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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, P1 of 2019

bones351: Hey Monty! I think Bewley is in the Freo team today. Hasn’t hit the field yet though.
LordPanda: No Bewley? Looks like not best 22
Ash777: who
Ash777: who’s missing from pies best 22 apart from cox?
bones351: Treloar and Adams
bones351: DeGoey and Howe
Fizzy343: degoey
bones351: Hoskin-Elliot, Wells and Chris Mayne;)
Blaknight: M.Cox, M.Lynch, A.Treloar, J.Madgen, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Daniel Wells, Taylor Adams,
Blaknight: Chris Mayne
Fizzy343: lynch and madgen best 22?
Ash777: out of those names only cox, treloar, WHE & adams, DeGoey n howe are best 22
Ash777: oh and mayne too lol
Raveneyes: Wells is best 22. Problem is he’s never fit. People forget how good he is because he’s never playing!
bones351: Bewley is on!
Ash777: wtf is ross boss doing with bewley.
Skyarm.: Scharenberg and Dunn also missing and probably both best 22
casey22: not exactly a young talent showcase
frenzy: wish my team had that best 22 problem, we lucky to field 22
colin wood: Everyone forgets Sier. 😞
JockMcPie: And Maynard
Ash777: ewwwww Moore’s hair.
pcaman2003: Bewley just standing on boundary line. Looks to be okay.
zoomba23: Ross, hurry up and put Bewley on you flog
casey22: Not worth watching this game, same old, same old stuff
pcaman2003: Now he’s back on,finally.
JockMcPie: Stevooo
colin wood: Well don’t watch it then Casey. Seem a bit bitter mate.
casey22: Mate: I want to see new talent on show
colin wood: Quayner, Murphy, brown boys not enough?
zoomba23: 3 contested possies for Grundy is a worry. Was his bread and butter last season
Ash777: Grundy is overpriced and may not keep his avg of last season.
Fizzy343: its a preseason game, do you think hes going hard
StuL: Bewley should be OK. Not sure Ross is. Always sluggish at playing the kids
bones351: 47 DT points in 30pc game time for Bewley. Not sure if SC is as high though.
pcaman2003: Ipressed with Lobbs game.
Ash777: I’m not talking preseason. No top ruck has backed up their game after Cox.

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