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Chat log from P1 of 2019: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, P1 of 2019

StuL: Time to wake up this year cats
Ash777: Barrass’s low numbers is not encouraging
Victorious: Why is Zach Guthrie still in the team
frenzy: promising rookie or two here
StuL: Cos we delisted Thurlow, Ruggles and Murdoch for no reason Vic.
frenzy: I Fort he was supposedly good
Gotigres: Hi everyone. Thanks Monty for another season. Watson and Constable look good at the moment.
Jackwatt$: How good is it by m0nty to go around another year?
Jackwatt$: Gee, I hope he go keep going till his son is old enough to take over. I can’t imagine life without fanfooty
Jackwatt$: It would be a bit like prom night with no virgins. Not that I’d know what that is like!
casey22: thelast column: is it minutes on ground or % of time on ground?

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