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Chat log from P1 of 2019: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, P1 of 2019

MONEY TALK: rip hall
Ash777: not so fast Hall trying to get back on ground.
bones351: How’s Robbo looking?
m0nty: Roberton doing a lot of chasing tail, not much creative stuff
bones351: Cheers Monty
Ash777: Hind and Parker look far from ready to play regular games it seems
original: seb ross cant even handball on his non-pref sheesh
StuL: North have loaded up on good average players again it seems
MontyJnr: haha nice analysis from half a JLT game StuL you nuff
Jackwatt$: Can’t watch the game. How’s Hind, Billings and Parker looking?
MONEY TALK: billings looks good, others look okl
StuL: Are you sure calling people a buff is withing the rules? Should you ban yourself maybe?
MontyJnr: You spell like a complete nuff too StuL. Please refrain from spewing nonsense.
m0nty: back on the game please
MONEY TALK: ill take any win rn, even a jlt wont see many more wins
StuL: A typo is not a misspell. Please refrain from speaking to me ever again.
m0nty: Carlisle and Austin missing means bad things for Roberton’s scoring on this small sample size.
StuL: Give your son his dummy back.
Dogs5416: Missed the first half lads. Does McKay look like playing many games?
MONEY TALK: austin started well in vfl
Pokerface: how does gresham look? havent been able to watch yet
Pokerface: yikes, red cross pierce.. who do they have left?!
MONEY TALK: bruce is in ruck, gresh has been pretty decent
Pokerface: cheers MT
m0nty: Wilkie in ruck too, not that he is getting many hit outs
Pokerface: so the new rules are meant to really help teams with dominant ruckman
Pokerface: and saints are winning without a ruck
m0nty: Shaun Grigg, premiership ruckman
Pokerface: Jordan Lewis, premiership ruckman
Ash777: both norf rucks get a lot of hitouts regardless of opponent
Pokerface: just saying, so much has been made of the rules that dominant ruckman are crucial this year
m0nty: would need to see a few more weeks of the rules in action to get a true read
Ash777: Geez Macmillian slow down!
frenzy: takin the kick ins Ash, how good is that
Pokerface: who has taken the saints kickins?
MONEY TALK: savage mostly
Ash777: Roberton seems to have picked up after HT.
casey22: m0nty; as you show % time on ground can you also include match time so we can work out PPM? Or am I missing something he
m0nty: no casey
Pokerface: thanks guys
Pokerface: you need a new special symbol for the kick in taker m0nty!
m0nty: hmm not a bad idea
RGriffen: so for a game with tons of outside ball and less pressure. Jy has 0 kicks and 14 handballs wtf
casey22: m0nty, could you not add to your final game blog: total game time was XXX?
valkorum: Jy must be playing handball and not football
RGriffen: 100 more possies for roos and 100 marks while ruckman are winning every hitout. Talk about inflated scores
casey22: or can you change % time on ground to minutes on ground?

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