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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Adelaide, P2 of 2019

Natopotato: what are these goal to start off the game :O
Bails31: Monty, it was Matt who got knocked in the ribs. Not Brad
StuL: Who’s punting on B Crouch?
BennyGan: god i said i wouldnt have any midpricers but brad crouch is making it tempting now
Gotigres: I am Stul
pcaman2003: Crouch almost a must have. Risk v reward makes him worth it I believe
damoc85: Brodie, Milera, Laird, Brodie all left square last 4 kickouts…
StuL: History says mid price madness doesnt work but every year is different
BennyGan: once the season starts you reckon teams will try tag sloane cause hes looked great in jlt
Gotigres: At the moment i have a lot of midpricers: Williams, Newman, Roberton, Brouch, Miles, Libba, DSmith, Heeney, Greene, Elli
Gotigres: Elliot
StuL: Crouch will never get tagged. Always the worry with Sloane
brano: HEENEY Dsmith arent midpricers?
Gotigres: Yeah, sorry, guess not brano
Ash777: Dsmith looks to have changed roles this season
Gotigres: Yes, he was a big worry last night Ash
pcaman2003: There’s some quality mid pricers this year
Gotigres: I think Shiel has taken away some midfield time from DSmith
StuL: Almost nine choice in def this year but to go mid price. Lloyd and Sicily will drop a heap of cash and not even score ma
J_Herer: Interesting teams are doing a light tag on Laird this year, he will drop the most
pcaman2003: Damn u Shaw,stop being a tease.
teachrtony: They will stop tagging Laird quick if the Crows keep winning.
SilverLion: Hmmm can Brads body hold up is the question?
Umpirespet: Chase Jones is looking good for us Tony
Umpirespet: Said he has never felt better Silver
StuL: All the top def will bleed cash so no.point starting them
StuL: Crows will feast on hawk bones R1. Get on crows mids
J_Herer: C Jones isnt even in the app yet, rookie?
pcaman2003: Except you’ll burn trades getting them all later.
Ash777: I rather waste a trade than risk a Hibberd like scenario
StuL: I’m contemplating is it worth going two crows mids. I had this in an earlier draft team
StuL: I think they will be back this year
pcaman2003: Crows were supposed to feast on Hawks last year and got smashed
StuL: Robot and William’s have to be keepers with MPM defence strategy.
StuL: Robo
J_Herer: Don’t forget J Kelly not here
Ash777: Crows were crushed by injuries in the first half of the year.
Gotigres: Any sc scores for Dockers v Magpies?
BennyGan: matt dont gone on this quarter please, ive seen enough
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. SC score in supercoach news on HS website.
J_Herer: M Crouch tempting to upgrade Libba to him
Ash777: gws dont exactly have the best midfield anymore
StuL: Scully and Shiel aren’t massive losses. Taranto will be premo next year, if not this
J_Herer: Taranto the value trap IMO, Kelly will push him to an in and out midfield role
SilverLion: Biggest comeback in all of jlt history on the cards here
pcaman2003: Crouch boys 67 touches.Hectic!
J_Herer: even Milera is dominating…
J.Worrall: Dockers Pies scores in the JLT part of the forum, methinks

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