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Chat log from EF of 2018: Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for Melbourne vs Geelong, EF of 2018

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
The0Grrr: Crikey! As nervous as a butcher’s thumb!
Jukes82: lol Cats think they’re still playing GCS
Ash777: go da dees
Ash777: those last 2 games have soften the cats
The0Grrr: #FreeKickSelwood!
Jukes82: #ItWasThereTho!
JockMcPie: Geelong shouldn’t even be playing finals
happytimes: How good is this
Jukes82: Lol no JOck, they made it they deserve to be there
The0Grrr: #ThatOneWasThere! LoL
JockMcPie: They didn’t really have a finals-worthy season though, even when they won they looked crap
Ash777: LOL classic C scott reaction
Ash777: what a great 1st qtr by dees
shaker: Cats not handling the pressure at all
Jukes82: true, but they actually beat teams in the top 8 unlike others..
casey22: How bad is cats or how god are dee’s?
original: C Scott has to be out of excuses soon surely
Ash777: dees have a 2016 dogs feel about them.
happytimes: Geelong goalless I love it
Sixty656: Scott brothers never run out of excuses.
happytimes: You would think so original after being so bullish before the finals
Jukes82: Geelong lost 8 of their last 10 finals coming into this game
Bulky: Big mistake extending Chris Scott’s contract.
original: LOL petracca
The0Grrr: Time to hit the scoreboard fella’s
The0Grrr: Um? Wrong team.
The0Grrr: Dammit Menzel! I wanted the Double Bagel.
Jukes82: Game on lads
Ash777: danger looks to be having a mare
Jukes82: lol you muppet
TheOnyas: onya harmesy
Ash777: omg I forgot what gaj looked like with hair…
The0Grrr: Far out! C’Mon Dees!
The0Grrr: Possibly the most inexperienced Dee out there showing em how to play!
happytimes: There must be a Muppet awarded to Sellwood for that
The0Grrr: What’s with Brayshaw’s ToG?
runt: Cats trying so hard to not win this game
The0Grrr: See if Dee’s have learnt anything since last time now?
Jukes82: dees should be up by 8 goals, bad kicking
Ash777: 29pts like last game
Bulky: Clarkson would have won 4 flags at least with the Geelong
Bulky: …squads that Scott has had.
Ash777: danger has so many clangers
Rilian: Time for the mare icon for Danger..
Rilian: Duncan needs a mare icon too.
Ash777: if it’s not for gaj cats would be down and out already
The39Steps: Mt Bulla has erupted!
The0Grrr: Do I get the bride to warm the vocal cords up?
The39Steps: Wonder if the oress can recall all those stories on how good the Cats recruiting has been?
Rilian: @m0nty – Mare for Danger (and Duncan) or not in your opinion?
original: Can’t see Dahlhaus being the missing link for geelong
m0nty: nominations for star please
Ash777: cats dont have many in and under mids so dahl will help there
The0Grrr: Weid for mine.
The39Steps: Selwood has 33% of Geelong’s frees – go figure the Ducker!
The39Steps: Brayshaw for the star all day long.
Ash777: sing away lady
The0Grrr: I rest my case!
circle52: Yep Brayshaw
Ash777: brayshaw or viney
SilverLion: Weideman star easily
The0Grrr: So what happens in Melbourne in the middle of September?
Ash777: lmao that look away spoil by oscar
The39Steps: Ablett has had plenty but very ineffective. Danger six Frees against.
Jukes82: not Brayshaw played well in the 3rd thats it
Rilian: Harmes could get star imo.
Rilian: Poor call for Brayshaw. More than half his possessions in 3rd quarter and already over then.
Jackwatt$: Go dees! OMG hawthorn Melbourne next Friday night
Jackwatt$: Dees Hawks. M0ntys undergarments are in hawthorn colors. How’s the irony!
Ash777: can cats now be called the scaredy cats?
Ash777: like the collywobbles
The0Grrr: Will Daisy’s twins qualify for Mother/Son?
shaker: Well done Dee’s Cats star midfield really not in the contest tonight

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