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Chat log from P1 of 2019: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, P1 of 2019

MONEY TALK: i like seeing my boi F4 kicking the first
TheBoy89: first
MONEY TALK: man ive missed footy
TheBoy89: @m0nty where is michael gibbons
TheBoy89: he’s going sicko mode
StuL: Pretty sure Gibbons is leading for Carlton
zoomba23: SC scores aren’t being shown and Gibbons hasn’t appeared on the playing list
m0nty: there’s Gibbons
Natopotato: Great to see this sight again, but now have the privilege of using an account. I look forward to this year here <3
MONEY TALK: good supercoachsigns for all my players so far
StuL: Herald Sun presumably with old scores in JLT so you will buy the paper tomorrow?
wadaramus: Happy new footy season, what number is Gibbo?
zoomba23: Any idea why SC scores aren’t showing up?
cusch1: 40 i think wada
SilverLion: 40 wada
bones351: Gibbo is #40 Wada
SilverLion: It’s good to have footy back
cusch1: 6-6-6 actually looking like a semi decent rule change from its small sample size
jbjimmyjb: It’s nice to finally have an account after lurking for 2 years, I’m pumped
wadaramus: Thanks team ๐Ÿ™‚
cusch1: Sam Walsh: Cheapest premo ever
RGriffen: Barlow says hi
StuL: Worth paying extra for Walsh or seems.
cusch1: Good to see Cam Polsen continuing to dominate after his scintilating form last season
StuL: Hello Newman!
js19: 70sc for Newman at the break…
McRooster: @RGriff – I donโ€™t think cusch understood that one
cusch1: I did lmao
wadaramus: Newman, Walsh, Setterfield, Gibbons, plenty of value in the Blues in 2019!
wadaramus: However, I am also keen for the no 1 draft pick next year ๐Ÿ™‚
cusch1: Who’s defence is shakier? Essendon’s or Cardinal Pells?
StuL: McGrath’s breakout year?
penguins00: Bombers only been trying for 10 mins and look like they’re going to win
jbjimmyjb: I don’t see enough room in the midfield for McGrath to be a standout
LeFtBehinD: McGrath only playing well cause Shiel, Heppell & Merrett out of game
zoomba23: Lol Carlton finally crack the ton

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