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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, P1 of 2019

SilverLion: Libba vs. Miles
casey22: Has there ever been a non ugly ruckman?
bones351: Shaun Hampsen was rucking Meagan Gale wasn’t he? He can’t have been too bad looking.
StuL: Yea. He was better at that than football.
bones351: He didn’t play that much footy though
Pokerface: burgess is a big unit
monkebuket: depends on your taste in big men i guess…have you pinned downed your prerequisites casey?
bones351: Haha beat me to it
Pokerface: how could you not like the mullet on Maric?
casey22: Like the Mick Nolan type
Gotigres: Might have to rethink Miles in my side
Burnsy03: God we are awful
Ash777: Miles has barely set foot on the ground
wadaramus: Macrae looking good, Dunkley on the nose, as is Miles.
Ash777: Looks like Daniel is going to be a good option if he stays playing back
wadaramus: Burgess,Collins OK.
m0nty: Looks like TOG stats are borked for the moment
Burnsy03: thoughts on j mac, bont and lib in the one side? Dont really like the idea
SilverLion: Get miles out there ffs
original: Monty why did you ruin it, was going nuts over Daniel 10 touches with 22%TOG (6.5mins) lol
StuL: Miles 2 touches no tog. Must be going ok
StuL: Ok 38% now. Was on 0 a moment ago
StuL: Ditching the whole 300k mid idea burnsey. Mac and bont maybe. Probably just one but.
casey22: I reckon it should be minutes on ground not %. Need PPM during JLT
ReggieOz: theres 100 minutes in a game lol do the math
wadaramus: Divide the time by percentage and get your minutes casey.
m0nty: what icon do I use for an injury to Homer Simpson on Libba’s arm?
casey22: Wheres the time?
wadaramus: The doh! icon 🙂
wadaramus: Half way though the second is 45 mins.
zoomba23: Dew is a fucking campaigner. Get Miles on field you flog
Ash777: I think Dew wants Miles to his secret weapon in SC
wadaramus: Libba cooking with gas, methinks him instead of Miles
casey22: @wadaramaus; are you suggesting all quarters run 30 minutes?
StuL: Jockeys are nearly 6ft Dwayne?
wadaramus: On average, yes. How accurate do you need to be?
Pokerface: that 1.6 to 1.5 differential shapes all our teams
Pokerface: would have picked him at 1.6 ppm
Pokerface: and 100 divided by 4 quarters is not 30
Pokerface: points aren’t scored when the clock is stopped, apart from maybe a goal after the siren
wadaramus: What if the game runs 120 mins?
Pokerface: that includes time on
SilverLion: Is Miles TOG correct?
Pokerface: a game is 100 minutes playing time
maygs: what about the heat rule for JLT?
wadaramus: It’s still averaged over that time isn’t it?
Pokerface: makes your calculation easier casey
Pokerface: no, m0nty said there was an issue with TOG figures
Pokerface: well if youve been on the ground for 120 minutes theres been 20 minutes of stoppage with no sc scoring or play.
Pokerface: as wada pointed out, how accurate do you need, especially for JLT pretend games
wadaramus: Well, then half way thought the second is 37.5 minutes, just do the sums.
Pokerface: but since the clock hasn’t actually stopped for the heat rule, you need to manually watch and add it up
Pokerface: as noone else is timing how long the game is stopped for
Pokerface: (when heat rule is in play)
wadaramus: So m0nty needs to know the actual time minus stoppage to show you the time elapsed?! Fair dinkum…
Dogs5416: Needing more feom English if he’s going to take R2
Pokerface: lol
monkebuket: m0nty can u pls do more for us on your free website? i’d like a coffee pls…1 sugar
Pokerface: i’ll help you casey. Libba has 39 minutes on ground.. don’t even need a calculator with this metric 100 minutes!
wadaramus: Haha monkeuket 🙂
Pokerface: lol monk
Pokerface: you are in for a bad time if English is your R2 Dogs.
Ash777: He
Yelse: question is why isn’t there an app for our phones
casey22: Just trying to be in synch with others that do PPm calcs
StuL: Ok gotta look at Libba. Lucky that policies change by the qtr in JLT
StuL: Homer Simpson injury icon needed. He seriously got the homer tattoo bandaged
m0nty: Sexton beats Naughton 6-0.
Pokerface: that’s awful m0nty
Pokerface: I know it’s only JLT, but I do miss the tree icon with the associated ‘has wood’
m0nty: tough crowd
Dogs5416: Pokerface, tossing up way too many options. Goldstein my likely r2
Ash777: set and forget the top 5 dogs players
greshprinc: Collins, burgess, hayes all good

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