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Chat log from EF of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, EF of 2018

frenzy: tough to pick
m0nty: Giants easy I reckon
Wends: Think it might be the swans but very close. Hanners in everything so far but received some hospital passes/kicks.
JockMcPie: Lock in Z Williams at D2 next season for Supercoach thanks
Wends: Agreed Jock. Poor old Whitfield getting targetted once again.
Bulky: Rolls Royce Channel 7 commentary team. Basil, Hamish and Lingy. Will watch on mute I think.
Wends: Try ABC call on radio Bulky. Also J Kelly limping off the ground
JockMcPie: If Kelly’s done, Giants are done
Wends: He’s strapped up and doing run throughs.
Ash777: even though there’s 2 goals a piece it’s a higher skilled game compared to last night
Wends: Loser of pies/eagles’d be loving this, dead track, tight as one on ones, bashing crap outta each other!
circle52: Davis playing his best game for Giants.
SilverLion: Franklin clearly injured, getting beaten by what the AA selectors would think is an ordinary defender.
The0Grrr: Kelly gawn.
Wends: Kelly out for the game.
The0Grrr: Selecting Buddy the correct decision?
Jukes82: what a shithouse game
cammo92: The0Grrr – obviously. They were going to struggle anyway, Buddy dominating was their only chance
The0Grrr: Is the Sydney “style” becoming outdated
cammo92: Yes. Got found out in the 2016 EF, then again vs Geelong last year. Too defensive and they get dominated on the outside
The0Grrr: I know they have a couple of youngsters but overall getting a bit old and slow.
fonzie: been very one sided finals series so far
The0Grrr: Had a couple of season results gone the other way, it could’ve been a very different looking finals series
The0Grrr: Maybe a couple of clubs “flattered” by the ladder positions?
Jukes82: 2 goals in 90 minutes isn’t ideal
SilverLion: Himmelberg is definitely a finals player
jfitty: Spuds for all the Swans players
The0Grrr: Shiel not doing much to increase his trade value
frenzy: good call @ m0nty
Jukes82: Ward wit the missing icon is bizarre, 24 possies and most contested on ground lol
The0Grrr: Ward only 1/2 doz touch’s in the 1st half
Jukes82: well he ashould get the ying-yang then not the missing icon
The0Grrr: As on request @Jukes LoL
Salambo: Damn, seems my boys thought they had a 3 week break, not 2. Clearly forgot to turn up tonight.
Jukes82: lol
Wends: Did not expext this from the swans… thought we’d get a bit more of a contest, nfi what happened.
Jukes82: Swans would’ve rathered play this game away from home
Salambo: You’re not wrong Jukes.
The0Grrr: A change of guards in game styles so far.
The0Grrr: Tiges v Hawks. Dees v Cats. Giants v Swans. Who tonight has an old style? Pies or Eagles?
Jukes82: neither
Jukes82: wce play fast and collingwood play the pressure game
The0Grrr: Pies better suited to “modern” football @Jukes?
Jukes82: in theory but i think they will get smacked tonight
The0Grrr: Agree. Home ground and returning injured telling for me. Hope I’m wrong for Dees potential sake
Jukes82: mate worry about the hawks first lol
The0Grrr: Quietly confident’ish v them. But biting the nails at the same time
Jukes82: hawks pressure was fantastic early,think they belted ya last time. be a close game i think.
The0Grrr: Yeap. A great game to watch for me.
The0Grrr: Wasn’t Green called a grub or something for the foot up in marking contests.

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