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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, P1 of 2019

Hadouken: keeping my eye on wagner (of the corey variety)
frenzy: hore and dawkins
SilverLion: Lol grimes
Pokerface: grimes about to rob a bank
Gotigres: Batman is playing lol
Pokerface: grimes just walked off the set of Eyes Wide Shut?
heppelitis: ok who released the gimp
Ash777: does pig know when not to pig?
SilverLion: Typical higgins
Pokerface: 3 tackles already. Ollie’s shoulders good to go
StuL: Martin playing fwd a lot like last year so far.
Drak: Martin starts in the middle, they win the contested and get a scoring chance…. what is Hardwick doing playing him fwd
SilverLion: That shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Surely they know by now
frenzy: Houli is good value
StuL: Keep your eye on the red and the blue this year. Should give it a shake
Drak: Any team in the top 4 can give it a shake. And they have been touted as a top 4 in every ladder prediction ive seen.
frenzy: and expectation kills’em everytime
sloanecap: brayshaw a lock – will never get tagged with Oliver in the team and roams with the new 6-6-6
StuL: Nah, this is their year. To be melb. Make the GF. And lose it by 80
Hadouken: be great if melb played 2 rucks, would love to keep preuss in
frenzy: Fritsch on a mission, point to prove
penguins00: Melbournes midfield is scary good
Pokerface: stop being so accurate melbourne. More points please
StuL: If Preuss and Gawn play together with they be called Prawn?
Jackwatt$: I think they prefer Goose
StuL: Too much fwd time still for Dusty for SC.
Jackwatt$: Once Lynch is back should fix that
Jackwatt$: At the very worse he averages what he did last year. Classic low risk high reward
StuL: Brayshaw been a POD, maybe not so much after today
frenzy: upgrade target @ rnd 7
heppelitis: Balta is the definition of an outside chance for the Brownlow
SilverLion: Yep playing well in a JLT, all the smart people will jump on.
frenzy: Lol @ Rancid
StuL: He finished last season on fire too. Someone has to be the break out. If you dare.
Dogs5416: Wanted Balta last year. Definitely taking him this year as soon as he’s named
StuL: Balta from the blue
GOD: What’s up with Chopsticks?
StuL: God has the C on Brayshaw right?
StuL: Dusty too much fwd again
teachrtony: Din’t think I’d be seeing the +1 symbols with 666 rule.
StuL: Need to incorporate an Eddie in to this 666 thing somehow
SilverLion: Lol butler
Skyarm.: Can Brayshaw slow down I want him to be my POD
Gotigres: Dusty out, Brayshaw in
Gotigres: Rankine out, Balta in
Pokerface: danger out fritsch in

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