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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, P1 of 2019

frenzy: Box Hill taken on the Lions
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
JockMcPie: oo Brisbane vs Box Hill, should be a great game!
m0nty: well Brisbane has the wood over the senior Hawks team, might as well play the reservces
frenzy: lions got flogged by gold coast in a praccy last week
Pokerface: berry? isn’t he meant to have glandular fever?
frenzy: rushed back for this curial clash
Pokerface: lol frenzy
frenzy: O’brien Glass smashing it early
Pokerface: which team has played more total games for hawthorn?
Burnsy03: i know im late and dont want to start anything but why is there no live sc?
Pokerface: they aren’t available until after the game
Burnsy03: but why has that been changed?
Pokerface: its jlt
Pokerface: nothings changed
Pokerface: don’t start something burnsy!
frenzy: mirra taken a good hard look at himself
Burnsy03: lol is it live in home and away then?
Hadouken: mirra looking into glass
Pokerface: Glass looking a bit fragile
m0nty: that’s the plan Burnsy
Hadouken: i reckon mirra and glass may be counsins. oh jeez these are bad. go sportsteam!
Pokerface: Berry juicy as a pod
circle52: @poker just see how he runs game out – getting over glandular fever.
Hadouken: seems to be going well berry at 68% game time
Pokerface: was just name play guys
Pokerface: given we can take zero out of this from a hawthorn perspective
Pokerface: and inflated brisbane scores
circle52: agree poker seeing we are playing Box Hill
frenzy: put Ely on you clowns
Pokerface: only thing i have garnished is there have been no kick ins from witherden yet
circle52: not watching poker but who had the 2 kick ins, Rich maybe.
Pokerface: rich had one. couldnt tell the first one, camera came in too late for me
Pokerface: rich had both
circle52: Thank You
SilverLion: Rich had both
Pokerface: forgot i can scroll back on Fox Go 🙂
SilverLion: Slow Internet ftw
m0nty: Witherden with that one, took half their kick ins last year
Pokerface: yeah, rich was out near the 50m line when that went through
SilverLion: It should always be one of witherden or rich imo
Pokerface: m0nty as a hawthorn man do you see anything in this Sicily being forward thing?
frenzy: glass starring at his cousin in the mirra
m0nty: nah he is too valuable in defence IMO
Pokerface: that’s what i thought.. but the comms got me nervous
SilverLion: Almost guarantee witherden doesn’t play second half
Pokerface: agree SL
frenzy: they better put Ely on and stop teasing me
circle52: Probably Berry as well to give Ely a run
Natopotato: Would have loved to have seen Adams out there to see if he effect Witherden in any way. Shame for injury
Hadouken: mccarthy to have a good year?
circle52: Spot will between Taylor and McCarthy in my opinion in best 22
SilverLion: Cousins looking good
frenzy: pop ups m0nty? you cheeky devil
RoughRed: Just logged in … who is tucking? Archie vs ??
SilverLion: Shocked, witherdens still out there. Looked spent during the 2nd qtr
circle52: Pretty humid up here though SL
frenzy: oh no broken mirra
TigersMan1: Anyone got thoughts on Worpel as a POD?
Fatbar5tad: Ely stays off until the crap jokes stop
casey22: Based on hawks line up Brisbane will finish bottom of the ladder
StuL: Worpel will go alright but his price is awkward.
Fatbar5tad: Worpel not a keeper or a cow for mine.
frenzy: yep Ely was suppose to go okay, put a line through him now
Fizzy343: worpel butchering it
Fatbar5tad: Cameron done so Ely might get his chance
Hadouken: neale +3 this qtr….
pcaman2003: Loving Cousins work rate and composure.
Hadouken: lol, as soon as i speak…
frenzy: lions are playing for sheep stations here
SilverLion: Impey mothballed
Pokerface: like to see a bit more from Moore and Mohr
Hadouken: worth having archie on ruck bench ? will he play consistently you think?
frenzy: poor basti is bustin alps
circle52: Stef Martin played in a NEAFL trial yesterday so he is not far away and then we will see who plays.
pcaman2003: Hawks looking cooked now. Run out of puff
StuL: Withers benched or quiet second half?
circle52: Benched he played 83% first half.
StuL: Thanks
frenzy: thats some qtr there Basti

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