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Chat log from EF of 2018: West Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for West Coast vs Collingwood, EF of 2018

Ash777: far out the new stadium looks imtimdating
original: Monty’s description of first goal 100% accurate. Shockin no call
original: ANyone else on iPhone (NOT using FF mobile) ever get redirected to spam/scams on fanfooty?
original: Safari randomly redirects sometimes, without clicking anything
original: Might be an issue with my cookies on iPhone org something, nit saying it’s fanfooty doing it
Ash777: pies in a panic
Jukes82: atmosphere sounds awesome
JockMcPie: Someone knock out McGovern pls ty
StuL: Every game has been shower. This will be no different.
original: Aish lol huge let off
original: Love Sier. Pies have found a player in him
Ash777: quack
Jukes82: lol this feral crowd act like they havent had a free kick for 2 weeks
Ash777: this really is an ordinary year for finals
original: How much extra weight is rioli carrying? Lol
Jukes82: nothing wrong with this game
original: McMuppet
JockMcPie: Decent game
circle52: Eagles can not match Pies on the ground.
Ash777: pies still cant seperate them on the scoreboard though
JockMcPie: Bullshit luck goal
SilverLion: Shouldve reversed it for what treloar did
MONEY TALK: what a run down
poolboybob: Slug for Shuey
original: agree should have been reversed
Gotigres: yes, should have been reversed.
poolboybob: Why do they keep acting like this would be some earth shattering upset? Pies were $2.25 coming into the match
original: lineball call there. imo would have expected that to be contact below knees free
Jukes82: yes!!!
original: jeez i cant stand lecras. all he does is try and shoot no matter where he is
Gotigres: Never heard that call before. Ball was going to hit the post.
original: eddie LOL
Jukes82: lol eddie fired up
original: yeh imo off umpire is play on isnt it?
jocka: afl website says it should be play on
poolboybob: No better sight in footy than seeing chubby Eddie red faced yelling at the umpires
original: yeh happened to betts in 2015. off umpire = play on
Jukes82: umps having a mare
jocka: my mistake. They changed it after the betts one.
original: lecras is AWFUL
SilverLion: Ronaldooo
original: who got dropped for treloar?
SilverLion: That was beautiful steele
Ash777: umps trying to win it for pies then pies stuff the chance
Ash777: also nathan murphy, adam oxley and jack madgen
Ash777: were omitted for treloar, howe, and goldsack
Jukes82: lol
poolboybob: Blue moon for Sheed
Jukes82: treloar ying yang
original: treloar yingyang? would imply he was good at some stage lol

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