a Steve Bradbury here and play himself into F8
Sixty656: Fcuk my rookie selections
Ash777: sheppard iced up
RoughRed: What happened to Sheppard??
NewFreoFan: Sheppard has his leg wrapped up in so much ice couldn’t tell if it was knee, hammy, or what
BennyGan: you guys reckon darling can be a top 6 fwd this year
Migz: tough to guage until kennedy gets back. They share quite well.
Yelse: not watching but is dom sheed worth the risk
Migz: i might be convinced of sheed. No one in the M/f left to come back. shuey obv played less time but different roles.

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