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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, P1 of 2019

pcaman2003: Keen to see how B Crouch ans B Smith go
JockMcPie: Laird and Smith…room for both in my defense? Tempting
pcaman2003: I have both at moment Jock. Hope Rozee goes well too.
StuL: “Everyone knows its Butters. That’s me!”
Ash777: what has port done to Rockliff…
m0nty: at least Rocky is playing mid now
frenzy: one kick in each Lol
Pokerface: that sure is alot of handballs compared to your kicks Bradley.
Ash777: I’m wondering why ppl are so keen on him even tho he never avg’d 100 or above.
Pokerface: first time he’s really had a near full preseason
Pokerface: and at just over 400k he is value
Pokerface: but i agree.. he will need to be traded, or at best be your m9
StuL: Two 25 min quae
Hadouken: doing a good job m0nty, thanks for all the effort 🙂
StuL: Stop refreshing!
StuL: 25 min qtrs. no time on. So scores will drop a bit this half
SilverLion: Getting that XML error on FireFox again @m0nty
Hadouken: @SilverLion mine is fine?
SilverLion: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”
SilverLion: Seems to happen about 75% of the time on FireFox for me, but doesn’t happen on Chrome.
m0nty: use a better browser! 😛
SilverLion: Only site I ever have issues with on it @m0nty. But if using Chrome works then so be it.
Pokerface: Firefox >> Chrome
monkebuket: no issues with firefox on my end
SilverLion: Is CEY best 22? Never see him do much wrong.
StuL: Do we trust perennial burn man Smith? Probably essentially a stepping stone
casey22: firefox good for this site
casey22: & chrome which I also run
casey22: m0nty, PPM are critical in this pre season stuff. Give us minutes played not % time on ground
SilverLion: Weird, might be something in my settings then.
pcaman2003: Rozee disappeared since 1st qtr. Hoping he would do better
Pokerface: no its not you SL. you’ve been clicking the game links from the top of the page, haven’t you
Pokerface: they weren’t configured properly…
SilverLion: Sometimes it happens clicking them PF, sometimes it’s completely fine until I try to chat…
SilverLion: …but just testing now using the live matchcentre link, still does it so idk.
pcaman2003: Brad Couch= Lock
frenzy: Robbie = pass
SilverLion: Yep 27 possesions and a goal in the Jlt. Lock him in. Gray only 9? Spud.
pcaman2003: Robbie lost his Mojo
SilverLion: Wouldn’t jump on JLT form of premos. Easy thing to do, but end of the day the Jlt really means squat for the premos…
SilverLion: … Maybe with the exception of role changes.
SilverLion: Good comeback here by port
frenzy: maybe the tagger is dead with this 666 rules, Sloane = lock
Pokerface: taggers more effective under the new rules frenzy. can’t set up behind the umpire as a screen any more
Jackwatt$: Please give m0nty a break. Besides being a father he is expected to watch every game to add up stats for DT scores,
Jackwatt$: Then after given a 5 minute window he is expected to calculate every players stats so the HS can publish SC scores to th
SilverLion: “anything other than an achilles is ok here.” and what if its an acl Russell you flog?
Pokerface: jack m0nty is taken. you need to move on
Jackwatt$: Their Subscribers. All whilst monitoring his own websites customers behavior
Pokerface: disappointing not to see mchenry out here
Jackwatt$: Yes I know pokerface. If m0nty was a woman, my girlfriend would be so jealous, if I had one

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