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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne, P2 of 2019

original: im all for clash jumpers, but can we have some common sense on shorts
JockMcPie: yeah these jumpers are confusing to follow tbh
Jackwatt$: I’ll be there to save the day! Superman’s got nothing on Ahern!
JockMcPie: Don’t do this Rocky and Ahern, no no no
Jackwatt$: Jackwatts playing +1 again. Astute fantasy coaches take note!
Natopotato: Rocky could be sucking some people in that were ruling him out due to being burnt by him before
SilverLion: rip first point
Jackwatt$: Also astute fantasy coaches: Boak has missed 3 games on 6 years, No Wingard, Wines injured, hello!
SilverLion: Boak 13 possies in a quarter of JLT? Lock him in.
JockMcPie: Boak interests me but he’s averaged ~90 for 4 years and is getting old…looking for a bit more
StuL: Rocky’s back, jump on.
SilverLion: Where’s GO
SilverLion: Where’s the pig’s Cape?
SilverLion: Ignore that first attempt lol
StuL: “Everyone knows its Butters. That’s me!”
Jackwatt$: 3 games in 6 years! Even m0nty has missed more games than this when Ben Gogos has stepped up
Jackwatt$: When GWS drafted Caldwell @11, I said to my gf ‘I can’t believe it’s not butters!’
Jackwatt$: Just joking…..I don’t have a gf
StuL: It would be wrong if Port traded Butters to Paris Hilton.
Jackwatt$: Think you can take the cape off Ahern m0nty and maybe give him Clark Kent’s 👓
Jackwatt$: Haha @Stul. I don’t get it but I just know its funny!
the worm: im loving this, rocky will burn so many people this year ๐Ÿ˜€
StuL: In south Park Butters parents sold him to Paris Hilton. ๐Ÿ™‚
Fatbar5tad: Ouch nice friendly fire there
Snarfy: So is Ollie Wines is Cartman?
RKJ01: Yeah he will Worm, those who donโ€™t start with him!!! Tom Lockliff
brent_007: Rocky looks good, but 1 tackle? That’s not normal.
JockMcPie: To be fair, no-one’s really tackled this game
Pokerface: did rocky have an oppenent? 17 marks??

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