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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P2 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
JackRipper: No Zac Clarke. Looks like Belly is going one out with help from pinch hitters.
StuL: Dahl will be on nothing, 2 of those were clangers
jkentish: Not a good sign with no Clarke
LordPanda: C’mon chook, great Goal assist, my man’s gonna be a star!
StuL: C’mon Dollhouse. Back to 2016
SilverLion: Dang it Kelly wanted ya to spud up again
Natopotato: His efficiency will do that for SC
LordPanda: That deliberate decision is absolute fkn Bullsh*t
StuL: Why didn’t they dump that rule? What was danger supposed to do? He didnt slide. Just went for the ball.
ReggieOz: ads in the chat box?
ReggieOz: agree Stu.. should be for studs in the player going for the ball should get the free
StuL: My pet hate. The “slide” rule is never actually a slide.
ReggieOz: I hate the rule..AFL shit scared of a lawsuit
ReggieOz: Hocking is the devil!
StuL: Wow. It’s going to be a rule nanny state this year.
ReggieOz: The new 50m rule is crap too…what is the player on the mark suppose to do
ReggieOz: Hocking is the Devil 6-6-6
frenzy: run away Reggie
ReggieOz: lol just typing crap to see if I can get this Subway add to disapperar ‘Eat fresh’
StuL: The AFL are in some cycle where they MUST change rules every year.
StuL: The new sook rule. Free kick was that?
ReggieOz: Still stuck on who to put in the ruck this year..thoughts
JockMcPie: Grundy and Gawn and don’t look back
ReggieOz: Genius Jock! lol
StuL: Prawn
frenzy: Fort is never gunna line up rnd 1
ReggieOz: neither is Preuss .. He is going to play in the 2’s on Sat
J.Worrall: a d b l o c k p l u s
Coutzy: @StuL Ever since the Rules Committee was created they’ve had to change rules to justify their own jobs. Plain & Simple.
StuL: That’s what I’ve said many times. Scrap the stupid committee
StuL: I hope this is the first and last ever “so you think you can commentate”
Patty19: Merrett getting touches for fun
StuL: Just wanted to say Prawn. Dont really mean to pick Preuss
J.Worrall: Prawn
original: Anyone on safari/iPhone keep getting a spam ad pop up “congrats you have won a…” ? Also says “not secure” in addressbr
StuL: Kelly will be rubbish because he wants to go home they said? Mrs Kelly wants to go home I think
Sixty656: Whats up with Dev Smith?
SilverLion: I know JLT means nothing for prems. Unfortunately people will jump on and off players though.
Gotigres: Not much to get excited about as far as rookies are concerned this game
jkentish: Agree fort constable and Clarke not super impressive
jkentish: *clark rather
m0nty: COnstable 15 touches from 50% TOG is not bad
Pokerface: Clark going alright too. How much do you expect from a rookie??
Sixty656: Has he been on in the 2nd half? hardly touched it.
Pokerface: what was the point of essendon playing Draper for 9 minutes
Pokerface: coniglio to selwood?
Pokerface: last week’s spruik is old news.
Dogs5416: I blame Beveridge for Dahl’s last two years… Getting in off one jlt game 🙄

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